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13th Sept. 1817.]

Military and Naval Intelligence.




August. She landed 200,000 dollars at the Havannah ; 500,000 South-American Adventurers.-Under this head, a ministerial at New York; and has brought 1,100,000 to England, consigned evening paper gives the following information :-" The opinion of to British merchants; the whole was taken on board at Port Royal. his Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief, on certain recent A letter from Captain Schaumann, of the Russian ship Industry, applications for leave of absence by several British officers, has | dated Lisbon, on the 17th August, coutains the following interest. given rise to a very great misconception on the part of a number ing details of the capture and re-capture of his vessel : of officers on In the instances to which we allude, leave “The Algerine pirate brig of 22 guns had hoisted the English of absence for a considerable time from the country was requested ; || Aag; he summoned the captain, in good English, on the 3d of July, the answer to which, as we understand, was, that a leave of ab at noon, near Cape Finisterre, to come on board. The latter, not sence for three years would be given to any officer on half-pay, but thinking it could be an Algerine cruiser, proceeded in his boat to. only to the continent of Europe, the West Indies, or North Ame wards her ; and it was only when he came very near that he saw rica. The silence which was observed in this answer with regard the crew lying dat on the deck, all which he thought very strange. to South America (none having directly solicited for leave to go Having got on board, he exhibited his papers; but he was told thither), was the cause of the general mistake-that his Royal they were of no use unless he had a Turkish passport. His venel Highness had not directly prohibited any officers from going thither and cargo were declared a fair prize; and 11 men, armed with and joining the independent standard. This mistake is now recti. muskets, pistols, and sabres, took possession of the ship, while five fied. An officer, a captain of engineers, made application a short of her crew, including the pilot, two Russians, and the adopted son time back, at the office of the Commander-in-Chief, for leave to of the captain, were carried on board the pirate vessel. These perjoin the South American army for a limited time. The answer sons are now in slavery. As soon as the pirates had taken the contained what we hope will set this question with respect to our vessel and shut up the captain and remainder of the crew in the officers at rest—not only a direct refusal, but also an expression of forehold, the hatch of which was guarded by one of them, with a his Royal Highness the Commander-in-Chief's extreme surprise naked sabre, they steered for Algiers, and passed Oporto on the and displeasure, that any British officer should have made such a 4th of July. In the mean time, Captain Schaumann engaged his proposal ; and an intimation that, should such a request be re people to undertake, at the hazard of their lives, the recovery of peated, the individual would do it at his own peril." A South their vessel, They accordingly forced their way up the hatch way American general in London, however, who acts as agent for on the 5th, and attacked the Turkish crew with the greatest intrethe Patriots, and who has ample means at his disposal, supplies | pidity. After a battle, which lasted an hour, they succeeded in our countrymen with sums of money, and with a comfortable con killing the whole 11, and threw their bodies into the sea. In this veyance outwards. The demand for arms at Birmingham and unequal contest Captain Schaumann was severely wounded on the elsewhere is remarkably brisk, and is ascribed exclusively to orders head, in the back, and in the hand. His five sailors came off tolefrom the western hemisphere. One individual is said to have fur- ||.rably well. Scarcely had they congratulated each other on their nished a large supply of muskets at prime cost. A Scotch surgeon victory, when another corsair hove in sight, but happily they of some eminence has been engaged by a nobleman, who is on in- escaped this new danger, and entered the harbour of Lisbon in timate terms with M.Gregor, to proceed to join him on the coast safety on the 7th." of Florida ; where, if Sir Gregor once gets footing, it is supposed A court-martial was held on Saturday se'ennight at Portsmouth, that some thousands of his countrymen, resident within the pro on board the Queen Charlotte, to try Captain Murray Maxwell, vince, will be in readiness to support his standard. Lord Coch. and the officers and crew of his Majesty's late frigate Alceste, for rane, we are told, is still in England: but on the point of sailing || the loss of that ship in the Straits of Gaspar, on the 18th of Febfor South America, where a ship of 500 tons, now in the river, ruary last, when returning from China, with Lord Amherst and and cleared out under the character of an ordinary West Indiaman, suite on board. The sentence of the court was a full and entire will be placed at his Lordship's command.

acquittal of Captain Maxwell, his officers, and crew. A good look. Last week a part of the 1st Dragoons left Ipswich for Hamil. out had been kept up when the accident happened ; and, but for ton, in Scotland. They were replaced on the same day by a troop the circumstance that the sea was, at the moment of her striking, of the 5th Dragoon Guards.

covered with fish-spawn, the rock would doubtless have been seen. A packet and transport, with part of the 32d regiment on The ship had no more sail than enabled her to withstand an unboard, commanded by Lieut.-Col. Maitland, arrived at Gibraltar favourably strong current; and the very track she was pursuing on the 16th July, after a passage of 24 days from Portsmouth. was laid down for the ship, by Lieut. Ross of the Bombay marine,

