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Boone and Marion, and the country lying west of Missouri and Arkansas, known as the Indian Territory.

The eastern district includes the residue of said State."

That section five hundred and fifty-six be amended so as to read as follows: (2)

[blocks in formation]

R. S., § 556.

"SEC. 556. In the eastern district of Arkansas, there shall be appointed tute for two clerks of the district court thereof, one of whom shall reside and keep his office at Little Rock, and the other shall reside and keep his office at Helena."

That section five hundred and seventy-two be so amended as to provide for the holding of the regular terms of court in the eastern and western districts of Arkansas, as follows: (2)

In the eastern district of Arkansas, at Little Rock, on the first Monday in April and October, and at Helena on the second Monday in March and October.

Terms of court in

castern district. R. S., § 572.

In the western district of Arkansas, at Fort Smith on the first Mon--in western disday in February, May, August, and November.

That section five hundred and seventy-one be amended so as to read as follows: (2)

trict. Substitute for

R. S., § 572. District courts in Arkansas, Mississippi, South Car

"SEC. 571. The district courts for the western district of Arkansas, olina, and West the eastern district of Arkansas at Helena, the northern district of Mis- Virginia to have sissippi, the western district of South Carolina, and the district of West circuit-court jurisVirginia, shall have in addition to the ordinary jurisdiction of district diction. courts, jurisdiction of all causes, except appeals and writs of error, which are cognizable in a circuit court, and shall proceed therein in the same manner as a circuit court." [January 31, 1877.]

NOTE. (2) The amendments here made are incorporated into the second edition of the Revised Statutes in the sections referred to in the margin.

R. S., § 571.



Pay of printers and book-binders by Public Printer.

Be it enacted, &c.

Feb. 16, 1877.

19 Stat. L., 231.

Pay of printers

That from and after the close of the present session of Congress the public printer shall pay no greater price for composition than fifty and book-binders cents per thousand ems and forty cents per hour for time work to print ers and book-binders. [February 16, 1877.]

by Public Printer.

R. S., § 3763. 1876, July 31, ch. 246, § 1, par. 1. 14 C. Cls., 200.



District court of Nebraska to be held second Monday in November.

Be it enacted, &c., That the fall term of the United States district court for the district of Nebraska shall hereafter be held on the second Monday in November in each year, instead of the "Wednesday after the second Tuesday in October," as now provided by law. [February 17, 1877.]

Feb. 17, 1877.

19 Stat. L., 232.

District court of

Nebraska to be
held 2d Monday in

R. S., § 572.
1878, June 19, ch.


Feb. 27, 1877.



19 Stat. L., 240.




1. R. S., § 197. Inventories for supplies in departments not to include stationery, &c., for Congressional Library.

2. R. S., 215. Chief clerk of War Department; his appointment and duties.

3. R. S., §225. In settling accounts of commanding officers of companies, affidavit by officers of loss to be received, &c.

4. R. S., 252. Repeal.

5. R. S., 259. Reports of statistics.

6. R. S., 317. Duties of Commissioner of Customs.

7. R. S., 335. Bureau of Statistics. 8-11. R. S., 354, 637, 702, 838. Verbal errors corrected.

12. R. S., § 875. On letters rogatory from foreign countries, witnesses may be com pelled to appear, &c.

13, 14. RS., §§ 1094, 1097. Errors corrected. 15. R. S., 1102. Surgeons to cavalry regi


16. R. S., § 1110. Ordnance sergeants. 17. R. S., 1118. Felons not to be enlisted in


18. R. S., 1126. Chaplains.

19. R. S., 1131. Inspectors-general reduced to four

20. R. S., § 1132. Appointment in Quartermaster's Department to be from Army. In absence of chiefs of bureaus in War Department, who to act.

21. R. S., 1136. In purchase of property for public buildings, title deeds to be furnished Attorney-General, and his opinion had, &c.

