Annual Report of the Board of Regents of the Smithsonian Institution, Volumen16

Vols. for 1847-1963/64 include the Institution's Report of the Secretary, also published separately.

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Página 463 - That the tables in the schedule hereto annexed shall be recognized in the construction of contracts and in all legal proceedings as establishing in- terms of the weights and measures now in use in the United States: the equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the metric system...
Página 10 - The emphasis upon publications as a means of diffusing knowledge was expressed by the first Secretary of the Smithsonian Institution. In his formal plan for the Institution, Joseph Henry articulated a program that included the following statement: "It is proposed to publish a series of reports, giving an account of the new discoveries in science, and of the changes made from year to year in all branches of knowledge not strictly professional.
Página 9 - ... of literary and scientific societies, and copies to be given to all the colleges, and principal libraries, in this country. One part of the remaining copies may be offered for sale ; and the other carefully preserved, to form complete sets of the work, to supply the demand from new institutions.
Página 123 - The Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to receive into the Treasury, on the same terms as the original bequest of James Smithson, such sums as the regents may, from time to time, see fit to deposit, not exceeding, with the original bequest, the sum of one million dollars.
Página 463 - Act, it shall be lawful throughout the United States of America to employ the Weights and Measures of the Metric System...
Página 9 - Each memoir presented to the Institution to be submitted for examination to a commission of persons of reputation for learning in the branch to which the memoir pertains, and to be accepted for publication only in case the report of this commission is favorable.
Página 464 - July 28, 1866. (Order approved by the Secretary of the Treasury, April 5, 1893.) FOREIGN POSTAL RATES BASED ON METRIC WEIGHTS The postmaster General shall furnish to the post offices exchanging mails with foreign countries, and to such other offices as he may deem expedient, postal balances denominated in grams of the metric system, fifteen grams of which shall be the equivalent, for postal purposes, of one-half ounce avoirdupois, and so on in progression.
Página 8 - The organization should also be such as can be adopted provisionally, can be easily reduced to practice, receive modifications, or be abandoned, in whole or in part, without a sacrifice of the funds.
Página 464 - It is intended to be, and is very nearly, one ten-millionth part of the distance from the equator to the pole, measured on the earth's surface.
Página 8 - To increase knowledge : It is proposed — 1. To stimulate men of talent to make original researches by offering suitable rewards for memoirs containing new truths; and, 2. To appropriate annually a portion of the income for particular researches, under the direction of suitable persons.

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