The Hydra store-ship, Captain Roberts, has taken the 15th regi who had been ten years surveying the Chinese seas. At the mo. ment from the Leeward Islands to Halifax; the 2d battalion 60th ment of their deliverance from the wreck they were surrounded by regiment is likewise to be removed thence, by her, to Canada, The sixty-two prows, manned with 600 malays. Their whole stock of 1041h regiment is to be reduced in Canada, being formed of natives | ammunition consisted of only 72 ball cartridges, and a few carronof the British colonies. The 19th regiment of light dragoons are ade cartridges, which were drawn from the quarter-deck guns on ordered home from Canada.

leaving the ship; from these the gunner made up sixteen hundred Government have rejected an application from the Gentlemen of rounds, and bails were made from the marines' buttons, and what. Lloyd's to interfere on behalf of those underwriters who have ever other lead or pewter could be cut from off the wreck. A few suffered from the capture of Spanish and Portuguese vessels by || boarding pikes were saved; the rest of the men were armed with privateers in the West Indian seas.

dirks stuck on slicks, and sticks with the points tempered by fire. There are, it is said, about twenty of these insurgent privateers An abattis of wood-work was formed by the carpenter, and a dia. now cruizing in the Gulph of Mexico and along the coast of Cuba. gonal trench cut from the hill on which they fixed their abode, to A prize to one of the privateers was lately lost on Passcaralos, and the only landing place, which enabled them to bld defiance to the nine out of a prize-crew of thirteen, on reaching the shore, were ferocious savages who surrounded them, and who several times at. murdered by the Indians.

tempted to cut off their boats. The Nymph, Hutchinson, from Dundee to Charleston, was Fisheries. The following may be stated to be the result of the plundered on the 16th ult. in lat. 35. 49. long. 66. by two cruisers. || fishing this season :- About 150 vessels were engaged ; of these

Commodore Sir James Lucas Yeo arrived on Saturday 30th Au- | five were lost, and the remainder have from 750 to 800 fish, which, gust, at Portsmouth, in the Inconstant frigate, from the command at a moderate computation, may yield 11,000 tuns of oil. Last sea. on the coast of Africa ; and on anchoring, saluted Sir Edward son the quantity was 12,500 tuns. A great advance has conseThornborough's Aag, which was returned by the Queen Charlotte. quently taken place in the prices : Greenland oil (chiefly if not en. The Inconstant left Cape Coast, Ist of May; Barbadoes, June; tirely from speculation) has advanced rapidly from £ 27 to £.45 Jamaica, 21st July; Havannah, 29th July; and New York 10th per tun. Last year the prices began at about £.28.


: Public Intelligence.

[13th Sept. 1817 The Scotscraig salmon fishings, on the Tay, were lately let by deed! Now, had it suited my policy to send an ambassador to the public sale at £.1105 sterling per annum-to be fisbed by net and Emperor of China, I should have instructed him to kiss his great coble. This rent, though regarded as very considerable, is but toe; and if that would not do, he might, if required, have saluted about one half of what the same fishings formerly brought when any other part, provided my, object could be attained." In the under the improvement of stake-nets.

course of conversation, Bonaparte said he knew of no law which A large herring boat from the Firth of Forth was lately lost at gave the powers of Europe the right of detaining him a prisoner Wick, with her crew. The boat belonged to Cockenzie, parish of at St Helena, or elsewhere ; and strongly urged the propriety of Tranent, and was upset by a heavy sea on the 26th August last on bis present situation being taken into consideration by the crowned the bar at Wick, and her crew, consisting of five active men, in. heads of Europe. Notwithstanding his disappointments, he still stantly perished. By this sudden dispensation, fiye families have affects great reliance on the justice of the Prince Regent of Engbeen plunged into the deepest sorrow. Three widows, eight very land, when unconnected with national policy, and the influence of young children, with two aged widowed mothers, are reduced from ministers ;, and, with this impression on his mind, he expressed an tolerable circumstances to extreme indigence. A subscription is anxious wish that Lord Ainherst would be the bearer of a letter begun in the parish for their relief.

from him to his Royal Highness, which had been prepared some Expedition to the Congo.We are sorry to state the death of time, with the intention of forwarding it to England. This letter, Captain Campbell, the able and zealous commander of this unfor. which it is said his lordship undertook to deliver, is couched in the tunate, but well-meant endeavour to explore the interior of Africa. most respectful terms; but discovers a soreness throughout on ac. A letter from Sierra Leone, of June 30, states, that intelligence of count of the unnecessary restraints he alleges that he is made to the loss had arrived at that place a few days before.Captain Camp undergo. It was found that he can have the range of the whole bell was reported to have died of a broken heart, and the expedi. island in his exercise of riding, driving, or walking, provided he tion was expected to return. The second naval officer in com will allow a British officer to attend him; but to this he objects. mand, who had been left at Sierra Leone, on account of ill health, As it is, he may extend his walks about twelve miles, but then he but was recovered, and on his way to join the expedition, returned is liable meet in his perambulations British sentinels at various to Sierra Leone, on hearing of Captain Campbell's death, to con points, who never fail to present arms to him. Madame Bertrand sult the Governor upon the future conduct of the expedition. A was seen by the British officers, and the impression made upon dispatch was sent immediately home to Lord Bathurst.

them was, that she was a very handsome and clever woman.