22. R. S., § 1137. Forage and wagon masters' pay, &c.

23. R. S., § 1139. Quartermaster-General to render accounts quarterly.

24. R. S., § 1162. Chief of Ordnance may enlist what men.

25. R. S., § 1163. to detail enlisted men to corps, &c

26. R. S., § 1167. Officers of Ordnance Department and those intrusted with stores, &c., to make returns to Chief of Ordnance.

Chief of Ordnance to make rules.

27. R. S., § 1174. Supervision of cooking in Army.

28. R. S., § 1191. Quartermaster-General not liable for money in hands of subordi


29. R. S., § 1207. Promotion of lieutenants of Engineer Corps.

30. R. S., § 1220. Clothing issued to regiments may be altered to fit, and expense, how paid.

31. R.S., § 1221. Return of clothing and camp equipage.

32. R. S., 1224. Officers of Army not to engage in civil service, &c., interfering with military duties.

33. R. S., § 1259. Retired officers to receive no extra pay when assigned to Soldiers' Home.

34. R. S., § 1260.-nor when detailed to serve as college professors.

35. R. S., § 1270. Commutation of forage. mounted officers to receive pay of cavalry officers.

36. R. S., § 1279. Pay of artificers and wagon

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

54. R. S.,

55. R. S.,

on skins, &c., repealed.

2508. Verbal error corrected.

2514. Same.

2517. Collection districts and ports, alterations in.

56. R. S., § 2518. Collector of port to reside at Bangor.

57. R. S., § 2519. Collectors in Maine, how may agree upon boundaries of certain districts.

58. R. S., § 2527. Collection district of Fall River.

59. R. S., § 2530. Employés in appraiser's of fice in Boston.

60. R. S., § 2536. In New York district, surveyors for ports of Cold Spring and Jefferson to be appointed.

61. R. S., 2545. Employés in appraiser's office in Philadelphia.

62-64. R. S., §§ 2555, 2578, 2579. Verbal errors


[blocks in formation]

69. R. S., § 2619. Bonds of collectors, naval officers, and surveyors; form of.

70. R. S., § 2659. Commissions of collectors on hospital dues.

71. R. S., § 2660. Additional compensation to
collectors of Plymouth, Gloucester, and

72. R. S., § 2675. Compensation of certain col-
73. R. S., § 2691. Limit of pay of certain col-

74. R. S., § 2702. Typographical error cor-

75. R. S., § 2720. Limit of pay of surveyors. 76. R. S., 2727. Geveral appraisers abolished.

77. R. S., 2742. Pay of gaugers at Boston.
78. R. S., 2746. Additional pay to deputy
collectors and surveyors at San Fran-

79. R. S., § 2810. Verbal error corrected.
80. R. S., 2819. Goods for Bayport may be
entered at Cedar Keys, and not at Saint

81. R. S., § 2820. Verbal error corrected.
82. R. S., 2821. Goods for Houston may be
entered at Galveston.

83. R. S., § 2822. Goods for Natchez not to be
entered at New Orleans.

84, 85. R. S., §§ 2826, 2841. Verbal errors corrected.

86. R. S., § 2865. Smuggling or using false, &c., invoices; how punished.

87. R. S.. § 2909. Repeal of, additional duty, &c.

[blocks in formation]

NOTE. (1) The amendments, paragraphs 1-184, are incorporated in the second edition of the Revised
Statutes. See Wright's case, 15 C. Cls., 80.

[blocks in formation]

"person panies, &c.

105. R.S., § 3141. Verbal error corrected. 106-116. Same.

117. R. S., § 3433. Spirits for use in manufact-
ure of medicine in bonded warehouses
for exportation not to be removed, &c.
118. R. S., § 3456. Verbal error corrected.
119. R. S., 3473. Duties may be paid in coin

120-122. Verbal errors corrected.

123. R. S., § 3618. Proceeds of sale of supplies to officers, &c., of Army not to be covered into Treasury.

124. R. S., § 3620. Disbursing officers to pay
only by check drawn in favor of cred-

125. R. S., § 3622. Verbal error corrected.
126. R. S., 3625. Commissionert of Customs
to certify accounts of delinquent offi-
cers to Solicitor of Treasury.

