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December, 1917. 21 SERBIA. Serbian War Mission arrived in Washington. Dr. Mil

enko Vesnitch is chief of the mission. Personnel of the mission:

Official Bulletin, Dec. 21, 1917. 21 ARGENTINE REPUBLIC — GERMANY - SWEDEN. The Secretary of

State of the United States made public further telegrams from
Count Luxburg, German Minister to Argentine Republic, to

his government. Official Bulletin, Dec. 21, 1917. 27 CHILE UNITED STATES. Parcel Post Convention with Chile

terminated by mutual agreement. Official Bulletin, Dec. 27, 1917.





European War, 1914-1917. Naval and military dispatches relating to operations in the war. Part VI, May-December, 1916. 1s. 3 d.

Prisoners and natives in German East Africa, British, Treatment of, by the Germans. Reports on the. (Miscellaneous No. 13, 1917.) 5d.

Prisoners of war, combatant and civilian. Agreement between the British and German Governments concerning. (Miscellaneous, No. 12, 1917.) 2 d.

Sierra Leone-Liberia. Agreement between the United Kingdom and Liberia respecting the boundary between, from the River Makona, or Moa, to the River Magowi. London, June 19–26, 1917. (Treaty Series, 1917, No. 9.) (With map.) 10d.

Switzerland, Order of Council amending Proclamation of March 13, 1917, prohibiting the exportation of certain articles to. Aug. 10, 1917. (St. R. & 0. 1917, No. 811.) 11d. Trading with the enemy.

Consolidated statutory list of persons and firms in countries other than enemy countries, with whom persons and firms in the United Kingdom are prohibited from trading. With notes to British merchants engaged in foreign trade. Complete to Aug. 17, 1917. Prefaced by the proclamation, May 23, 1916, prohibiting trading with certain persons, or bodies of persons, of enemy nationality or enemy association. (No. 33a.) 74d.



Alien enemies. Directions to United States marshals and attorneys for enforcement of President's proclamation of April 6, 1917. 3 pp. Justice Dept.

i Official publications of Great Britain may be purchased of Wyman & Sons, Fetter Lane, E. C., London, England.

? When prices are given, the document in question may be obtained for the amount noted from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C.


Citizenship. Act defining status of citizens of United States who have entered military or naval services of certain countries during existing war in Europe. Approved, Oct. 5, 1917. 1 p. (Public 55.) Paper, 5c.

Coasting trade. Act giving United States Shipping Board power to suspend present provisions of law and permit vessels of foreign registry and foreign-built vessels admitted to American registry to engage in coastwise trade during present war and for a period of 120 days thereafter, except coastwise trade with Alaska. Approved, Oct. 6, 1917. 1 p. (Public 73.) 5c.

Hearings on H. R. 5609, Sept. 6–18, 1917. 2 pts. 123 pp. Merchant Marine and Fisheries Committee.

Conscription. Drafting subjects of allied countries, Report to accompany H. J. Res. 115 requesting Secretary of State to open negotiations with view to. Aug. 1, 1917. 15 pp. Foreign Affairs Committee. (H. rp. 115.)

Report to accompany S. Res. 108 looking to enlistment of certain alien residents. 10 pp. July 30, 1917. Foreign Relations Committee. (S. rp. 93.)

Report to accompany S. J. Res. 84 to draft certain aliens into military service of United States. July 30, 1917. 5 pp. (S. rp. 94.) Military Affairs Committee.

Hearings on H. J. Res. 84. Sept. 26, 1917. 43 pp. Military Affairs Committee.

Constitutional sources of laws of war. Article by H. L. B. Atkisson. 1917. 36 pp. (S. doc. 86.) Senate.

Democracy. American interest in popular government abroad. By Evarts B. Greene. Sept., 1917. 16 pp. Public Information Committee. (War Information Series 8.)

Deportation of certain aliens. Report to accompany H. R. 5667, Aug. 4, 1917. 2 pp. (H. rp. 127.) Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Foreign relations of United States, List of publications for sale by Superintendent of Documents. Sept., 1917. 40 pp. (Price list 65, 3d.) Government Printing Office.

German corruption fund, Alleged. Hearings on H. resolutions 148, 149, and 151. 19 pp. Rules Committee.

