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[Sept. 27, 1817. In consequence of some seditious movements at Breslau, orders tion of the Committee, and they strongly recommend the erection have been issued for the assembly of 10,000 men in the neigh. of one for juvenile delinquents, who are now encouraged in their bourhood. The Berlin Gazette alludes to some events which vicious practices, by being shut up in the same prison with expehave taken place at Carouge. An assemblage of persons had, it rienced and hardened offenders. It is very consolatory to observe seems, expressed an improper attachment to a certain exiled per the good effects which have been produced at the House of Refuge sonage. They were interrupted in their proceedings by the gens for the destitute, the Philanthropic Institution, the Magdalen Hosd'armes, and dispersed. A certain degree of agitation has mani pital, and the London Female Penitentiary; all supported by prifested itself in the capital, as well as in other cities of the empire. vate benevolence : and at the General Penitentiary at Milbank, the

On the 15th there were some disturbances at Geneva, and it chaplain of which says, “ that the general conduct of the prisoners was not until after considerable efforts that the gen-d'armerie suc. during their confinement has been most satisfactory ; that the receeded in restoring tranquillity.

pentance and amendment many of them is visible; and that By a cabinet order of the King of Prussia, it is decreed that those there is every reason to presune, that on their leaving the prison artists and artisans who take as an apprentice a deaf and dumb they will become honest and industrious members of society." person, and maintain him long enough to instruct him in their bu. Tuesday se'nnight Benjamin Caines, captain of the Kingswood siness, shall receive a premium of 56 dollars.

gang, only 23 years of age, lately executed, was interred in the

burial ground at Bitton, in the same grave with his brother, who ENGLAND

was hung some time ago, and at whose funeral Ben attended, and,

instead of paying attention to the solemn service, sat on a wall The Right Hon. Charles Chelwynd, Earl Talbot, has been ap- | whistling the whole time. A numerous concourse of his acquaintpointed Lieutenant-General and General Governor of Ireland.

ance attended the procession from Cock-road (near two miles): the A letter has been received within the last week from Mr Bos. pall was supported by six femates dressed in white. The body was worth, late master of the Boston Public School, who was sent by the taken into the church, and after the Psalms and Epistle were read, British and Foreign School Society to the island of St Domingo, the Minister preached a very impressive sermon to Caines' numer. for the purpose of establishing schools in that part of it under the

ous associates and friends, from Ephesians, iv. 28. Let him that presidency of Petion. On the 26th of June he was introduced to stole steal no more.The greatest attention was paid by them to Petion, ho declared that he would have schools erected in every this well-delivered discourse, and the body was afterwards commit. place, for that it is his wish to have all educated in his dominions, ted to the grave by candle light. Among the attendants were his and he will give every facility to forward the undertaking.

aged father, three brothers, sisters, &c. This is the second son the Freedom of speech at the bar.--An action, of quite a novel and sin. wretched father has attended on a similar occasion, and two have gular nature, was tried at the Lancashire assizes a few days ago. It been transported. was brought by Mr Hudgden, an attorney, for words spoken by A singular fact has lately transpired, which has led to the deMr Scarlet in the course of his professional practice, before the sertion of a once flourishing school in the neighbourhood of the mesame Court, in the last spring assizes, and of course involved the tropolis. It is that of the schoolmaster having used meat not in grcat question of freedom of speech at the bar. It was charged, general use among human beings, in the composition of soup for that the defendant bad, in the course of a speech in a cause in his pupils we mean horse-flesh. wlsich he was engaged as counsel, called the plaintiff a fraudulent and wicked attorney. After hearing the counsel on each side, Mr

SCOTLAND. Baron Wood intimated, that he was not for giving sanction to this action, of a first impression, brought for the first time, because it The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Council, on Wednesday would be most mischievous, not merely to the bar, but to the pub. se'nnight unanimously voted a piece of plate, value fifty guineas, to bic. The words might overstep the bounds of propriety, and be Alexander Henderson, Esq. first bailie of the city, in testimony 100 severe, but they were not to be corrected by such an action. If | of their sense of his general active conduct as a magistrate ; but in they had been said elsewhere if they had been published, they particular for the able and gentlemanly manner in which Mr Hencould be punished. In the privileges of parliament it was the derson discharged the duties of chief magistrate, while the Lord sime. The principle was' this-whatever is said in judicial or Provost was necessarily absent attending to the interest of the legal proceedings is not actionable. If published, it is. Lord Ab. city in London. ingdon was found liable in the King's Bench on this principle, and On the same day, the Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Council, was imprisoned. He refused, on the same principle, to maintain unanimously voted a piece of plate, value one hundred guineas, to an action at Northampton, brought by a clergyman against a pa. Robert Johnston, Esq. lord dean of guild of the city, as a mark of rishioner, for letters written to the bishop of the diocese (Peterbo- the respect which they entertain of the unremitting attention be rough), because he would not make courts of law auxiliary to the has paid to the various duties of the office, and for his zealous and ecclesiastical courts, the parishioner having a right to make such never ceasing efforts to proinote the improvement and good of the representations to the bishop. It had been said, some limits must city. he set. His objection to this action was the difficulty of fixing li. The Lord Provost, Magistrates, and Council, have conferred inits. During one assize they could do nothing but try actions the freedom of the city on Dr Thomas Charles Hope, in testimony brought for words used by counsel at the former a size. The of their esteem, and in gratitude for various valuable services, as words might be too severe ; I cannot say any thing of that.. professor of Cheinistry in this university (to the celebrity of which Plaintiff nonsuited.

