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IN THE REDWOODS-A suggestion for the teachers' vacation from painting by L. P. Latimer.

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A. G. P. A.,

General Agent,

Northern Pacific Ry.

Northern Pac. Ry.

255 Morrison St.,

638 Market Street,

Portland, Or.

San Francisco.

Natural Geography Series

BY JACQUES W. REDWAY, F. R. G. S., and RUSSELL HINMAN, author of "The Eclectic Physical Geography."

A complete and rational course, at once simple, natural and attractive to teacher and pupil. The treatment is topical, with frequent exercises in correlating new facts with those already acquired. Outlines are provided for language work. Maps of corresponding divisions are drawn upon a uniform' scale to convey correct ideas of comparative areas. The illustrations are numerous, helpful and appropriate. The series as a whole is the first successful embodiment of the new methods of geographical study. The books can be used by any teacher, in any school, to secure the best results.

Natural Elementary Geography 60 Cents 11 Natural Advanced Geography $1.25

JUST READY. A study of the earth as the home of man, leading to the industrial and commercial treatment of countries and cities. The

A work of rare merit, such as will appeal to every teacher plan of development is from the known to the distant and unfa- and educator. The earth as a whole is studied, with thoro treatmiliar.

ment of its physical, commercial, and political features. The “The Natural Elementary Geography is the best primary book embodies the many unique merits of the Natural Elemenwork issued by an American publishing house." J. M. Green- tary Geography by the same authors. There are also valuable wood, Superintendent of Schools, Kansas City, Mo.

exercises in supplemental work, and suggestions for collateral readings.'

Largest number of the best books at the lowest prices. New books constantly issued to meet new demands in every department, adapted to every grade of public and private schools, and for college use. Prices, circulars, specimen pages, and special information on request. Correspondence cordially invited.

American Book Company






Address A. F. GUNN, Agent, 204 Pine Street, San Francisco, Cal.

Riverside Literature Series

Each single number, paper, 15 cents.





Harmless The Golden Homeopathic

Cure for the Tobacco Habit In about ten days this treatment not only removes all craving bat produces a positive aversion to the use of tabacco in any form.

BY MAIL 81.00.
Manufactured only by

Phone Green 34

San Francisco, Cal.
[In ordering, mention date and name of this paper]

The following issues will be full of significance to teachers and pupils at this time.


No, 2. Longfellow's Courtship of Miles Stan: No. 56. * Webster's Bunker Hill: Adams and dish, etc.

Jefferson, 6. Holmes' Grandmother's Story of Bunker 62. Fiske's War of Independence. Hill Battle, etc.

62. Longfellow's Paul Revere's Ride, etc. 15. Lowell's Under the Old Elm, etc.

75. Scudder's George Washington. 19, 20 Franklin's Autobiography.

113. Emerson's Concord Hymn, Heroism, et". 54. Washington's Diary of Adventure, Ad. 121, 122. Webster and Haynes' Great Debate dresses, etc,

123. Lowell's Democracy, etc. 31. Holmes' My Hunt after the Captain, etc. L The Riverside Song Book. Containing 32. Lincoln's Gettysburg Speech, etc.

America, The Star Spaugled Banner, The

Battle Hymn of the Republic, and many 42. Emerson's Fortune of the Republic, etc.

other patriotic poems by Longfellow,

Whittier, Holmes. Lowell. etc., set to 45. Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome.

appropriate music. A descriptive circular giving the table of contents and price of each of the 125 regular numbers and 14 extra numbers of the Riverside Literature Series will be sent on application.

When in the city stop with MISS M. SHEEN

· Between Grant Ave. and Stocton St. Handsomely furnished rooms, most convenient location in the vicinity of all the theatres and res taurants.

Rates $2 to $10 per week.

Special Rates to Teachers. Attention given to Tourists and Families from the country.

Take market Street cars at ferry landings and transfer to Post Street

References A. B. Coffey, or Mrs. Cheney.

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FLAG memena


TEACHERS--the latest style is as much to

A WELL MADE DRESS In be desired as a knowledge of psychology. You can have your aresses made at prices to suit, by

Mrs. H. M. Fraser, DRESSMAKING PARLOR, 131 Post St., San Franeiseo,



Take Elevator.


American College

and Public School Directory
20th year. Send for circular
St. Louis, Mo.



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publisher's Notice.

San Francisco Board of Education granted the teachers a

holiday on the ad of May. Why? It is not definitely known THE WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION

Certainly not because the State is lacking in legal holidays.
succeeds to the subscription lists,

* *
patronage and good will of the Golden Era,
established in San Francisco In 1852.

