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lands in, to be office in said Territory, shall thereafter make proofs and entries at said transferred to, &c. Del Norte land office; and all unfinished business in any other land office relating exclusively to lands in said Del Norte land district shall be transferred to said Del Norte land office when notified by the officers of the opening thereof. [June 20, 1874.]

June 20, 1874.

18 Stat. L., 123.

Bozeman land

district in Mon

tana established.



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[SECTION 1], That all that portion of the Territory of Montana, lying east of the range line between ranges two and three west of the prinR. R., § 2256, 2d cipal meridian and south of the first standard parallel north of the base ed., p. 413. line, of the public land surveys of said Territory, shall be constituted a separate land district, to be known as the Bozeman land district,

- office of.

-register and receiver for.

R. S., § 2234.

The office of which shall be located at Bozeman, but may be changed from time to time, by the direction of the President of the United States, as the interests of the public service may require.

SEC. 2. That the President shall appoint, by and with the consent of the Senate, a register and a receiver of the public moneys of the United States for said district; and said officers shall reside in the place where the land office is located, and they shall have the same powers and receive the same emoluments as are or may be prescribed by law in relation to land officers of the United States in other Territories. [June 20, 1874.]

June 20, 1874.

18 Stat. L., 123.



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3. To deposit in Treasury five per cent. on cir-
culation for redemption thereof, and counted
as reserve.

-notes of, to be redeemed on presentation at
Treasury; how disposed of, &c.
-mutilated notes of, to be redeemed and de-
stroyed, and others forwarded to the banks.
-to reimburse Treasury for cost of trans-
porting and assorting notes, engraving, &c. i

Be it enacted, &c.

5. Charter number to be printed on notes.

6. Limit of issue of United States notes.

7. Equalization of apportionment of circulation.

8. Proceedings when bank fails to comply with requisition of Comptroller.

9. Redistribution of circulation withdrawn.

[SECTION 1], That the act entitled (1) "An act to provide a national currency secured by a pledge of United States bonds, and to provide for R. S., § 5133- the circulation and redemption thereof," approved June third, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, shall hereafter be known as "the national-bank act."


Banks need not


SEC. 2. That section thirty one of the "the national-bank act" be so keep reserve on ac- amended that the several associations therein provided for shall not count of circula- hereafter be required to keep on hand any amount of money whatever, by reason of the amount of their respective circulations; but the moneys required by said section to be kept at all times on hand shall be determined by the amount of deposits in all respects, as provided for in the said section.

R. S., §§ 5191, 5192.

NOTE. (1) The provisions of the act of 1864, ch. 106 (13 Stat. L., 99), here referred to, are incorporated into the Revised Statutes in the several sections noted in the margin.

SEC. 3. That every association organized, or to be organized, under Banks to deposit the provisions of the said act, and of the several acts amendatory in Treasury five thereof, shall at all times keep and have on deposit in the Treasury of per cent. on cirenlation, and counted the United States, in lawful money of the United States, a sum equal as reserve. to five per centum of its circulation, to be held and used for the redemp- R. S., §§ 5191, tion of such circulation; which sum shall be counted as a part of its 5192. lawful reserve, as provided in section two of this act;

notes of, to be redeemed on presenhow disposed of,

tation at Treasury;

And when the circulating notes of any such associations, assorted or unassorted, shall be presented for redemption, in sums of one thousand dollars, or any multiple thereof, to the Treasurer of the United States, the same shall be redeemed in United States notes. All notes so re- &c. deemed shall be charged by the Treasurer of the United States to the 1875, March 3, respective associations issuing the same, and he shall notify them sev. ch. 130, § 3. erally, on the first day of each month, or oftener, at his discretion, of the amount of such redemptions; and whenever such redemptions for any association shall amount to the sum of five hundred dollars, such association so notified shall forthwith deposit with the Treasurer of the United States a sum in United States notes equal to the amount of its circulating-notes so redeemed.