127. R. S., 3663. Verbal error corrected.
128. R. S., 3672. Statement of sale of old
materials not to include supplies sold
officers, &c.

129. R. S., § 3689. Error of reference correct-

130. R. S., § 3692. Proceeds of sale of stores to Army officers, &c.; how disposed of. 131. R. S., §3714. Contractors for military or naval supplies to render accounts. 132-134. Verbal errors corrected.

135. R. S., § 3743. Certain contracts to be de-
posited with Commissioner of Customs.
136. R.S., § 3772. Verbal error corrected.
137. R. S., 3802. Same.

138. R. S., 3915. Special postal stamps or en-
velopes for departments.

139. R. S., 4203. Verbal error corrected.
140. R. S., 4219. Tonnage duties; rates of.
additional tax on vessels from foreign

-rights under treaties not impaired.

Be it enacted, &c.


additional tax on vessels when any offi. cer is an alien.

Par. 141. R. S., § 4264. Space required on vessels for steerage passengers on steam vessels; provisions concerning.

142-146. Verbal errors corrected.

147. R. S., § 4320. License of vessels for coast-
ing trade or fisheries not subject to six
cents per ton duty.

148. R. S., 4347. Verbal error corrected.
149. R. S., 4381. Same.

Fees collected of masters of vessels; how
disposed of to surveyors, collectors,
and naval officers.

150-161. Verbal errors corrected.

162. R. S., § 4575 Copy of shipping articles
to be obtained of collectors.
163. R. S., § 4605. Verbal error corrected.
164. R. S., § 4620. Special counsel in prize
cases; repeal.

165, 166. Verbal errors corrected.

167. R. S., § 4770. Repeal of provisions as to duplicates of fost checks.

168. R. S., § 4787. Artificial limbs to be supplied to what officers, &c.

169. R.S., § 4790. — commutation for. 170. R. S., 4791. transportation to obtain. 171-174. R. S., §§ 5020, 5174, 5211, 5225. Verbal errors corrected.

175. R. S., § 5269. Penalty for refusing to transmit certain public dispatches by telegraph companies; how recovered. 176-180. R. S., §§ 5291, 5292, 5293, 5309, 5413. Verbal errors corrected.

181. R. S., § 5455. Enticing desertions from military or naval service. 182-184. R. S., §§ 5470, 5479, 5579. Verbal errors corrected.



SECTION 2. Par. 1-4. R. S., §§ 192, 195, 309, 312. Verbal errors corrected.

5. R. S., § 322. Police commissioners to be
appointed with advice of Senate.

6. R. S., § 445. Verbal error corrected.
7. R. S., 467. Recorder of deeds to be ap-
pointed with advice of Senate.

8, 9. R.S., §§ 476, 717. Verbal errors corrected.
10. R. S., 754. Supreme court of District in
general term.

11. R. S., § 763. Jurisdiction of supreme court of District.

12-18. R. S., §§ 764, 765, 780, 811, 841, 843, 847. Verbal errors corrected.

19. R. S., 873. Compensation of jurors. 20-23. R. S., §§ 897, 1193, 1283, 1288. Verbal errors corrected.

Amendments to

[SECTION 1], That for the purpose of correcting errorors and supplying omissions in the act entitled "An act to revise and consolidate Revised Statutes. the Statutes of the United States in force on the first day of December, anno Domini one thousand eight hundred and seventy-three," so as to make the same truly express such laws, the following amendments are hereby made therein:(1)

Inventories of

[Par. 1.] Section one hundred and ninety-seven is amended by inserting at the end of the section the words "except supplies of stationery supplies in departand fuel in the public offices and books, pamphlets, and papers in the Library of Congress."

[Par. 2.] Section two hundred and fifteen is amended by adding at the end of the section the following:

There shall be in the said Department an inferior officer, to be appointed by the said principal officer to be employed therein as he shall deem proper, and to be called the chief clerk in the Department of War, and who, whenever the said principal officer shall be removed from office by the President of the United States, or in any other case of vacancy, shall during such vacancy, have the charge and custody of all records, books, and papers, appertaining to the said Department."

