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shall be subject to the rules and regulations governing the Life-Saving paid, and given Service; and a list of the names of each crew shall be kept in the office medals in certain of the Secretary of the Treasury.

1878, June 18, ch. Such volunteers shall receive no compensation except a sum of not more 265, 9 ío. than ten dollars each for every occasion upon which they shall have been instrumental in saving human life, and such of the medals herein authorized as they may be entitled to under the provisions hereinafter made:

Provided, That no payment shall be made to any person who shall not have actually participated in the efforts to save the life or lives rescued.

SEC. 7. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby directed to cause Medals of honor to be prepared medals of honor, with suitable devices, to be distinguished may be given to as life-saving medals of the first and second class, which shall be bestowed persons who enupon any persons who shall hereafter endanger their own lives in saving, lives to save others

danger their own or endeavouring to save lives from perils of the sea, within the United at sea. States, or upon any American vessel:

1878, June 18, ch. Provided, That the medal of the first class shall be confined to cases of 265, 912. extreme and heroic daring; and that the medal of the second class shall be given in cases not sutliciently distinguished to deserve the medal of the first class:

Provided, also, That no award of either medal shall be made to any person until sufficient evidence of his deserving shall have been filed with the Secretary of the Treasury and entered upon the records of the Department. SEC. 8. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to make

Regulations for all necessary regulations for the government of the Life-Saving Service life-saving service. not inconsistent with law. SEC. 9. That the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to dis

Disposal of con. pose of, to the best advantage, after due condemnation by board of sur- demned articles. vey, such articles or materials belonging to the Life-Saving Service as R. S., Ø 3618, may, from long continued use or other cause, become unserviceable and 3672, 3692.

1878, June 18, ch. the proceeds of such sale shall be covered into the Treasury.

265, 0 3. SEC. 10. That from and after the first day of July, eighteen hundred Owners, agents, and seventy-four, whenever any vessel of the United States has sustained or masters of vesor caused any accident involving the loss of life, the material loss of prop; dents to collectors

sels to erty, or any serious injury to any person, or has received any material of customs. damage affecting her seaworthiness or her efficiency, the managing owner, agent, or master of such vessel, shall within five days after the happening of such accident or damage, or as soon thereafter as possible, send, by letter to the collector of customs of the district wherein such vessel belongs or of that within which such accident or damage occurred, a report thereof, signed by such owner, agent, or master, stating the name and official number (if any) of the vessel, the port to which she belongs, the place where she was, the nature and probable occasion of the casualty, the number and names of those lost, and the estimated amount of loss or damage to the vessel or cargo; and shall furnish, upon the request of either of such collectors of customs, such other information concerning the vessel, her cargo, and the casualty as may be called for;

And if he neglect or refuse to comply with the foregoing requirements - penalty on, for after a reasonable time, he shall incur a penalty of one hundred dollars. neglect.

SEC. 11. That whenever the managing owner or agent of any vessel of — to report to colthe United States has reason, owing to the non-appearance of such ves. Jector probable loss sel, or to any other circumstance, to apprehend that such vessel has been of vessels, &c. lost, he shall, as soon as conveniently may be, send notice, in writing, to the collector of customs of the port to which said vessel belonged, of such loss, and the probable occasion thereof stating the name and the official number (if any) of the vessel, and the names of all persons on board, so far as the same can be ascertained, and shall furnish, upon request of the collector of such port, such additional information as he may be able;

And if he neglect to comply with the above requirements within a rea- - penalty on, for sonable time, he shall incur a penalty of one hundred dollars.

neglect. SEC. 12. That it shall be the duty of the collectors of customs to im- Collectors to mediately transmit to the Secretary of the Treasury such reports and transmit to Secrotary of Treasury information as they may receive under the provisions of the two prereports received, ceding sections, and they shall also report to the Secretary of the Treasand to report neg- ury any neglect or refusal on the part of the managing owner, agent, or lects, refusals, &c.

master of any vessel of the United States to comply with the require

ments thereof. Penalties, how Suc. 13. That the Secretary of the Treasury may, upon application may be remitted, therefor, remit or mitigate any penalty provided for in this act, or dismitigated, &c.

continue any prosecution to recover the same, upon such terms as he, in his discretion, shall think proper, and shall have authority to ascertain the facts upon all such applications in such manner and under such

regulations as he may think proper; – how prosecuted All penalties herein before provided shall be prosecuted by indictment for. R. S., $ 563, par. States. (June 20, 1874.)

or information before the proper district court for the use of the United 3.


