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Failure to


tificate by local inspectors by reason of change of condi-
tions or employment. Such entry or indorsement shall Appeal.
be subject to a right of appeal, under regulations to be
made by the Secretary of Commerce and Labor, to the
supervising inspector and from him to the Supervising
Inspector General, who shall have the power to revise,
set aside, or affirm the said determination of the local

“If any such vessel is deprived of the services of any number of the crew without the consent, fault, or collui- deficiency in sion of the master, owner, or any person interested in the vessel, the vessel may proceed on her voyage if, in the judgment of the master, she is sufficiently manned for such voyage: Provided, That the master shall ship, Proviso. if obtainable, a number equal to the number of those number equal whose services he has been deprived of by desertion or to loss. casualty, who must be of the same grade or of a higher rating with those whose places they fill. If the master shall fail to explain in writing the cause of such defi- supply deficiciency in the crew to the local inspectors within twelve hours of the time of the arrival of the vessel at her destination, he shall be liable to a penalty of fifty dollars. If the vessel shall not be manned as provided in this Act, the owner shall be liable to a penalty of one hundred dollars, or, in case of an insufficient number of licensed officers, to a penalty of five hundred dollars."

SEC. 2. That the board of local inspectors shall make Record of an entry in the certificate of inspection of every ocean officers. and coastwise sea-going merchant vessel of the United States propelled by machinery, and every ocean-going vessel carrying passengers, the minimum number of licensed deck Officers required for her safe navigation ficers required. according to the following scale:

That no such vessel shall be navigated unless she shall have on board and in her service one duly licensed master.

That every such vessel of one thousand gross tons and over, propelled by machinery, shall have in her service 1,000 tons. and on board three licensed mates, who shall stand in three watches while such vessel is being navigated, unless such vessel is engaged in a run of less than four hundred miles from the port of departure to the port of final destination, then such vessel shall have two licensed mates; and every vessel of two hundred gross tons and less than one thousand gross tons, propelled by machinery, shall have two licensed mates.

That every such vessel of one hundred gross tons and under two hundred gross tons, propelled by machinery, shall have on board and in her service one licensed mate; but if such vessel is engaged in a trade in which the time required to make the passage from the port of departure to the port of destination exceeds twenty-four hours, then such vessel shall have two licensed mates.

minimum deck

Licensed of


Mates. Vessels over

Smaller vessels.

Increase authorized.

That nothing in this section shall be so construed as to prevent local inspectors from increasing the number of licensed officers on any vessel subject to the inspection

laws of the United States if, in their judgment, such Exceptions. vessel is not sufficiently manned for her safe navigation:

Provided, That this section shall not apply to fishing or whaling vessels, yachts, or motor boats as defined in

the Act of June ninth, nineteen hundred and ten. Limitation

Sec. 3. That it shall be unlawful for the master, of watch duty of deck of - owner, agent, or other person having authority, to perficers.

mit an officer of any vessel to take charge of the deck watch of the vessel "upon leaving or immediately after leaving port, unless such officer shall have had at least six hours off duty within the twelve hours immediately preceding the time of sailing, and no licensed officer on any ocean or coastwise vessel shall be required to do duty to exceed nine hours of any twenty-four while in port, including the date of arrival, or more than twelve

hours of any twenty-four at sea, except in a case of Penalty for emergency when life or property is endangered. Any

violation of this section shall subject the person or per

sons guilty thereof to a penalty of one hundred dollars. Conflicting SEC. 4. That all laws or parts of laws in conflict with laws repealed. this Act are hereby repealed.


Mar. 4, 1913. CHAP. 142.-An Act Making appropriations for the legisla(H. R. 26680.) tive, executive, and judicial expenses of the Government for the [Public, No. fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen,

427.] and for other purposes. 37 Stat. L., pt. 1, p. 739.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa

tives of the United States of America in Congress assemLegislative, bled, That the following sums be, and the same are hereexecutive, and judicial ap- by, appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury not propriations otherwise appropriated, in full compensation for the

service of the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, for the objects hereinafter expressed, namely:

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Pay of Mem For compensation of Members of the House of Reprebers, Dele. gates, and

sentatives, Delegates from Territories, the Resident ComResident Com. missioners.

missioner from Porto Rico, and the Resident Commis

sioners from the Philippine Islands, $3,304,500. Mileage.

For mileage of Representatives and Delegates and expenses of Resident Commissioners, $175,000.

Members and

R. S.,
, p6

CLERK HIRE, MEMBERS AND DELEGATES: To pay each Clerk bire, Member, Delegate, and Resident Commissioner, for clerk Delegates. hire, necessarily employed by him in the discharge of his official and representative duties, $1,500 per annum,

in monthly installments, $660,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary; and Representatives and Delegates elect to Congress whose credentials in due form of law have been duly filed with the Clerk of the House of Representatives, in accordance with the provisions of section thirty-one of 31.8... sec. the Revised Statutes of the United States, shall be entitled to payment under this appropriation : Provided, Poobes placed That all clerks to Members, Delegates, and Resident Com-on

roll of emmissioners shall be placed on the roll of employees of the ployees. House and be subject to be removed at the will of the Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner by whom they are appointed; and any Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner may appoint one or more clerks, who shall be placed on the roll as the clerk of such Member, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner making such appointments.





For stationery for Members of the House of Represen- Stationery. tatives, Delegates from Territories, and Resident Commissioners, including $5,000 for stationery for the use of the committees and officers of the House, $60,000.

