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Handbook of labor statistics, 1931 edition. Bulletin No. 541.
Wholesale prices, 1930. Bulletin No. 543.
Unemployment-benefit plans in the United States and unemployment in-

surance in foreign countries. Bulletin No. 544.
Labor legislation of Venezuela. Bulletin No. 549.
Labor legislation, 1930. Bulletin No. 552.
Code of lighting: Factories, mills, and other work places. Bulletin

No. 556 Labor conditions of women and children in Japan. Bulletin No. 558.


Building permits in principal cities of the United States, 1930. Bulletin

No. 545. Wages and hoars of labor in cane-sugar refining industry, 1930.

Bulletin No. 547. Decisions of courts and opinions affecting labor, 1929–1930. Bulletin

No. 548. Labor legislation of Paraguay. Bulletin No. 554. Labor legislation of Ecuador. Bulletin No. 559. Safety codes for the prevention of dust explosions. Bulletin No. 562.

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Special articles:

International cost-of-living inquiry-

The International Labor Office, by Prentiss B. Gilbert...

German trade-unions and their 1931 congress, by Fritz Kummer..

Productivity of labor :

Productivity of labor in the sheet department of the iron and steel


Employment conditions and unemployment relief:

California-Cost of filling jobs by State employment agencies --

Connecticut-Stabilization measures in Hartford County-

Minnesota-Unemployment research project--

Unemployment in foreign countries.--

Industrial and labor conditions:

Annual report of the Secretary of Labor, 1930–31.

Handbook of labor statistics, 1931 edition.--

1931 meeting of Personnel Research Federation

Health and industrial hygiene:

Work environment as a factor in the general health of workers, by

Bernard J. Newman..

Industrial accidents and safety:

Safety code for transportation in coal mines..

Safety code for mechanical refrigeration..

Labor laws and court decisions :

Decisions of courts and opinions affecting labor, 1929 and 1930-----

Arizona-Prevailing-wage law declared unconstitutional..

District of Columbia-Employment agency failing to investigate

applicant held liable for damages caused by her dishonesty -----

Kansas— Newspaper distribution held not violation of Sunday labor


Massachusetts—Rate of pay for scrub women employed by State--

Estonia-Works councils and working hours...

Switzerland-Law providing for vacations with pay in Basel..

Workmen's compensation:

Workmen's compensation legislation of 1931.--

Report on study of Oregon workmen's compensation law..-

Recent compensation reports-




New York,

Porto Rico.

California–Court holds injury to wooden leg is not compensable----


Operation of turpentine business held not "farming” under

compensation law..-..

Economic conditions can not change employee's compensation


Oklahoma-Death by lightning held compensable--

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Workers' education and training:

Vocational guidance recommendations of White House Conference

on Child Health and Protection.---

Industrial disputes:

Strikes and lockouts in the United States in November, 1931...

Conciliation work of the Department of Labor in November, 1931.-

Work of United States Board of Mediation, 1930–31..

Porto Rico-Industrial disputes, 1930–31.

China-Strikes in Greater Shanghai, 1931

Labor agreements, awards, and decisions :


National agreement in the full-fashioned hosiery industry----

Awards and decisions-

Railroad brotherhoods—Central of Georgia Railway --

Street-railway employees-St. Louis, Mo.----

Decisions of Industrial Commission of Colorado..

Labor turnover:

Labor turnover in American factories, November, 1931..


Building permits in principal cities of the United States, November,


Experiments in Negro housing in New York and Cincinnati..

New York-Home ownership among 789 families in Buffalo..

Wages and hours of labor :

Hours and earnings in foundries and machine shops, 1931

Hours and earnings in sheet mills and tin-plate mills, 1931.

Wage-rate changes in manufacturing industries, November, 1931.

Recent wage changes reported by trade-unions -

California-Collection of unpaid wages, 1929–30.-

Illinois--Relative importance of check and cash methods of wage


Belgium-General survey of wages in 1931.-

France-General survey of wages in 1930 and 1931.-

Luxemburg-General survey of wages in 1931...

Trend of employment:

Summary for November, 1931.

Employment in selected manufacturing industries in November, 1931.

Employment in nonmanufacturing industries in November, 1931.

Employment in building construction in November, 1931..

Employment on Class I steam railroads in the United States.-

Wholesale and retail prices:

Retail prices of food in November, 1931.

Retail prices of coal in November, 1931

Comparison of retail-price changes in the United States and in foreign


Index numbers of wholesale prices in November, 1931.

Immigration and emigration:

Statistics of immigration for October, 1931

Publications relating to labor:

Official - United States.

Official-Foreign countries.





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