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Appletons' Montbly Bulletin.

Introduction to the Study of Philosophy.

By WILLIAN T. HARRIS, LL. D. Comprising Passages from his Writings, selected
and arranged with Commentary and Illustration, by MARIETTA Kies. 12mo.

Cloth, $1.50.
Exercises in Wood-Working.

COLLEGES. By Ivin SICKELS, V. S., M. D. 12mo. Cloth, $1.25.

Robert Browning's Principal Shorter Poems.

Appletons' Town and Country Library. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents (also in half cloth,

75 cents; cloth, gilt top, $1.00). Browning was so voluminous a writer that his complete works are practically inaccessible to many readers. The present collection includes everything by which he is best known, except the dramas and long poems.

Recent Economic Changes,


12mo. Third edition. Cloth, $2.00. "The book is the best contribution Mr. that is to be found in any country or lanWells has ever made to economical and statis- guage."'- New York Ecening Post. tical and social science, and one of the best Great Leaders:

HISTORIC PORTRAITS FROM THE GREAT HISTORIANS. Selected, with • Notes and Brief Biographical Sketches. By G. T. FERRIS. With sixteen engraved

Portraits. 12mo. 438 pages. Cloth, $1.75. The Historic Portraits of this work are eighty in number, drawn from the writings of Plutarch, Grote, Gibbon, Curtius, Mommsen, Froude, lume, Macaulay, Lecky, Green, Thiers, Taine, Prescott, Motley, and other historians. The subjects extend from Themistocles to Weilington. The Ice Age in North America,

AND ITS BEARINGS UPON THE ANTIQUITY OF MAN. By G. FREDERICK WRIGHT, D. D., LL. D., F. G. S. A., Professor in Oberlin Theological Seminary; As. sistant on the United States Geological Survey. With an Appendix on TIE PROBABLE CAUSE OF GLACIATION, by WARREN UPHAM, F. G. S. A., Assistant on the Geological Surveys of New Hampshire, Minnesota, and the United States.

With 147 Maps and Illustrations. One vol., 8vo. Cloth, $5.00. The numerous maps accompanying the text have been compiled from the latest data. The illustrations are more ample than have ever before been applied to the subject, being mostly reproductions of photographs taken by various members of the United States Geological Survey in the course of the past ten years, many of them by the author himself.

European Schools;

AND SWITZERLAND. By L. R. KLEMM, Ph. D., Principal of the Technical
School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Vol. XII of the International Education Series, edited by
William T. HARRIS, LL. D. Copiously illustrated. 12mo. Cloth, $2.00.

Christianity and Agnosticism.

A CONTROVERSY. Consisting of Papers by HENRY WACE, D. D., Prof. THOMAS

WARD. 12mo. Cloth, $1.00; paper, 50 cents.
The Garden's Story;


H. ELLWANGER. With Head and Tail Pieces by Rhead. 16mo. Cloth, extra, $1.50. "A fusion of many good qualities-senti- ture, animate and inanimate, and knowledge ment, literary tasto, reflectiveness, love of na- both practical and theoretical." -- Bost'n Adv'r.

The History of Ancient Civilization.

SOMMAIRE DE LA CIVILISATION.” Edited, with Additions, by the Rev. J.
VERSCHOYLE, M. A. With numerous Illustrations. Large 12mo. Cloth, $1.75.

NEW FICTION. The Craze of Christian Engelhart.

A ROMANCE. By HENRY FAULKNER DARNELL. Appletons' Town and Country

Library. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents (also in cloth, 75 cents). Lal.

By William A. HAMMOND, M. D. A new cheap edition. Appletons' Town and

Country Library. Paper, 50 cents. Djambek the Georgian.

A TALE OF MODERN TURKEY. From the German of Von Suttner, by H. M.

JEWETT. Appletons' Town and Country Library. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents. The translator of this romance, the Hon. H. M. Jewett, is the American consul at Sivas, Turkey. Mr. Jewett's long residence in Asia Minor enables him to testity as to the truth of the lite depicted. It is mainly a love-story, full of interest, with experiences and incidents comparatively new, The Dominant Seventh.

A MUSICAL STORY. By Kate ELIZABETH CLARK. 12mo. Half cloth, 50 cents. A novelette by a young author whose first effort is marked by a charm and grace that cominend the story to all readers of taste. Frozen Hearts.

A ROMANCE. By G. WEBB APPLETON. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents. A romantic and pictures que novel, the scene of which is laid in Paris at the time of the second revolution. Countess Irene.

& Romance of Austrian Life. By J. Fogerty. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents. “ This is a charming story, interesting and and manners are admirable." - Westminster mourementé, with some highly dramatic inci- keritu. dents. . . . The pictures of Viennese lite The Dean's Daughter.

By Sophie F. F. Veitch. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents. “Recalls to some extent the vanished hand of the author of Jane Eyre."'-Lond. Academy. Blind Love.

By Wilkie Collins. With a Preface by Walter Besant. 12mo. Paper, 50 cts. " A posthumous novel by Wilkie Collins— tions, sustained interest, and significant diacharacterized by graphic force, dramatic situa- logue.”—New York Tribune. The Awakening of Mary Fenwick.