E.xtents. in fid.The report by the select committee of the LONDON.

House of Commons, appointed to enquire into the mode of issu. It is now stated, that the Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold ing extents in aid, and the expediency of regulating or of disconti. will have Marlborough-house in Pall-Mall, for å residence. A nuing the same, has just been published. After a cursory view negoci don, which was commenced some months since, was inter. of the origin of this prerogative process, the committee proceed to rupted by a discovery, that the Duke of Marlborough could not observe, that the issue of it has “ increased in a degree inconsiste then make a legal assignment of the premises. That difficulty ent with the equitable spirit of the Bankrupt laws, and the ease. having been overcome by a decree of the Court of Chancery, the of the subject, and particularly ill suited to the state of things pronegociation was renewed; and the Duke lowered the valuation duced by that extended commerce of which this country so justly made by his surveyors to £.3000: a year, only £.500 more than boasts.”-From accounts given in the appendix to the report, it had been tendered by the Princess Charlotte. At this rent the appears that the whole number of extents in aid issued from 1801 mansion has been taken for seven years, and the leases are now to 1814, both inclusive, was only 207, or less than 15 per annum, preparing. It is to be thoroughly repaired and beautified. The of which the majority probably had a legitimate object, . e. the expence of the whole is estimated at £.10,000.

recovery from the parties of monies which really belonged to the Lord Byron's family estate of Newstead Abbey, in Nottingham. public, and might otherwise have been lost; while, in the year shire, consisting of upwards of three thousand acres, well orna 1815 alone, the number issued was no less than 108.

" Of this mented with wood and water, was last week put up to auction at multitude," the committee remark,“ by far the greater propor. Garraway's, and knoeked down at 96,500.guineas.

tion have been obtained for the purpose of gaining, an unjust priIt is now understood that Lord Cochrane, in consequence of ority in the recovery of private debts, in direct contradiction to his present views, will apply for the Chiltern Hundreds, and that the law, as formerly laid down ;" and an inspection of the docuMr Roger O'Connor will be proposed as his successor in the repre ments, it is added, “ will yield the strongest presumption that sentation for Westminster.

many persons have procured themselves to be made crown debtors, Lord Amherst and Bonaparte.-The Cæsar, which brought home with the express and sole view of abusing the power they surrepLord Amherst and his suite from Batavia, having touched at St He. titiously obtained. To illustrate the full effect of this oppressive lena, Lord Amherst expressed a desire to be introduced to Bona process, the committee proceed to give a detail of the manner in parte, and in spite of some obstacles which presented themselves, which it is conducted, and in the following paragraph sum up its his lordship, with Captain Maxwell and Mr Lynn, surgeon of the evil operation with singular force and clearness in" On this affiAlceste, was allowed to wait upon him. On the 3d July, Lord davit (of the creditor) and the previous legal proceedings, loose and Amherst was ushered into Bonaparte's presence at Longwood, unsatisfactory as they are at best, and often hurried through with whilst Captain Maxwell and the surgeon waited in an anti-cham. all the expedition of a race, to defeat that equitable division of the ber. It was not long before those officers were desired to join. property which a rival commission of bankrupt is seeking to effect, There was nothing in the appearance of Bonaparte which in the does an extent in aid issue; and against a person, not a debtor to least indicated ill health. In conversation his questions were put the Crown, sometimes not so even in the second degree; but it with his usual rapidity ; indeed they followed each other in such may be against a solvent man, unfortunately indebted to one who quick succession, that answers could only be given to those which chooses to believe him insolvent, and who has not sufficient ingeappeared most marked and important. With his general curiosity, nuity to set himself up a crown debtor. The execution is of the Bonaparte enquired of the officers what stations they filled on board severest kind ; every thing, down to the minutest article of his prothe ship, and on learning that Mr Lynn was the surgeon, he en. perty, is then seized ; his books, papers, and accounts, by wbich quired what system of pharmacy he pursued. “ That depends he might be enabled to dispute his creditors' demands, or to enupon circumstances,” replied the surgeon. " I hope," rejoined force his own, are carried off and withheld from him. Nor is this the General, “ it is any other than that practised on this island, all : his person, too (which a common execution, after having ta. for here we have the sanie thing over and over again-bleeding ken the property, would leave untouched,) may be thrown into and calomel for ever.” The conversation taking a turn on the gaol, and kept there, at the discretion of that very creditor by mission of Lord Amherst to China, bis lordship related the cause whose oppressive conduct such a waste of his property may be ocof its failure ; which he ascribed to the necessity imposed upon him casioned, as alone to produce that very insolvency, on the allegaby the Emperor, of smiting the ground nine times with his tion of which, as previously existing, the whole process was found. forehead ; an indignity which his lordship intimated could not be ed; and neither can a commission of bankruptcy nor an insolvent submitted to. Here Bonaparte's answer sbewed the man." 10 act release him. Nor is this mere imagination ; it appears to the


13th Sept. 1817.]