he has greatly contributed), in regard to the proposed additional The Second Report of the Committee of the House of Commons, supplies of water. on the Police of the metropolis, has just been published. It abounds On Wednesday se'nnight the following gentlemen were elected with matter for interesting reflection. There is, perhaps, none of ordinary council deacons for the ensuing year, vizigreater interest than that to which this report refers. The best Messrs James Bryce, Messrs James Anderson, means of preventing the commission of crime-of detecting it when

John Laing,

James Thomson, jun. committed--and of saving the criminal from deeper guilt, are in.

Alexander Lyall,

James Denholın. deed considerations of the highest public importance in every The Voiversity of Marischal College, Aberdeen, has conferred country, and above all, in England, which has long suffered under the honorary degree of LL. D. on the celebrated French philosoaccusations in this respect. The Committee have divided their in- pher Jean Baptiste Biot, and also on Captain Thomas Colby, of "quiries into two branchesthe system of parliamentary rewards, and the Royal Engineers. the establishment of penitentiary prisons. After an enumeration of On the 2d instant, the 'Rev. George Shepperd was ordained Mi. the various legislative acts which sanction the former, the report nister of the mission of Fort William. states, at considerable length, the substance of the evidence which On Monday the 15th, 25 criminal prisoners were removed from has induced the Committee to pronounce the system as one of more the Tolbooth and Lock•up-bouse to the new jail on the Calton-hill. than questionable policy, calculated to produce, instead of to check The two Möllvogues and M.Cristal, under sentence of death, were crime. Penitentiary houses receive the most unqualified approba sent from the old jail to the Lock-up-bouse ; Janet Douglas, like.


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Sept. 27, 1817.)

43 qvise under sentence of death, is in the same place. All these un. the very man who had refused to give his horse for the purpose fortunate people are behaving in a manner becoming their unhappy of getting him out. situation,

The Perth Baking Company, to whom this city is so much in. Tuesday se'nnight the door of the old jail was thrown open, and debted, have reduced the price of their quartern loaves in Edin. every prisoner for debt was liberated. It is expected that a little burgh to one shilling the fine, and ninepence the second. balance may be left, which will be applied to aid the families of On Wednesday se ennight, a man who appeared to have been the most distressed prisoners. The following morning the work. the worse of liquor, fell from a stage-coach in the neighbourhood men commenced their operations on this ancient fabric, which will of Edinburgh, and was so severely bruised, that though immedi. now speedily disappear. This edifice was completed in its present ately carried to the infirmary, he died on Friday morning. form in 1561, though some part of it is supposed much older, as Wednesday Robert Brown, charged with being guilty of a most the east and west ends are evidently of different styles of architec- | atrocious rape at Blantyre, was apprehended at Bridgeton. He lure. It was originally destined for the accommodation of Parlia. | absconded at the time the crime was committed. ment, and the Courts of Justice, and also for the confinement of Monday, a boy about twelve years of age flying a kite on the dobtors and criminals,; but since 1640, after the Parliament House Calton hill, in endeavouring to save it, was precipitated over part it Edinburgh was built, it has been used solely as a gaol.

of the rocks on the south-east side, by which one of his thigh bones A subscription has been entered into, for the purpose of making was broke, and he was otherwise very severely hurt. a measurement and estimate of a rail-road from the coal-works in On Monday se'ennight, as some men were at work on a new the neighbourhood of Dalkeith to this city.

road in the neighbourhood of Dalkeith, a bank of earth fell, by On the 19th the annual meeting of the Trustees of the Burgh which one of them-was unfortunately killed. His name is Hugh and Parochial Schoolmasters' Widows Fund was held in the Baxter, serjeant in the Edinburgh Miliţia, and by trade a printer; High School, Edinburgh. Mr Macfarlane, Stewartown, was cho he had been fourteen years in the regiment, and was much resen Preses; the cashier and clerk were re-elected from the ac. spected : a widow and two children (the youngest of whom has counts laid before the meeting, it appeared that £.486 , 1 , 6 been helpless from its cradle,) are thus suddenly deprived of sup. have been paid to the widows and orphans, and £.36 v 10 expend-port. ed on other contingencies, during the last year.