A NOVEL. By BEATRICE Whitby. 12mo. Paper, 50 cents. " The best novel of the kind that we have scen for some years."- Atheneum. Julius Courtney; or, Master of his Fate.

By J. MACLAREN Cobban. Reprinted from Blackwood's Magazine. The Gainsbor

ough Series. 12mo. Paper, 25 cents, This remarkable novelette illustrates some new and startling phases of hypnotism. It has attracted much attention in course of its publication in Blackwood. Lily Lass.

By Justin McCarthy, The Gainsborough Series. 12mo. Paper, 25 cents.

D. APPLETON & Co., Publishers,

1, 3, & B Bond Street, New York,

Educational Announcements,

May, 1890.

The Spiritual Sense of Dante's “Divina


By William T. HARRIS, LL. D. Price, $1.00. TABLE OF CONTEVTS: SECTION 1. Introduction.-2. Dante turns from Politics to Literature.-3. In what sense Hell is Eternal.-4. Punishment of the Pusillanimous.-5. Why Infasts and Heathen Sages are in the Limbo.-6. The Punishments of the Incontinent.-7. The Relation of Sloth to Anger among the Mortal Sius.-8. What Form of Heresy is a Daughter of Sloth:49. The Punishment of the Violent. -10. The Daughters of Envy: Ten Species of Fraud.-11. The Circles of Treachery, the Daughter of Pride.-12. The Spiritual Sense of Purgatory.-13. The entrance to Purgatory.-14. Church and State.-15. The Purgatorial Stairs.---16. The First Terrace: Purification from Pride.-17. Second Terrace: Purification from Envy.-18. Third Terrace: Dante's Purification from Anger.-19. Fourth Terrace: Sloth and its Relation to the Other Mortal Sins.-20. Fifth Terrace: Purification from Avarice.-21. Sixth Terrace: Purgation of the Intemperate.-22. Seventh Terrace: Dante's Purification from Lust.—23 The Terrestrial Paradise. - 24. The Spiritual Sense of "Lethe.” -25. The Ascent to Paradise.-26. The Heaven of the Moon. 'The Ritualists.--27. The Hegrens of the Imperfect Wills.--28. The Pusillanimous, the Procrastinators, and the Formalists.-29. The Heaven of Mercury. The Ambition for Fame.-30. The Heaven of Venus.

is Limited to Special Persons.-31. The leaven of the Sun. Theology.--32. The Heaven of Mars. True Heroes.-33. The Heaven ot Jupiter. Just Rulers.-34. The Doctrine of Salvation.-35. The Heaven of Saturn. Faith, Hope, and Charity.-36. The Heaven of the Fixed Stars.-37. The Higbest Heaven, the Empyrean. The Rose of Paradise and the Vision of God. -38. The Angelic Knowing.-39. The Poetic Mythos. What it Embodies 1 40. The Sun Myth. Its Spiritual Significance as Physical Description of Mind.--41. llomer's Jythos of Hades.-42. Plato's Threefold Future Life Described in the - Phaedo." -43. Plato's Vythos of Er. The Purgatory.--44. Virgil's "Æneid." Descent of Eneas to (rcus.--45. Metem psychosis rerrus Eternal Punishment in Hell.-46. Dante's Mythos of the Formation of the Interno and the Purgatorial Mountain.-47. Dante's Mythos of the Roman Empire.-48. The Minotaur and the Labyrinth in the Light of this Mythos.-49. Minos as Judge in the Light of the same Mythos.-50, Other Mythologic Figures used by Dante.-51. The Mythos of Dante's " Purgatorio." _-52. The Mythos of Dunte's “Paradiso." Gnosticism and Neoplatonism.--53. This Mythos Developed in the “Celestial Hierarchies."'--54. The Heretical Tendency of this Mythos.—55. The Doctrine of the Trinity a Symbol of the highest Truth.

Practical Hints for the Teachers of

Public Schools.

By GEORGE HOWLAND, Superintendent of the Chicago Public Schools. 12mo, 198 pages. Price, $1.00. Vol. XIII, International Education Series, edited by William T. Harris, LL. D., United States Commissioner of Education.

The International Education Series designs to cover (1) the history of education, (2) critici-tos and reforms, (3) the theory or science of education, and (4) the art or practice of teaching. The present volume falls in the fourth division ; it treats ot' details of management.

The author bas chosen nine topics, which he discusses in this volume, and that he has selected these topics with eminent practical wisdom is evident from the following mention of their general bearings: ;

1. Moral training; 2, The character of the teacher; 3, The memory-how much or how little shall it be trained in school work; 4, Methods of inciting self-activity in the child of the primary school; 5, The ideal of scholarship ; 6, The demeanor of the teacher-a subject treated by the author with eminent sagacity ; 7, How the school develops character; 8, The class recitation; and, 9, The matter of supervision--the relation of the head teacher to his subordinates.

"It is a great work, grandly performed, by the one man who could do just this thing satisfactorily." --Journal of Education.