Domestic Affairs committee, that, as far as respects the debtor, the whole is rea. imbrued in blood; and I may say, without fear, Cut off, Al. lized in at least one case detailed in the appendix." The commit. || mighty God! from the earth, all those who have pleasure in shed. tee, after thus pointing out the extreme oppression often worked ding human blood. His wife having been afterwards brought by this mode of procedure on the unfortunate debtor who is the to undergo the same preparations, did not speak a word to him. object of it, and the injustice it occasions to his other creditors, di. On leaving the prison Willaume asked her if she forgave him her rect their attention to the validity of the reasons urged for its death? She answered by a nod. Willaume then repeated bis maintenance. Is the revenue, they enquire, hercby. secured ? Is question in an authoritative manner. They afterwards embraced the public interest advanced ? Both questions they answer decided each other several times, and were then placed in the fatal cart, ly in the negative. “ Of the numerous cases," they state, “ which On Thursday last William Morgan, aged 28, and George Sig. have of late been brought within public observation, this (the pub- 1 gins, aged 23, were executed at Penenden-heath, pursuant to the lic interest) does not appear to have been the object, in one single sentence passed on them at the Kent Assizes. The crime for instance; in very few can it be shewn to have been even incident. which Morgan suffered was that of robbery attended with cruelty. ally or probably served ; and in several the interest of the indivi. On the 9th of June he attacked' a poor old woman named Nis. dual prosecutor of the extent has been pursued, to the absolute in. | bett, in her cottage, at Erith, and not only took away from her jury of that very revenue, for the safety of which, exclusively, the some money, but also beat her in a most cruel manner. After process was originally instituted." “ It seems scarcely doubtful," hanging the usual time, the bodies were conveyed to Maidstone the committee conclude, “ whether the whole process for private church-yard, where they were interred. The clothes of persons debts (i. t. extents in aid) might not be abolished without any dis executed being considered the perquisite of the executioner, the advantage to the public interest ; while it will be worth consider. coffins of these unfortunate men were, previous to interment, ation how far any supposed benefit may be outweighed by the opened in the church-yard, and the bodies publicly stripped. evils attendant on continuing the practice the ruin of unfortu. nate debtors, the injury of innocent and unsuspecting creditors,

EDINBURGH. and the extensive injury wrought among the community at large, On Monday the 1'st instant, at the quarterly meeting of the by the breach of good faith, and the consequent destruction of that British Linen Company, a Bonus of 25 per cent. and the annual honourable confidence on which the interest and prosperity of a dividend of 10 per cent. were declared. commercial country so essentially depend."

On the 2d instant, came on the election of master and assistants A Manchester paper of Tuesday se'ennight contains a list of 54 of the company of merchants of this city for the ensuing year, men who have absconded from their families.

when the following gentlemen were unanimously elected : A contagious fever rages with great fury in the jails and cir. William Pattison, Esq. merchant, Master. Assistants-Mr David çuit towns in Ireland. Mr Justice Osborne, one of the Judges of Kinnéar, Sir W. Forbes, Messrs. Alex. Smith, Adam White, Kin. the Court of King's Bench, has died of that disorder. Mr W. Mackenzie, Robt. Anderson, T. Maeritchie, John Clapperton, Wm. Ridgeway, an eminent lawyer, and a most worthy man, has also Trotter, Wm. Gilchrist, John Turnbull, Alex. Henderson ; and Mr fallen a victim to a fever caught while attending his professional Thomas Blackwood, Preasurer. duty on circuit at Trim. In Strabane, and the vicinity, its effects Lady Yester's church, on which some alterations had been consi. have been peculiarly fatal, 107 deaths having occurred since the dered necessary, was again opened for divine service on Sunday 27th of July. From the number of patients already confined, and last. The congregation were much gratified by the improvements its being inferred that the contagion was likely to spread, it was which have been made, and by the general attention which seemed deemed advisable to fit up the court-house for their reception, which to be shewn to their comfort and accommodation." It is but jus. was ordered by the Provost, and a voluntary subscription entered tice to the present Dean of Guild," the newspapers observe, a to into by the inhabitants; in consequence, 40 patients were removed mention the unwearied attention he has given to the improvement thereto. It is generally believed that this calamity hasarisen from of this and several of the churches of the city. In the High Church, the distress and misery of the suffering poor.

