Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the Court of King's Bench: With Tables of the Names of the Cases Argued and Cited, and the Principal Matters, Volumen8


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Página 482 - Provided that if upon the trial of any person indicted for such misdemeanor it shall be proved that he obtained the property in question in any such manner as to amount in law to larceny, he shall not by reason thereof be entitled to be acquitted of such misdemeanor; and no person tried for such misdemeanor shall be liable to be afterwards prosecuted for larceny upon the same facts...
Página 28 - That no widow shall be entitled to dower out of any land which shall have been absolutely disposed of by her husband in his lifetime, or by his will.
Página 279 - The plaintiff, after the delivery of a plea of payment of money into court, shall be at liberty to reply to the same, by accepting the sum so paid into court in full satisfaction and discharge of the cause of action in respect of which it has been paid in, and he shall be at liberty in that case to tax his costs of suit...
Página 264 - ... were respectively written, signed, or executed, as they purport respectively to have been ; that such as are specified as copies are...
Página 921 - Act annexed, or as near thereto as the Circumstances of the Case will admit...
Página 482 - Provided always, that if upon the Trial of any Person indicted for such Misdemeanor it shall be proved that he obtained the Property in question in any such Manner as to amount in Law to Larceny, he shall not by reason thereof be entitled to be acquitted of such Misdemeanor; and no such Indictment shall be removable by Certiorari; and no Person tried for such Misdemeanor shall be liable to be afterwards prosecuted for Larceny upon the same Facts.
Página 906 - England in the name and with the privity of the accountant general of the Court of Chancery, to be placed to his account there...
Página 102 - Ellenborough says, if the owner of the soil throws open a passage, and neither marks by any visible distinction that he means to preserve all his rights over it, nor excludes persons from passing through it by positive prohibition, he shall be presumed to have dedicated it to the public.
Página 472 - Creditor under the Commission Fifteen Shillings in the Pound, such Certificate shall only protect his Person from Arrest and Imprisonment, but his future Estate and Effects (except his Tools of Trade and necessary Household Furniture, and the Wearing Apparel of himself, his Wife and Children), shall vest in the Assignees under the said Commission, who shall be entitled to seize the same in like manner as they might have seized Property of which such Bankrupt was possessed at the issuing the Commission.
Página 167 - That each of the respective periods of years herein-before mentioned shall be deemed and taken to be the period next before some suit or action wherein the claim or matter to which such period may relate shall have been or shall be brought into question...

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