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Routledge's Historical Series of Juvenile Books. 35.6d.

Noble Workers : Examples for Young Men. By H. A. PAGE.
Golden Lives: Biographies for the Day By H. A. PAGE.
From Cadet to Colonel. By Major-General Sir THOMAS SEATON,

Routledge's Standard Library. New Volumes. 35. 6d. each.

Life of Lorenzo de' Medici. By WILLIAM Roscoe.
Life and Pontificate of Leo X. By WILLIAM Roscoe. In 2

The Literary History of the Middle Ages. By the Rev. JOSEPH

P. L. Simmonds's Commercial Dictionary of Trade Products.
Profitable Poultry Keeping. With Original Illustrations. 35. 6d.
Robinson Crusoe in Words of One Syllable. With 24

pages of Coloured Plates by KRONHEIM & Co. Cloth gilt. 35. 6d.

(And in boards, 2s. 6d.) The Swiss Family Robinson in Words of One Sylla

ble. With 20 Original Page Plates by A. W. COOPER. Printed in Colours by EDMUND Evans. Cloth gilt. 35. 61. (And in boards,

25. 6d.) The Colored Bible for the Young. With 125 Illustrations,

Cloth gilt. 35. 6d. Popular Nursery Tales and Stories, With 100 Illustrations.

35. 6d. (And in boards, 25. 6d.) Routledge's Sunday Album for Children. With 160 Page

Illustrations. 35. 6d. (And in boards, 25. 6d.) The Child's Picture Story Book. With 400 Illustrations by

Sir JOHN GILBERT, R.A., and Others. 35. 6d. (And in boards,

25, 6d.) The Marvels of the Polar World. Translated by ROBERT ROUTLEDGE, B.Sc. With Illustrations.

25, 6d. "To Be, or Not To Be." An Amusing Record of your

Friend's' Convictions. A Handy Scrap-book for Marriage
Records. Arranged by W. GREY-WILSON, C.C.S. Clotlı,

coloured edges. 25. 6d. For Very Little People. By Mrs. SALE BARKER. With 96

Page Plates. 25. 6d. (And in boards, 25.)

Lunday Talks with Mamma. By Mrs. SALE BARKER. Wi

many Illustrations. 25. 61. (And in boards, 25.)

Routledge's Two-and-Sixpenny Juvenile Books. No

Volumes. 25. 6d. each.
Louis's School Days. By E. J. MAY.
Dashwood Priory. By E. J. MAY.
Saxelford. By E. J. MAY.
Adventures of Harry Skipwith by Sea and Land. By W. !

Paul Gerrard the Cabin Boy. By W. H. G. KINGSTON.
Digby Heathcote. By W. H. G. KINGSTON.
Wolf's Fairy Tales.
With & Stout Heart. By Mrs. SALE BARKER.

Stories and Thoughts for Girls. By ISABELLA Fyvie MAYO. Routledge's Two-Shilling Juvenile Books. New Volume

25. each.
Adventures in India. By W. H. G. KINGSTON.
Unac the Indian.


Coward or Hero po

The Excelsior Series. New Volumes. 25. each.
Lowell's Poetical Works.

The Robin Hood Ballads, B Bloomfield's Poems.

Sir Edward Seaward's Narrative of His Shipwreck.
Arthur Bonnicastle. By Dr. J. G. HOLLAND.
Willis's Poems.

2s, each

The One-Syllable Books. With Coloured Plates,

(And in boards, Is. 6d, each.) Robinson Crusoe.

Evenings at Home.
The Swiss Family Robinson. The Pilgrim's Progress.

Routledge's One-and-Sixpenny Juvenile Books, New

Volumes. Is. 6d, each. Elizabeth ; or, The Exiles of The Three Sisters. By Mrs

Siberia. With 40 Illustrations. ' PERRING. Nelly the Gipsy.

Ellen and Frank. Beechnut. By JACOB ABBOTT. PERRING. Lilian Seacroft. By Mrs. Per. Ben Howard; or, Truth and RING.


By Mrs. he Master Jack" Series. New Volumes. Is. 61. each.

(And in boards, is, each.)
Totty's Natural History. With 25 Page Plates by HARRISON

Weir and A. T. Elwes.
The Young Coasters. Stories in Prose and Verse for Little People.

With 23 Full-page Pictures by MIRIAM KERNS.
The Old Farm Gate. Stories in Prose and Verse for Little People.

With 24 Full-page Pictures by M. E. EDWARDS, MIRIAM

Two Little Friends. Illustrated Stories. With 24 Full-page Pic.

tures by A. C. CORBOULD, F. A. Fraser, and HARRISON

Little Bird Red and Little Bird Blue. With Illustrations by

T. R. MACQUOID. Printed in Colours by EDMUND EVANS.
Snow Flakes and the Stories they Told the Children. With

Illustrations by H. K. BROWNE. Printed in Colours by

EDMUND Evans. Routledge's Large Size Shilling Juvenile Books. New Volumes.

Is, each. Elizabeth; or, the Exiles of | Lily's Screen. By Mrs. SALE

Siberia. With 40 Illustrations. BARKER. Nelly the Gipsy.

Lily's Home. By Mrs. SALE


Lily's Magic Lantern. By Mrs. Lilian Seacroft. By Mrs. Per. SALE BARKER.

Lily's Scrap Book. By Mrs. The Three Sisters. By Mrs. SALE BARKER, PERRING.