the Old. Gray friars, and in St Andrews Church in particular, some If we may judge from a proclamation of the Austrian govern very useful alterations have been made under his direction ; and it ment, an infectious fever had spread great terror throughout the is expected the New Grayfriars, which is the only church in town North of Italy. The fairs usually held in the course of the pre which has not been repaired, will be the next object of his attensent month at Bergamo, Pavia, Chignole, &c. are therefore pro tion. The want of comfort and cleanliness has long been the rekibited, by order of the Emperor, crowded assemblies being so proach of our church and country, and the zealous exertions made mischievously calculated to receive and propagate contagion. In by this spirited and active Magistrate to remedy this defect, are the meantime, the ravages of that fatal disorder are said, on the the more praiseworthy, from having been made while the splendid same authority, to have sensibly subsided ; and hopes are held out and extensive improvements going on in Princes-street, the Calthat all danger will soon be at an end.

ton Hill, and various other quarters of the city, necessarily requi. Five persons were burnt to death by the explosion of the fire. red such arduous and unremitting attention.” To this well-meritdamp in a coal pit, near Bradford, Yorkshire, on the 21st ult. ed eulogium we give our most cordial assent; and are not without owing to the bottom of one of the safety lamps of Sir Humphrey some expectation, that the example which has been shewn for some Davy being separated from the body, from its being soldered in. years past of attention and zeal to the interests of this great city, stead of rivetted.

will have a due effect on those who for the future may be intrustAn attorney, who left London in great disgrace upon pecuniary | ed with the important duties of a Magistrate. matters, some years since, was detected in swindling at Berlin, At Cupar, on Tuesday the 26th August, the Bible Society of and was there seen sweeping the streets in a chain ; he is now mark. Fife and Kinross-shires held its fifth annual general meeting since er at a billiard-table at Brussels. This man once lived handsomely its establishment, when the Earl of Moray was unanimously rein one of our western streets, and was employed by some people elected President of that Society, and the other usual business was of consequence, as well as by half the thoughtless and profuse of || harmoniously transaeted. The meeting had the satisfaction to find, both sexes in gay life.

that though the contributions to the funds of the Society during the A baker's boy, aged sixteen years, who has seven times commit- || past ycar have somewhat declined, the sum actually received by ted the crime of arson, in Hungary, has been condemned to be the treasurer, in the twelve months ending on the 4th Tuesday of burnt alive.

August, was above £.558, while there were some arrears of subOn the 230 ult. one Willaume and his wife were executed' on scriptions for the year, and a few contributions from Bible associathe Place du Greve, at Paris. They were found guilty of an at. tions not yet remitted to him, which will add considerably to the tempt to commit robbery and murder on a female cook, while her amount, and will raise the whole sums contributed to the Society's master was absent. As three o'clock Willaume was brought into objects, during the first five years of its existence, from the district the keeper's lodge, where the executioner tied his hands and cut for which it was formed, to above £.3000. off his hair. He asked for his wife ; and was told he would see Union Canal-The state of the subscription for this work is now her presently, He then said, " I have seen service, and I have such as to enable the committee of management to assure the pubnever trembled shall not tremble now ; my hands were never I lic, that the work will commence as soon as the late harvest will

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20 Domestic Affairs.

[13th Sept. 1817. permit the levels to be renewed and the ground staked out. The representative chapters, from various parts of the country, give their surface plan of the country is already more than half completed, | aid and attendance on the occasion. The first Principal of the Royal and the other preliminary steps are also in progress, so that there Arch Chapter of Edinburgh, as the premier, proceeded to conis now no doubt of the canal being begun this winter.

secrate the Grand Chapter by prayer, and with corn, wine, and One half of the new jail on the Calton-hill is now in a finished oil, agreeable to ancient custom, which was then proclaimed by the state, and was inspected on Tuesday se'ennight by the Commissioners, naine, style, and title of “ The Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chap. previous to occupation, who expressed themselves satistied with the ter of Scotland." The Chapter then proceeded to the election, when manner in which the work is done. Among the Commissioners the following grand office-bearers were unanimously chosen :present were the Lord Provost, the Lord President, Lord Pitmilly, The Right Hon. Sir William Drummond of Logiealmond, Baron Clerk Rattray, Sir George Clerk, M. P. Sir William Rae, &c, K. C. M. E. Gd. Z. : Sir Patrick Walker of Coats, Knight, M. E.

