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Nurse Corps.
Payments of

That the accounting officers of the Treasury are hereby authorized and directed to allow in the accounts of dis- commutation bursing officers of the Navy all payments heretofore to, allowed. inade by them in accordance with orders or regulations of the Secretary of the Navy for commutation of subsistence to members of the Nurse Corps of the Navy at the rate therein specified. That all officers of the Navy who, since the third day officers to

receive pay, of March, eighteen hundred and ninety-nine, have been etc., from advanced or may hereafter be advanced in grade or rank dates of compursuant to law shall be allowed the pay and allowances of the higher grade or rank from the dates stated in their commissions.



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Care, etc.,

CARE OF LEPERS, ISLANDS OF GUAM AND CULION: Naval station, island of Guam: Maintenance and care of lepers, Culion,' p. I. special patients, and for other purposes, including cost of transfer of lepers from Guam to the island of Culion, in the Philippines, and their maintenance, $14,000.

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Coal, etc.

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COAL AND TRANSPORTATION: Coal and other fuel for steamers' and ships' use, and other equipment purposes, including expenses of transportation, storage, and handling the same, and for the general maintenance of naval coaling depots and coaling plants, water for all purposes on board naval vessels, including the expenses of transportation and storage of the same, $5,000,000, $75,000 of said sum, or so much thereof as may be necessary, may be used for the survey and investigation by experimental tests Tests, etc., of coal in Alaska for use on board ships of the United Alaska and

, States Navy, and for report upon coal and coal fields elsewhere. available for the production of coal for the use of ships of the United States Navy or any vessel of the United States.

Section fifteen hundred and fifty-two of the Revised Establishing Statutes of the United States, authorizing the Secretary pealed.

coal depots reof the Navy to establish, at such places as he may deem B.S., see

1552, p. 264, necessary, suitable depots for coal and other fuel 'for the repealed. supply of steamships of war, is hereby repealed.

DEPOTS FOR COAL AND OTHER FUEL: To complete coaling Depots for plant at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, $306,250; heater coils in coal, etc. fuel oil tanks, $13,500; additional fuel oil tank at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, $30,000; fuel oil tank at Boston, Massachusetts, $57,700; contingent for repairs and additions to existing depots for coal and other fuel, $62,550; in all, $500,000, to be available until expended.

R. .


Pearl Har


pontoons for approach to the floating dry dock Dewey, $30,000.

NAVAL STATION, PEARL HARBOR, HAWAII: Water-front bor, Hawall. development, $100,000; water system, $30,000; power dis

tribution, mains and conduits, $65,000; railroad equipment, $30,000; boat landings, $5,000; two officers' quarters, $24,000; torpedo-boat slips, $50,000; ice plant and refrigerating system, $25,000; one dry-dock crane, $100,000; marine railway, $100,000; naval hospital, to continue, $100,000; in all, $629,000.

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NAVAL STATION, Guam: Water system extension, $25,000.

waii, naval magazine.

Olongapo, P. Naval magazine, Olongapo, Philippine Islands: Two lnaval mag sets of quarters, chemist and subinspector, $6,000; extenazine.

sion magazine, $1,300; filling house, $4,000; renewal of

dock, $4,000; in all, $15,300. Kuahua, Ha- Naval magazine, Kuahua, Hawaii: Two magazines,

$50,000; railroad tracks and scales, $15,000; one gunners' quarters, $7,000; machinery and tools, $20,000; one shipping house, $60,000; building for torpedoes and mines, $50,000; two filling houses, $16,000; one segregation house, $10,000; one bombproof, $1,500; one unfusing roof, $500; building for marine guard, $2,500; compressed air locomotive plant, $18,000; in all, $250,500.

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Pearl Har- Marine barracks, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii: One set double bor, Hawaii.

quarters for officers, $18,000; quartermaster's storehouse, $25,000; post exchange, gymnasium, $20,000; in all,

$63,000. Canal Zone, Panama.

Marine barracks, Isthmus of Panama: Erection of barracks, quarters, and other buildings for accommodation of marines, $400,000.



Transfer of TRANSPORTATION OF REMAINS: To enable the Secretary remains of of- of the Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transferred

to their homes the remains of officers and enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps who die or are killed in action ashore or afloat, and also to enable the Secretary of the Navy, in his discretion, to cause to be transported to their homes the remains of civilian employees who die outside of the continental limits of the United States,



Dental Reserve Corps.




Details for temporary

$15,000: Provided, That the sum herein appropriated provisori shall be available for payment for transportation of the of fund. remains of officers and men who have died while on duty at any time since April twenty-first, eighteen hundred and ninety-eight.

