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D. TEETH. 1. Are the teeth clean? ..... 2 Are the teeth sound?. 3. Are the six-year molars in good condition?.... 4. Has the child been to a dentist within six months?. 6. Are the teeth regular?...... 6. Does the child use a toothbrush every day?. 7. Are the gums free from abscesses?. 8. Are the gums healthy looking?... 9. Are the upper teeth straight (not prominent)?. 10. Have decayed teeth been filled?..

E. NOSE AND THROAT. 1. Does the child breathe with the mouth closed?. 2. Is he free from pasal discharge?... 3. Is he free from "Dasal voice”?. 4. Has he a well-developed face?. 5. Has he a well-developed chin?. 6. Has he straight, even teeth?. 7. Is the child mentally alert?. & Is he usually free from sore throat?. 9. Is the hard palate wide (not high and narrow)? 10. Is the hearing good?.....

F. Ears. 1. Does the child usually answer questions without first saying "What”?. 2. Is he fairly attentive?.... 3. Is he fairly bright appearing (not stupid)?.. 4. Does he have a voice with good expression (not expressionless)?. 5. Does he spell fairly well?. 6. Does he read fairly well?. 7. Is he free from earache?.. 8. Does he hear a watch tick as far as the average child?. 9. Is be free from ear discharge?..... 10. Is he free from any peculiar postures which might indicate deafnes

G. EYES 1. Are the child's eyes straight?.. 2. Is be free from chronic headache?. 3. Does he do his work without fatigue?. 4. Is be free from squinting or frowning?. 3. Is the child free from postures which might indicate eye defects, such as leaning over too near the desk,

holding the head on one side, etc.?..... 6. Are the eyes free from redness and discharge?.. 7. Are the eyelids healthy looking?..... & Can the child read writing on the board from his seat". 9. Have the eyes been tested separately with the Suellen test, type?..

H. COMMUNICABLE DISEASES OF THE SKIN. 1. Is the head free from any signs of disease (lice, ringworm)?. 2. Is the skin of the face, hands, wrists, forearms, chest, free from red, somewhat circular patches (ring.

worm)? ....... 3. Is the skin of the face, hands, and forearms free from infected spots with crusts and pus (impetigo)?.... 4. Is the child free from red scratched lines and spots on the hands, wrists, forearms, chest, and between the fingers (itch)?....

Is the child free from the following general early indications of contagious diesez?

1. Flushed face.. 2. Lassitude. 3. Vomiting.. 4. Eruptions... 5. Coogested eyes.. 6. Discharging eyes. 7. Nasal discharge. 8. Persistent cough. 9. Scratching.. 10. Sleepiress.


(See p. 34.) SHAWAN, Jacob Albright. School activities in relating to children's eyes. In

National education association of the United States. Journal of proceedings and addresses, 1911. Published by the association, 1911. p. 1063-70.

A résumé of information being gathered through questionnaire sent out by N. E. A. Committee appointed at the Boston meeting of the Department of special education, 1910, "to study and report on the conservation of vision. This committee consists of an ophthalmologist, a psychologist, an illuminating engineer, a publisher, and a superintendent of schools. Its object is to study not only school conditions with reference to the use and abuse of vision, but other conditions. ... The committee has so far planned to investigate the following phases of the subject: 1. The physiology and pathology of vision. 2. Illumination, both natural and artificial. 3. Objects of vision, including books, writing tablets, blackboards, etc. 4. The psychology of vision, especially with reference to conduct. 5. The legal aspects of the problem of the conservation of vision with special reference to legislative regulations.

“This paper is ... a partial report of one member of the committee and is confined to one phase of the subject.

“A comprehensive questionnaire has been prepared and 3,000 copies sent to superintendents and principals of schools in the United States. ...

“Out of 736 answers ... 456, or 59 per cent, have the eyes of children examined periodically. ... Out of 504 answers, the following facts are de luced: 326, or 42 per cent, of the examinations were made by teachers; 138, or 17.7 per cent, of the examinations were made by physicians; 30, or 3.9 per cent, of the examinations were made by teachers, physicians, and ophthalmologists; 10, or 1.5 per cent, of the examinations were made by ophthalmologists and specialists."

Summary: " Firsi, light should be admitted to the schoolroom from the left of the pupils with a window space equal to not less than one-fifth of the floor surface." Second, a shiny suriace, whether the blackboard or printed page is injurious and should be avoided. “Third, the type used for printing school books should be large an i wear. Fourth, the amount of work requiring pencil or pen should be limitej.

Fifth, correction of the differences in refractive power of the two eyes should be discovered and promptly made by the wise of proper glasses.

Sirth, where the power of vision is limited it should be conserve l and developed by proper eyetraining, either by segregation or by the omission of certain subjects of study."



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