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Domestic Occurrences. -— Marriages.-Deaths.

[March 7. 1818.
in Scotland have been returned, with the expla-

DEATHS. nations desired, to the house of Lords, and are London, March 1. ordered to be taken into consideration in April Catharine Dunbar, widow of Thone's Wedder

Here, on the 12th inst. aged 98 years, Mre In parliament, the internal state of the country has come under partial discussion, on several The trial of the Rev. Mr Joseph Robertson, burn, Esq.--At Londou, the Right Hon. Laity motions, which pointed at the production of pra. minister of the gospel, and William Pearson, Mary Kerr, in the 72d year of her age, third sis

ter of his Grace the late John Duke of Kose pers, the appointment of committees, and other spirit dealer, Canongate, accused of falsehood, ject of punishment for forgery. Mr Bennel is irregularly celebrating marriage contrary to the he had been at the Prince Regent's levee, in

Sir :!, Mackintosh has taken up the sub- fraud, and forgery, and also of clandestinely and burghe.-Suddenly, at his house in Bedford pursuing

measures for putting an end to climbing 34th act of the first session of the first parlia- good health. He was in the 78th year of'lis boys in cbimney-sweeping.

ment of Charles II

. 1661, came on on Monday nye. At Edinburgh, on the 12th inst. George Savings Banks.---These establishments are before the High Court of Justiciary. The pan- White, Esq. one of the magistrates of this city, rapidly increasing throughout the country. It nels pleaded. Not guilty. No objection was Commons, that, from the 6th of August 1817 to trial was postponed to a future day, and the pan- stations in the Town Council.–At Trinidad, Mr appears from returns lately made to the house of made to the relevancy of the indictment, but the aged 70. Mr White has held the office of magis

trale four times, besides various other important the 5th January 1818, no less à surm than nels were admitted to bail. L 323,054, has been received by commissioners for the reduction of the national debt from the ling, has received an elegant massive gold medal Mrs Arbuthnot, wife of Mr James Arbuthnot, ju

Mr J. Smith, of, near Stir. Alexander Dyce, surgeon, son of the late Alex

ander Dyce, Esq. of Tilliegreig -At Peterleak, trustees of the savings banks in Great Britain, from the imperial free economical society of pe, nior, Peterhead. --At Keith, Mr William Gorto be applicd in the purchase of stock for the sub- tersburg, as a mark of the esteem with which don, writer.—At Edinburgh, on the 20th inst. scribers.

they regard his invention of the reaping machine. Serah Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Robert Another meeting has taken place in the me Nearly 15,000 children have been vaccinated Preston, Esq. of New Sidney Place, Bath.-On tropolis for the purpose of putting a stop to men at the Edinburgh Dispensary alone since the the 15th inst. at his seat, Dunnielen, Forfur. dicity.

introduction of the practice. Several of the bishops and about twenty-five

sbire, in his 86th year, George Dempster, Esq. lay peers have held a meeting for the purpose of

many years representative in Parliament ior si forming a society, and raising a fund in aid of

Andrews, &c.-At East Dalry, on the 15th inst.

BIRTHS. an intended parlianzentary grant for building

Mrs Shirreft:-At Torbreck, on the 13th inst. in churches.

the 76th year of her age, Mrs Ană Russell, tlie The recognizances of all the persons dischar.

On the 17th inst. Mrs M. Napier, Castle | lady of Alexander Fraser, Esq. of Torbreck. ged froin confinement under the habeas corpus street, of a daughter.-On the 19th inst

. the suspension have been discharged, and a subscrip- lady of Major Menzies, 42d regiment, of a daughLion entered into by Sir F. Burdett's party for ter.-On the 19th inst. at Eskgrove, the lady of

MARKETS. the relief of tbose men.

Captain North Dalrymple, of a danghter. --On
Edinburgh, March 5.

the 18th inst. at Schivas, the lady of Alexander On the 25th ult. in consequence of the death

Forbes Irvine, Esq. of Schivas, and younger of London, Feb. 28. By the quarter of eight of George White, Esq. the Lord Provost, Ma- Drum, of a son and heir.-

On the 22d inst, in Winchester bushels, and of oatmeal per boll of gistrates, and Council, appointed Neil Ryrie,

Albany-street, the lady of Alexander Kennedy, 140 lbs. avoirdupois, fiom the returns received Esq. first bailie; John Anderson, Esq. second Esq. of a daughter.-On the 23d inst. at Lau- in the week ending February 21. bailie; and Robert Anderson, Esq. third bailie ;

riston-place, Mrs Andrew Melliss, of a son.- England and Wales-Wheat 85s. 20.-Rye the election of fourth bailic was delayed. At the On the 17th inst. at Balfron, Mrs Marshall was 50s. Sd,-Barley 45s. 10u.--Oats 28s. lld

Beans 54s. 100.--Peasc 52s. ld.-Oatmeal same time they appoiuted William Pattison, safely delivered of three fine boys, who, with the

33s. 40. Esq. to be fourth old bailie, in room of William mother, are all doing well, Sibbald, Esq. deceasel; and Thomas Brown,

Scotland.--By the quarter of cight Winches. Esq. was elected first merchant councillor, in

ter bushels, and of Oatmeal per boll of 128 lbs.