A boy about fourteen years of age, servant to a farmer near At Fortingall, the traveller is shown one of the greatest antiqui. Peebles, having been taken ill, his master wrote to the mother, a ties of which the nation can boast, viz. a yew tree, fifty-three feet widow, residing at Hope Park-end, on Saturday last, to come out 'in circumference. It is mentioned, and a drawing of it given by and take him home: but the poor woman, either not apprehend, the celebrated Mr Pennant; in his Tour through Scotland. Itsing immediate danger, or from a difficulty of getting away from age cannot be ascertained, but from appearance and tradition it her other children, of whom she has several, did not immediately cannot be less than 700 or 800 years old. It is now in a decayed attend to the request of the letter, and on Monday se'ennight, the state, and the proprietor's burial ground lies beside it; and through boy was sent off to Edinburgh, a distance of 21 miles, in a cart, the decayed part of the trunk the funeral processions pass. Its | in charge only of a lad about his own age. The feelings of the branches are green. This is well worth seeing, and many travel. poor woman may be conceived, when, upon going to lift her son Jers carry off pieces of the wood to foreign countries, as relics of from the cart, she found him a corpse. The boy in charge of this venerable and solitary tree.

the cart said, that shortly after they set out he saw the deceased On the 21st'ult. there came ashore, between Staxico and Wick, so ill that he was afraid to look at him ; and he saw him .moving near the Boathaven, a whale, measuring 66 feet 5 inches in length : when witbin about three miles from Edinburgh; but unfortunatehe was first observed by the Buckey fishermen, who were at the ly it never occurred to him to halt, or ask assistance on the road. herring fishery, who immediately went up to him, and after at On Saturday se'ennight, between seven and eight p'elock, as a tacking him with a sword and a scythe, which impression farmer's servant girl was returning home from Glasgow, where on bim, they got an axe, which they sunk in bis head. After va she had been selling butter milk, she drove the horse to a rivulet rious attempts with boat-hooks, oars, &c. they succeeded in kill. on the banks of the Porth and Clyde canal, where he usually went ing him. They were engaged in this operation nearly 25 hours. to drink. The animal, in going forward, tumbled over the bank The carcase was claimed by Sir Benjamin Dunbar, as lord of the into the water, in consequence of which the girl also fell in and manor, and by the Provost of Wick, on the part of the Crown. Ow. was drowned. It was nearly an hour and a half before her body ing to this dispute, and the roughness of the weather, the sale could was got out. not take place before the Tuesday, and was advertised to take place On Friday the 12th instant, as David Anderson, shoremaster at two o'clock, but early on the Tuesday morning, owing to a at Polgavie, near Dundee, was travelling along the sands in the heavy gale of wind and a tremendous sea which broke him in pieces, river Tay, to assist in piloting the Lady Kinnaird, of that port, into no sale could take place. The entrails, blubber, &c. were driven the harbour, he was surrounded by the tide, which rose very high ashore, and great part of the carcase was floating near the spot that day, being a stream one, and not observed by the sailors on where he was killed, and his tail and about 14 feet of the carcase board, he was overwhelmed by the flood, and sunk to rise no more. were seen at sea.

His body was found on Saturday at low water, more than an Eng. On Thursday the 9th instant, the Associate Congregation of lishi mile from the shore, quite naked, having thrown away bis Thurso gave a most unanimous call to the Rev. Mr John M•Don clothes, probably to try if he could save himself by swimining. ald to be their pastor ; the Rev. Mr Wm. Stewart, Wick, presided His eries were heard by several persons in the adjoining field, who on the occasion.

went immediately to the shore, but not hearing the cries there, The colliers at Gilmerton lately struck work, in consequence of and perceiving the vessel in the channel, they naturally concluded a small reduction being made in their wages. After taking some that the noise proceeded from the sailors working her up, and resteps towards a division of their society.funds, they were induced, turned quite satisfied that all was well, till next day. by the threat of having the roofs of their houses taken off, to re A boat belonging to Ferryden, going home from the herring: turn to their usual employment.

