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Duties of storekeeper and gaugor may

be united in one oflicer, who shall

have commission and give bond.
Par. 7. Assistant treasurer at Charleston abol.

Depositories of public money at Buf.

filo, Santa Fó, and Pittsburgh dis

continued. 3. Number of clerks of higher grado may be

diminished and of lower increased, within

appropriation. Be it enacted, &c. [SECTION 1.]


Dischargod soldiers and sailors and their

widow, and orphans to be preferred in ro

taining clerks, &c.
5. Clerks, agents, laborers, &c., not to be em-

ployed in departments beyond provisions of

6. Penalty for officers not appointed by Prosi.

dent giving to or receiving from other offi.

cers money, &c., for political purposes.
9. Postage-stamps for departments; how ob-



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[Par. 1.] The following prices may be paid for folding books, pamphlets, Prices to be paid speeches, and the Daily Record, namely: For quarto volumes not ex: Daily Record, &c., ceeding one cent per volume; for octavo volumes, not exceeding one-half for Congress. cent each per volume; for the Daily Record, not exceeding two dollars 1880, June 15, ch. per thousand; and for speeches not exceeding one dollar per thousand. 225, par. 1.

(Par. 2. So much of the Joint Resolution approved July fifteenth, Additional police eighteen hundred and seventy, as authorizes the employment of addi' force at Capitol not

to be employed. tional police force is hereby repealed to take effect from and after the

R. S., / 1826. thirtieth day of June eighteen hundred and seventy-six.(1)

[Par. 3.) The term “Public Printer” as employed in that part of the Public Printer act making appropriations for sundry civil expenses of the Government successor to Confor the current fiscal year which repeals all laws providing for the elec- gressional Printer. tion or appointment of Public Printer shall be construed as embracing

R. S., \ 3758. that officer whether known as Congressional Printer or Public Printer.

1874, June 20, ch.

328, par. 4. June

23, ch. 455, Ø 1, par. 1. 1876; July 31, ch. 246, par. 1. (Par. 4.] The Architect of the Capitol shall have the care and super- Architect of Capintendence of the Capitol including, lighting, and shall submit through itol; additional

duties transferred the Secretary of the Interior, estimates thereof:

And provided further, That all the duties relative to the Capitol build- R. S., Tý 1797, ing heretofore performed by the Commissioner of public buildings and 1816, 1817. grounds, shall hereafter be performed by the Architect of the Capitol, whose office shall be in the Capitol building.

to him.

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(Par. 5.) IIereafter the transmission of internal revenue stamps to the Internal-rovenuo oflicers of the internal revenue service shall be made through the mails stamps to bo sent of the United States in registered packages.


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(Par. 6.] Hereafter no storekeeper shall receive a greater compensation Compensation of than four dollars per day; and said gaugers and storekeepers, respec. gaugers and store

keepers. tively shall only receive compensation when rendering actual service.

R. S., O Ø 3153,

3157. 1879, June 21, ch. 34. And it shall be the duty of the President, and he is hereby authorized Internal-revemo and directed, to reduce the number of internal revenue districts to not ex. districts reduced.

R. S., 03141. ceeding one hundred and thirty-one in the manner heretofore provided by law, which reduction shall take effect on the first day of September, eighteen hundred and seventy-six or as soon thereafter as may be practicable.

And sections thirty-one hundred and fifty-nine, and thirty-one hun. Supervisors of dred and sixty of the Revised Statutes, and all laws and parts of laws internal reven no in conflict with the provisions of the foregoing paragraphs relating to

abolished, repcal

ing the internal revenue service, are hereby repealed.(2)

R. S., O Ø 3159,

3160. The powers of transfer, and of suspension, of officers conferred upon - power of, transsupervisors by section thirty-one hundred and sixty-three of the Revised ferred to Commis

sioner and collectStatutes, are hereby vested in the Commissioner of Internal Revenue; and all other powers conferred, and duties imposed, by said section upon R. S., V Ø 3154, supervisors, are hereby conferred and imposed upon collectors of inter- 3159, 3160,3163. nal revenue within their respective districts.

1879, March 1,

ch, 125, ỷ 2. NOTES.-(1) That part of the resolution of 1870, July 15, No. 131 (16 Stat. L., 391) here referred to, is incorporated into $ 1825 of the Revised Statutes.

(2) The sections hereby repealed are so noted and printed in the second edition of the Revised Statutes.