" A book that ought to be in the bands of every teacher in the land.”Philadelphia Times.


Numbers Universalized.

AN ADVANCED ALGEBRA. By David M. SENSENIG, M. S., Professor of Mathematics, State Normal School, West Chester, Pa. In two parts, both parts now ready.


Numbers Universalized is a coinplete algebra for advanced classes, embracing all the algebraic subjects usually taught in preparatory and scientitic schools and colleges. Part I includes integral quantities, algebraic tractions, simple equations, theory of exponents and radicals, equations of the second degree, intermediate


ies, ratio, theory of limits, proportion, variation, logarithms, progressions, interest, annuities, and permutations and combinations. Part II includes serial functions, complex numbers, theory of functions, theory of equations, and determinants and probabilities, with a supplementary discussion of continued fractions and the theory of numbers.

Numbers Universalized. Part I, Price, $1.40.
Numbers Universalized. Part II " 1.25.

A History of Egypt.

By F. C. H. WENDEL, A. M., Ph. D. Series of History Primers.
cloth, 159 pages. Five Maps. Price, 45 cents.

18mo, flexible

A brief history of ancient Egypt from the earliest times to the conquest of Alexander, based on the latest researches. In the chronology, the author has followed Edward Meyer's system of "approximate dates.” The maps have been most carefully prepared, to assist the reader in understanding the history of the great campaigns. The study of Egyptology is of great importance to the theologist, the historian, the student of civilization, and the art student; and the basis of a rational study of Egyptology is a thorough knowledge of Egyptian history. This brief work gives as complete a history as the limited space will allow.

Introduction to the Study of Philos


By William T. HARRIS, LL. D., United States Commissioner of Education. Com. prising passages from his writings, selected and arranged with commentary and illustration by MARIETTA KIES, Professor of Mental and Moral Science in Mount Holyoke Seminary. 12mo. Price, $1.50.

Philosophy as presented by Dr. Ilarris gives to the student an interpretation and explanation of the phases of existence which render even the ordinary affairs of life in accordance with reason; and for the higher or spiritual phases of life, his interpretations have the power of a great illumination, and many students are apparently awakened to an interest i ophy, not only as a subject to be taken as a prescribed study, but also as a subject of fruitful interest for future years, and as a key which unlocks many of the mysteries of other subjects pursued in a college course.

Elementary Lessons in Greek Syntax.


New edition, with full English-Greek Vocabulary. Price, 65 cents. A series of lessons on Attic Greek Syntax, designed to follow about one year's study of the etymology of the language. It comprises lessons on the last half of the Grammar, with exercises to be written in Greek, arranged with a view of making the pupil familiar with the fundamental principles of Greek Syntux.


A Class-Book of Chemistry.

Designed for the Use of Schools and Colleges, and for Popular Reading. By
EDWARD L. YOUMANS, M. D., author of the “ Hand-Book of Household Science," etc.
Third edition, revised and partly rewritten By WILLIAM J. Youmans, M. D.,
joint author of Huxley and Youmans's “ Elements of Physiology and Hygiene,"

and editor of “The Popular Science Monthly." Price, $1.40. Youmans's Chemistry is designed as a popular introduction to the study of that science. It presents the subject in such a manner as to win the attention and engage the interest of beginners.

Exercises in Wood-Working.


COLLEGES. By IvIN SICKELS, M. S., M.D. Price, $1.25. This book consists of two parts: The first, a treatise on Wood, including the growth, structure, properties, and kinds, cause of decay, destructive insects, and means of preserving wood.

The second part contains a description of tools, methods in drawing used to illustrate the exercises, and methods of sharpening tools. These are followed by thirty-nine PROGRESSIVE EXERCISES, arranged as follows: 1, Practice with the ordinary Wood-Working Tools ; 2, Construction of Simple Joints; 3, Construction of Complex Objects; 4, Elements of House-Carpentry ; 5, Directions for Finishing Work.

The exercises are illustrated by full-page plates, and are accompanied by numerous applications. Directions for each exercise are printed on the page opposite its diagrams, and particular attention has been paid to marking or laying out the work preparatory to cutting.

+ Dr. Sickels has produced a dignified work. Its very simplicity and directness give evidence of his thorough mastery of the subject."--General ALEXANDER WEBB, LL.D., President of the College of the City of New York.

The Development of Old English


By Brother Azarias, of the Brothers of Christian Science. Third edition. Revised.

12mo, 216 pages. Price, $1.25. The growth and development of Old English Thought as expressed in Old English Literature is traced from the first dawnings of history down to the Norinan Conquest. The author has sought in the manners and customs, the religion, law, government, and international relations of the Old English people, the sources whence the literature of the people derives its tone and coloring. For this purpose the author has laid every available source of information under contribution: dry land-grants, antiquated law-codes, the decrees of councils, the lives of saints-legend and history, the rescarches of scholar, critic, and antiquarian, have all of them been directly or indirectly brought to bear upon the subject, and have been made use of to throw light upon the purely literary document.

The work is intended for class use, and the author has, therefore, presented only an outline of his subject. He leaves it to the teacher to fill in whatever details are lacking.

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