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New School Readers

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STEPPING STONES TO LITERATURE By Sarah Louise Arnold, Supervisor of Schools, Boston, Mass., and Charles B. Gilbert, Superintendent of Schools, Newark, N.J.

Eight Readers-one for each grade; beautifully illustrated, of the highest literary quality from the first to the last grade.

This series of Readers may justly be said to signalize a new era in school reading books, both from the exceptional character of the text and the number and beauiy of its illustrations. Five volumes are now ready.

A First Reader. 128 pages. Over 130 beautiful il lustrations, including 8 color pages. 32 cents.

A Second Reader. 160 pages. Over 100 illustrations, including & beautiful color pages. 40 cents.

A Third Reader. 224 pages. Beautifully illustrated with reproductions of masterpieces, portraits of authors, etc. 50 cents.

A Fourth Reader. 320 pages. Beautifully illustrated with reproductious of masterpieces, portraits of authors, etc. 60 cents.

A Reader for Fifth Grades. 320 pages with 70 beautiful illustrations. 60 cenis.

Single copy for examination sent to any teacher on receipt of price.

"Your Readers surpass all others in attractiveness and typographical effect, and, above all, in the reading matter, and its arrangement 10 grades."-W. A. FRASIER, Superintendent Schools, Rutland, Vt.

Adopted in New York, Brooklyn, Boston,
Chicago, Baltimore, Buffalo, counties
of San Jose and Napa, Cal., the

State of Ohio, etc., etc.

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Miss Ball has had a wide experience in teaching Drawing in every grade of schools ranging from the First Year to the Normal school, and is prepared to give instruction in the various lines of work.

PUBLISHERS. Boston. New York. Chicago. Philadelphia.

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For the School-room or Home

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Farrand & Votey Chapel Organs

Webster's International


Are acknowledged peers.
Forty-page catalogue sent free.
Address: Farrand & Votey Organ Co.

Detroit, Michigan, or The Whitaker & Ray Co.,

723 Market St., S. F.


In its various attractive bindings it makes

A Choice Gift
for Christmas and other occasions.

The International is a thorough revision of the Unabridged, the purpose of which has been not display nor the provision of material for boastful and showy advertisement, but the duc, judicious, scholarly thorough perfecting of a work which in all the stages of its growth has obtained in an equal degree the favor and confidence of scholars and of the general public.

* It is The One Great Standard Authority the perfection of dictionaries; "so writes lIon. D... Brewer, Justice of the United

Staves Supreme Court, who voices tho general seatiment. Spec.:<!! Page: free. G. &C. Herriam Co., Pus:ishers, Springfield, Mass,




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one that is filled to the brim with practical, usable schoolroom material; and one that deals in standard values and solid experience, eschewing wordy essays and meaningless "studies," then the

Removed fo Spring Valley Water Works Building,

Corner Geary and Stockton

Teachers World

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will aid you. Ten large Natural History Supplement Charts free each year-Ten large Double-Page Language Pictures-"Cut Up" Drawing Cards-Arithmetic Cards-Story CardsSupplementary Reading-Pieces to Speak-Correspond. ence-Methods, Aids and Devices-Foundation Principles -Special Day Exercises, Etc., Etc., Etc.

Established 1889. Eight Years of increasing Success. 48 LARGE QUARTO PAGES and SUPPLEMENT.

Monthly-Illustrated—$1.00 a Yeur. Such a methods paper as the Teachers World is a neces

sity to every wide-awake, conscientious teacher. The

dollar it costs is no measure ofits real value to you. But you also need a home paper to keep in touch with local

and state educational events, and for that purpose (not forgetting the additional material it contains) there is nothing better than the Western Journal of Educa

tion to supplement your methods paper. BOTH PAPERS ONE YEAR, $1.25.

Leaders in their respective classes, you will find in them everything you need in your work, and much more than you might get elsewhere.

Send $1.25 to the WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDU. CATION, 723 Market Street, San Francisco, and

both papers will be mailed to you for one year. To save $1.25 and miss the helpfulness of such a combination

is mistaken economy.


731 MARKET ST., TAKE ELEVATOR Studio Oper Evenings for Sittings

SAN FRANCISCO. by New Electric process.

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Publisher's Notice.

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.......... 1 00

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....... 100

James Keith, President Calaveras Co. Board of Education,

delivered an address at the recent County Institute on Public THE WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION

Libraries. It has been published by request of the Institute, in succeeds to the subscription lists,

patronage and good will of the Golden Era, pamphlet form.
established in San Francisco in 1852.

Subscription, $1.50 a year.
Single copies, 15 cents.

Supt. E. P. Cubberly, of San Diego, has published his report
See our special combination offer. It will
meet your wants. Remit by check, post for 1897. It is unique and excellent. The report on History and
office order, Wells, Fargo & Co,, or by

Language is a model, and is epoch-making in the prominence it ADVERTISEMENTS-Advertisements of an

unubjectionable nature will be inserted at gives to these subjects in primary grades. the rate of two dollars a month per inch.

