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Which amounts shall be assessed by the Comptroller of the Currency upon, and paid by, the respective associations so examined ;

And shall be in lieu of the compensation and mileage heretofore al.
lowed for making said examinations,
And persons appointed to make examination of national banks in the

Compensation of cities named in section five thousand one hundred and ninety-two of the bank examiners in Revised Statutes of the United States, (2) or in any one of the States of certain cities. Oregon, California, and Nevada, or in the Territories, shall receive such

R. S., ♡ 5192. compensation as may be fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury upon the recommendation of the Comptroller of the Currency; and the same shall be assessed and paid in the manner hereinbefore provided.” [February 19, 1875.]

NOTE.—(2) The cities named in the section here referred to are Albany, Baltimore, Boston, Charleston, Chicago, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Louisville, Milwaukee, New Orleans, New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Richmond, Saint Louis, San Francisco, and Washington.




18 Stat. L., 330. SECTION

SECTION 1. Leases of lands by Seneca Nation of New 5. Survey of village lands now leased. York Indians to railroads ratified.

Recording leases. 2. Boundaries of certain villages in Allegany Assignment, devise, and descent of lease. reservation.

6. Rents dne Soneca Nation, how recovered and 3. Leases in villages by Indians to be valid for applied. tivo years, &c.

7. Jurisdiction of courts in Now York. Renewal of leases.

8. Laws of New York as to laying out, &c., high4. Seneca Nation may loase lands not owned by

ways, to be in force in villages. individuals.

Taxation of Indians not authorized Be it enacted, &c.

[SECTION 1], That all leases of land within the Cattaraugus and Leases of lands Allegany reservations in the State of New York, heretofore made by by Seneca Nation or with the authority of the Seneca Nation of New York Indians, to dians to railroads

of New York Inrailroad corporations, are hereby ratified and confirmed; and said Seneca ratified. Nation may, in accordance with their laws and form of government, lease lands within said reservations for railroad-purposes.

SEC. 2. That the President of the United States shall appoint three Boundaries, &c., commissioners, whose duty it shall be, as soon as may be, to survey, lo- of certain villages cate, and establish proper boundaries and limits of the villages of Van. in Allegany reserdalia, Carrolton, Great Valley, Salamanca, West Salamanca, and Red vation. House, within said Allegany reservation, including therein, as far as practicable, all lands now occupied by wbite settlers and such other İands as, in their opinion, may be reasonably required for the purposes of such villages;

And they shall cause a return of their doings in writing, together with maps of such surveys and locations duly certified by them, to be filed in the office of the county clerk of the county of Cattaraugus, in said State, there to be recorded and preserved.

The boundaries of said villages so surveyed, located, and established shall be the limits of said villages for all the purposes of this act.

SEC. 3. That all leases of land situate within the limits of said vil. Leases in villages when established as hereinbefore provided, except those provided lages by Indians for in the second section of this act, in which Indians or said Seneca to be valid for live Nation, or persons claiming under them are lessors, shall be valid and 2N. Y. Supreme,

26 binding upon the parties thereto, and upon said Seneca Nation for a 540. period of five years from and after the passage of this act, except such as by their terms may expire at an earlier date;

And at the end of said period, or at the expiration of such leases as terminate within that time, said nation through its councillors shall be entitled to the possession of the said lands, and shall have the power to lease the same:

Provided, however, That at the expiration of said period, or the termi. Rene w a lot nation of said leases, as herein before provided, said leases shall be renew. leases.

years, &c

able for periods not exceeding twelve years, and the persons who may be at such time the owner or owners of improvements erected upon such lands, shall be entitled to such renewed leases, and to continue in possession of such lands, on such conditions as may be agreed upon by him

or them and such councillors; Renewal of And in case they cannot agree upon the conditions of such leases, or leases, continued. the amount of annual rents to be paid, then the said councillors shall

appoint one person, and the other party or parties shall choose one person, as referees to fix and determine the terms of said lease and the amount of annual rent to be paid; and if the two so appointed and chosen cannot agree, they shall choose a third person to act with them, the award of whom, or the major part of whom, shall be final and binding upon the parties;

