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and Dec.31, 18310 Mar. 31,






[blocks in formation]

No. 1. -To the Electors of Manchester.-Re-| No. 8.—To Lord Grey on his present Difficul-

fusing to pay Taxes.- Poor Man starved ties.-Crown and Anchor Meeting.–Use-

to death. - The Barings and Mr. and Mrs. ful Knowledge.—To Sir Thomas Denman.

Deacle. -- Lord Radnor's Letter.-- Lost -Bristol.—Mayor's account of the Riots.


– To Correspondents.

No. 2.-Reform Bill.-Debates in Parliament.

-Address to Earl Radnor from the Politi- No. 9.–To the Farmers and Tradesmen on the

cal Union. --Trial.

Arming of Persons of Property.–Parlia,

No. 3.-Reform Bill.—The Week of Weeks.-

ment-Political Unions.- Proclamation,

: Norfolk Meeting.---Lincoln Meeting.-Mr.

Majority and Minority in tha llouse of Layla's Pamphlet.- Feelosophical Quack-

Lords.-Yeomanry Cavalry.-North Ame-

rican and English Boroughmongers.

ery.--Mr: Alderman Scales.--The Remedy.

Waithman at last gasp.

No. 4. – Reform Bill. To the Boroughmor:

gers.-Creation of New Peers.-Compara- No. 10.-Arming the Rich against the Poor.-
tive Prices in Birmingbam.

To Dr. Black.-Cobbett's Corn.-Riots at

No. 5.-Reform Bill. - City Cock. – Laken Lyons. - Daddy Burdett.

heath Petition.-- Hampshire County Meet-

ing.–Catholics in Parliament.— Bishop of No. 11.-King's Speech - Debates.- Lawyer

London.-St. Ann's Westminster.--To the

Croker.-Trial of Bishop, Williams, and

People of England, Ireland and Scotland.

May.-Mr. Drummond and Lord Grey.--

--The Deacles.

Tithes.-- Cobbett's Corn, Cholera Morbus,

and Charley.-To Mr. Mitchell.-Sir Tho-

No. 6.—To the Working People on the scheme

mas Denman.--Mr. Alderman Scales.

for withholding the Ten-pound Suffrage in

Great Towns. To the Chopsticks of Hamp- No. 12, -Parliamentary Reform Bill.-France.

sbire.-Cobbett's Protest against cutting -0. P. Q.'s Letters to the Morning Chro-

off the Votes of the Working People.-


Riots at Bristol.- Proclamation. - Cob-

bett's Corn.

No. 13.—To the Readers of the Register.-

No. 7.–To Lord Grey on the Ten-pound Suf Charley's Rescript.—Reform Bill.-De-

frage.--The Bishops.—The Alarm.--Bir bates in Parliament.--French Finances.

mingham Union.- Warwick County Meet The Two Cabbages.- To Lord Grey.-

ing.-Pretty Curious.—To the People of Cholera Morbus.—Mr. Scales.—Burdett..

England. - Cobbett's Corn. - To Doctor -Cobbett's Corn Flour.




Vol. 71.--No. 1.]

LONDON, SATURDAY, OCTOBER. IST, 1831: :'[Price 13: 2d.



address ! There is no such thing : there is nothing contradicted, much less controverted; and the whole thing ends

with a caviL about the mode of voting 131323

at elections, about the suffrage, and

about the duration of Parliaments ; Bancoli Library

things relative to which the Address con

tained not a single word, but about No. II.

which I shall have a word or two to say presently, coupling this critic with my

critical friend Mr. Price, of Upton-onELECTORS OF MANCHESTER. Severn, and taking my leave of both of

Kensington, 1st October, 1831. them with a single bow intended to be GENTLEMEN,

divided between them. But after the AOREEABLY to the promise which I

CAVIL, Mr. Prentice, who was REmade you in my address No. 1, dated 'SOLVED not to pass over defects and on the Ist of September, I now proceed omissions, thinks it becoming in him to to maintain, by statement and by argu-go very widely out of his way in order ment, the justice, the expediency and

to conclude with a falsehood. He says the easy practicability, of the thirteen that he feels himself " compelled" to measares described by me in that Ad

notice my opinions about slavery in the dress No. 1, beginning with the first

colonies. Stripping the thing of its stated measure of the thirteen. But useless words, he says that I have before I set out in the discharge of this branded as canters and hypocrites, not duty, I hope that you will excuse me if only ALL who have expressed themI stop a minute, to notice some remarks f« selves as opposed to the continuance of the Manchester Times, (under of slavery in our colonies, but ALL date of the 17th of September) upon « who think that Engliskmer onght that address, which remarks it is im- not to be taced in order to enable the possible to read without calling to mind owners of estates in the West Indies Pope's beautiful description of literary « to hold their black brethren in thralenvy :

dom.". Here are two assertions, and “ Willing to wound, and yet afraid to strike; both of them', malignantly false: First, Just hiata fault and hesitate dislike.".

never in my life did I denominate as Mr. PRENTICE, who is the writer of canters and hypocrites “ all” those who this paper, sets out with professing his

have petitioned for the abolition of Ne"perfect willingness to almit all the gro Slavery ; but, on the contrary, have “ merit of the Address, but with a RE- always said that they were a mass of “ SOLUTION not to pass its defects and people, niņety-nine out of every hundred u omissions unnoticed.” After such an

of whom had their good and kind feeloutset, who would not have expected aknaves, who were seeking the gratiben:

ings perverted by crafty and selfish complete analysis, and something like a tion of

their own pecuniary interest, and refutation of something contained in the their low and dirty ambition, at the


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