NOTES.-(1) These amendments and corrections are incorporated into the second edition of the Re vised Statutes in their proper places. See Wright's case, 15 C. Cls., 80.

clude stationery,
&c., for Congres-
sional Library.
R. S., § 197.
Chicf clerk of
War Department;
and duties.
his appointment

R. S., § 215.
1874, March 4,

ch. 44.

1874, June 20, ch. 328, § 1, par. 14.

In settling ac- [Par. 3.] Section two hundred and twenty-five is amended by adding counts of com- at the end of the section the following:

manding officers of

companies, affida


R. S., § 225.

In settling the accounts of the commanding officer of a company for vit by officers of clothing and other military supplies, the affidavit of any such officer loss to be received, may be received to show the loss of vouchers or company books, or any matter, or circumstance tending to prove that any apparent deficiency was occasioned by unavoidable accident or lost in actual service, without any fault on his part, or that the whole or any part of such clothing and supplies had been properly and legally used and appropriated; and such affidavit may be considered as evidence to establish the facts set forth, with or without other evidence, as may seem to the Secretary of War just and proper under the circumstances of the case." [Par. 4.] Section two hundred and fifty two is struck out.

Repeal of.

R. S., § 252.
Reports of sta-


R. S., § 259.

Duties of Com

missioner of Cus


[blocks in formation]

[Par. 5.] Section two hundred and fifty-nine is amended by striking out, in the fourth line, the word "agriculture.”

[Par. 6.] Section three hundred and seventeen is amended by adding thereto the following:

"And shall perform all the acts and exercise all the powers, relating to the receipts from customs and the accounts of collectors and the other officers of the customs or connected therewith, devolved by section two hundred and sixty-nine upon the First Comptroller in regard to other receipts and other accounts."

[Par. 7.] Section three hundred and thirty-five is amended by striking out, in the fourth line the word "agriculture."

[Par. 8.] Section three hundred and fifty-four is amended by inserting after the word "questions" in the second line, the word "of."

[Par. 9. Section six hundred and thirty-seven is amended by inserting after the word "circuit" in the ninth line, the word "court". [Par. 10.] Section seven hundred and two is amended by inserting, after the word "cause" in the eleventh line, the word "when".

[Par. 11.] Section eight hundred and thirty-eight is amended by inserting after the word "be" in the first line, the word "the".

[Par. 12.] Section eight hundred and seventy-five is amended by adding at the end of the section the following: (2)

"When letters rogatory are addressed from any court of a foreign country to any circuit court of the United States, a commissioner of such circuit court designated by said court to make the examination of the witnesses mentioned in said letters, shall have power to compel the witnesses to appear and depose in the same manner as witnesses may be compelled to appear and testify in courts."

[Par. 13.] Section one thousand and ninety-four is amended by striking out the word "post", in the twenty fifth line, before the words "ordnance sergeant".

[Par. 14.] Section one thousand and ninety-seven is amended by inserting, in the second line, after the word "who", the word “shall”. [Par. 15.] Section eleven hundred and two is amended by striking out, after the word "majors", in the second line, the words "one surgeon, one assistant surgeon"; and in the seventh line after the word “the”, insert the words "seventh, eighth".

[Par. 16.] Section eleven hundred and ten is amended by striking out the word "post" before the words "ordnance sergeants" in the first line. [Par. 17.] Section eleven hundred and eighteen is amended by striking out the words "any criminal offence" in the third line, and inserting the words "a felony".

[Par. 18.] Section eleven hundred and twenty-six is amended by inserting a comma after the word "post", in the first line.

[Par. 19.] Section eleven hundred and thirty-one is amended by inserting, after the word "cavalry" in the second line, the words "provided no promotion shall be made until the number of inspectors-general is reduced to four".

NOTE. (2) The amendment here added to $875 has no connection with the subject-matter of that section, but is supplementary to the provisions of § 4071.