Friday se'ennight, the materials of the old jail, with the shops Gd. H.; George Douglas, of Arbeadie, Esq. Advocate, M. E. attached to the west end of it, were sold, by public roup, for the Gd. I.; Alexander Robertson of Prendergast, Esq. Dy. Gd. Prin. ; suin of £.280. The taking down of the shops commenced on James Harrowar of Inzievar, Esq. advocate, Grand Chancellor ; Tuesday, and the taking down of the prison is to commence on the George Burnet of Pirnteaton, Esq. Gd. Chamberlain ; Rev. Arcbi. 15th instant. The whole must be removed in three weeks from bald Gracie, Gd. Priest ; Robert Wight, Esq. accountant, Gd. that date. The unfortunate inmates will take possession of their Treasurer; Wm. Macknight Crawford of Cartsburn and Ratho, new place of residence in the course of the week.

Esq. E. and Benj. Bartlet Buchannan of Drumskibo, Esq. N. Gd. Several cditional seats were lately placed in the Meadow Walk Scribes ; Murray Pringle, Gd. Recorder and Vice Gd. Chancellor ; for the accomınodation of the public, two of which were last week Lieut. William Munro, of the royal artillery, Prin. Gd. Sojourner ; wantonly torn from the ground.

John Hepburn of Colquhalzie, Esq. and Lieutenant Patrick DeuA little girl not exceeding 12 years of age, was put to the bar of char, of the royal navy, Assist. Gd. Sojourners ; James Neilson, the Police Court on Tuesday, charged with wandering about the Esq. W. S. Gd. Standard Bearer ; William Deuchar of Morningstreets at night, and having no fixed place of abode. Her father, side, Esq. Master of Ceremonies and Vice Gd. Chamberlain.. a poor labouring man, attended. He stated that every attempt to A procession was made to the robing-room of the Royal Arch make her lead a life of industry had failed-he had locked her up Chapter of Edinburgh, the band of the Scots Greys playing the anin the closest confinement; that, upon one occasion, she had un. them. Having prepared and invested the Grand Principal, the pro. guardedly been sent to the well for water, when she absconded, and cession returned to introduce him, a march being performed by the was heard no more of until found wandering betwixt Canterbury organ and vocal band as the procession moved along, and the breand Dover ; that a gentleman had taken her into his family at Do

thren paying every honour and salute. ver, from whence she again absconded, and was found wandering Wednesday se'ennight a young man was killed by the lightning in London ; that upon receiving her home, he had watched her with near Old Monkland church, and several persons were thrown to the utmost care, but about six weeks ago, she having begged hard the ground, or struck with temporary blindness. to be taken to church, he indulged her, but, in going in at the Fingask Hermit, in the Carse of Gowrie.-- This venerable cha. church door, she again give him the slip, and he never heard any | racter, who has, for a long time, inhabited a cave of great rural thing of her until now, and he begged of the magistrate to send her beauty and retirement in the braes of the Carse, near Fingask, and to Bridewell as an act of charily. The girl, having been interroga. who was, perhaps, one of the most innocent of beings, has lately red by the magistrate, acknowledged these facts, and that her fa- | disappeared. His disappearance has naturally occasioned consither and mother had been kind to her. The magistrate humanely | derable uneasines to those who were in the habit of frequenting bis recommended to her father to make another trial of her, as he was

abode, and who considered him to be one of the interesting specunwilling to send so young a creature to Bridewell; and promised tacles of the place. Some circumstance have occurred, which make that he would get her put into a free school.

it highly probable that he has been forcibly carried off, and that a few On Thursday se'ennight, the North Briton post-coach, on her young men in the neighbourhood have been the wicked perpetraway to Edinburgh, was upset about a mile from Berwick, owing, tors of the deed: This they could do with the greatest facility, as as is supposed, to the leathern strap which secured the linch pia he never used his voice-seemingly incapable of doing so, whatbeing cut by some malicious person. Two of the passengers were ever might be the cold or heat of his exposed residence. Indeed, severely hurt ; one of them, Mr Spittal, captain of a West India his insensibility to external good and evil was so perfect, that none man, had his foot so severely bruised that amputation was found | living ever saw him laugh or smile, or change his attitude. His necessary. The linch pin was found vearly half a mile from the beard was extremely long. He had lately renewed his raiment ; place where the coach upset.

and it is suspected that it was to get possession of those that the The jail of Perth was brcken on the evening of Saturday the 30th | villainous deed has been perpetrated. Some magistrates of the August, and a prisoner under indictment for house-breaking made | country have very properly taken an active part in the endeavour his escape: the Magistrates have offered a reward of fifteen gui

to bring the guilt home to those accused, but hitherto without ef. neas for his apprehension.