June 20, 1874. 18 Stat. L., 129.



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3. British subjects whose claims are approved 1. List of British subjects in occupancy of lands may purchase lands.

confirmed to United States by award of 4. Entries, how made.
Emperor of Germany, to be made by com- – rights forfeited under, and payments made,

Testimony, how taken.

5. Regulations to be made by Secretary of InWitnesses may be summoned.

terior, 2. Compensation of commissioner. Preamble.

Whereas it was stipulated by article one of the treaty concluded at WashTreaty (9 Stat. ington on the fifteenth day of June, eighteen hundred and forty-six, between L., 869).

the United States and Great Britain, that the line of boundary between the territories of the United States and Her Britannic Majesty, from the point on the forty-ninth parallel of north latitude up to which it had already been ascertained, should be continued westward along said parallel of north latitude "to the middle of the channel which separates the continent from Vancouver's Island, and thence southerly through the middle of said channel and

of Fuca Straits to the Pacific Ocean;" Treaty, Art. 34 And whereas by article three of the treaty aforesaid, it was stipulated that (17 Stat. L., 874). “in the future appropriation of the territory south of the forty-ninth paral

lel of north latitude, as provided in the first article of this treaty, the possessory rights of the Hudson's Bay Company, and of all British subjects who may be in the occupation of land or other property lavofully acquired within the said territory, shall be respected ;"

And whereas by article thirty-four of the treaty concluded at Washington on the eighth day of May, eighteen hundred and seventy-one, the question of where the boundary which runs southerly through the middle of the channel aforesaidshould be located was submitted to His Majesty the Emperor of Germany, whose decision was to be final and without appeal;

And whereas by the award of His Majesty the Emperor of Germany of October twenty-first, eighteen hundred and seventy tuo, said boundary was established, and it now devolves upon the United States to discharge its treaty obligations : Therefore,

Be it enacted, &c. List of British [SECTION 1], That a commissioner be appointed by the President of subjects in ocen- the United States, to make, and report to the Secretary of the Interior, paucy of lands

a list of all British subjects who, on the fifteenth day of June, eighteen contirmed to United States by

hundred and forty-six, were in the occupation of land, lawfully acquired, award of Emperor within the limits which were the subject of the award of His Majesty of Germany to be the Emperor of Germany, together with a description of the land actually occupied by each at said date; and said commissioner shall proceed made by commisto the vicinity of the land in question, and there receive proof of the sioner, &c. occupancy of such land and of the mode by which such occupancy was acquired, after first giving reasonable notice as to the said matters to be so reported by him.

Such proof shall consist of oral testimony under oath and such documentary proofs as the said occupants may present.

The testimony of all witnesses shall be reduced to writing and all Testimony, how documentary proof offered by the parties and received by the commis. taken, &c. sioner shall be attached to the deposition of the party offering such proofs, which testimony and proofs shall be submitted by said commissioner with his report, and such report shall be subject to review by the Secretary of the Interior, whose action thereon shall be final. For the purposes of this act, the said commissioner shall have author.

Witnesses may ity to subpæna witnesses and to administer oaths and take testimony. be summoned.

SEC. 2. That said commissioner shall receive for his services ten dol. Compensation of lars per diem, together with traveling expenses at the rate of ten cents commissioner. per mile, for the distance actually traveled in the execution of said commission; and the sum of one thousand dollars is hereby appropriated from any unappropriated money in the Treasury to defray such expenses.

SEC. 3. That all British subjects whose claims shall be approved by the Secretary, as provided in section one of this act, shall be allowed British subjects, to purchase from the United States the land so designated at any time whoso claims are within one year from such approval, at the ordinary minimuin price per

approved, may

purchase lands. acre where the lands are situated outside railroad limits, and at double minimum price where the lands are within railroad limits.

SEC. 4. That such entries shall be according to legal subdivisions, so Entries, how as to include the improvements of such occupants; and where two or made. more parties shall have improvements on the same smallest legal subdivision, they may make a joint entry thereof:

Provided, That in case entry and payment are not made within one Rights forfeited year from the date of such approval by the Secretary of the Interior, under entry and then all possessory rights named in article three of the treaty of June payment made, tifteenth, eighteen hundred and forty-six, shall be considered forfeited, and the lands shall thereafter be deemed and treated as a part of the public domain, to be disposed of as other lands.

SEC. 5. That it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Interior to Regulations to make all needful regulations to give effect to the provisions of this act. be made by Secre[June 20, 1874.)