[Par. 20.] Section eleven hundred and thirty two is amended by adding at the end of the section the following:

"All appointments in the Quartermaster's Department shall be made from the Army.

Appointments in Quarter master's Department to be from Army.

R. S., § 1132.

In absence of

in War Depart

During the absence of the Quartermaster-General, or the chief of any military bureau of the War Department, the President is authorized to chiefs of bureaus empower some officer of the department or corps whose chief is absent ment who to act. to take charge thereof, and to perform the duties of Quartermaster-Gen- R. S., § 178. eral, or chief of the department or corps, as the case may be, during such absence."

In purchase of property for public buildings, &c., ti

[Par. 21.] Section eleven hundred and thirty-six is amended by adding at the end of the section the following: "It shall be the duty of all officers of the United States having any tle deeds to be furof the title-papers (property purchased, or about to be purchased, for nished Attorneyerection of public buildings) in their possession, to furnish them forth. General and his with to the Attorney-General. No public money shall be expended until opinion had. the written opinion of the Attorney-General shall be had." [Par. 22.] Section eleven hundred and thirty-seven is amended by inserting, in the third line, after the word "service" the following: "who shall be entitled to receive each forty dollars per month and three rations per day, and forage for one horse".

[Par. 23.] Section eleven hundred and thirty-nine is amended by adding at the end of the section the following: "And he shall account to the Secretary of War at least once in three months for all property and money that may pass through his hands, or the hands of his subordinate officers." [Par. 24.] Section eleven hundred and sixty two is amended by striking out all after the word "many" in the first line and inserting the following: "sergeants of ordnance, corporals of ordnance, and first and second class privates of ordnance, as the Secretary of War may direct." [Par. 25.] Section eleven hundred and sixty three is amended by striking out, in the third line, the words "privates of first class", and inserting the words "ordnance enlisted men", in lieu thereof.

[Par. 26.] Section eleven hundred and sixty seven is amended by inserting at the end thereof the following words:

R. S., § 355, 1136.

Forage and wagon masters' pay,


R. S., § 1137.

QuartermasterGeneral to render accounts quarter


R. S., § 1139.
Chief of Ord-

nance may enlist

what men.

R. S., § 1162.

to detail enlisted men to corps, &c. R. S., §


Officers of Ordnance Department and those intrust

"Every officer of the Ordnance Department, every ordnance-store ed with stores, &c., keeper, every post ordnance sergeant, each keeper of magazines, arsenals, to make returns to and armories, every assistant and deputy of such, and all other officers, Chief of Ordnance. agents, or persons who shall have received or may be entrusted with any R. S., § 1167. stores or supplies, shall quarterly, or oftener if so directed, and in such manner and on such forms as may be directed or prescribed by the Chief of Ordnance, make true and correct returns to the Chief of Ordnance of all ordnance-arms, ordnance-stores, and all other supplies and property of every kind, received by or intrusted to them and each of them, or which may in any manner come into their and each of their possession or charge. "The Chief of ordnance, subject to the approval of the Secretary of War, is hereby authorized and directed to draw up and enforce in his nance to make department a system of rules and regulations for the government of the rules, &c. Ordnance Department, and of all persons in said department, and for the safe keeping and preservation of all ordnance property of every kind, and to direct and prescribe the time, number, and forms of all returns and reports, and to enforce compliance therewith."

[Par. 27.] Section eleven hundred and seventy-four is amended by inserting, after the word "line" in the second line, the words "under such rules and regulations as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of War". [Par. 28.] Section eleven hundred and ninety-one is amended by adding at the end of the section the following:

"But the Quartermaster General shall not be liable for any money or property that may come into the hands of the subordinate officers of his department."

Chief of Ord

Supervision of cooking in Army.

R. S., § 1174. QuartermasterGeneral not liable for money in hands of subordinates. R. S., § 1191.

lieutenants of En

[Par. 29.] Section twelve hundred and seven is amended by inserting, Promotion of after the word "engineers" in the first line, the words "or Ordnance gineer Corps. Corps".

NOTE.-See note on page 265.

R. S., § 1207.

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