fishery at Fraserburgh, when off Cairnbulg, about one o'clock on On Saturday se'ennight, about one o'clock, as two gentlemen Saturday morning, was taken by a squall of wind, and one of the were walking between Granton and Caroline Park, they perceived crew, R. Crombie, dropt overboard, and was drowned. a boy on a rock, surrounded by the tide, which was rising rapidly. On Saturday se'nnight, a boat belonging to Peterhead, on her re. The poor boy seeing his danger, called loudly for help; and the turn from Newburgh with mussels, struck on a sunk rock off gentlemen desired some masons who were working near the spot, Whinnyfold, when, melancholy to relate, six people (three men and 10 go to Granton for a horse. Luckily there was a man not far three young women) lost their lives, leaving their numerous relaoff with a horse and cart, and to him they applied, but the fellow lives in a state more easily felt than described ; the father of one of had the inhumanity to refufe. It was not however a time for ce the parties having been an eye-witness to the fate of his son. The remony ; the horse was therefore taken from the eart without the boat was seen to upset almost instantaneously, but at too great a man's leave ; and one of the masons having mounted it, rescued distance for immediate relief. The only survivor of the crew, Ro. the boy from his perilous situation, who proved to be the son of bert Sellar, was saved by clinging to the mast, which fortunately

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[Scpt. 27, 1817 floated from the boat, and by laying hold of several oars, which witness in the cause, but who, conscious that he was the guilty were successively carried to him by the ebbing tide.

person, had absconded. On Friday se'ennight, a fine grey horse and brewer's cart were Marian Ferguson, wife of William Hutchison, pled Guilty to the precipitated into the North Loch, from the road at the back of the charge of uttering false coin, and was sentenced to four weeks' ime Bank of Scotland, owing to the driver being drunk. The horse prisonment. John Alian, a boy of 14 years of age, pled Guilty to was a good deal stunned; but, after lying a considerabla time, was breaking into a bakehouse, and stealing two pecks of four, and able to resume his labour. On thc same day a horse and cart, was sentenced to transportation for seven years. bearing a large log of timber, fell over the new mound, near the John M.Candlish, A. Davidson, Matthew Boyd, and Jas. Lynch, centre, where the bank is highest, and it is wonderful neither the were outlawed for not appearing. animal nor the carriage sustained any material injury.

Inverary, Wednesday Sept. 17. The Circuit Court was opened by Lord Succoth.

Donald Anderson, Niel Anderson, and John Bennet, were accu. CIRCUIT COURT OF JUSTICIARY.

sed of mobbing, &c. and compelling excise officers to pay £5, as a Perth, Wednesday, Sept. 1?.

compensation for the damage done by them in destroying illicit

stills. Neil Anderson was outlawed for non-appearance. The jury The Court was opened by the Lord Justice Clerk and Lord Res.

next day returned a verdict of Not Proven against both prisoners. ton. Alexander Preston, Ninian Allan, and Janet Maxwell, char Distrissed from the bar. ged with theft and housebreaking, and Eliza M.Ewan, accused of Donald M.Eachen and James Campbell were accused of stealing stealing six gallons of whisky, and ninepence in copper, were sen a gold watch. The diet was deserted against M.Eachen, who was tenced to seven years transportation, on their plea of Guilty. Eu.

dismissed from the bar; Campbell pled Guilty, and was sentenced pham Burnet, for the theft of a tin oil flask, was also sentenced to

to 12 months' confinement in the jail of Inverary. transportation ; Mary Ross, for the same offence, is, on account of

Duncan M.Millan and Archibald M.Callum, accused of deforceher age, to be imprisoned in Perth jail for twelve months. Elizabeth ment, were outlawed for non appearance. Farquharson, found Guilty, on her own confession, of stealing three pairs of sheets, is also to be confined twelve months in Perth jail, The diet was deserted, pro luco et tempore, against James Young

NAVAL AND MILITARY INTELLIGENCE. and John Foggo, for beating and bruising the gamekeeper and On Friday se'ennight arrived at Portsmouth, the Moira, Capt. groom of the Earl of Rosslyn; and the bailbond of Charles Wal Gawlis, from St Helena, (sailed 25th July), with the remains of ters, a sailor, accused of the same offence, was forfeited for non-ap the 20 battalion, 53d regiment, commanded by Colonel Ferhszen ; pearance. Jean Robertson and John Gray, accused of theft and re the effective officers and men are gone to India, in the Baring, set of theft, were, on their own petition, banished Scotland for to join the 1st battalion. The non-effective officers and men of seven years.

the 2d battalion of the 66th regiment, embarked in the Dorah, and

Thursday, Sept. 18. sailed for this place on the 29th of July; as also did the Catherine, The Court proceeded to the trial of George M‘Milian and Mal Griffiths, with troops from India on the 27th. com Clark, from Stanely, accused of southrief, theft, and theft and

On Friday se'ennight, the Falmouth, 20 guns, Capt. G. F. Rich, housebreaking

arrived at Portsmouth from the St Helena station, to be paid off. M.Millan having failed to appear, sentence of fugitation was

