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72 pp.

ARIZONA.-Industrial Commission. Fifth annual report. (Phoenix, 1931.)

31 pp. Reviewed in this issue. CALIFORNIA.— Department of Industrial Relations. First biennial report, 1927–

1930. Sacramento, 1931. 204 pp., charts. Certain data from this report, relating to the collection of unpaid wages, the cost of filling jobs by the State employment agencies, and to workmen's compensation are given in this issue of the Labor Review.

Special Bulletin No. 4: Union scales of wages and hours of labor, 1929 and 1930, together with a directory of California reporting irade-unions.

Sacramento, 1931. KANSAS.—Commission of Labor and Industry. Workmen's Compensation De

partment. Annual report, for fiscal year ending June 30, 1931. Topeka,

1931. 28 pp. Reviewed in this issue. New JERSEY.— Department of Banking and Insurance. Annual report of the

Commissioner of Banking and Insurance, relative to savings banks, trust companies, and State banks of discount and deposit, private bankers, credit unions, provident loan associations, and small loan brokers, for the year ending December

31, 1930. Trenton, 1931. 149 pp. The report on credit unions covers 14 such organizations, which made loans during 1930 amounting to $151,594, to 1,523 borrowers. The amount of the largest loan was $500 and of the smallest $100. New YORK.— Board of Housing. Report on the standard of living of 400 families

in a model housing project, the Amalgamated Housing Corporation, by Asher

Achinstein. (Albany ?] 1931. 93 pp. Reviewed in the December, 1931, issue of the Labor Review from an advance summary of the report.

Governor's Commission on Unemployment Problems for the State of New York. Less unemployment through stabilization of operations. (Albany ?) 1931. 130 pp., charts. Revised edition. (Distributed by New York Industrial Com

missioner, 80 Centre Street, New York City.) Report to the Governor of New York, reviewing the causes of unemployment and the measures adopted to combat it, and including detailed information on the experience of some prominent business firms in establishing stabilization and employment benefit policies. OREGON.-Governor's Interim Committee on Workmen's Compensation. Ma

jority and minority reports. (Salem?] 1931. 23 and 27 pp., charts. Bound with this report are the actuary's report to the committee appointed to investigate affairs of the Oregon Industrial Accident Commission and the report and recommendations of the State industrial accident commission to the governor's committee on workmen's compensation law.

Reviewed in this issue. Porto Rico.-Industrial Commission. Annual report, 1930–31. San Juan,

1931. 40 pp. Reviewed in this issue.

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UNITED STATES.—Board of Mediation. Annual renort, for the fiscal year ended

June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 36 pp. Reviewed in this issue.

Congress. Senate. Document No. 323 (71st Cong., 3d sess.): Stabilization of coal industry. Extracts from report of the royal commission of New South Wales, appointed to inquire into the coal industry, together with extract from special circular No. 744, minerals division, (United States] Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Washington, 1931. 43 pp. Department of Commerce. Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce. Domestic Commerce Series No. 49: Cotton production and distribution in the Gulf Southwest, by Elma S. Moulton. Washington, 1931. 311 pp., maps,

charts. Contains sections on cooperative cotton ginning, wages and hours of labor in gins, cooperative marketing, and labor supply.

Bureau of Mines. Coal in 1929, by F. G. Tryon and L. Mann. Washington, 1931. (Mineral Resources of the United States, 1929, Part II, pp.

673-858.) Charts. Includes data on number of men employed, days worked by the mines, length of working-day, output per man, labor disputes, and prices of coal.

Department of Labor. Nineteenth annual report of the Secretary of Labor, for the fiscal year ended June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 148 pp. Reviewed in this issue.

Bureau of Immigration. Annual report, fiscal year ended June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 286 pp.

Bureau of Labor Statistics. Annual report, fiscal year ended June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 25 pp.

Bulletin No. 541: Handbook of labor statistics, 1931 edition. Washington, 1931. 923 pp.

Bulletin No. 552: Labor legislation, 1930. Washington, 1931.

59 pp.

19 pp.

102 pp.

36 PP.

This bulletin contains the Federal and State labor legislation enacted in 1930, and is linked up with the compilations for previous years through the cumulative index which is a part of the bulletin.

Bulletin No. 554: Labor legislation of Paraguay. Washington, 1931.

Bulletin No. 558: Labor conditions of women and children in Japan, by Asa Matsuoka. Washington, 1931.

Bulletin No. 559: Labor legislation of Ecuador. Washington, 1931.

Bureau of Naturalization. Annual report, fiscal year ended June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 40 pp.

Children's Bureau. Nineteenth annual report, fiscal year ended June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 68 pp.

Women's Bureau. Thirteenth annual report, fiscal year ended June 30, 1931. Washington, 1931. 30 pp. Department of the Interior. Office of Education. Bulletin, 1931, No. 20: Biennial survey of education in the United States, 1928–1930. Chapter V.Commercial education, by J. 0. Malott. Washington, 1931. 48 pp.

vance pages of Vol. I.) The enrollment in business courses outstrips that in any other vocational training field, exceeding 1,000,000. Further improvement of the commercial training program depends, the bulletin points out, on cooperation between business leaders and outstanding business educators.