Suspension of In case of the supervision (3) of a collector, under the power hereby collectors of inter: conferred, the Commissioner of Internal Revenue shall, as soon therenal reported to Presi. after as practicable, report the case to the President through the Secredent.

tary of the Treasury for such action as he may deem proper. Special agents in And sections twenty-six hundred and forty-nine, twenty-six hundred customs servico; and fifty, and twenty-six hundred and fifty-one of the Revised Statutes, number and com- and all laws and parts of laws authorizing the Secretary of the Treasury pensation .

R. S., 09 2649 to appoint special agents to be employed in the customs service and 2651.

classifying them and regulating the duties of said agents, shall be so 1878, June 19, che modified as to authorize the appointment of only twenty special agents, 320, $ 1, par. 7.

each of whom shall receive a compensation of not exceeding eight dollars per day, in the discretion of the Secretary of the Treasury, and actual

traveling expenses when actually employed in the duties of such agency. Packagesof spir- And sections thirty-three hundred and twenty-one of the Revised its filled on prem. Statutes, and thirty-three hundred and twenty-three, so far as the latter

of wholesale do alor to be

relates to wholesale liquor-dealers' packages filled on the premises of stamped under wholesale liquor dealers, shall, from and after ten days from the passage regulations of of this act, be repealed; and packages of distilled spirits filled on the Commissioner; re- premises of any wholesale liquor dealer shall thereafter be stamped pealingR. S., Ø 3321.

under such rules and regulations as the Commissioner of Internal ReveR. S., 0 3323, in nue may prescribe.(4) part.

Duties of store- That the Secretary of the Treasury may, upon the recommendation of keeper and ganger the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, impose the duties of storekeeper

in one officer, who aud gauger upon one officer, where the amount of spirits produced at shall have commis- the distillery, to which such officer may be assigned, is not sufficient, sion and give bond. in the judgment of the Commissioner to warrant the employment of two

R. S., 3153, officers to perform the separate duties of storekeeper and gauger. 3156.

The Secretary of the Treasury may issue a commission to such officer as storekeeper and gauger, but the compensation for his services as storekeeper and gauger shall be that of storekeeper only.

And the said officer shall before entering upon the discharge of such duties, give a bond in the penal sum of not less than five thousand dol. lars for the faithful performance of the combined duties of storekeeper

and gauger. Assistant treas. [Par. 7.) So much of section thirty-five hundred and ninety-five of urer at Charleston the Revised Statutes as provides for the appointment of an assistant abolished.

R. S., 58 3595, treasurer of the United States at Charleston is hereby repealed from 3608, 3615. and after September, thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-six;

Depositorios of And the Secretary of the Treasury is directed to discontinue, from public, money at said date, the depositories at Buffalo, New York Santa Fe, New Mexico, Buffalo, Santa Fé, and Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. and Pittsburgh discontinued.

Number of clerks SEC. 3. That whenever, in the judgment of the head of any department, of higher grade the duties assigned to a clerk of one class can be as well performed by a may be diminished and of lower in- clerk of a lower class or by a female clerk, it shall be lawful for him to dicreased, within ap- minish the number of clerks of the higher grade and increase the number propriation, &c. of the clerks of the lower grade within the limit of the total appropria

R. S., 161, 163, tion for such clerical service: 167.

Discharged sol. Provided, That in making any reduction of force in any of the execudiers, and sailors tive departments, the head of such department shall retain those persons and their widows and orphans to be who may be equally qualified who have been honorably discharged from preferred in retain- the military or naval service of the United States, and the widows and ing clerks, &c. orphans of deceased soldiers and sailors.

R. S., \ 1754.

Clerks, agents, SEC. 5. That the executive officers of the Government are hereby prolaborers, &c., pot hibited from employing any clerk, agent, engineer, draughtsman inesto be employed in departments bo- senger watchman, laborer, or other employee, in any of the executive yond provisions of Notes.—(3) This word should be suspension, instead of supervision, as the context shows, and as it law.

was in the former act on this subject, but it is engrossed on the toll as here printed. R. S., Ø 171. (4) These amendments have been incorporated into the second edition of the Revised Statutes in the

sections referred to.

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departments in the city of Washington, or elsewhere beyond provision made by law.

SEC. 6. That all executive officers or employees of the United States Penalty for offinot appointed by the President, with the advice and consent of the Sen- cers not appointed ate, are prohibited from requesting, giving to, or receiving from, any ing to or receiving

by President givother officer or employee of the Government, any money or property or from other officers other thing of value for political purposes;

money, &c., for And any such officer or employee who shall offend against the pro

political purposes. visions of this section shall be at once discharged from the service of the United States;

And he shall also be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and on conviction thereof shall be fined in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars.