MARRIAGES. room of Mr Patison; William Dunlop, Esq. to

Scots troy, or 140 lbs. avoirdupois, of the four succeed Air Broren, as second merchant-council On the 19th inst. at Caldwell, county of Ayry weeks iminediately preceding the 15th February.

-Wheat 69s. 9d.--Rye bls. 90.- Barley 41s. lor; but the successor of Mr Dunlop was not ap- Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sir Charles Col

3d.-Oats 32s. Ild.- Beans 52s. 10d.--Pease pointed at this mecting.

ville, G. C. B. to Jane, eldest daughter of WilOn the 3d, after the adjournment of the ge- liam Muir of Caldwell, Esq.-At Leith, on the 525.8d --Oatmeal 28s. 7d.—Beer or Big 40s. 51. neral meeting of the Union canal company, the 13th inst. Mr Edward Reid, merchant, New

The average price of Brown or Muscovado committee of management, with many of the castle on-Tyne, to Isabella, daughter of Mr P. Sugar, computed from the returns made in the proprietors, proceeded to the west end of Foun- Sandeman there.—Here, on the 26th ult

, the week ending February 25. is forty-nine shillings tuin-bridge, the spot fixed on for the basin, where Rev. Robert Ross, to Marina, youngest daughter and threepence farthing per cut duty exclusive.

Haddington, February 27.--Wheat 41s. 6d. tliey were met by the engineer and contractor, of the late Mr John Haldane of Newcastle.and after an appropriate and impressive prayer At Valetta, John Mackenzie, Esq. to Anne, 198. -Pease 358, 31s. 275-Beans 35s. 3ls. 27s.

36s. 31s.--Barley 57s. 32s. 295.- Oats 30s. 24s. by the Rev. David Dickson, one of the minis- | eldest daughter of Mr Thomas Macgil of Malta. ters of the parish, Mr Downie of Appin, presi -At Glenluggie, Mr William Smith, jun. mer

Dalkeith, February 26.- Wheat 43s. 6d. dant of the committee, dug the first spadeful in chant, Glagow, 'to Ann, duughter of the late 38s. 30.-Barley 52s. 26. 24s ---Oats 38s. 6d.

30s. 20s.--Peasc 3ls. 28s. 245,--Beans 3ls. this extensive work. A drawing was exhibited Rev. Thomas Freebaim, minister of New Monk

28s. 24s. at the meeting of the aqueduct over Slateford land.--At Glasgow, William Middleton, Esq Falley; it promises to be one of the mest striking merchant, to Jessey, daughter of Mr George Craw

Edinburgh, February 25.- Wheat 44s. 6d.. med clegant structures of the kind in the king-ford, writer. -At Seaside, on the 29th inst. An. 30s. 53s.—Oats 34s. 27s. 20s.—Pease 36s. 32s.

30s.-Beans 36s. 325. 30s. dem. It is to be nearly 500 feet long and 65 drew Thomson, Esq. younger of Kinloch, W. S.

March 3.-Oatmeal 26s. 6d. 255.-Retail tect high, and is designed by Mr Baird on the to Barbara, youngest daughter of James Hunter

1s. 9d.— 8d. per peck.--Barley-meal 20s. principle of the celebrated aqueduct at Langoth of Seaside, Esq.-At Leith, on the 20th inst. jen in Wales.

George Scott Elliot, Esq. of Lauristou, to Anne Qu'ensberry Estate.--Agreeably to the order Marjory, eldest daughter of James Bell, Esq. some time ago pronounced by the Lord Chan- merchant in Leith. -At Glasgow, on the 10th

NOTICES TO CORRESPONDENTS. cellor in the cause of Thomas v. Montgomery, inst. Lieutenant Ross, of the 26th regiment, to The hints communicated by D. M. will be one fourth of the legacies and interest, and ar Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the deceased attended to ; while the suggestions of G. M. will Tears of annuities left by the late Duke of William Fleming, Esq. of Kelvin Bank.--At not be overlooked. The Editors request a cone' Queensberry, the payment of which has been so Inverness, on the 11th inst. James Driver, Esq. unuance of their correspondence. Several comlong suspended on account of the disputes at Kirkwall, Orkney, to Miss Annabella Chisholm, munications in prose are under consideration.-law relative to his grace's succession, is now in seeond daughter of Captain Ilugli Chisholm, late Ossian s Address to the Nioon --The Ode to a course of payment by the accountant-general of 9th Royal Veteran Battalion, and resident com- Melancholy,-Darthula --and the Sounet to Chancery. The remits to the Court of Session mandant of Fort Augustus.

Rush-light, will find a place in our ncât Nuutcai

John Moir, Printer, Edinburgh.





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