And the person or persons owning said improvements shall be entitled to a lease of said land and to occupy and improve the same according to the terms of said award, he or they paying rent and otherwise complying with the said lease or said award;

And whenever any lease shall expire after its renewal as aforesaid, it may, at the option of the lessee, his heirs or assigns, be renewed in the

manner hereinbefore provided. Seneca Nation SEC. 4. That said Seneca Nation is hereby authorized, by resolution may lease lands of its councillors, duly elected according to the laws and system of gov. not owned by individuals.

ernment of said nation, or in such other manner as said nation in council may determine, to lease lands within said villages to which, by the laws or customs of said nation, no individual Indian or Indians, or other person claiming under him or them, has or is entitled to the rightful

possession. Survey of vil- Sec. 5. That it shall be the further duty of the said commissioners lage lands now to cause all lands within such villages now leased, as hereinbefore wen. leased.

tioned, to be surveyed and defined as near as may be, and to cause the same to be designated upon the maps of such villages hereinbefore men

tioned and provided for. Recording leases. All leases of lands within said villages, whether now existing or here

after to be made under the provisions of this act, shall be recorded in the office of the clerk of said county of Cattaraugus in the same manner and with like effect as similar instruments relating to lands lying in said county outside of said reservations are recorded by the laws of said

State of New York. Assignment, de- All leases herein mentioned or provided for shall pass by assignment viso, and descent of in writing, will, descent, or otherwise in the manner provided by the leases.

laws of said State :

Provided, however, That the rights of Indians in such leases shall

descend as provided by the laws of said Seneca Nation. Rents due Sene- SEC. 6. That all moneys arising from rents under the provisions of ca Nation, how re- this act which shall belong to said Seneca Nation shall be paid to and covered and ap- recoverable by the treasurer of said Seneca Nation, and expended in the plied.

same manner and for the same purposes as are other revenues or moneys

belonging to said Seneca Nation. Jurisdiction of SEC. 7. That the courts of the State of New York within and for the courts in New county of Cattaraugus, having jurisdiction in real actions, and the cirYork.

cuit and district courts of the United States in and for the northern R. S., &$ 541, 563, district of said State, shall have jurisdiction of all actions for the recov629.

, ery of rents and for the recovery of possession of any real property within the limits of said villages, whether actions of debt, ejectinent, or other forms of action, according to the practice in said courts; and actions of forcible entry and detainer, or of unlawful detainer arising in said villages, may be maintained in any of the courts of said county

which have jurisdiction of such actions. Laws of New SEC. 8. That all laws of the State of New York now in force concernYork as to laying ing the laying out, altering, discontinuing, and repairing highways and out, &c., highwa'ys, to be in bridges shall be in force within said villages, and may, with the consent force in villages. “ of said Seneca Nation in council, extend to, and be in force beyond, said villages in said reservations, or in either of them; and all municipal laws and regulations of said State may extend over and be in force within said villages:

Taxation of InProvided, nevertheless, That nothing in this section shall be construed

dians not authorto authorize the taxation of any Indian, or the property of any Indian

ized. not a citizen of the United States. [February 19, 1875.]




Feb, 20, 1875. 18 Stat. L., 332.

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Be it enacted, &c., That the seventh section of the act of Congress en- Faith of United titled “An act for the government of the District of Columbia, and for States pledged to other purposes”, approved June twentieth, eighteen hundred and sev- secure payment of enty-four, be, and the same is hereby, amended by inserting the words certain District of

Columbia bonds. do so" after the fortieth word following the first period in said section, 1874, June 20, so that it will read: “And the faith of the United States is hereby ch. 337, 0 7. pledged that the United States will, by proper proportional appropria- 1879, March 3, tions as contemplated in this act, and by causing to be levied upon the ch.182

14 Opin. Att'yproperty within said District such taxes as will do so, provide the reve- Gen., 445, 544. nues necessary to pay the interest on said bonds as the same may be- 15 Opin. Att’ycome due and payable, and create a sinking fund for the payment of the Gen., 56. principal thereof at maturity":

Provided That registered bonds may be issued in lieu of coupon bonds Registered bonds as provided in said act or exchanged for coupon bonds already issued, may be issued in

stead of coupon and the interest of all said bonds shall be payable at the Treasury of the United States. [February 20, 1875.) ]

1875, March 3, ch. 162, \ 18.