Provided, That a Navy Dental Reserve Corps is hereby authorized to be organized and operated under the provisions of the Act approved August twenty-second, nine-Mediante de teen hundred and twelve, providing for the organization partment. and operation of a Navy Medical Reserve Corps, and differing therefrom in no respect other than that the

Requirequalification requirements of the appointees shall be den- ments. tal surgeons and graduates of reputable schools of medicine or dentistry instead of “graduates of reputable schools of medicine,” and so many of said appointees may be ordered to temporary active service as the Secretary service. of the Navy may deem necessary to the health and efficiency of the personnel of the Navy and Marine Corps, providing the whole number of both regular corps and reserve corps dental surgeons in active service shall not exceed, in time of peace, one to each one thousand five hundred of the said personnel, and no dental surgeon shall render service other than temporary service until his appointment shall have been confirmed by the Senate: Provided further, That Dental Corps officers of perma- Appointnent tenure shall be appointed from the Dental Reserve ments for perCorps membership in accordance with the said provisions of the said Act, and all such appointees shall be citizens of the United States between twenty-two and thirty years of age, of good moral character, of unquestionable professional repute, and before appointment shall pass satisfactory physical and professional examinations, and when

Rank, pay, appointed shall take rank and precedence in the same manner in all respects as in the case of appointees to the Medical Corps of the Navy and shall receive corresponding pay and allowances and, when they reach the age of sixty-four years, be entitled to retired

pay. In all, Bureau of Medicine and Surgery, $737,000.



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* * labor in general storehouses, paymasters' offices, and accounting offices in navy yards and naval stations, including naval stations maintained in island possessions under the control of the United States, and expenses in handling stores purchased and manufactured under general account of advances :

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or tion.

Provided, however, That when it is impracticable or Nawy nation the expense is found greater to supply marines serving on

shore duty in the island possessions and on foreign stations with the Army ration, such marines may be allowed the Navy ration or commutation therefor:

Mar. 4, 1913

CHAP. 149.–An Act Making appropriations to supply defi(H. R. 28858.) ciencies in appropriations for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and [Public, No. thirteen and for prior years, and for other purposes.

434.) 37 Stat. L., Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representapt. 1, p. 912

tives of the United States of America in Congress assemDeficiencies bled, That the following sums are appropriated, out of appropria

any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to supply the deficiencies in appropriations for the fiscal year nineteen hundred and thirteen, and for prior years, and for other purposes, namely:





Capt. John J. Clark.

in counts.

Credit in the accounts of Captain John J. Clark: The Credit In ac accounting officers of the Treasury are authorized and

directed to allow and credit in the accounts of Captain John J. Clark (formerly John J. A. Clark), Philippine Scouts, the sum of $649.07, disallowed against him on the books of the Treasury.



CHAP. 6.-An Act Making appropriations to supply urgent de- Dec. 22, 1911. ficiencies in appropriations for the fiscal year nineteen hundred (H. R. 15930.] and twelve, and for other purposes.

[Public, No. 51.]

, L., 1, p. 47

(Removing wreck of Battleship Maine." See p. 41.) 37. Stat. al.:

CHAP. 255.-An Act To authorize ådditional aids to navigation July_27, 1912. in the Lighthouse Service, and for other purposes.

[H. R. 22043.)

[Public, No. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representa- 37 Stat! L., tires of the United States of America in Congress as- pt. 1, p. 238. sembled, That the Secretary of Commerce and Labor be, Lighthouse and is hereby, authorized to establish and provide the Aids to following additional aids to navigation in the Light-mortemetion au


. house Service, under the Department of Commerce and Labor, in accordance with the respective limits of cost hereinafter respectively set forth, which shall in no case be exceeded.

That the Secretary of Commerce and Labor be, and Additional he is hereby, authorized to construct and equip addi- light vessels. tional light vessels for general service, at a cost not to exceed two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.




A dwelling for keepers of the lights in Guantanamo

Guantanamo, Bay, Cuba, and improving the lighting at a cost not to Cubaa exceed fourteen thousand dollars is hereby authorized.

Light station.


CHAP. 355.-An Act Making appropriations for sundry civil Aug 24, 1912,

25069.) expenses of the Government for the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, nineteen hundred and thirteen, and for other purposes.

(Public, No. 302.)

. L. (Interment, etc., of remains of officers, soldiers, and 37 Stat...

. 417 civilian employees who die abroad; monuments or tablets to mark the places where American soldiers fell in Cuba; allowance to officer of the Corps of Engineers assigned to station and duty in Havana, Cuba, to remove the wreck of the battleship Maine." See pp. 56, 57.)

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