She left the island on the 29th of July, when the Conqueror, Adpronounced against him, and Clark pleaded Guilty. The offences miral Plampin, Racoon, Leveret, Podargus, and Griffon, were lywere so aggravated, that, independent of his confession, Mr Drum ing there. The Phæton and Musquito were daily expected from mond thought it his duty to prove at least one of the charges. The

the Mauritius, Sir Richard King having taken that island under his evidence, was perfectly clear, and the Jury found him Guilty, but command. The Spey had sailed for Tristan de Cunha, to remove a majority recommended him to mercy.

the stores from that island to Ascension : the Griffon was going on Lord Reston delivered his opinion of the case, and stated, that the same service ; both these vessels were afterwards to come to from its aggravated nature, and the necessity of putting a check to

England. The Julia was at Ascension. Bonaparte was never in a crime which of late had become too prevalent in this country, it

better health ; the perfect restoration of which he attributes to the was his painful duty to say, that the recommendation of the Jury, constant use of the warm bath. He uses it 'as the greatest of luxuithough it would certainly receive every attention, would probably ries, frequently staying in it several hours, reading some book. He only excite delusive hopes in the mind of the prisoner.

afterwards walks much in the grounds of Longwood; and fills up After a most impressive address from the Lord Justice Clerk, his more relaxed hours by playing at billiards. Captain Popplethe pannel was sentenced to be executed at Perth upon Friday the

well, 53d regiment, who had been on constant duty in attending 31st day of October 1817. Clark is a good-looking young man,

upon Bonaparte since his arrival at St Helena, is come home. seemingly not above 20 years of age. He behaved with becoming Bonaparte, to testify his sense of the delicate manner in which decorum through the whole trial; but, until the last words of the Captain P. had executed his duty, on his embarking fur England sentence, he gave no outward signs of being much affected. presented him with a very superb ornamented gold snuff-box.

Arrived on Saturday se'ennight at Portsmouth, the ship Halifax Ayr, September 11.

Packet, in twenty-five days from Halifax, with Captain Samuel James Hamilton and Charles Neil were accused of housebreak. Jackson, and the officers and crew (excepting about 50, who have ing and theft. Neil was found Grilty on his own confession, and volunteered into the North American squadron) of his majesty's the libel against Hamilton Not Proven. Neil was banished for 7 ship Niger, which has been paid off at that port, she being found in years; and Hamilton was acquitted, but recommitted on another

an unfit state to proceed home. Captain Jackson left she Leander, charge of theft.-William Hamilton, charged with breaking a shop. Saracen, and Opossum at Halifax; the Harrier had sailed for window of Andrew Wallace, jeweller, Ayr, and stealing therefrom Jamaica. several watches, pled Guilty. The Depute Advocate, however, ex. The Tortoise store-ship from Rio Janeiro brings accounts of nuamined several witnesses, who proved the robbery. He was re merous instances of outrage and oppression exercised by the govercommended to mercy. The Judge (Hermand) sentenced him to be nor of that port on British merchant vessels, in unnecessarily firing hanged on 17th October, at Ayr, but gave hopes that mercy at, and compelling ships to anchor, imprisoning boats' crews, and might be extended to him.

keeping them without provisions. The Tortoise was fired on in Robert Wallace, shoemaker in Kilmarnock, was indicted for fal. this manner, the shot carrying away one of her sails. An officer cifying a letter of credit addressed to him by Mr A. Hamilton of and boat's crew, sent ashore to remonstrate, were kept prisoners Mauchline, in favour of James Smith, shoemaker, New Cumnock, till released by our ambassador, who has sent home an account of by adding teen to the syllable six ; but the diet was deserted in con. the affair, and, it is rumoured, an apology from the Portuguese. sequence of the advocate-depute's declaration, that he was satisfied The Tug steam boat arrived at Grangemouth, on Monday se'enMe Wallace was of unimpeachable character, and wholly innocent night, in 3 hours from Newhaven, with the Alert, Allan, in tow, of the charge. A warrant was granted against Smith, cited as a neither vessel having carried any sail on the passage.

Sept. 27, 1817.)


Majesty's ship Severn 'had a serious rencontre of Broadstairs, with Official statement of the funded debt of Great Britain, as it

a gang of smugglers, from whom they took upwards of 300 tubs of

gin. In the affray, we are sorry to learn, a British officer was so stood Ist February, 1817, with the progress of the sinking fund to

severely wounded by the smugglers, that but small hopes are on. the 1st of August :

tertained of his recovery. Total amount of the funded debt in Great Britain and Ireland, The Dock Company of Hull have resolved to erect an extensive

unredeemed Ist Feb., 1817.... .......... £.799,601,1768 v 37 warehouse, for the purpose of storing salt, duty free, for exportaTotal annual charge........

