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Biennial Register; 1,500 copies to be printed.

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Pay for report-

January 29, 1874.
18 Stat. L., 6.

Two deputy com-



Coinage for foreign countries may be executed at United States mints..

Be it enacted, &c., That it shall be lawful for coinage to be executed at
the mints of the United States for any foreign country applying for the
same, according to the legally prescribed standards and devices of such
country, under such regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may
prescribe; and the charge for the same shall be equal to the expenses
thereof, including labor, materials, and use of machinery, to be fixed
by the director of the mint, with the approval of the Secretary of the
Treasury: Provided, That the manufacture of such coin shall not inter-
fere with the required coinage of the United States. [January 29, 1874.]

- operation

how conducted.

And the Secretary or Head of each Executive Department, and the
Congressional Printer, are hereby authorized to detail one person from
of, their present force of employees to operate the instruments in said De-
partments and printing office, and each House of Congress may provide
for the employment of an operator in their respective wings of the Cap-
itol, at a compensation not exceeding one hundred dollars per month,
during the sessions of Congress. [February 4, 1874.]

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2. Processes to be entered at said terms.

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[SECTION 1], That the time of sale and payment of pre-empted lands Pre-emption lands

in the Bitterroot Valley, in the Territory of Montana, is hereby extended in Bitterroot Val-

for the period of two years from the expiration of the time allotted in ley; time of sale

and payment ex-

the act entitled (1) "An act to provide for the removal of the Flathead tended.
and other Indians from the Bitterroot Valley, in the Territory of Mon-
tana," approved June fifth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two.
SEC. 2. That the benefit of the homestead act is hereby extended to
all the settlers on said lands who may desire to take advantage of the
same. [February 11, 1874.]

NOTE. (1) The time allotted by the act here referred to, 1872, ch. 308 (17 Stat. L., 226), was "within

twenty-one months from the date of settlement, or of the passage of this act," which act was passed

June 5, 1872.

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[SECTION 1], That all the tract of land embraced in what is known as
Tarkio Lake, in Congressional Township, numbered sixty, of range Holt County, Mis-
thirty-nine, in the county of Holt, State of Missouri, and which was souri, for school
left unsurveyed at the time the Government of the United States had purposes.
made a survey of the other lands in said township and county, and
which was described on the plat of the survey of said lands as a mean-
dering lake, be, and the same is hereby, granted to the said county of
Holt, in the State of Missouri, for school purposes.

SEC. 2. That the Commissioner of the General Land-Office is hereby

directed to have said lands surveyed, and to cause to be executed to the

said county of Holt, a patent for the same:

Rights of home-

Provided, That nothing in this act contained shall be so construed as to
affect the rights of any person who may have in good faith gone upon stead and pre-emp-
said lands prior to January first, eighteen hundred and seventy-four, with tion settlers pre-
the intent of pre-empting or homesteading the same; and the said served.
county of Holt is hereby required to make a title to any such person

to an amount of land not exceeding one hundred and sixty acres upon

the payment to the county of one dollar and twenty-five cents per acre: Cost of surveying
And be it further provided, That all cost of surveying said lands shall to be paid by coun-

be paid by said county of Holt. [February 19, 1874.]

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gineers in Navy: and that the title of second assistant engineer shall be changed to
their title, &c.
assistant engineer: Provided, That the regulations of the Navy Depart-
ment in relation to the examinations and amount of sea-service previous
to each examinations be complied with.

SEC. 2. That from and after the thirtieth day of June eighteen hun-

dred and seventy-four, the course of instruction at the Naval Academy
for cadet engineers shall be four years, instead of two as now provided
by law; and this provision shall first apply to the class of cadet-engi-
neers entering the academy in the year eighteen hundred and seventy-
four, and to all subsequent classes; and that all acts or parts of acts
inconsistent herewith be, and are hereby, repealed. [February 24, 1874.]

[SECTION 1], That all that portion of the Territory of New Mexico
lying south of the principal base line of said Territory shall constitute
separate land district, to be called the La Messilla land-district, the
office of which shall be located at such place in said district as the
President of the United States may direct, which may be changed from
time to time as the public interest may require.

SEC. 2. That the President shall appoint, by and with the advice and
consent of the Senate, a register and receiver of public moneys for said
district, and said officers shall reside in the place where said land-office
is located, and they shall have the same powers, perform the same duties,
and receive the same emoluments as are or may be prescribed by law in
relation to land offices of the United States in other Territories [March
3, 1874.]

Secretary of War may authorize chief clerk to sign requisitions, &c., in his absence.
Be it enacted, &c., That when, from illness or other cause, the Secre-

may authorize tary of War is temporarily absent from the War Department, he may

chief clerk to sign authorize the chief clerk of the Department to sign requisitions upon

requisitions, &c.,

in his absence. the Treasury Department, and other papers requiring the signature of
R. S., 177, 215, said Secretary; the same, when signed by the chief clerk during such
179, 3673.
1877, Feb. 27, ch. temporary absence, to be of the same force and effect as if signed by
the Secretary of War himself. [March 4, 1874.]




March 5, 1874.
18 Stat. L., 20.

Secretary of the Treasury may use revenue-cutter Relief as a boarding station in district of Mobile.
Be it enacted, &c., That the Secretary of the Treasury be, and is here-
Sec'y of Treasury
by, authorized to discontinue the use of the "Relief" as a revenue cut- may use revenue-
ter, and to station said vessel in Mobile Bay for use as a boarding sta- cutter "Relief” as
tion for the customs officers of the district of Mobile, under such rules, in district of Mo-
a boarding station
regulations, and conditions as the Secretary of the Treasury may from bile.
time to time prescribe. [March 5, 1874.]

R. S., § 2758.


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