Feb. 22, 1875. 18 Stat. L., 333.

1. Accounts for costs, &c., of clerks, marshals,

and district attorneys; how proved, &c., be-
fore taxing or allowing.
- of commissioners.
Accounts and vouchers to be forwarded in

duplicate. 2. Clerk and marshal, when to give increased

bond. 3. Bonds of clerks of Supreme, circuit, and dis

trict courts. Notice to execute new bonds to be given by

district attorneys. Attorney : General may require increased

bonds of clerks of court.


Copies of clerks' bonds to be evidence; dis.

position of originals.
4. Mandamus by cirenit court to oflicers to per.

form duties of this act.
5. Clerk of district or circuit court failing to

make any report, &c., to be removed.
- appointment of successor of.

- disqualification or removal.
6. - additional punishment.
7. Mileage and expenses of attorneys, marshals,

and clerks, how audited and paid.
8. Repeal.

Be it enacted, &c.

[SECTION 1], That before any bill of costs shall be taxed by any judge Accounts for or other officer, or any account payable out of the money of the United costs, &c., of States shall be allowed by any officer of the Treasury, in favor of clerks, clerks, marshals, marshals, or district attorneys, the party claiming such account shall and district attori render the same, with the vouchers and items thereof, to a United States &c., before taxing

neys; how proved, circuit or district court, and, in presence of the district attorney or his or allowing: sworn assistant, whose presence shall be noted on the record, prove in R. S., Ø 824, 828, open court, to the satisfaction of the court, by his own oath or that of other persons having knowledge of the facts, to be attached to such account, that the services therein charged have been actually and neces.



sarily performed as therein stated; and that the disbursements charged have been fully paid in lawful money; and the court sball thereupon cause to be entered of record an order approving or disapproving the

account, as may be according to law, and just. - of commission- United States commissioners shall forward their accounts, duly veri

fied by oath, to the district attorneys of their respective listricts, by whom they shall be submitted for approval in open court, and the court

shall pass upon the same in the manner aforesaid. Accounts and Accounts and vouchers of clerks, marshals, and district attorneys, vouchers to be shall be made in duplicate, to be marked respectively "original” and made in duplicate. “duplicate”.


And it shall be the duty of the clerk to forward the original accounts and vouchers of the officers above specified, when approved, to the proper accounting officers of the Treasury, and to retain in his office the duplicates, where they shall be open to public inspection at all times.

Nothing contained in this act shall be deemed in any wise to diminish or affect the right of revision of the accounts to which this act applies by the accounting officers of the Treasury, as exercised under the laws

now in force. Clerk and inar- SEC. 2. That whenever the business of the courts in any judicial disshal; when to trict shall make it necessary, in the opinion of the Attorney General, give increased bond.

for the clerk or marshal to furnish greater security than the official bond R. S., $$ 783, 795. now required by law, a bond in a sum not to exceed forty thousand dol

a lars shall be given when required by the Attorney General, who shall

fix the amount thereof. Bonds of clerks SEC. 3. That the clerks of the Supreme Court and the circuit and disof Supreme, cir: trict courts, respectively, shall each, before he enters upon the execution cuit, and district of his office, give bond, with sufficient sureties, to be approved by the courts. R. S., 0 795. court for which he is appointed, to the United States, in the sum of not

less than five, and not more than twenty thousand dollars, to be determined and regulated by the Attorney-General of the United States, faithfully to discharge the duties of his office, and seasonably to record the decrees, judgments, and determinations of the court of which he is

clerk; Notice to execute And it shall be the duty of the district attorneys of the United States, new bonds to be upon requirement by the Attorney General, to give thirty days notice given by district attorneys.

of motion in their several courts that new bonds, in accordance with the terms of this act, are required to be executed; and upon failure of

any clerk to execute such new bonds, his office shall be deemed vacant. Attorney-Gen- The Attorney General may at any time, upon like notice through the eral may require district attorney, require a bond of increased amount, in his discretion, increased bonds of

from any of said clerks within the limit of the amount above specified; clerks of courts.