44,095,440 r9 , 4 tion, under the regulations of an act passed in the last session of Total amount of stock redeemed, since the

Parliament, allowing such warehouses to be established at London, 1st February 1817........

9,461,657 . 0.0 Hull, Greenock, Leith, and Plymouth ; which privilege was by a Total amount of sinking fund per ann.

former act confined to the ports of Liverpool and Bristol only. sterling money......

13,844,43413. 14 The government of Russia having some reason to suppose that Total amount of national debt redeemed,

an extensive smuggling trade was carried on by British ships at since the commencement of the debt, up

the port of Archangel, as well as other Russian ports, had directed to the 1st February 1817............... 343,335,185,16 . 3 that a more vigorous investigation should be instituted; when it Of which there has been cancelled, and the

was discovered, that false entries had been made at the custominterest thereon has ceased to be paid.... 277,029,952 · 3 · 4 houses, and means found to introduce on shore merchandize proTotal amount of redeemed debt remaining

hibited altogether, or such as afforded a strong temptation to evain the names of the commissioners who

sion by the high amount of the duty. receive the interest for re-investment..... 66,305,333.12.11 Two British ships have been detained at Valparaiso, on account Therefore, if there be deducted from the amount of debt of the The British merchants residing at Buenos Ayres, alarmed at this

of some irregularity' in trade, by the Spanish government of Chili. 1st February, the amount remaining in the names of the commis.

proceeding, had sent a memorial to Commodore Bowles, on the sioners, and the amount purchased and transferred to them since

river Plate station, apprising him of the captures which had taken that date, the national debt, at the 1st of August 1817, was ac

place, and acquainting him at the same time, that as the trade to tually £.723,834.185 , 15 v 44.

Chili was there considered to be open to British ships, many had We have the strongest reason for believing that it is in the con

sailed with cargoes from Buenos Ayres, and others were preparing templation of government to reduce the interest upon the next is

to sail for various ports of that province; and that it was feared, from sue of Exchequer Bills to 2d. per day ; and the merchants look

what had taken place, that all these vessels would be subjected to with confidence to the bank's beginning to discount good bills at

the same risk ; they therefore suggested to Commodore Bowles, the rate of 4 per cent.

the consideration of the propriety of having some force in that An advertisement from the India House states a very important resolution of the Court of Directors, the effect of which is to reduce quarter to sustain the British rights, and wished that the vessels

already captured should be reclaimed. the interest upon their bonds after the last day of March next, to

In America there appears to be a rising demand for European 4 per cent. The intelligence was communicated upon the Stock

manufactures ; and most of the productions of nature promised Exchange by Mr Cobb, of the India House, about 3 o'clock on

there, as in this country, to be most abundant. The cotton crops Wednesday. The 3 per cent. consols immediately rose in conse

only created some fear. quence about & per cent ; but the more visible effect of the mea.

The Leicester Journal says, “ The parishes in Nottinghamshire, sure was of course to be seen in the rapid depression of the India

aware of the great advantage Leicestershire has derived from the Bonds. It was first surmised about a week ago, that the East

late regulations, have coine to the resolution not to manufacture India Company intended to reduce the interest on its bonds by at

hosiery, or to send men to get work at reduced prices ; in consoleast one per cent., whereupon the premium upon the India House

quence of which, the liberal manufacturers have agreed to advance paper fell suddenly from 120s. to 35s. As this rumour, however,

the wages of the framework - knitters, which, with the abundant died away, the bonds gradually recovered their value ; so that when

harvest, will enable the industrious to maintain their families withMr Cobb reached the Stock Exchange yesterday, the premium had

out parochial aid." again risen to 103s. His communication instantly sunk it to 50, and between 50 and 60 it left off. One cannot help remarking contingencies which the exertion of human wisdom could not coun

The gloom and embarrassments of adverse times, resulting from upon the peculiarity here stated, that the mere rumour of a reduc

teract, are now dispelled in the cheering contemplation of reviving tion of one per cent. interest lowered the premium upon the bonds

trade, and undoubted prospects of abundance. Every branch of to 35 shillings, while the positive notice of the reduction did not

trade has received an impetus, to which it has long been a stranger. sink it below 50. Such is the effect of a first impression. In the

Iron Works. There is now an increasing demand for all articles interval, also, the holders have had the means to contemplate the

manufactured from this staple commodity. The want of this artidifficulty of lodging their money to greater advantage elsewhere.