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For rent of buildings in the District of Columbia for Rent use of the War Department, as follows:

Bureau of Insular Affairs, $2,220;







OFFICE OF THE BUREAU OF INSULAR AFFAIRS : Law ofcer, $4,500; chief clerk, $2,250; clerks--ten of class four, reaal.

Affairs Bu. seven of class three, eleven of class two, fourteep of class one, fifteen at $1,000 each; three messengers; two assistant messengers; four laborers; two charwomen; in all, $90,230.

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CHAP. 143.–An Act Making appropriations for the service of Mar. 4, 1913. the Post Office Department for the fiscal year ending June thir- (H. R. 27148.] tieth, nineteen hundred and fourteen, and for other purposes. [Public, No.

428.) Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- pt:1, stasi. L..

37 Stat. L. tives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums be, and they are hereby, Postal serv

ice appropriaappropriated for the service of the Post Office Depart-tions?

ment, in conformity with the Act of July second, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, as follows:



Mall bags, etc.


For mail bags, metal for mail-bag attachments, cord fasteners, label cases, and material necessary for manufacture and repairing of equipment, and for incidental

expenses pertaining thereto, $355,500: Provided, That equipments for out of this appropriation the Postmaster General is departments, ataska, Island authorized to use so much of the sum, not exceeding possessions, $5,000, as may be deemed necessary for the purchase of

material and the manufacture in the mail-bag repair shop of such small quantities of distinctive equipments as may be required by other executive departments, and for service in Alaska, Porto Rico, Philippine Islands, Hawaii, or other island possessions, and for such special equipment for testing and for other purposes in connection with the reduction in the weight of mail equipment.



CHAP. 144.—An Act Making appropriations for the construcMar. 4, 1913, tion, repair, and preservation of certain public works on rivers (H. R. 28180.)

and harbors, and for other purposes. (Public, No.

429.] 37 Stat. L.,

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representapt. 1, p. 801.

tives of the United States of America in Congress assemRiver and bled, That the following sums of money be, and are herebarbor nappro- by, appropriated, to be paid out of any money in the priations.

Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to be immediately available, and to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War, and the supervision of the Chief of Engineers, for the construction, completion, repair, and preservation of the public works hereinafter named:


if report unfavorable.

Sec. 3. That in all cases where preliminary examinaReport on advisability.

tions and surveys are authorized a preliminary examination of the river, harbor, or other proposed improvement mentioned shall first be made and a report as to the advisability of its improvement shall be submitted unless

a survey or estimate is expressly directed. If upon such further action of the preliminary examination the proposed improvement is

not deemed advisable, no further action shall be taken

thereon without the further direction of Congress; but Survey, etc in case the report shall be favorable to such proposed if favorable. improvement, or that a survey and estimate should be

made to determine the advisability of improvement, the Secretary of War is authorized, in his discretion, to cause surveys to be made, and the cost and advisability

to be reported to Congress. And such reports containing Prosecution of work.

plans and estimates shall also contain a statement as to




with naviga

the rate at which the work should be prosecuted : Provided, That every report submitted to Congress, in addi- data required tion to full information regarding the present and pros

in reports. pective commercial importance of the project covered by the report and the benefit to commerce likely to result from any proposed plan of improvement, shall also contain such data as it may be practicable to secure in regard to the following subjects:

(a) The existence and establishment of both private and transter and public terminal and transfer facilities contiguous to facilities.con

tiguous the navigable water proposed to be improved, and, if projects. water terminals have been constructed, the general location, description, and use made of the same, with an opinion as to their adequacy and efficiency, whether private or public. If no public terminals have been con- for, ate none

Necessity structed, or if they are inadequate in number, there shall exist, etc. be included in the report an opinion in general terms as to the necessity, number, and appropriate location of the same, and also the necessary relations of such proposed terminals to the development of commerce. (b) The development and utilization of water power


development. for industrial and commercial purposes.

(c) Such other subjects as may be properly connected neother.conwith such project: Provided, That in the investigation jects. and study of these questions consideration shall be given Coordination only to their bearing upon the improvement of navigation essential. tion, to the possibility and desirability of their being coordinated in a logical and proper manner with improvements for navigation to lessen the cost of such improvements and to compensate the Government for expenditures made in the interest of navigation, and to their relation to the development and regulation of com

Investigamerce: Provided further, That the investigation and tiones existstudy of these questions may, upon review by the Board ing works, etc. of Engineers for Rivers and Harbors when called for as provided by law, be extended to any work of improvement under way and to any locality the examination and survey of which has heretofore been, or may hereafter be, authorized by Congress.

All reports on examinations and surveys which may reports during be prepared during the recess of Congress shall, in the recess. discretion of the Secretary of War, be printed by the Public Printer as documents of the following session of Congress.

Sec. 4. That all reports on examinations and surveys reports by authorized by law shall be reviewed by the Board of Board of En.

gineers for Engineers for Rivers and Harbors as provided for in sec- Rivers and tion three of the river and harbor Act approved June thirteenth, nineteen hundred and two, and all special reports ordered by Congress shall, in the discretion of the Chief of Engineers, be reviewed in like manner by said board; and the said board shall also, on request by resolution of the Committee on Commerce of the Senate or the ate and House Committee on Rivers and Harbors of the House of Repre- etc.

Printing of

Review of


Examinations for Sen


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