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SE R M O N 1. and II.

On original Sin.
Gen, ii. 27. For in the Day thou eates thereof, thou shalt

surely die.

On the Sacrifice of Christ. 1 Pet. ii. 24•

Who his own self bare our fins, in his own body on the tree.


On imputed Righteousness. Isaiah xlv. 24. Surely shall one say in the Lord have I righ

teousness and strength.


On the Saint's Perseverance: Rom, v. 10. If when we were enemies, we were reconciled

to God by the death of his fon; much more be

ing reconciled, we shall be saved by his life. SERMON VIII. and IX.

On precious Faith. 2 Pet. i. 1. Simon Peter, a servant and an apostle of Jesus

Christ, to them i hat have obtained like precious faith with us, through the righteousness of God, and our Saviour Jesus Christ.


An Invitation to Sinners.
Rev, xxii. 7. Whosoever will, let him take of the water of

life freely.


The weak Believer comforted.
Gen. xxv. 22. If it be so, why am I thus?


The young Ruler.
Matt. xix. 20. What lack I yet?


On the Imputation of Sin, and of


CH A P. 1. I On imputation, as used and accepted in the scriptures. 2 The different expressions of imputation in fcripture fy

nonymous. 3 Imputation what, int respect to the matter of it, and the

persons concerned. 4 The common objections against imputation, noted.

CHAP II. I of the image of God, in which Adam was created. 2 What the image of God, in which Adam was created did

not confift. 3 What the divine image Adam partook was not, further

explained. 4 What that image was, with his fall from that state of

rectitude. 5 The rectitude of Adam in his primitive state insisted on

against Socinus and his followers. 6 In what the divine image more especially consisted, with

some reflections. 7 The wonderful condescension of God, in entering into a 20 İmputation of Adam's fin proved from Paul the apostia 21 No injustice in this act of imputing fin. 22 What fins may be imputed, and why. 23 Original fin, wherein it consilts, inherent or imputed,

covenant with man. 8 The covenant made with Adam proved and manifested. 9 Not prudent to be too iniquisitive what Adam's happiness

was before his fall, &c. 10 The state of the true believer, preferable to Adam's, in

what respects. II By what lin Adam fell, and the depth of misery he fell

into. 12 Adam by his fall became obnoxious to the curse threa

tened. 13 That Adam involved all his posterity in misery by his.

fall. 14 Original fin, what it is, and how we are effected with it. 15 That we are all tainted with the defilement of Ada in's

fin, from various scriptures. 16 That all the posterity of Adam is imputed guilty, 17 How the sin of Adam is imputed and why. 18 The certainty of such covenant being made with Adam, 19 Imputation of Adam's sin proved from the sufferings of his descendants,

20 lm


or both. 24 Some uses to be made of the foregoing doctrine,

CH A P. III. 1 Why sinners are so backward in coming to Chrit. 2 The scripture plan of salvation most confiftent. 3 on what the imputation of our sins to Chrift depends. 4 That Christ's sufferings were vicarious. 5 The legal facrifices fhadowed forth Christ. 6 Christ must needs have been preached to the Jews in their

facrifices. 7 The prophets and apostles spake the same things con

cerning Chrilt. 8 The great love of God in providing such a Saviour for


APPLICATION of the preceding DOCTRINE,

C H A P. IV. I'An illustration of our natural state, and deliverance by,

Christ. 2 The subject of the present chapter what. 3 That believers are the purchase of Christ's blood, and

obtain heaven through his active and paflive obedience. 4 Juftification by faith, a scripture doctrine. 5 The necessity of a righteouineis, in order to acceptance

with God. 6 Faith our righteousness, absurd, and uncomfortable. 7 Justification, by the righteousness of Christ, the apostolio

doctrine. 8 Justification by the righteousnefs, of Christ, molt con"

fiftent. 9 The contrast between the first and second Adam diligent

ly considered. 10 Imputation of Christ's righteousness necessary, as the

representative of his people. II Imputation of the righteousness of Christ, a scripture

doctrine. 12 An objection to the above doctrine obviated. 13 An address to the reader to consider the believer's pri

vileges in Christ. 14 The fupereminent excellency of the righteousness of

Christ, as the believers garment. 15 Reflections on the whole.



GENESIS ii. 17. For in the day that thou eatest thereof,

thou shalt surely die. HE doctrine of original fin, (as it is commonly called,) is generally, either

believed and received, or discredited and tejected; aš men attend to the oracles of God, in order to form their ideas of the truth of things thereby; or receive their instructions in the schools of the heathen, and model their sentiments by the maxims of philosophy. In the former case, we are presented with a plain, simple, and natural account of the state of men and things; what was the cause that first brought on the disorder, fo clearly perceptible, and almost universally complained of, and what is its cure. In the latter, this plain and easy account of things, muft either be perverted, and cruelly tortured, to make it speak fomething consonant to our pre-conceived А


notions, as taught us without regard to revelation, and in which revelation is of no manner of use; or the whole must be rejected as a cunning devised fable ; imposed upon the ignorant, by the subtilty and craft of designing men; but unworthy of credence amongst those who will be at liberty to think for themielves, and resolve to take reason as superior to revelation, for their guide.

It is further observable, for the most part ; those who stumble at the sin of Adam being imputed to, or any ways affecting his posterity, are very unfound in most other doctrines of the gora pel; this being the port from which a man fets Sail in scripture sentiments, and a wrong line of direction, leads gradually further and further from the point of truth. Hence some while they seem to compliment the Lord Jesus as a creature of the highest dignity, with high encomiums of worth and excellency ; yet withold from him the glory due to his name, as the adorable creator; nor honour the co-equal Son as they pretendedly honour the Father. Others, so mingle refined reason with pure revelation, that while they seem to allow the atonement made by the Son of God, and preach salvation through his blood ; yet have their ideas so confused, and the scheme of their doctrines so perplexed, that they attend not to the scripture contrast between the first, and the second Adam; and while they seem to speak of Adam's sin unto condemnation, yet deny the imputation of Christ's righteousness unto justification.

It is highly probable, was this particular doctrine more carefully attended to, more clearly opened, more explicitly treated, and more warmly infifted upon by the preachers of the word; we should

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