cle in France, from the want of iron ore in the coal districts there, The Company, also, in allowing above six months before the 'reduce tion actually takes place, have granted sufficient time to the land, aided by the adaptation of iron to purposes where timber and

will naturally beget a growing dependence on this country for it; holders. It is estimated, says a Brussels paper, that the house of Baring manufacturers in this extensive branch of British industry. The

stone were heretofore used, will effectually relieve our industrious and Co. have gained at least half a million sterling by the two

bar-iron trade in Wales, Shropshire, and Staffordshire, is in so flouFrench loans.

rishing a condition, that the iron masters would rather decline orders

even at the advanced prices, for they cannot execute the demands so MANUFACTURES AND COMMERCE.

fast as they receive them. The nail trade likewise is so much on

the advance, that the manufacturers again employ those men who, The Active frigate, after having been some days off the coast, is || during the winter months, were compelled to seek a scanty suparrived from Jamaica at Portsmouth. She brings home about port, by labouring on the high ways. £.800,000, chiefly in dollars, and which by far the greater part is Cotton Manufactures.- Manchester goods have lately advanced for account of the merchants.

10 per cent. and the demand is still increasing : 26,000 bags have A lady landing a few days since at Dover, from the opposite been sold in the course of ten days to the manufacturers. The coast, was observed by the custom-house officers to have increased manufacturers of Blackburn, &c. have advance d6d per cwt. on all in bulk, rather in an unusually rapid manner, since her departure || kinds of goods. In Norfolk the demand for bombazcens, &c. is so for the continent. They therefore exercised more than usual li. great, that the old looms which have long lain inactive, are now berties with the person of the lady, and eased here of more than put into requisition, and new ones are making. According to a £.120 worth of lace, and other contraband goods. For the ladies computation recently made, founded on the returns of the first six ibey have female searchers.

months of the present year, the consumption of cotton wool in the In the night between Saturday and Sunday last, the boats of His | British manufactories, during the year 1817, may be estimated at




[Sept. 27, 1817. 92,000,000. The consumption for 1816 was not supposed to ex. The Emperor of Austria has issued a decree, which prohibits ceed 72,000,000.

the introduction of raw foreign iron and steel, as well as all artiA meeting was lately held in London for the purpose of estab. cles, of whatever description, manufactured from those articles. lishing a society for the protection of the cotton trade, and to form A letter from Dominica, dated July 19, states, “ that four was en union with Manchester, Nottingham, Glasgow, &c.; connections 13 dollars per barrel, and falling much. There were from 6 to are also to be established with fifteen remote places, víz, at Smyrna, 9000 barrels of it in the market. About 1000 hogsheads of tobacco Constantinople, the ports of Italy, and Spain, at Stockholm, Copen had lately arrived, and the markets had been overstocked with all hagen, St Petersburgh, &c. As Prussia, Sweden, Denmark, Russia, kinds of American produce ; sugar 8 dollars to 9 per cut. All the France, and other countries, have endeavoured to prevent the im. exportation of sugar in foreign vessels was prohibited on 1st July, portation of British cotton manufactures, it was of importance that The machinery and implements of a woollen factory in Balti early information should be obtained of every measure in these places. more were lately sold, when some of the articles brought only one At this meeting, some information was given relative to the state of tenth of the original cost, for others a fourth and a balf were paid : manufacturers in Manchester. Competent and industrious hands such is the estimation in which domestic manufactures are held, were employed from twelve to fourteen hours in the day, but the observes the Baltimore Gazette. price was 'scarcely adequate to the support. Calicoes of 28 yards The fraudulent practice for some time adopted in the United were paid at the rate of 2s. 6d. or 8s., and expert workmen only States, of increasing the weight of bales of cotton, by placing stones could execute three pieces in a week, and by a female only two, among them, bids fair, says the American papers, to attract the from which was to be deducted 2s. for the room, &c. Some arti. notice of the Government. cles for the weaving, of which heretofore 30s. were paid, are now The National Advocate, an American paper, says, “ The Rus. manufactured at 7s. or 7s.6d, a-piece.

sians, whom we have imagined to be a heavy, dull people, without Sülk-manufactures. The improvement in the silk trade of Spit spirit or enterprise, are giving us daily proofs to the contrary. alfields for some weeks past has been such, that, not withstanding | They have taken possession of one of the islands in the Pacific ocean, raw-silk has advanced full 20 per cent., every hand is fully employed. not far from the Sandwich islands, which they have fortified..

