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Yes! God's gracious gift of mind
Made the cotton tree;

Speed forth knowledge, peace, and love, Over land and sea.

And ten thousand cotton trees
Spring up fresh and fair,
That unwritten thoughts of love
O'er all the world shall bear.


COME, my love, and do not spurn
From a little flower to learn,-
See the lily on the bed,
Hanging down its modest head;
While it scarcely can be seen,
Folded on its leaf of green.

Yet we love the lily well
For its sweet and pleasant smell;

And would rather call it ours
Than the many gayer flowers.
Pretty lilies seem to be
Emblems of humility.

Come, my love, and do not spurn
From a little flower to learn;
Let your temper be as sweet
As the lily at your feet:
Be as gentle, be as mild,
Be a modest, simple child.

'Tis not beauty that we prize, Like a summer flower it dies ;

But humility will last,

Fair and sweet, when beauty's past;

And the Saviour from above

Views an humble child with love.



THERE was a noble ark
Sailing o'er waters dark,

And wide around:
Not one tall tree was seen,
Nor flower, nor leaf of green,
Nor e'en the ground.

Then a soft wing was spread,
And o'er the billows dread
A meek dove flew ;
But on that shoreless tide,
No living thing she spied
To cheer her view.

So to the ark she fled,
With weary drooping head,
To seek for rest;
Christ is the ark, my love,
Thou art the tender dove-
Fly to his breast.



HARK! the little birds are singing,
Winter's gone and summer's near;
See the tender grass is springing,

And the flowers will soon be here.

Who made the winter and the spring?
Who painted all the flowers?
Who taught the little birds to sing,
And made these hearts of ours?

O! 'tis God! how good he is!

He does every blessing give; All this happy world is his

Let us love him while we live!



GOD made the sky that looks so blue,
God made the grass so green,

God made the flowers that smell so sweet,
In pretty colours seen.

God made the sun that shines so bright,
And gladdens all I see,

It comes to give us light and heat;
How thankful should we be !

God made the pretty bird to fly;
How sweetly has she sung!
And though she soars so very high.
She won't forget her young.

God made the cow to give nice milk,
The horse for man to use;

I'll treat them kindly for His sake,
Nor dare His gifts abuse.

God made the water for our drink,
God made the fish to swim,
God made the trees to bear nice fruit,
Oh! how should we love Him.


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