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Acknowledgment of delivery.

Notice to addressees.

Customs declaration.


the package is mailed, on a form like Form 1, annexed hereto.

2. The sender of a package may have the same regis tered in accordance with the regulations of the country of origin.

3. An acknowledgment of the delivery of a registered article shall be returned to the sender when requested; but either country may require of the sender prepayment of a fee therefor not exceeding five cents in the United States or five centavos in the Dominican Republic.

4. The addressees of registered articles shall be advised of the arrival of a package addressed to them, by a notice from the post office at destination.


1. The sender of each parcel shall make a Customs Declaration, pasted upon or attached to the package, upon a special form provided for the purpose (see Form 2 annexed hereto) giving a general description of the parcel, an accurate statement of its contents, and value, date of mailing and the sender's signature and place of residence, and place of address.

Collection of 2. The parcel in question shall be subject in the country of destination to all customs duties and all customs regulations in force in that country for the protection of its customs revenues; and the customs duties properly chargeable thereon shall be collected on delivery, in ac cordance with the customs regulations of the country of destination.

Retention of


Method of


Each country shall retain to its own use the whole of the postages, registration and delivery fees it collects on said parcels; consequently, this Convention will give rise to no separate accounts between the two countries.


1. The parcels shall be considered as a component part transportation. of the mails exchanged direct between the United States and the Dominican Republic, to be despatched to destination by the country of origin at its cost and by such means as it provides; but must be forwarded, at the option of the despatching office, either in boxes prepared expressly for the purpose or in ordinary mail sacks, marked Parcel Post" "Paquetes Postales" and securely sealed with wax, or otherwise, as may be mutually provided by regu

Return of bags, etc.

lations hereunder.

2. Each country shall promptly return empty to the despatching office by next mail, all such bags and boxes: unless some other arrangement shall be mutually agreed to.

3. Although articles admitted under this Convention Packing. will be transmitted as aforesaid between the exchange offices, they should be so carefully packed as to be safely transmitted in the open mails of either country, both in going to the exchange office in the country of origin and to the office of address in the country of destination.

4. Each despatch of a Parcel Post mail must be accompanied by a descriptive list, in duplicate, of all the parcels sent, showing distinctly the list number of each parcel, the name of the sender, the name of the addressee and his address, and the declared contents and value; and must be enclosed in one of the boxes or sacks of such despatch, (see Form 3 annexed hereto).





The stipulations of this Convention apply exclusively Exchange to the mails herein provided for and to be exchanged between the office of New York and such other offices within the United States as may be designated hereafter by the Postmaster General of the United States, and the office of Santo Domingo, and such other offices in the Dominican Republic as may be designated hereafter by the Director General of Posts of the Dominican Republic.



1. As soon as the mail shall have reached the office of Receipt of destination, that office shall check the contents of the mail.

2. In the event of the parcel bill not having been received, a substitute should be at once prepared.

3. Any errors in the entries on the parcel bill which may be discovered, should, after verification by a second officer, be corrected and noted for report to the despatching office on a form "Verification Certificate", which should be sent in a special envelope.

Substitute parcel bill.

Correction of errors.

of parcel.

4. If a parcel advised on the bill be not received, after Nonreceipt the nonreceipt has been verified by a second officer, the entry on the bill should be canceled and the fact reported

at once.


5. If a parcel be observed to be insufficiently prepaid, Insufficient it must not be taxed with deficient postage. but the circumstance must be reported on the verification certificate form. 6. Should a parcel be received in a damaged or imper- Damaged fect condition, full particulars should be reported on the same form.

7. If no verification certificate or note of error be received, a parcel mail shall be considered as duly delivered, having been found on examination correct in all respects.


Presumption of delivery.



Inability to 1. If a parcel cannot be delivered as addressed, or is refused, it must be returned without charge, directly to the despatching office of exchange, at the expiration of thirty days from its receipt at the office of destination; and the country of origin may collect from the sender for the return of the parcel, a sum equal to the postage when first mailed; Provided, however, that parcels prohibited Prohibited by Article 2 and those which do not conform to the conditions as to size and weight, prescribed by said Article, shall not necessarily be returned to the country of origin, but may be disposed of, without recourse, in accordance with the customs laws and regulations of the country of destination.


Perishable articles.



Nonresponsibility for loss, etc.

2. When the contents of a parcel which cannot be delivered are liable to deterioration or corruption, they may be destroyed at once, if necessary, or if expedient, sold, without previous notice or judicial formality, for the benefit of the right person; the particulars of each sale being noticed by one post office to the other.

3. An order for redirection or reforwarding must be accompanied by the amount due for postage necessary for the return of the article to the office of origin, at the ordinary parcel rates.


The Post Office Department of either of the contracting countries will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any parcel, and no indemnity can consequently be claimed by the sender or addressee in either country; Indemnity. but either country is at liberty to indemnify the sender of a parcel which has been lost or damaged.

Further regulations,


In effect January 1, 1918.


The Postmaster General of the United States of America, and the Director General of Posts of the Dominican Republic, shall have authority to jointly make such further regulations of order and detail as may be found necessary to carry out the present Convention from time to time; and may, by agreement, prescribe conditions for the admission to the mails of any of the articles prohibited by Article 2 of this Convention.


This Convention shall take effect and operations thereunder shall begin on the first day of January, 1913, and shall continue in force until terminated by mutual agreement; but may be annulled at the desire of either of the contracting parties upon six months previous notice given to the other.

Done in duplicate and signed at Santo Domingo the 21st day of September and at Washington the ninth Approval. day of October, one thousand nine hundred and twelve.



Postmaster General of the

United States of America.


Administrador General de Correos

de la Republicana Dominicana.

The foregoing Parcel Post Convention between the United States of America and the Dominican Republic has been negotiated and concluded with my advice and consent and is hereby approved and ratified.

In testimony whereof I have caused the seal of the United States to be hereunto affixed.


By the President:


Acting Secretary of State.

WASHINGTON, D. C., October 16, 1912.




Parcel Post.

A parcel addressed as under has been posted here this day:

Office stamp.

This certificate is given to inform the sender of the posting of a parcel, and does not indicate that any liability in respect of such parcel attaches to the Postmaster General.

Form No. 1.

[blocks in formation]

Parcel Post between the United States and the Dominican Republic.

[blocks in formation]

Date of posting...............................19.. Signature and address of sender{
For use of Post Office only, and to be filled up at the office of exchange:
Parcel Bill No..........; No. of rates prepaid..........; Entry No....

Parcel Post from..


The import duty assessed by an officer of customs on contents of this parcel amounts to.........., which must be paid before the parcel is delivered.

Parcel Post from.


This parcel has been passed by an officer of customs and must be delivered




Customs Officer.



Postmaster General.

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