Long Wools. The demand for this article is at present very They will now derive the advantages of the whaling trade, one of great. Many farmers have sold the fleeces of last year on an ad the most profitable and necessary pursuits for the Russians, who vance. The importation of foreign wool last year was 8,117,864lbs. consume great quantities of oil. of which only 2,958,607lbs. came from Spain, from whence we for. The French papers say, that there were lately in the port of merly had almost the whole of our importation ; but now that Cronstadt 860 vessels, chiefly loading with corn for France, Holcountry sends not much above a fourth part : thus, by allowing the land, and the Netherlands. importation, we have encouraged the growth of wool in every coun Grain imported into Leith, for the week ending the 12th Sept.try to the prejudice of our own. The declared value of woollen Foreign- Wheat, 1330 quarters, 273 bags. Oats, 740 quarters. manufactures exported in 1814 was £.7,569,507, in 1815, Coastwise-Wheat, 448 quarjers, 100 bolis. Flour, 854 barrels. £.10,188,334, in 1816, £.8,404,488. The export is likely to be Non. importation agreements in Sweden.-—In the port of Calmar, greater this year, of course there will be a great demand for wool, the tenth town in the kingdom, containing 4,600 inhabitants, the

Large orders for goods have been received from the Havannah, magistrates, and a great part of the citizens, have signed an agreein consequence of the governor having permitted British vessels to ment to restrict the number of dishes and kinds of wine at table make entries upon the same terms as Spanish vessels.

to banish the use of coffee, confectionary, &c.and that the women A journal for the printing of cottons, linen, silk, serge, &c. is shall lay aside all dresses of gauze tulle, crape, &c. and shall not publishing at Augsburg and Leipsic, with coloured plates. This wear any lace above two inches broad, or Turkish, or expensive work contains several memoirs on the whitening and printing of shawls." The deputies from the peasants have also come to similar cottons, dying, &c. It is divided into memoirs and communica resolutions and that the clothes of every one shall be stamped as tions at large, and into miscellaneous articles, and notices or hints being of home manufacture, under a penalty. The measures which relative to new, proceedings, new machines, improvements of old have been taken since the spring by the government, to prevent methods or implements, &c., the whole having a view to practice, the importation of foreign merchandize, has occasioned, as might and amelioration of the state of knowledge and skill in this import. have been expected, a stagnation in the sale of home productions. ant and daily more extensive branch of natural industry,

It is proposed by the Swedes to destroy barter and exchange-that M. Pisher, proprietor of a manufactory of cast steel, in Switzer. commerce shall take a new turn, and all its maxims be reversed land, some time ago undertook a journey to England for the pur. all sales, and no purchases ! This prohibitory system is laying the pose of visiting the principal manufactories and workshops there. foundation of an extensive smuggling trade. In the meantime, He has since published an account of his travels, which contains a several bankruptcies have taken place among the first houses at great member of interesting notices ; in particular, relating to the Drontheim and Christiana, and great distress prevails in Norway towns of Birmingham and Manchester---to the iron and steel for want of employment. The continental journalists state, that works to the steam engines of Bolton and Watt-to the prepara. Lord Strangford is commissioned to prevail upon the court of tion of hemp by Mr Lee to the pottery wares of Wedgwood to Stockholm to grant more indulgence to English commerce. the carriages impelled by steam to the hydraulic presses, and Considerable activity prevails in the United States to organize many other things.connccted with the manufactures and machinery societies, the object of which is as much as possible to promote do. of Britain.

mestic manufactures, to supersede those of Great Britain, The summer orders from America, the continent, and colonies, Trade is fast rising among the South-Sea Islands; and as many have given a considerable impulse to several branches of our ma of the natives have entered on board of the ships of the different nufactures.

nations which have touched there, we may expect to find that an Quantity of Porter brewed by the six principal houses in Lon additional impulse will soon be given to their prosperity. The don, from July 1816 to July 1817:

ship Macquarrie left Otaheite on the 24th of April last, with a Barclay, Perkins, and Co. .......... ................. 281,484 Barrels.

cargo of nearly 60 tons of pork, excellently cured. She next Hanbury and Co.


reached Morea, (Eimeo), one of the Society islands, where the misReid and Co. ...


sionaries have latterly resided. Several other islands were visited, Whitbread and Co.


where a few tons of pork were obtained, but the chief part of the Henry Meaux and Co.


cargo was taken in at Bolabola. In these Islands the women were Combe, Delafield, and Co.


now permitted toe at pork. War had almost desolated the main Quantity of Ale brewed by the four principal ale-brewers in island, Otaheite. A force of three hundred men was still considered London, from July 1816 10 July 1817

a numerous army. Although they had a number of muskets, and Stretton and Co.

26,051 Barrels. knew tolerably well how to use them, yet they do but little exe. Wyatt and Co.


cution. If two or three fall, the main body immediately gives way, Charrington,................................•••


and flies in every direction. They have a great quantityof poultry, Goding.......


the common domestic fowl, and Muscovy ducks, with goats. The

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