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Jeanne D'ARC was the daughter of James d'Arc and of Isabella Romée, labouring people, living upon the produce of a small landed property which they possessed at Domremy and its environs, of which they were the cultivators. James d'Arc was originally of Séfonds, near Montierender, being descended from a good and ancient family of that country, which is ascertained from several titles and contracts still preserved at Saint Dizier. The armorial bearings of this family were a bow armed with three arrows, the remains of which are still apparent upon some ancient tombs. Isabella Romée was a native of Vouthon, situate about three miles from Domremy. It appears that these villagers were pious, unsophisticated, hospitable, and of the most rigid probity, enjoying a spotless reputation. Besides the heroine of our memoir, they had four children, three boys and a girl. The eldest son was named Jacquemin; the second, John; the

third, Peter; and the sister of Jeanne was called Catherine. Most of the biographers of the Maid of Orleans have omitted to mention this female relative, whose name was unknown to them; but, from authentic documents which have been referred to, there is no doubt of her having existed, and that she was christened as above.

The whole of this family occupied a humble cottage, still existing at the village of Domremy. The chamber which is pointed out by tradition as the birth-place of Jeanne, served to receive the annual produce of the vineyard, that adjoining was a stable for cows, and at the extremity of the building is a cellar which formerly contained the oven for baking. This homely edifice has, however, undergone repairs, and is now carefully preserved as an object of veneration for the French, and of curiosity to the stranger.

The precise period of the birth of Jeanne d'Arc has not been ascertained, but from what can be gathered in the course of her answers during the trial, she was born at Domremy, in the month of February or March, in the year 1411. Her baptism took place in the church of Saint Remy, at this village, the edifice being still in existence, and conveying testimonies of the veneration that the memory of Jeanne d'Arc has inspired throughout the surrounding country. On either side of the grand altar, are placed two angels supporting the armorial bearings

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