Liberty had its birth at Mt. Sinai; its cradle in Bethlehem ;
Subscription, $1.50 a year.
Single copies, 15 cents.

its childhood in Rome ; its youth in Germany; its education in
See our special combination offer. It will
meet your wants. Remit by check, post-

England, with France and Spain its schoolmasters; its manhood office order, Wells, Fargo & Co., or by stamps.

in America, and its future life is the universal world, ADVERTISEMENTS-Advertisements of an


unobjectionable nature will be inserted at the rate of two dollars a month per inch.

The announcement that the Attantic Monthly had decided MSS.- Articles on methods, trials of new theories, actual experiences and school news, reports of teachers' meetings, etc., urgently solicited.

not to publish Frederic L. Burke's second article was an error. Address (all communications to HARŘ WAGNER, Editor and Manager, 723 Market Street, S. F.

Dr. Winship's statement caused the comment, and the editor THE WHITAKER & RAY COMPANY, PUBLISHERS. Entered at the San Francisco Post Office as second-class mail matter.

therefore condemned the editor of the Atlantic without cause. The Official Organ of the Department of Public Instruction of the State of California.

A careful report, well written, accurate, and complete in all

details, is appreciated by Trustees, County Superintendents and Our Great Club Offer.

the Superintendent of Public Instruction. A careless register has The following offer ie good for renewals or for new subscription. It is an extra offer

often been the just cause of a teacher's failure to be re-elected. apd is good for thirty days only.


The Civil War never seemed so cruel; its dead never so worThe Psychologic Foundations of Education, by W. T. Harris, u. s. Commissioner of Education, and WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION one year for $2.50. Dr. Harris' new

thy of the sweetest flowers ; its monuments such huge fingers of book is the greatest work of its kind yet published.

scorn ; its living wrecks so worthy of the solicitude of the nation, FOR CULTURE

whether North or South, and the inserted pages in the history from Care and Culture of Men, by David Starr Jordan, and the WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION one year for $2.00.

'61 to '65 never seemed so awful, so soiled with dark blotches of FOR INTEREST AND ENTERTAINMENT Quo Vadis--the greatest novel of the year, and the WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION blood, as now, now when the Blue and the Gray march side by one year for $1.75. SCHOOL ROOM HELPS

side across the levels of Cuba. Yet the civil war wrought Author's Birthdays, Fancy Drills and Marches, Banner Days of the Republic, and for liberty. Yet the civil war gave birth to a foe that will enslave How to Celebrate Thanksgiving

and Christmas. Four books and WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION one year, $2.00.


more than three millions. Editor WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION.

Samuel T. Black, Supt. of Public Instruction, will be a canNotice to Trustees.

didate before the Republican Convention for the place he now In order that the official journal may be kept on file, we will furnish a binder for 90 cents. This binder will hold twelve copies, and will be of great service. You will want to holds. His administration has been characterized by activity preserve the April JOURNAL on account of Dr. Draper's address, and on account of the decision of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction; you will want to keep the May along school lines. He has traveled thousands of miles to meet issue on account of the report of the Biennial Convention. WESTERN JOURNAL OF EDUCATION, 723 Market Street.

engagements at Institutes and other educational gatherings, and

has given wholesome advice on the necessity of Trustees' meetNotices of the Institutes of Marin, San Mateo, Nevada, ings, teachers' certificates, Arbor Day, more Normal Schools and Seattle, and other places will appear in the June number of the many other questions of vital interest to the schools and the chilJOURNAL.

dren of the State. * *

* * Professor Elmer E. Brown of the State University and Miss Hon. W. T. Harris and a committee recommended to the Allie M. Felker of San Jose State Normal are on the program of National Educational Association certain changes in spelling in the N. E. A. wbich meets in Washington, D. C.

all official documents. This is the first great practical step taken. * *

and the editor hereafter will adopt the changes of spelling as rec

ommended by the N. E. A. The writers are therefore not resSuperintendent Robert Furlong arranged a unique program for his institute. Side by side with the announcement of lectures ponsible for the spelling in their contributions.

The National Educational Association has recommended for were the half-tone photo-reproductions of a number of school

use in its official documents the following: buildings of Marin county. It is not the building that makes

tho for though program for programme prolog for prologue school, but citizens who take pride in a fine school building will thru " through thruout" throughout demagog “demagogue

altho : although thorofare" thoroughfare decalog “decalogue not permit the interests of the children to be neglected.

thoro thorough catalog" catalogue pedagog" pedagogue

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