German foreign-trade organization, with supplementary statistical material and extracts from official reports on German methods. By

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Chauncey Depew Snow. 1917. 182 pp. Foreign and Domestic Commerce Bureau. (Miscellaneous Series 57.) Paper, 20c.

Germany, Causes of the war with. Address of W. G. McAdoo, Sept. 28, 1917. 16 pp. (S. doc. 112.) Senate.

Germany, Government of. By Charles D. Hazen. August, 1917. 16 pp. Public Information Committee. (War Information Series 3.)

What our enemy really is. Aug. 27, 1917. 7 pp. FourMinute Men Division (Pub. Information Com.). (Bulletin 14.)

Great War, 1914- List of public laws and resolutions enacted in first session of War Congress (65th Congress). Compiled by W. Ray Loomis. 4 pp. House of Representatives.

Status of legislation given numerically and by subjects, 65th Congress, 1st session. Compiled by W. Ray Loomis. Oct. 10, 1917. 45 pp. House of Representatives.

Reply of United States to communication of the Pope to belligerent governments. 3 pp. State Dept.

The nation in arms. Why we are fighting Germany, By Franklin K. Lane; War measures and purposes, by Newton D. Baker. Public Information Committee. (War Information Series 2.)

War message and facts behind it, annotated text of President Wilson's message of April 2, 1917. 28 pp. Public Information Committee. (War Information Series 1.)

International Joint Commission on Boundary Waters between United States and Canada. Supplemental argument in matter of measurement and apportionment of waters of St. Mary and Milk Rivers and their tributaries in United States and Canada under Article 6 of treaty of Jan. 11, 1909, between United States and Great Britain, Detroit, Mich., May 15–17, 1917. 199 pp. Paper, 15c. State Dept.

International Parliamentary Conference of Commerce. Letter in reference to, to be held in Paris, France, Oct. 11-14, 1917. 2 pp. (H. doc. 377.) State Dept.

International relations. Our national and international responsibilities. Address delivered before Michigan State Bar Association,' at Grand Rapids, Mich., June 29, 1917, by Atlee Pomerene. 16 pp. S. doc. 66.) Senate.

Japanese mission to United States to study political, social, and economic conditions. Dispatch from American Embassy at Tokyo reporting upon. 3 pp. (H. doc. 378.) State Dept.


Liberty Loan of 1917, Second. A source book. 56 pp. il. Treasury Dept. (Publicity Bureau.)

Naturalization. Report to accompany S. 2854 to amend naturalization laws. Sept. 26, 1917. 6 pp. (S. rp. 136.)

Neutrality proclamations and regulations, with notes, compiled by George Grafton Wilson. 1917. 153 pp. Naval War College. Cloth, 30c.

Panama Canal. Executive order establishing defensive sea areas for terminal ports, and providing regulations for government of persons and vessels within said areas. Aug. 27, 1917. 2 pp. (No. 2692.) State Dept.

Repatriation of former American citizens serving in armed forces of foreign states engaged in war with country with which United States is at war. Hearings on H. R. 3647. May 24-June 29, 1917. 87 pp. Immigration and Naturalization Committee.

Report to accompany S. 2623. Sept. 25, 1917. 1 p. (H. rp. 165.) Military Affairs Committee.

Shipping Act. Act to establish Shipping Board for purpose of encouraging, developing, and creating naval auxiliary and naval reserve and merchant marine to meet requirements of commerce of United States with its territories and possessions and with foreign countries, and to regulate carriers by water engaged in foreign and interstate commerce of United States. Approved Sept. 7, 1916. 37 pp. Shipping Board.

Ships. Suggested regulations for protection of ships imperiled by mines or submarines, issued for guidance of owners and masters. 1917. 13 pp. Shipping Board.

Trading with the enemy. Article upon measures adopted by Germany in retaliation for those promulgated by other nations. By Theo. H. Thiesing. 1917.7 pp. (S. doc. 107.)

Executive order vesting power and authority in designated officers and making rules and regulations under Trading with the Enemy Act and Title 7 of the Espionage Act. Oct. 12, 1917. 5 pp. State Dept.

Trading with the Enemy Act. Approved, Oct. 6, 1917. (Public 91.) 5c.

Hearings, July 31-Aug. 13, 1917. 2 pts. 236 pp. Commerce Committee.

Report to accompany H. R. 4960. Aug. 15, 1917. 26 pp.

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