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"ortland, on the 1st Te sy. Wiscasset

, on the ti iesday next after the

Tuesday next after they -y next after the 4th Tu next after the 4th Their y next after the 4th Tu aldo, ) on the 7th Tuesda

5. per. Portland on the "uesday in October

. 15 gusta, on the let Team October. Ai Nartia


Id Tuesday in February esday in March

, 31 Tv Viscasset

, 4th Tuesday in st. Warren, Ath Theme

Tuesday in Augusta Id Tuesday in March 1 jaber . Castine

, 4th Yes sday in October

. Med in September

. Parsi and 4th Tuesday in he he, and October. Boli frch, July and November

upreme Judicial Court.
onday in March and fourth in August

. At Pro:
= in March and September. At South-Kings-
in April and second in October. At Bristol,
ch and September. At East-Greenwich, second
st in October.
Furts of Common Pleas.
onday in May and first in November. At Pro
s in May and November. At South-Kingstown
ry, and second in August. At Bristol, fourth
nd first in June. Ať East Greenwich, third
ad August.



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Enited States' Courts.
ford, September 17. New Haven, last Wed-
et Courts-Hartford, 4th Tuesday in May and
, 4th Tuesday, in February and August.
preme Court of Errors.
'uesday in June. At New Haven, Tuesday
June. At Fairfield, fourth Tuesday in June.
day in July. At Litchfield, third Tuesday in
day following fourth Tuesday in July. At
day in July. At New London, third Tuesday
Superior Courts,
tesday in February, and fourth in September,
esday in January and second in August. At
rin October. At Norwich, fourth Tuesday in
purth Tuesday in Decomber. At Brooklyn,
; and second in September. At Litchfield,
y and August. At Middletown, fourth Tues-
dam, fourth Tuesday in August. At Tolland,
and October,

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as and General Quarter Sessions.
ys in March, June, September, and December
in January, April, and July, and 3d in October
anuary, 2d in April, 4th in June, and 3d in Sep.
Tuesday in January, 3d in April and June, and
, 4th Tuesday in January, March, October

, and Tuesday in December, March, Ist in July, and lington, 2d Tuesdays in February, August

, 4th ember. Gloucester, 3d Tuesdays in March, d 3d in December. Salem, 1st Tuesdays in September, and ist in December. Cape May, y, August, last in May, and 4th in October. 5 in February, May, August, and 4th in Octo uesdays in February, last in November, 1st in ber. Sussex, 3d Tuesdays in February, Au1 November. Warren, 2d Tuesdays in Fe. n August, and next after 4th in November. Elizabeth, 1st Tuesdays in March, June, Sep.

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Supreme Court.
Ids six terms for argument, &c. in the five
adjourned courts as they may deem necessary,
t composed of the city and county of Philadel-
f Delaware, Chester, Montgomery, Bucks,
ayne, and Pike, at Philadelphia, 3d Monday
weeks, and 2d Monday in December, to con.
ast Monday in July is the return day for July
held. For the Lancaster District composed
, York, Dauphin, Lebanon, Schuylkill

, and Monday in May. For the Middle District * Northumberland, Union, Columbia, Centre

, 1, Lycoming, Potter, Tioga, Bradford, SusLuzerne, at Sunbury, 2d Monday in June. composed of the counties of Alleghany, Westtte, Washington, Greene, Beaver, Butler, Narren, Venango, Armstrong, Indiana, Jef

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Quarter Sessions.
September, and Design

and July, and 3d in Ocak 1, 4th in June, and 3d i 1, 3d in April and Jux

, January, March, Oetele

, a mber, March, Ist in July a ays in February, Anga! ter, 3d Tuesdays in kelp er. Salem, 1st Tueshni at in December. Capell

May, and 4th in Oct ay, August

, and 4th i li ry, last in November

, ki Tuesdays in February

. arren, 2d Tuesday it t after 4th in November sdays in March, Jur,&


argument, &a, in the Is they may deem meczu city and county of Phild ester, Montgomery

, Beli 1 Plailadelphia, 34 Mate poday in December, der is the return day lihi ancaster District compe

Lebanon, Schuylki, s

For the Middle Didi Union, Columbia, Ceti fer, Tioga, Bradórd & fry, 2d Monday in lae panties of Alleghany, Test Greene, Beaver, Bulk Armstrong

, India, de

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