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Had one fair daughter, and none other child ;

And she was fairest of all flesh on earth,

Guinevere, and in her his one delight.

For many a petty king ere Arthur camo

Ruled in this isle, and ever waging war

Each upon other, wasted all the land;

And still from time to time the heathen hos".

Swarm'd overseas, and harried what was left.

And so there grew great tracts of wilderness,

Whorcin the benst was over moro and moro,

But man was less and less, till Arthur camo.

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And thro' tho puissanco of his Tablo Round,

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Drow all their potty princedoms under him,

Their king and head, and made a realm, and


And thus tho land of Camoliard was waste,

Thick with wot woods, and many a beast therein,

And nono or fow to scaro or chaso the bonst;

So that wild dog, and wolf and boar and bear

Camo night and day, and rootod in the fields,

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