Federal Board for Vocational Education. Bulletin No. 159, General Series
No. 4: Vocational training and unemployment. A discussion of the question-
What service can the public program of vocational education render to the
unemployed? Washington, 1931. 29 pp.

(AdOfficial-Foreign Countries AMSTERDAM (NETHERLANDS).—Afdeeling Algemeene Secretarie en Arbeidszaken.

Verslag omtrent de bemoeiingen der gemeente Amsterdam in arbeids zaken en de

verzekering tegen werkloosheid in 1930. (Amsterdam, 1931?] 120 pp. Contains information in regard to the relief given to unemployed workers by the city of Amsterdam in 1930, including ordinances and regulations, relief organization, and financial statements. BREMEN (GERMANY).-Statistisches Landesamt. Statistisches Jahrbuch der

Freien Hansestadt Bremen, 1931. Bremen, 1931. 158 pp., maps. The statistical information given in this yearbook for the city of Bremen, Germany, includes data on housing and land ownership, prices and consumption, cooperation, social insurance, employment and unemployment, welfare work, etc., for 1930 and earlier years. CHINA.— Ministry of Finance. National Tariff Commission. The revision of the

price index numbers, by T. Sheng. Shanghai, 1931. Various paging, charts.

(Statistical Series No. VI.) In Chinese and English. Part 1 covers wholesale prices and part 2, import and export prices, in Shanghai. FRANCE.—Ministère du Travail et de la Prévoyance Sociale. Les accidents du

travail, 1928. Paris, 1931. 33 pp. The report of the French Ministry of Labor on industrial accidents and the operation of the workmen's compensation law, in 1928.

Texte officiel et complet de la loi sur les assurances sociales. Paris (1930)

47 pp.

The official text of the French social insurance law of April 5, 1928, as modified or amended by the law of April 30, 1930. GERMANY.—Reichsarbeitsministerium. Jahresberichte der Gewerbeaufsichtsbeam

ten und Bergbehörden für das Jahr 1930. Berlin, 1931. 3 vols. Annual reports of factory and mine inspectors in the various German States for 1930, including information on accident prevention, hours of labor, condition of work places, activities of committees on home work, etc. GREAT BRITAIN.—Ministry of Labor. Report of the advisory committee on draft

regulations, required by section 1 (6) of the unemployment insurance (No. 3) act, 1931, to be laid before Parliament. London, 1931.

The unemployment problem in Germany. Translation of the report of an advisory commission appointed by the Federal (German) Government.

London, 1931. 101 pp. The first part of the report of the commission (Gutachterkommission zur Arbeitslosenfrage) was reviewed briefly in the Labor Review for August, 1931

12 pp.

(p. 20).

Committee of Inquiry on Port Labor. Report. London, 1931.

92 pp.

GREATER SHANGHAI (China).—Bureau of Social Affairs. Strikes and lockouts,

Greater Shanghai, 1930. Greater Shanghai, 1931. (Various paging.] In

Chinese and Ěnglish.
Statistics from this report are given in this issue of the Labor Review.
ICELAND.-- Bureau de Statistique. Annuaire statistique de l'islande, 1930.

Reykjavik, 1931. 150 pp. Includes statistics of population, prices, cooperative societies, social insurance, etc. The table of contents and the table heads are in both Icelandic and French. LEAGUE OF NATIONS.-- Proceedings of the second international conference with a

view to concerted economic action. First session, held at Geneva from November 17 to 28, 1930. Geneva, 1931. 275 pp. Second session, held at Geneva from March 16 to 18, 1931.' Geneva, 1931. 38 pp. (World Peace Foundation, Boston, American agent.)

LEAGUE OF NATIONS.—Commission of Enquiry for European Union. Economic

depression. Geneva, 1931. 16 pp., charts. (World Peace Foundation, Boston,

American agent.) STRAITS SETTLEMENTS.—Labor Department. Annual report for the year 1930.

Singapore, 1931. 34 pp. Includes data on wages and labor conditions in the Straits Settlements. SWITZERLAND.—Département Fédéral de l'Economie Publique. La législation

suisse en matière de réglementation du travail et d'assurances sociales pendant l'année 1930. Berne, August, 1931. 132 pp. (12e supplément au La Vie Écono

mique, Août, 1931.) This volume contains the Swiss Federal and cantonal legislative enactments during 1930 relative to the regulation of labor and to social insurance.

Unofficial AMERICAN SOCIETY OF REFRIGERATING ENGINEERS. Safety code for mechanical

refrigeration. New York, 37 West 39th Street, 1930. 29 pp. Reviewed in this issue. AMERICAN STANDARDS AssociaTION. Safety code for coal mine transportation,

American recommended practice. New York, 29 West 39th Street, 1931.

17 pp.