fect. His cross and some small articles have been picked up on Wednesday se'ennight, the following melancholy accident hap- | the neighbouring hills, which excites a painful apprehension, that pened in a tenement building in George Street, Glasgow :-While something worse than theft may have happened. about ten masons were working on a scaffold five stories high, two The Duke of Argyle has appointed the Rev. Mr Story, proba. labourers with a stone and another with a hod of lime, came upon tioner, to be assistant and successor to the Rev. Dr Drummond, il at nearly the same time; in an instant the scaffold gave way, minister of Roseneath. and cight men fell, only two of whom reached the ground, the On the 26tb ultimo, the right honourable the Lord Chief Com others being stopped in their fall by the intervening joists; and, missioner was presented with the freedom of the burgh of Inver. excepting one who went home, the others, seven in number, dread. keithing, enclosed in a silver box of elegant workmanship. fully bruised, were carried to the Royal Infirmary. One died just Friday se'ennight, the Principal and Professors of the College of as he entered the premises ; a second underwent the operation of Glasgow unanimously elected Doctor Thomas Thomson, now of trepan, but expired next morning. Of the surviving five, three London, Lecturer in Chemistry in the University. have received such severe internal bruises, that it will be some days

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICIARY. before they can be deemed out of danger. The other two will

On Friday se'ennight came on the trial of Bernard M'Ilvogue,

Hugh Møllvogue, and Patrick M.Cristal, accused of breaking into the Consecration of the Supreme Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Scotland.

house of Robert Morris, farmer in Everton, near Greenock, on the On Thursday the 28th ultimo, a supreme Grand Royal Arch 230 March last, by forcing open one of the windows, of attacking Chapter was held in St John's Chapel, for the purpose of constitu- the said Robert Morris, blindfolding him, and holding him by force ting a Grand and Supreme Chapter, to preside over and control the on the ground, and stealing from the house some money, wearing different chapters and lodges of this masonic degree in Scotland.apparel, &c.—and of assaulting and attacking Janet Crawford, The mçeting was most respectable and numerous, and thirty-four sister of Mrs Morris, and Mary Black, servant to Robert Morris,


13th Sept. 1817.)
High Court of Justiciary.

and committing violence on their persons. After perpetrating the After an impressive address from the Lord Justice Clerk, on the
robbery the pannels fled, and were apprehended in Argyllshire enormity of the crime, the prisoner was sentenced to be executed
some days after. The pannels pleaded Not Guilty. From the na at Edinburgh on the 15th of October next.
ture of the charges, the public were excluded, and the doors lock. The prisoner is a young woman about 20 years of age, and was
ed. The examination of witnesses continued till five o'clock. One formerly employed at Gilmerton coal-works.
of them, Bernard Hutton or Hation, an accomplice, who was ad. Robert Reid, chimney-sweeper, was next brought up, accused
mitted in evidence, was committed to prison for gross prevarication of the murder of John Frazer, alias Thomson, a boy of eleven years

The Solicitor-General declined addressing the jury, as the case of age, who, having been sent up a vent at Albany Street chapel, was in his opinion clearly made out.

stuck so fast at a turn in the vent, that he was unable to extri. Mr Hunter, for the prisoners, said only a few words.

cate himsell. The prisoner, in concert with Joseph Rae, got The Lord Justice Clerk made a long charge to the jury, who ropes fastened to his legs, and by repeatedly pulling them with retired for about ten minutes, and returned an unanimous verdict, great force, dragged him down the vent, notwithstanding his cries finding Bernard M'Ilvogue and Patrick M‘Cristal, guilty of house. of distress. The boy died in consequence. Joseph Rae, for.the breaking, robbery, and rape ; and Hugh Möllvogue guilty of house same crime, was formerly sentenced to be transported for fourteen breaking and robbery.

years. The Judges, Lords Justice Clerk, Pitmilly, and Succoth, seve The public prosecutor having restricted the libel to Culpable rally delivered their opinions on the verdict. They were unani Homicide, the prisoner was found Guilty on his own judicial conmous in thinking that this was one of the most aggravated cases fession. The Court sentenced him to transportation for seven that had ever occurred in this country-it was quite uncommon years. He received a very impressive admonition from the Lord here, and had been proved by the clearest evidence.

Justice Clerk. Before pronouncing sentence, the Lord Justice Clerk addressed Tuesday, Sept. 9.John Jeffrey, or Jeffreys, mate of the Prince the unfortunate pannels He said their conduct was most atro. Edward revenue cutter, for murder. cious and brotal, and he was well convinced that their accomplice It appeared that Mr Jeffrey was sent, by his commanding offiwas as guilty as any of them. That it was vain for them to look cer, Sir John Reid, the captain of the Prince Edward Cutter, to for mercy-they could expect none; and although Hugh Möll. seize some smuggled goods that had been observed landing on the vogue's case differed in some respects from his companions, yet island of Arran ; with a party of armed seamen, he went several he was to expect no mitigation of punishment. He conjured them miles up the country, and, about four miles from the shore, seized to apply for mercy to God by repentance, and concluded by pro some whiskey. In the course of returning to his boat, he was joinnouncing sentence, ordaining them to be detained in the tolbooth ed by four or five persons, who declared themselves the perpetraof Edinburgh till the 6th of October, and then to be transmitted tors of this breach of the law. As he proceeded back to the coast, from Sheriff to Sheriff until lodged in the tolbooth of Greenock ; numbers of the country people assembled, amounting at least to and on Friday the 10th of October to be executed in such place in above 200 persons. This crowd, which was continually increasing or near the town of Greenock as the Sheriff-Depute of Renfrew and pouring down the country side, was collected, either by signals, shire shall appoint.

