Dedham Historical Register, Volúmenes1-2

Dedham Historical Society, 1890
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Página 68 - Behold and see, as you pass by, As you are now so once was I; As I am now so you must be, Prepare for death and follow me.
Página 13 - ... inscription on a stone in the pavement. The benevolent intention of the founder seems to be completely fulfilled, in the prudent administration of the college concerns, by the various superiors ; whose kind attention to the happiness of the...
Página 71 - England 1662. | Tending to Clear the Elders and Churches of | New England from those Evils and Declinings charged upon many | of them in the two Prefaces before the said Book.
Página 62 - May next, at four o'clock in the afternoon, then and there to act on the following articles, viz. : — 1.
Página 87 - The said Inhabitants, taking into Consideration the great necessitie of providing some means for the Education of the youth in our s'd Towne, did with an unanimous consent declare by voate their willingness to promote that worke, promising to put too their hands, to provide maintenance for a Free Schoole in our said Towne.
Página 90 - July 3, 1729, aged thirty-two.] death. lie died in the prime of life ; otherwise he would have been more known in the world as one of the first in New England of our truly great men.
Página 98 - Entertainment at husking of Indian Corn whereto all the neighboring Swains are invited and after the Corn is finished they like the Hottentots give three Cheers or huzza's but cannot carry in the husks without a Rhum bottle they feign great Exertion but do nothing till Rhum enlivens them, when all is done...
Página 71 - Animadversions upon the Anti-Synodalia Americana, a Treatise printed in Old England, in the Name of the Dissenting Brethren in the Synod held at Boston, in NE, 1662.
Página 133 - Why all this toil for triumphs of an hour ? What though we wade in wealth, or soar in fame ? Earth's highest station ends in, " Here he lies," And " Dust to dust
Página 88 - Lusher has preserved for us the following account of this early temple of learning : 11 mo 15. 1648. Assemb : Hen Chickering, Joh Kingsbury, Joh, Dwight, Tho. Wight, Fra Chickering, Joshu. Fisher, & Elea : Lusher A school house to be built as followeth, together w"1 a watch house.

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