SEC. 9. (5) That the Secretaries respectively of the Departments of Postage - stamps

for Departments; State, Treasury, War, Navy, and Interior, and the Attorney-General, how obtained. are authorized to make requisitions upon the Postmaster-General for R. S., Ø 3915. the necessary amount of postage stamps for the use of their Depart- 1877, Feb. 27,ch. ments not exceeding the amount stated in the estimates submitted to 69, par. 1.38.

15 Opin. AttyCongress; and upon presentation of proper vouchers therefor at the Gen., 202. Treasury, the amount thereof shall be credited to the appropriation for the service of the Post Office Department for the same fiscal year. (August 15, 1876.]

NOTE.—(5) This section is repeated in act of 1877, ch. 102, § 2 (19 Stat. L., 319), and in act of 1878, cb. 359, § 2 (20 Stat. L., 206).






1. Par. 1. No further appropriations to be made - and Secretary to report to Congress.

for Sioux Indians until they release -- abstracts to be filed with Second Comp-
certain claims; nor unless they re-

troller, &c.
ceive supplies at places designated. 4. Estimates of Indian appropriations; how pro-
- nor until arrangements are made for

their self-support.

5. Appointment and regulation of Indian traders Par. 2. Contracts for transportation of Indian

by Commissioner.
supplies to be advertised for, and 6. Purchase of Indian supplies to be after ad-
given to lowest bidder.

vertisements, except, &c. 3. In contracts in Indian servico proposals, &c.,

to be preserved.
Be it enacted, &c. [Section 1.).


No further ap[Par. 1.] Hereafter there shall be no appropriation made for the sub

propriations to be sistence of said [Sioux] Indians, unless they shall first agree to relin- made for Sioux Inquish all right and claim to any country outside the boundaries of the dians until they permanent reservation established by the treaty of eighteen hundred release cortain and sixty-eight for said Indians;

claims; nor unless And also so much of their said permanent reservation as lies west of plies at places des

they receive supthe one hundred and third meridian of longitude, and shall also grant ignated. right of way over said reservation to the country thus ceded for wagon Treaty (15 Stat. or other roads, from convenient and accessible points on the Missouri L., 635). River, in all not more than three in number;

And unless they will receive all such supplies herein provided for, and provided for by said treaty of eighteen hundred and sixty-eight, at such points and places on their said reservation, and in the vicinity of the Missouri River, as the President may designate; and the further sum of twenty thousand dollars is hereby appropriated to be expended under the direction of the President of the United States for the purpose of carrying into effect the foregoing provision :

And provided also, That no further appropriation for said Sioux In: - nor until ardians for subsistence shall hereafter be made until some stipulation, made for their selfagreement, or arrangement shall have been entered into by said Indians


with the President of the United States, which is calculated and designed to enable said Indians to become self-supporting:


Contracts for [Par. 2.) Hereafter contracts for transportation (of goods for the various transportation of tribes of Indians) involving an expenditure of more than one thousand Indian supplies to dollars shall be advertised and let to the lowest bidder. be advertised for and given to lowest bidder. R. S., (2083. 1875, March 3, ch. 132, 0 7. 1877, March 3, ch. 101.

[blocks in formation]

In contracts in

SEC. 3. That in all lettings of contracts in connection with the Indian Indian service pro service, the proposals or bids received shall be filed and preserved ; posals, &c., to be filed and Secretary

And in the annual report of the Commissioner of Indian Affairs, there to report to Con- shall be embodied a detailed and tabular statement of all bids and progress.

posals received for any services, supplies, or annuity.goods for the Indian service, together with a detailed statement of all awards of contracts made for any such services, supplies, and annuity goods for which

said bids or proposals were received; abstract to be

And an abstract of all bids or proposals received for the supplies or filed with Second Comptroller.

services embraced in any contract shall be attached to, and filed with, R. S., 59 468, 469, the said contract when the same is filed in the office of the Second Comp2083.

troller of the Treasury. Estimates for In- SEC. 4. That hereafter the estimates for appropriations for the Indian dian appropria- service shall be presented in such form as to show the amounts required tions; how pro- for each of the agencies in the several States or Territories, and for said sented. R. S., \ 3669.

States and Territories respectively. Appointment SEC. 5. And hereafter the Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall have and regulation of the sole power and authority to appoint Traders to the Indian tribes Indian traders by and to make such rules and regulations as he may deem just and proper Commissioner.