* MSS.-Articles on methods, trials of new theories, actual experiences and school news, reports of teachers' meetings, etc., urgently solicited.

The celebration of Lincoln Day, Feb. 12th, and Washington's Essays and institute addresses not specially prepared for publication, not desired. Address all communications to HARR WAGNER, 723 Market Street, S. F.

Birthday, Feb. 22nd, are two events of great importance to the THE WHITAKER & RAY COMPANY, PUBLISHERS Entered at the San Francisco Post Office as secoud-class mail matter.

boys and girls of the public schools. Any subscriber who will send in a renewal or get us one subscriber this month at $1.00 to

this JOURNAL will be sent two books, free — one on Lincoln and OUR GREAT CLUB OFFER.

the other on "How to Celebrate Washington's Birthday." * Send your subscription to us and save money.

Publisher's List With Western A German writer arranges the subjects under the New Edu-

Journal of

Education cation in the following order: Foods, Clothing, Housing, WarmNew England Journal of Education..........

............. 2 50

3 00 American Teacher..


1 50 Primary Education..........................

ing, Occupation, The Earth and its Products, Tne Weather, The 1 00

1 50 Popular Educator.................

1 50 Seasons and Skies, The Body, Health and Disease, Labor and its Intelligence.......

................ 1 50

2 30 Week's Current...

2 10 Divisions, The Social Order, Social Intercourse, Property, ValuTeacher's Institute.

1 50 School Journal....

2 50
2 50

ation, The Household, Morals and Customs, General Rights or Primary School..

1 00

1 50 Our Times....


1 25 School Review.

Legal Sanctions, Esthetic Ideas, Religious Ideas. 1 50

2 25 St. Nicholas..

3 00
3 65

* Harper's Round Table.....................

2 00

2 75 Kindergarten.....

2 00
2 80

Ex-State Supt. Anderson, who has always been noted for Child Garden.............

,1 00

1 75 Educator.

1 35

saying just what he means, writes as follows: “I regard the Educational Review..

3 00

3 65 Western Teacher......

1 00
1 50

WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION as the most complete periodiTeacher's Word....

1 00

1 85 Public Schoo: Journal.....

1 50
2 85

cal of this character that has ever been published on this Coast. Child Study Monthly..

1 00

1 75 Education.

3 00

If teachers consulted their own interests, say naught of the inNormal Instructor.


I 35 American Journal of Sociology.

2 00

terests of the children in their charge, they would, one and all,

2 80 Youth's Companion (new sub).

1 75

2 50 Atlantic Monthly:

4 00

subscribe for this valuable help in their calling."

4 50 Scribner's Magazine.........

3 00

3 65 Cosmopolitan.....

1 00
1 75

* Review of Reviews....

2 50
3 25

The enrollment of the California Teachers' Association was Housekeeper.....

1 00

1 75 Ladies' Home Journal...

1 00

2 00 1506. This is the largest membership ever attained by the Our Little Men and women....

1 00

1 90 Our Little Ones and the Nursery...........

1 00

1 90 Association in this State. The only December meeting that has Dumb Animals...


1 35 Pansy .....

1 00

1 90 approached this in numbers was the Illinois meeting with a memHarper's Magazine........

4 00

4 50 Century

4 00

165 bership of 1200. Contra Costa County sent in a membership Chautauquan

2 00

2 90 Popular Science Monthly

5 65 larger than the actual number of teachers at present employed, Babyland


1 45 Golden Days...

3 00

3 65 and Supt. Phalin and his progressive associates were suitably Arena.......

3 00

3 75 McClure's Magazine........

1 00

1 90 honored by the committee on resolutions. Munsey's Magazine......

1 00

1 90 Lippincott's Magazine...

* 3 00

3 75 North American Review

5 00
5 60

Prof. Allen sent a communication to the State Board of EdAmerican School Board Journal.

1 00

1 90 Kindergarten News....


1 40 ucation which outlined a plan for conducting an official organ. Everywhere......


1 40 Forum

............ 3 00

...... 5 00

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3 00
3 75

It emphasized the point that an account of institute proceedings Overland.....

1 00

1 75 should not be confined to pleasant remarks about superintendents Pedagogical Seminary...

4 00

+ 50 School Education...

1 00

1 50 but should be devoted to what the institute lecturers said. Prof. Northwest Journal of Education........

1 50 Any subscriber to the Western Journal of Education will receive discount of 5 per cent.

Allen's suggestion is a good one, but there is one difficulty. The Special offer: To any one who will send us, within days $1.50 for a subscription to tutes, and after his remarks had been printed as instruction to the

institute lecturer generally uses the same speech at different instiTeacher, or Teacher's Institute. 'Address

teachers in several counties the subject matter would be rather old HARR WAGNER, 723 Market St., S. F.

for publication and re-publication.

........ 1 00

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