Truth is Everything. By Mrs. A Hero. By the Author of GELDART. "John Halifax."

Games of Skill and Conjuring. Ben Howard; or, Truth and The Young Angler. Honesty.

Scientific Amusements for Ellen and Frank. By Mrs.

Young People.

Games and Sports for Young Lily and Her Grandmamma.

By Mrs. SALE BARKER. Athletic Games and Sports.


The Calendar Alphabet. A Novel Toy Book for the Nursery. Is.
Morley's Universal Library. New Volumes. Is. each,

Mårlowe's Faustus and Goethe's Faust.
Chronicles of the cig,



Morley's Universal Library-continued.
Rabelais' Gargantua and The Heroic Deeds of Pantagruel

The Prince, by Machiavelli. (October.)
Bacon's Essays. (November.)

De Foe's Journal of the Plague. (December.)
The School Reciter for Boys and Girls. Is.
Every Boy's Library. New Volume.
The Playground. By the Rev. J. G. WOOD. Is. (And in cloth,

gilt edges, Is. 6d.) Acting Plays. By W. YARDLEY, E. L. BLANCHARD, and other

Randolph Caldecott's Shilling Toys. New Volumes.

1. The Fox Jumped Over the Parson's Gate.

2. The Frog Who Would a Wooing Go. Kate Greenaway's Almanac for 1884. Is. (And in cloth,

gilt, is. 6d.) Chiromancy and Palmistry, By Henry Frith and EDWARD

HERON-ALLEN. With Illustrations. Society and Solitude. By R. W. EMERSON. Is. (Copyright.) Asparagus Culture: The Best Methods Employed in

England and France. By JAMES BARNES and WILLIAM ROBIx.

SON. The Grape Vine: Its Propagation and Culture. By


JOHN SIMPSON. The Pilgrim's Progress. With Memoir of the Author by Arch. deacon ALLEN. With Illustrations. 320 pages. Crown 8vo, cloth,

(And gilt edges, Is. 6d.) Kate Greenaway's Four Calendars for 1884. Printed on

Cards. Size 97 by 73 inches. 6d. each. 1. Pictures of Spring, Summer; Autumn, Winter. 2. Summer and Winter. 3. The Four Seasons. 4. The

Twelve Months. Routledge's New Toy Books. 6.1. each. 1. Phiz's Merry Hours. With 8


of Coloured Plates.. 2. Phiz's Funny Alphabet. With 16 pages of Coloured Plates. 3. Phiz's Funny Stories. With 8 pages of Coloured Plates. 4. Phiz's Bahy-Sweethearts. With 12 pages of Coloured Plates




BOOKS FOR THE COUNTRY. Fcap. 8vo, with numerous Illustrations, in fancy boards, or printed cloth boards, One Shilling each. (Postage 2d.) Angling and Where to Go, by Hints for Farmers. Blakey.

Fresh and Salt Water Aquarium, Pigeons and Rabbits, by E. S. by the Rev. 7. G. Wood, N1. A.

Delamer, with Illustrations by British Moths, by Rev. 7. G. H. Weir.

Wood. Shooting, by Blakey, Illustra- Window Gardening, by A. Meikle, tions by H. Weir.

Homing or Carrier Pigeon : Its The Sheep: Domestic Breeds History, Management, and

and Treatment, by W. C. L. Method of Training, by W.B.

Marlin, Illust. by Harvey. Teget meier.
Flax and Hemp : Their Cul. Geology for the Million.

ture and Manipulation, by Cottage Garden, by A. Aleikle. Delamer, plates.

Fly Fishing, by H. C. Pennell. Poultry Yard, by E. Watts, Bottom Fishing, hy H.C.Pennell.

illustrated by H. Weir. Trolling, by H. C. Pennell. The Horse, by Cecil, illustrated Domestic Cat, by Dr. Gordon by Wells.

Stables. Bees: Their Habits and Man- Rinks and Rollers, a Guide to

agement, by Rev.7. G. Wood. the Skating Rink. Cage and Singing Birds, by The Canary, by 7. G. Barnesby. H. G. Adams.

Plate-Swimming, by R. 11. Small Farms, and How they Dunlop, C.B.

ought to be Managed, by The Colorado Beetle. M. Doyle.

Lawn Tennis, by Jasper Smythe. Kitchen Garden, by E. S. Roses and How to Grow Them, Delamer.

with Illustrations. Flower Garden, by ditto.

1s. 6d. each. Farmer's Manual of Live Stock. Field and Garden Plants.

Cattle: Their History and various Common Objects of the Sea

Breeds, Management, TreatShore,

ment, and Diseases, by W.C.L. Common Objects of the Country.

Martin, revised by W. & H. Woodlands, Heaths,and Hedges,

Raynbird. by W. S. Coleman.

Dogs: Their Management in British Ferns, by Thomas Moore,

Health and Disease, by Ed. F.L.S., bds., with Coloured

ward Mayhew, M.R.C.V.S., Plates.

with Illustrations. Favourite Flowers.

2s. each. British Birds' Eggs and Nests, The Rat, with Anecdotes, by

by the Rev. 7. C. Atkinson, Uncle James. The Pig: How to Choose, Breed, Wild Flowers : Where to Find

Rear, Keep, and Cure, by and How to Know them, by Samuel Sidney

Spencer Thomson, illustrated. British Butte-flies, by Coleman. Rarey on [orse Taming.

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