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before leaving the United States. Official Bulletin, March 1,

1918. 16 BELGIUM — GERMANY. A joint protest was addressed to Chan

cellor von Hertling by the deputies and senators present in

occupied Belgium. Text: Official Bulletin, March 27, 1918. 21 Interallied Labor Conference held in London. It accepted war

aims program of British Labor announced Dec. 21, 1917.

Current History, 8 (pt.): 32. 27 SCAN DINAVIA.

Scandinavian conferences for exchange of goods held at Christiania. Summary of agreements: Official Bulletin,

May 4, 1918. 28 ARGENTINE REPUBLIC — UNITED STATES. Exchange of notes on

the one hundredth anniversary of the beginning of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Texts: Official Bulletin,

April 26, 1918. March, 1918. 1 ALSACE — LORRAINE. Protest of February 17, 1871, read in all

schools and churches in France. London Times, March 1, 1918. . 3 GERMANY — Russia. Revised text of treaty. London Times,

March 5–6, 1918. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 54. 7 SPAIN - UNITED STATES. Ratifications exchanged of agreement

under which supplies may be sent to Pershing's forces. Sum

mary of text: Official Bulletin, March 9-18. 7 FINLAND — GERMANY. Announced that a trade and shipping

agreement had been concluded at the same time as the peace

treaty. Text: Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 445. 9 (22) RUSSIA — ROUMANIA. Treaty concluded regarding the occupa

tion of Bessarabia by Russian troops, etc., and establishing international commissions at Odessa, Kieff, Moscow, Petrograd, Jassy and Galatz for the settlement of disputes, the missions to be composed of Russian, Roumanian, British, French and

American representatives. Text: London Times, April 2, 1918. 9-18 PERSIA. Announcement of personnel of new cabinet. Official

Bulletin, March 9, 1918. 11 RUSSIA — FINLAND. Treaty announced as having been concluded

providing for evacuation of Finland, etc. London Times,

March 12, 1918. 11 RUSSIA - UNITED STATES. President sent message to Soviet

Congress at Moscow. Text: Official Bulletin, March 12, 1918.

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12 NETHERLANDS — UNITED STATES. Report of Netherland Govern

ment to Parliament of negotiations with the United States and Allies for a trade and shipping agreement. Declaration of Netherlands and reply of the United States. Texts: Official

Bulletin, March 16, 30, 1918. 17 CENTRAL AMERICAN COURT ceased to exist under the terms of the

treaty creating it. London Times, March 17, 1918. 21 GERMANY - ROUMANIA. Germany increased her demands on

Roumania, calling for surrender of all munitions. Austria demanded surrender of all territory west of a line extending from a point east of Red Tower to a point on the Danube near Ghilramar, and also a strip of country eighty miles long and ten miles wide in the region of Predeal. On March 23 armistice was further extended by Germany, owing to the delay in forming cabinet. On March 29 Germany demanded that the Roumanian oil-wells be turned over to a German-controlled

corporation. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 234. 21-29 Russia. The Transcaucasian Constituent Assembly, in session

at Tiflis, refused to ratify peace treaty with Germany, and urged immediate war. On March 29 the Diet approved the basis of a separate peace agreement with Turkey, including autonomy for Armenia and the restoration of old frontiers.

Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 233. 22 BELGIUM — GERMANY. Agreement reached for the exchange of

civil prisoners. Current History, 8 (pt. 2): 97. 22 Mexico. Decree promulgated concerning the exportation of gold

and silver, modifying the decree of September 27, 1917. Official

Bulletin, March 30, 1918. 22 DENMARK — GERMANY. Third quarterly agreement commercial

concluded. London Times, March 23, 1918. 26 CHINA. Announced that Tuan Chi-Jui had been made premier.

Official Bulletin, March 27, 1918. 26 ROUMANIA — CENTRAL POWERS. Peace treaty initialed. London

Times, March 27, 1918. 29 FINLAND - GERMANY. Finland protested against the arrest of

Major Henry Crosby Emery, representative of the Guaranty
Trust Company, and his detention on the Aland Islands. Current

History, 8 (pt. 1): 234. 30 NETHERLANDS - UNITED STATES. Declaration of the Netherland

Government as to seizure of Dutch ships by the United States, with reply of the United States. Official Bulletin, April 13,

1918. 31 SERBIA. Serbia's war aims proclaimed by Premier Pashitch in

declaration to the Skupshtna in meeting at Corfu. Official Bulletin, May 14, 1918.