And all notes of national banks worn, defaced, mutilated, or otherwise mutilated notes unfit for circulation shall, when received by any assistant treasurer or and destroyed, and of, to be redeemed at any designated depository of the United States, be forwarded to the others forwarded Treasurer of the United States for redemption as provided herein. And to the banks. when such redemptions have been so re-imbursed, the circulating-notes so redeemed shall be forwarded to the respective associations by which they were issued; but if any of such notes are worn, mutilated, defaced, or rendered otherwise unfit for use, they shall be forwarded to the Comptroller of the Currency and destroyed and replaced as now provided by law:

Provided, That each of said associations shall re-imburse to the Treas--to reimburse ury the charges for transportation, and the costs for assorting such Treasury for cost notes; and the associations hereafter organized shall also severally re- and assorting of transporting imburse to the Treasury the cost of engraving such plates as shall be notes, engraving ordered by each association respectively; and the amount assessed upon plates, &c. each association shall be in proportion to the circulation redeemed, and 1875, March 3, ch. 130, § 3. be charged to the fund on deposit with the Treasurer:

And provided further, That so much of section thirty-two of said national-bank act requiring or permitting the redemption of its circulating notes elsewhere than at its own counter, except as provided for in this section, is hereby repealed.

not to redeem

notes elsewhere than at their own counters.

R. S., § 5192, 51.95, 5226.

- how may withdraw circulation and take up bonds deposited.

R. S., §§ 5159,

SEC. 4. That any association organized under this act, or any of the acts of which this is an amendment, desiring to withdraw its circulat ing notes, in whole or in part, may, upon the deposit of lawful money with the Treasurer of the United States in sums of not less than nine thousand dollars, take up the bonds which said association has on de- 5222. posit with the Treasurer for the security of such circulating notes; 16 Opin. Att'y which bonds shall be assigned to the bank in the manner specified in Gen., 663. the nineteenth section of the national-bank act; and the outstanding notes of said association, to an amount equal to the legal tender notes deposited, shall be redeemed at the Treasury of the United States, and destroyed as now provided by law:

Provided, That the amount of the bonds on deposit for circulation shall not be reduced below fifty thousand dollars.

charter number

notes of.

SEC. 5. That the Comptroller of the Currency shall, under such rules and regulations as the Secretary of the Treasury may prescribe, cause to be printed on the charter-numbers of the association to be printed upon all nationalbank notes which may be hereafter issued by him.

R. S., § 5172.

Limit to issue of

SEC. 6. That the amount of United States notes outstanding and to be used as a part of the circulating-medium, shall not exceed the sum United States of three hundred and eighty-two million dollars, which said sum shall R.S, 3582.


[blocks in formation]

Equalization of


R. S., § 5179. 1875, Jan. 14, ch. 15, § 3.

appear in each monthly statement of the public debt, and no part thereof shall be held or used as a reserve.

SEC. 7. (2) (Sup.) [That so much of the act entitled "An act to proapportionment of vide for the redemption of the three per centum temporary loan certificates, and for an increase of national bank notes" as provides that no circulation shall be withdrawn under the provisions of section six (3) of said act, until after the fifty-four millions granted in section one of said act shall have been taken up, is hereby repealed; and it shall be the duty of the Comptroller of the Currency, under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury, to proceed forthwith, and he is hereby authorized and required, from time to time, as applications shall be duly made therefor, and until the full amount of fifty-five million dollars shall be withdrawn, to make requisitions upon each of the national banks described in said section, and in the manner therein provided, organized in States having an excess of circulation, to withdraw and return so much of their circulation as by said act may be apportioned to be withdrawn from them, or, in lieu thereof, to deposit in the Treasury of the United States lawful money sufficient to redeem such circulation, and upon the return of the circulation required, or the deposit of lawful money, as herein provided, a proportionate amount of the bonds held to secure the circulation of such association as shall make such return or deposit shall be surrendered to it.]


sition of Comptroller.

1875, Jan. 14, ch. 15, § 3.