and the failure of the clerk to execute the same shall in like manner

vacate his office. Copies of clerks' All bonds given by the clerks shall, after approval, be recorded in bonds to be evi- their respective offices, and copies thereof from the records, certified by dence; disposition the clerks respectively, under seal of court, shall be competent evidence of originals.

in any court. The original bonds shall be filed in the Department of

Justice. Mand a mus by SEC. 4. That the circuit courts of the United States, for the purposes circuit court to of- of this act, shall have power to award the writ of mandamus, according ficers to perform to the course of the common law, upon motion of the Attorney-General of

or the district attorney of the United States, to any officer thereof, to compel him to make the returns and perform the duties in this act re

quired. Clerk of district SEC. 5. That if any clerk of any district or circuit court of the United or circuit court States shall willfully refuse or neglect to make any report, certificate, report, &c., to be statement, or other document required by law to be by him made, or removed.

shall willfully refuse or neglect to forward any such report, certificate, R. S., 96 797,798. statement, or document to the department, officer, or person to whom, 1979; March 1, by law, the same should be forwarded, the President of the United ch. 125, \ 2.

States is empowered, and it is hereby made his duty, in every such case,

to remove such clerk so offending from office by an order in writing for that purpose.

And upon the presentation of such order, or a copy thereof, authenticated by the Attorney-General of the United States, to the judge of the court whereof such offender is clerk, such clerk shall thereupon be deemed to be out of office, and shall not exercise the functions thereof.

And such district judge, in the case of the clerk of a district court, -appointment of shall appoint a successor; and in the case of the clerk of a circuit court, successor. the circuit judge shall appoint a successor.

on removal.

And such person so removed shall not be eligible to any appointment -disqualification as clerk or deputy clerk for the period of two years next after such removal.

- additional punishment. R. S., § 797. 1879, March 1,

SEC. 6. That if any clerk mentioned in the preceding section shall willfully refuse or neglect to make or to forward any such report, certificate, statement, or document therein mentioned, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine not exceeding ch. 125, § 2. one thousand dollars, or by imprisonment not exceeding one year, in the discretion of the court; but a conviction under this section shall not be necessary as a condition precedent to the removal from office provided for in this act.

SEC. 7. That the proviso in the sixth paragraph of the act entitled Mileage and ex"An act making appropriations for the support of the army for the fis- penses of attorcal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, and and clerks; how neys, marshals, for other purposes," approved June sixteenth, eighteen hundred and audited and paid. seventy-four, shall not be construed to apply or to have applied to attor- R. S., §§ 827, 828, neys, marshals, or clerks of courts of the United States, their assistants or deputies.

And all accounts of said attorneys, marshals, and clerks, for mileage and for expenses incurred subsequent to the first day of July, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, and prior to the first day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy five, shall and may be audited, allowed, and paid at the Treasury Department of the United States in the same manner as if said act had not been passed.

And from and after the first day of January, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, no such officer or person shall become entitled to any allowance for mileage or travel not actually and necessarily performed under the provisions of existing law.


1874, June 16, ch. 285.

1875, March 3, ch. 133, § 1, par. 1. 15 Opin. Att'y

16' Opin. Att'yGen., 165.

SEC. 8. That all acts inconsistent with the provisions of this act are Repeal. hereby repealed. [February 22, 1875.]



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Purchasers of lands in Missouri as swamp lands to have priority to pre-empt or homestead if lands not in fact swamp.

Feb. 23, 1875.

18 Stat. L., 334.

Be it enacted, &c., That in all cases in the State of Missouri where Purchasers of lands have heretofore been selected and claimed as swamp and over- lands in Missouri flowed lands by said State, and the various counties therein, by virtue have priority to as swamp lands to of any act of Congress, and said lands have been withheld from market pre-empt or homein consequence thereof by the General Government, and the said State stead if lands not and counties have sold said lands to actual settlers, and said settlers in fact swamp. R. S., §§ 2257, have improved the same to the value of one hundred dollars; said set2259, 2289. tlers, their heirs, assigns, and legal representatives, who have continued to reside thereon, shall have priority of right to preëmpt or homestead all such lands as may be rejected by the United States as not being in fact swamp and overflowed lands;

And it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to make such rules and regulations as may be necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this act:

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