Reviewed in this issue. BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Norwegian migration to America, 1825–1860. North

field, Minn., Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1931. 413 pp. BOGART, ERNEST Ludlow. Economic history of the American people. New

York, Longmans, Green & Co., 1931. 797 pp., maps, charts. The three parts into which the volume is divided cover, respectively, colonial development, 1492–1783; the westward movement, 1783-1860; and industrialization, 1860–1930. BUEHLER, E. C., Compiler. Compulsory unemployment insurance.

New York, H. W. Wilson Co., 1931. 295 pp. (The Reference Shelf, Vol. VII, No. 6.) Chen, Ta. Study of the applicability of the factory act of the Chinese Guvern

ment: A preliminary survey of the Shanghai area. Shanghai, China Insti

tute of Scientific Management, 1931. 91 pp. An effort to discover the general situation in regard to the matters with which the factory law deals, for example, the hours now worked, the question of the present feasibility of abolishing midnight labor, and the amount of additional cost industry in China can carry without losing its markets. FANG, FU-AN. Chinese labor: An economic and statistical survey of the labor

conditions and labor movements in China. London, P. S. King & Son (Ltd.),

1931. 185 pp., illus. The nine chapters of this volume deal, respectively, with the following subjects: The fundamentals of the Chinese labor movement, the Chinese labor population, working conditions, wages and cost of living, labor organizations, strikes, the labor surplus, industrial welfare institutions, and labor legislation. An appendix contains recent labor laws promulgated by the Chinese National Government. FLANDERS, Ralph E. Taming our machines: The attainment of human values

in a mechanized society. New York, Richard R. Smith (Inc.), 1931. 244 pp. Ford, ADELBERT. A scientific approach to labor problems. New York, McGraw

Hill Book Co. (Inc.), 1931. 446 pp., diagrams, illus. The volume deals with the application of physiological and psychological laws to labor management. Pointing out that the recent growth of science has been accompanied by an increase of the cooperative attitude, the author emphasizes the necessity of ripping apart all structures found opposing such attitude individually, nationally, and internationally.


No.8: International labor standards and American legislation (a comparison).

Geneva, 4 Rue de Monthoux, 1931. 62 pp., maps. Includes a series of maps indicating the status of the labor laws of the individual States of the United States in comparison with the international lab or conventions of the League of Nations. HOBSON, J. A. Poverty in plenty: The ethics of income. London, George Allen

& Unwin (Ltd.), 1931. 92 pp. LOUCKS, William N. The stabilization of employment in Philadelphia through

the long-range planning of municipal improvement projects. Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press, 1931. 341 pp., charts. (Research Studies XV, Industrial Research Department, Wharton School of Finance and

Commerce.) In this volume are given a history of Philadelphia's expenditures for permanent public improvements, 1919 to 1928, plans for future improvements, procedure for carrying through such projects, the possibility of stabilizing employment by longrange planning, and a suggested plan for partial stabilization of employment by long-range planning. METROPOLITAN LIFE INSURANCE Co. Policyholders Service Bureau.

Index of economic reports. New York, 1931. 72 pp. Contains references to printed reports of the Policyholders Service Bureau, articles which have been published in the Executives Service Bulletin, and addresses delivered at conferences sponsored by the Service Bureau, classified by major divisions of management such as personnel management and industrial relations, industrial health, etc., and by type of business or industry. MINNESOTA, UNIVERSITY OF. Employment Stabilization Research Institute.

Bulletin, Vol. I, No. 1: The Minnesota unemployment research project, by

Russell A. Stevenson. Minneapolis, 1931. 26 pp. Reviewed in this issue. Moulton, HAROLD G. Japanan economic and financial appraisal. Washing

ton, Institute of Economics of Brookings Institution, 1931. 645 pp., map,

charts. In Chapter XIX, on the social consequence of economic expansion, the authors discuss the changing social structure, protective labor legislation, unionism, working hours and wages, unemployment, living conditions, social welfare agencies, and social unrest. NATIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE ON Education. Report. Federal relations to

education. Part 1-Committee findings and recommendations. 140 pp.

Part 2- Basic facts. Washington, 744 Jackson Place, 1931. 448 pp. The comprehensiveness of this report is indicated by a résumé of the variety of subjects taken up, among which are the following: The educational situation in the Federal Government, fields of Federal responsibility for education, Federal relations to education in the States, education in special Federal areas, the training of Government personnel, and international intellectual relations. NATIONAL COMMITTEE ON Prisons and Prison LABOR. Report presented to the

annual meeting, April 30, 1991. New York, 250 West Fifty-seventh Street,

1931. 31 pp. NATIONAL UNIONS OF THE PaintERS AND KINDRED Trades. Secretariat.

Eighteenth international report, 1928–1930. Hamburg, Germany (1931). Contains information in regard to the activities of the unions of the painters and allied trades in various countries for the period 1928–1930, including data on strikes and lockouts, unemployment, wages, and other labor conditions. NETHERLANDS ECONOMIC INSTITUTE (ROTTERDAM). No. 1: Wholesale and retail

prices in Holland and Belgium, by A. J. W. Renaud. Haarlem, 1931. In two parts. Various paging. Maps, charts. (In Dutch, with brief abstract in English.)

36 pp.

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