SEC. 8. (Sup.) [That upon the failure of the national banks upon when bank fails to which requisition for circulation shall be made, or of any of them, to comply with requi- return the amount required, or to deposit in the Treasury lawful money to redeem the circulation required, within thirty days, the Comptroller of the Currency shall at once sell, as provided in section forty-nine of the national-currency act approved June third, eighteen hundred and sixty-four, bonds held to secure the redemption of the circulation of the association or associations which shall so fail, to an amount sufficient to redeem the circulation required of such association or associations, and with the proceeds, which shall be deposited in the Treasury of the United States, so much of the circulation of such association or associations shall be redeemed as will equal the amount required and not returned; and if there be any excess of proceeds over the amount required for such redemption, it shall be returned to the association or associations whose bonds shall have been sold. And it shall be the duty of the Treasurer, assistant treasurers, designated depositaries, and national bank depositaries of the United States, who shall be kept informed by the Comptroller of the Currency of such associations as shall fail to return circulation as required, to assort and return to the Treasury for redemption the notes of such associations as shall come into their hands until the amount required shall be redeemed, and in like manner to assort and return to the Treasury, for reuemption, the notes of such national banks as have failed, or gone into voluntary liquidation for the purpose of winding up their affairs, and of such as shall hereafter so fail or go into liquidation.]


R. S., § 5178.
1875, Jan. 14, ch.
15, § 3.

SEC. 9. (Sup.) [That from and after the passage of this act it shall of circulation be lawful for the Comptroller of the Currency, and he is hereby required, to issue circulating-notes, without delay, as applications therefor are made, not to exceed the sum of fifty-five million dollars, to associatious organized, or to be organized, in those States and Territories having less than their proportion of circulation, under an apportionment made on the basis of population and of wealth, as shown by the returns of the census of eighteen hundred and seventy; and every association hereafter organized shall be subject to, and be governed by, the rules,

NOTES. (2) Sections 7, 8, and 9 are superseded and rendered inoperative by the act of 1875, January 14, ch. 15, §3.

(3) The provision of the act of 1870, ch. 252, § 6 (16 Stat. L., 253), here referred to, is incorporated into Revised Statutes in section 5179, noted in the margin.

restrictions, and limitations, and possess the rights, privileges, and franchises, now or hereafter to be prescribed by law as to national banking associations, with the same power to amend, alter, and repeal provided by "the national bank act:" Provided, That the whole amount of circulation withdrawn and redeemed from banks transacting business shall not exceed fifty-five million dollars, and that such circulation shall be withdrawn and redeemed as it shall be necessary to supply the circulation previously issued to the banks in those States having less than their apportionment: And provided further, That not more that thirty million dollars shall be withdrawn and redeemed as herein contemplated during the fiscal year ending June thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five] [June 20, 1874.]



[blocks in formation]

their compensation.

[blocks in formation]

-to report to collector probable loss of ves-
sels, &c.

-penalty on, for neglect.

June 20, 1874. 18 Stat. L., 125.

4. Assistant superintendent for coast of Long Island and Rhode Island.

5. Crews and surfmen.

6. Volunteer crews may be accepted, paid, and given medals in certain cases.

7. Medals of honor may be given to persons who endanger their own lives to save others at


Be it enacted, &c.

12. Collectors to transmit to Secretary of Treas
ury reports received, and to report neglects,
refusals, &c.

13. Penalties, how may be remitted, mitigated,

- how prosecuted for.

life-boat stations

[SECTION 1], That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized Life-saving and to establish life-saving stations, life-boat stations, and houses of refuge, and houses of reffor the better preservation of life and property from shipwreck, at or in uge to be estabthe vicinity of the following-named points upon the sea and lake coasts lished on coast of. of the United States, namely: 1881, March 2, ch. 111. R. S., §§ 4242-4251.


Cape Henlopen, a complete life-saving station; Indian River, a complete life-saving station.


Green Run Inlet, a complete life-saving station.


Delaware; 1878, June 18, ch. 265, § 1.


1878, June 18, ch. 265, § 1.


1878, June 18,

Chincoteague, a complete life-saving station; Watchapreague Inlet, a complete life-saving station; Hog Island, a complete life-saving station; Sandy Shoal Island, a complete life-saving station; Smith's ch. 265, § 1. Island, a complete life-saving station.