with which the people there communicate among themselves with They are all young men, natives of Ireland, and received their great dexterity, or by the sound of the guns fired by the cutter sentence with much unconcern.

to bring the boat to, that was first observed and suspected to con. Counsel for the Crown, the Solicitor General and James A. vey smuggled spirits. The crowd continued to increase, when, Maconochie, Esq.Agent, Mr Hugh Warrender. For the pan. about two miles, or a mile and a half from the shore, they became nels, Robert Hunter and E. D. Sandford, Esq.--Agent, Mr Da. violent, and attempting to carry away the smuggled goods, they niel Christie, S. S. C.

declared that none of the crew should return to the cutter with Saturday, Sept. 6.-The court then proceeded to the trial of their lives. . Mr Jeffrey repeatedly cautioned the multitude as to Murray Stewart, tide-waiter in Greenock, accused of breaking in the part they were acting-assured them he was an officer-shewed to the Custom house of Greenock, on the night of the 9th Feh them his coat and desired them to desist from their purposes. ruary 1816, and stealing bank notes to the amount of £.1200 He endeavoured to prevent the mob from pressing upon his party, sterling; the greater part of which he soon after deposited in the by repressing them by the flat sides of his sword. He proceeded branch of the Royal Bank of Scotland at Glasgow, and in the Bank towards the shore, and, in consequence of the personal danger in ing Company at Greenock. The prisoner pleaded Not Guilty. which the lives of himself and crew were placed the conduct of

After an investigation of no great interest, the Jury returned a the islanders, in order to intimidate them and warn them of the verdict of Not Proven ; and after a suitable admotiition from the consequence of their perseverance in such illegal and outrageous Lord Justice Clerk, the pannel was disinissed from the bar. conduct as that of which they were guilty, he fired two blank

Counsel for the Crown, the Lord Advocate, the Solicitor-Gene shots over their heads. When this took place, the mob appeared ral, J. A. Maconochie, and A. Wood, Esqrs.--Agent, Hugh War. to hesitate, and to deliberate a few moments; and then, with a render, Esq. W. S. For the Prisoner, Francis Jeffrey and James general cheer or hurra, they immediately rushed forward. A few Ivory, Esqrs.Agent Mr W. H. Sands, W. S.

women were selected to begin the attack. Some of Mr Jeffrey's Monday, Sept. 8.-Robert Dingwall, from the parish of Fearn, men were knocked down. One was dragged along the ground se. county of Ross, accused of attempting to commit inurder by means veral yards. «Mr Jeffrey was knocked down; and, while lying of poison, which he intended to administer to his wife, Christian upon his back, he gave orders to fire, and some of those then lying Clark, was put to the bar. Mr John Hope, his counsel, before upon the ground, and engaged with the assailants, fired. In con. allowing the prisoner to plead, objected to the indictment. The sequence of this firing, which had become necessary for the safety charge being merely that of an attempt to poison, which was a of the sailors, several of the mob, who happened to be proprietors new case, the Court ordered informations to be given in.

of the whiskey, were killed. Janet Douglas was then brought to the bar, accused of " Child Lord Justice Clerk said, that after the very fair, open, and canstealing," she having, on the 12th of May, carried away Margaret || did manner, in which his Majesty's Solicitor. General has disclaim. Reach, a child between three and four years of age, from the ed even a conception of any thing like guilt attachable to the prihouse of her father James Reach, at King's Stables, Edinburgh. soner under this indictment, but, on the contrary, having borne T'he case was clearly proved by the evidence of the child's parents, | his testimony to his conduct upon this unfortunate occasion, it and by other witnesses, her father having, after great anxiety, tra. would be an useless waste of your time, and tending to throw dis. ced and overtaken the prisoner, at Halbeath-colliery, near Dun trust on the opinion you must have formed upon this case, to have fermline. The declaration of the prisoner also admitted that she detained you by any evidence in exculpation. I have no difficul. "stole the child.

ty in stating to you, from the evidence disclosed, not only by the • The counsel on both sides having addressed the Jury, the evi. persons belonging to the revenue vessel, but from that drawn, dence was summed up by the Lord Justice Clerk, in his usual able some part of it with reluctance, from persons who took a consiand impartial manner, and the Jury, without leaving the box, re derable concern in the transaction, there is no ground for a versuroed a verdict finding the prisoner Guilty.

dict in terms of this indictment. Throughout this unfortunate


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