April, 1918. 2 GERMANY — RUSSIA. Ultimatum to the Soviet Government

demanding cessation of sending troops to Finland. London

Times, April 2, 1918. 2-26 FRANCE — GERMANY. Conference of delegates met at Berne

and reached agreement for the exchange of prisoners. The total number of prisoners affected reaches 300,000. Summary:

Current History, 8 (pt. 2): 95. 2 RUSSIA - GERMANY - TURKEY. German and Turkish Ambassa

dors present their credentials to the Russian Federal Soviet

Republic. Text: Official Bulletin, May 4, 1918. 3 FINLAND — GERMANY. German troops landed in Finland. Lon

don Times, April 4, 1918. 3 FINLAND. British and French troops reported March 31 to be

coöperating with the Bolshevist troops in the defense of the Kola and Mourmanisk against the Finnish White Guards. German troops landed in Finland April 3; Russian fleet escaped from Helsingfors on April 7. On April 8 Germany sent ultimatum demanding removal or disarmament of all Russian warships in Finnish waters by April 12, and on April 11 a German squadron with several transports arrived at Lovisa. Helsingfors was occupied by the Germans on April 15. Current History, 8 (pt. 1):

234; New York Times, April 4, 1918. 3 UNITED STATES GREAT BRITAIN. Agreement relative to ex

tension to Australia, Papua and Norfolk Island, of the copyright of literary and artistic property. Official Bulletin, April 13,

1918. 5 GERMANY — RUSSIA. Russia protested against the invasion of

Kursk province by German and Ukrainian troops. Current

History, 8 (pt. 1): 234. 5 JAPAN — RUSSIA. Japanese and British marines landed at Vladi

vostok following the killing of a Japanese and the wounding of

two others by Russian armed soldiers. The Siberian Council of Soldiers' and Workmen's Delegates protested to the consular corps, but the Japanese representative at Vologda explained that the landing was only a local incident and that Admiral Kato

had acted on his own initiative. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 233. 8-10 CONGRESS OF OPPRESSED RACES OF AUSTRIA-HUNGARY HELD IN

ROME. On May 31 the Secretary of State announced that the proceedings of the Congress had been followed with great interest by the Government of the United States, and that the nationalistic aspirations of the Czecho-Slovaks and Jugo-Slavs for freedom have the earnest sympathy of the United States Government. Text of resolutions adopted: Official Bulletin, May 31, 1918. The Italian Government presented the national standard to the Czech-Slovak battalion now mobilized under the Italian

General Graziani. Official Bulletin, May 28, 1918. 9 BESSARABIA. The National Assembly of Bessarabia voted by 86

against 3 for union with Roumania, from which it was separated in 1812. The Roumanian Premier was then at Kishenev and took cognizance of the vote, declaring the union to be definitive and indissoluble. On April 12 the Bessarabian delegates went to Jassy to present homage to the King and Queen of Roumania.

Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 535. 11 FRANCE - AUSTRIA. French Government issued a statement

relative to the letter written by the Emperor Charles of Austria to Prince Sixtus of Bourbon, brother of the Empress Zita of Austria, instructing him to convey to the President of France the assurance that Austria would support France's just claims, the reëstablishment of Serbia and Belgium, etc. Text of letter:

London Times, April 13-18. 11 GERMANY -- SPAIN. As a result of the commercial agreement

between Spain and the United States, German submarines

began a blockade of Spanish ports. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 231. 11 GERMANY - URUGUAY. Because a German submarine captured

an Uruguayan military commission bound for France, the Uruguayan Government asked Germany whether Germany considered a state of war to exist with Uruguay. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 230. On May 16 Germany replied that the German Government did not consider a state of war to exist. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 429.

13 ARMENIA AND GEORGIA. Refused to recognize the cession of

territory under the Brest-Litovsk Treaty, and fighting broke out in Batum, Kars and Ardahan, as the Turks began military

occupation. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 233. 15 AUSTRIA. Count Czernin, Minister for Foreign Affairs, resigned.

London Times, April 16, 1918. 18 RUSSIA — UNITED STATES. Statement issued by the American

Ambassador to Russia to the effect that the landing of Japanese and British marines at Vladivostok was a mere police precaution and had no political significance. It was further denied that any American marines had been landed. Official Bulletin, April

18, 1918. 18 RUSSIA — GERMANY. The Russian Soviet Government protested

against cruelties inflicted by German troops on civilians in invaded territory. Texts of protest with German reply: Official

Bulletin, April 25, 1918. 20 JAPAN - RUSSIA. Japan ordered reinforcements sent to Vladi

vostok, as the Bolshevist Government had ordered all munitions westward. On same day diplomatic representatives of the Allied Powers were formally informed by the Siberian Provincial Duma of the formation, by the representatives of the Zemstvos and other public organizations, of the Government of Autonomous Siberia. The Bolshevist Government requested the recall of French, English, and American consuls at Vladivostok and the investigation of negotiations said to have been conducted between their Peking Embassies and the Siberian Autonomous Government. Japan was also asked to explain participation of officials in counter-revolutionary movement. Official demand for the removal of American consul received May 6, from Ambassador Francis. The Department refused to remove Mr. Caldwell, not deeming that he had done anything wrong. Reported that Japanese Vice-Consul and president of Japanese Association at

Irkutsk arrested May 6. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 428. 22 GUATEMALA. Guatemalan Assembly declared that country to be

in the same position as the United States in the war, and on April 27 the Guatemalan Minister at Washington announced that the declaration was meant as a declaration of war against

Germany and her allies. Current History, 8 (pt. 1): 429. 23 JAPAN. Viscount Motono, Minister for Foreign Affairs, succeeded

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