About eighteen miles north of Indian River Inlet, a house of refuge; Florida; Gilbert's Bar, a house of refuge; near Orange Grove, a house of ref uge; between Hillsborough and New River Inlet, a house of refuge; about ten miles south of New River Inlet, a house of refuge.



Neah Bay, a life-boat station; Shoalwater Bay, a life-boat station; Territory; Cape Disappointment, a life boat station.



Cape Arago, a life-boat station.


See 1878, June 18, Humboldt Bay, a life-boat station; (Rep.) (Point Reyes,] a lifech. 265, 1.

boat station; between Point Lobos and Point San Pedro, a life-boat

station; Point Concepcion, near the light house, a life-boat station. Lake Ontario; ON THE COAST OF LAKE ONTARIO.

Mexico Bay, about seven miles westward of Stony Point, à complete life-saving station; Mexico Bay, about seven miles eastward of Nine Mile Point, a complete life-saving station; Oswego, a life-boat

station ; Charlotte, a life-boat station. Lake Erie;


Buffalo, a life-boat station; Presque Isle, a complete life-saving sta tion; Fairport, a life-boat station; Cleveland, a life-boat station; Mar

blehead, (Sandusky,) a life-boat station. Lake Huron;

ON THE COAST OF LAKE HURON. 1878, June 18, Point aux Barques, a complete life-saving station; Tawas, a comch. 265, 1. plete lile saving station ; Sturgeon Point, a complete life-saving sta

tion; North Point, Thunder Bay, a life-boat station; Forty-Mile Point,

a complete life-saving station. Lako Michigan; ON THE COAST OF LAKE MICHIGAN. 1878, June 18, ch. 265, \ 1.

Beaver Island, a life. boat station; North Manitou Island, a life-boat station, Point aux Bec Scies, a complete life-saving station ; Grande Pointe au Sauble, a complete lite-saving station. Grand Haven, a life-boat station; Saint Joseph's, a life-boat station; Chicago, a lifeboat station ; Grosse Point, a complete life-saving station ; Racine, a life-boat station; Milwaukee, a life-boat station; Sheboygan, a life-boat

station; Twin Rivers Point, a life-boat station. Lake Superior. ON THE COAST OF LAKE SUPERIOR.

1878, June 18, Between White Fish Point and Point au Sauble, four complete lifech. 265, \ 1.

saving stations. Superiutendents

SEC. 2. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized, whenon the coasts and ever, in his

opinion, it may become necessary for the proper administrakeepers of stations, tion of the Life Saving Service, and the protection of the public property &c.

at the stations and houses of refuge herein authorized to be established, R. S., § 4243.

to appoint one superintendent for the coasts of Delaware and Virginia, one for the coast of Florida, one for the coasts of Lakes Erie and Ontario, one for the coasts of Lakes Huron and Superior, and one for the coast of Lake Michigan, and also a keeper for each of said stations and houses of refuge;

and the said superintendents shall have the powers, and perform the

duties of inspectors of customs. their compensa- SEC. 3. That the compensation of each of the superintendents, to be tion.

appointed under the provisions of the preceding section, shall not exceed one thousand dollars per annum; and the compensation of the keepers shall not exceed two hundred dollars per annum, except that those employed at the houses of refuge on the Florida coast shall reside in said

houses and receive a compensation at the rate of forty dollars per month. Assistant super

SEC. 4. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to apintendent for coast point an assistant to the superintendent of the coast of Long Island and of Long Island and Rhode Island, who shall perform the duties required of the superintend

ent at the life-saving stations within the State of Rhode Island, and reside on Block Island, and for his services he shall receive an annual salary

of five hundrell dollars. Crews and surf- SEC. 5. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to em

ploy crews of experienced surfmen at such of the stations herein denominated complete stations and at such of the life-boat stations on the Pacific coast as he may deem necessary and proper, for such periods, and at such compensation, not to exceed forty dollars per month, as he may deem nec

essary and reasonable. Volunteer crews SEC. 6. That the Secretary of the Treasury may accept the services of may be accepted, volunteer crews at any of the life-boat stations herein authorized, who


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