R. S., $8.463, specifying the kind and quantity of goods and the prices at which such 2129-2131.

goods shall be sold to the Indians. Purchase of In- SEC. 6. That the Commissioner of Indian Affairs shall advertise for dian supplies to be all supplies after advertise

Provided, that the purchase of supplies for sixty days may be made in inent, except, &c.

R. S., 00 16", open market. 2083.

And provided further that to meet any exigency of the service purclases may be made in open market to an extent not to exceed two thousand dollars at any one time. (August 15, 1876.]


Aug. 15, 1876.



19 Stat. L., 200.

Certain products of Hawaiian or Sandwich Islands admitted free of duty. Certain products Be it enacted, &c., That whenever the President of the United States of Hawaiian or shall receive satisfactory evidence that the legislature of the Hawaiian Sandwich Islands admitted free of Islands have passed laws on their part to give full effect to the produty.

visions of the convention between the United States and his Majesty R. S., 2504, 2d the King of the Hawaiian Islands, signed on the thirtieth day of Janued: pp: 468, 473, ary, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, he is hereby authorized to issue 476, 478, 480.

his proclamation declaring that he has such evidence; and thereupon, from the date of such proclamation, (1) the following articles, being the growth and manufacture or produce of the Hawaiian Islands, to wit,

Arrow-root; castor oil ; bananas; nuts; vegetables, dried and undried, preserved and unpreserved; hides and skins, undressed; rice; pulu; seeds; plants; shrubs, or trees; muscovado, brown, and all other unre. fined sugar, meaning hereby the grades of sugar heretofore commonly imported from the Hawaiian Islands, and now known in the markets of San Francisco and Portland as “Sandwich Island sugar;" syrups of sugar-cane, melado, and molasses; tallow,

NOTE.-(1) On the 9th of September, 1876, the President issued his proclamation declaring that ho had evidence that the Hawaiian Islands had passed laws to give effect to the convention here referred

See articles of convention and reciprocity and proclamation hereinafter printed, 1876, No. 7, and articles following same, page 626.


Sball be introduced into the United States free of duty so long as the said convention shall remain in force. (August 15, 1876.]


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Aug. 15. 1876.

19 Stat. L., 202.
1. Partition of lands among tenants in common 2. Court may decrec sale and division of proceeds.
in District of Columbia; how made.

3. In case of sale, how payments to be made. Be it enacted, &c.

SECTION 1], That all tenants in common and coparceners of any Partition of estate in lands tenements, or hereditaments, equitable as well as legal, lands among tenwithin the District of Columbia, may, in the discretion of the Court, be ants in common in

District of Columcompelled in any court of competent jurisdiction, to make, or suffer par. bia; how made. tition of such estate or estates.

In proceedings for partition all persons in interest shall be made parties in the same manner as in cases of equity jurisdiction.

And in proceedings for partition under this act, the court may in addition to the powers herein conferred, exercise such powers as are or may be conferred by virtue of the general equity jurisdiction of the court.

SEC. 2. That the court, in all cases, in decreeing partition, may, if it Court may desatisfactorily appears that said lands and tenements, or any estate or

creo sale and divis

ion of proceeds. interest therein, cannot be divided without loss or injury to the parties interested, decree a sale thereof, and a division of the money arising from such sale among the parties, according to their respective rights and interests. SEC. 3. That in all such sales, unless the court shall by special order

In case of sale,

how payments to direct or require on good cause shown, that the sale be made for cash, bo mados the purchase money shall be payable, one third on day of sale, one-third in one year, and one-third in two years thereafter, with interest, the deferred payments to be secured to the parties, according to their respective interests, by good and sufficient mortgage upon the premises so sold, which shall be subject to the approval of the court. (August 15, 1876.]




Aug. 15, 1876. 19 Stat. L., 203.

1. Soldiers and sailors maimed to have artificial

limbs, &c., once in five years.
2. to have transportation furnished to obtain



This act not subject to provisions of former


Be it enacted, &c.

(SECTION 1], That every officer, soldier, seaman and marine, who, in Soldiers and sail. the line of duty, in the military or naval service of the United States, ors maimed to shall have lost a limb, or sustained bodily injuries, depriving him of the have artificial use of any of his limbs, shall receive once every five years an artificial five years.

limbs, &c., once in limb or appliance, or commutation therefor, as provided and limited by R. s., 08 4787, existing laws, under such regulations as the Surgeon-General of the 4788. Army may prescribe;

1877, Feb. 27, ch. 69, par. 168.

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