June 22, 1874. 18 Stat. L., 133.


Par. 1. Extra sessions of Territorial legislatures Par. 3. Orphans' Home in Washington; what not to be called without approval by

orphans to be admitted and for what President.

time. 2. Money received for lands in township 51 4. Contracts for rent of buildings in Wash. north, of range 31 west, to be expended

ington not to be made without previous for purposes of education, &c., of Chip

appropriation pewa Indians.

5. Pay for reporting proceedings of Congress

and of committees of the House. Be it enacted, &c., (Par. 1.) Hereafter no extraordinary session of the legislature of any Territorial legisla

Extra sessions of Territory, wherever the same is now authorized by law, shall be called tures not to be calluntil the reasons for the same have been presented to the President of ed without approvthe United States, and his approval thereof has been duly given.

al by President.

R. S., 1846,

1923. Par. 2.For the L'Anse and Vieux de Sert bands of Chippewas of Money received Lake Superior, at the rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents an acre for lands in town

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ship51 N., of range for all the lands in township fifty-one north, of range thirty-one west, 31 W., to be ex- which are not included in the limits of the reservation of said Indians pended for purposes of education, as defined by the wording of the treaty of September thirtieth, eight&c., of Chippewa een hundred and fifty-four: Provided, That the money received for the Indians.

lands in said township shall be expended for educational and beneficial Treaty (10 Stat.

purposes as the President may direct, and at such times and in such L., 1109).

*1880, April 1, ch, manner as he may deem proper for the interests of said bands of Indians. 41. May 11, ch. 85, $ 6.

Orphans' Home, (Par. 3.) For the Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home, Washington Washington; what City, District of Columbia, orphans to be ad

Provided, That hereafter no child or children shall be admitted into mitted, and for what time.

said home except the destitute orphans of soldiers and sailors who 1866, ch. 249, 9 3. have died in the late war on behalf of the Union of these States," as

1867, ch. 62 (14 provided for in section three of the act entitled "An act to incorporate S. L., 247, 401). the National Soldiers' and Sailors' Orphans' Home,” approved July

1878, June 20, ch. 359, par. 3.

twenty-fifth, eighteen hundred and sixty-six;

And provided further, That no child not an invalid shall remain in

said home after having attained the age of sixteen years. Contracts for [Par. 4.] Hereafter no contract shall be made for the rent of any rentof buildings in building, or part of any building, in Washington, not now in use by Washington not to the Government, to be used for the purposes of the Government until be made without provious appro- an appropriation therefor shall have been made in terms by Congress. priation. R. S., $$ 3679, 3732. 1877, March 3, ch. 106. 1880, June 15, ch. 225. 13 C. Cls., 166.


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98 U.S.,

Pay for report- Par. 5.) Hereafter the pay of the official reporters of the proceeding proceedings of ings and debates of each llouse shall be fifty thousand dollars for each Congress and of committees of the Congress; and the pay of official reporters of committees of the House House.

shall be five thousand dollars each per annum, and this shall be in lieu R. S., N 54. of all other compensation for such services in reporting the proceed1874, Jan. 28, ch. ings of each and all of said committees.

(June 22, 1874. 16, 93.


June 22, 1874. 18 Stat. L., 173, 176.




1. Proceeds of sale of lands in Bitter Root Val. Indian agents: before whom may take oath.
ley, how disposed of.

6. Bidders on account of Indian service in 3. Indians required to perform service on reser.

amounts exceeding $5,000 to accompany vation for themselves or tribe.

bids with certified checks. - allowances for, liow distributed to.

Disposition of such checks after contracts may be excepted from requirement by Sec

awarded. retary of Interior.

10. Employés, &c., of United States not to be in. 4. Indian agents to make oath as to certain facts

terested in Indian contracta, &c. in rendering accounts.

Penalty for violation.


Be it enacted, &c.,

Provided, That the proceeds of the sales Proceeds of sale of land in Bitter Root Valley, Montana Territory, referred to in the secof lands in Bitter ond section of the act of Congress approved June fifth, eighteen lunRoot Valley, how dred and seventy two, entitled “An act to provide for the removal of the disposed of.

12. ch. 308. 6 2 Flathead and other Indians from Bitter Root Valley, in the Territory (17 Stat. L., 227). of Montana," shall be paid into the Treasury of the United States; in the

same manner that other moneys derived from the sale of other public Annuity, and lands are now paid in: And provided further, That in lieu of the amount how expended. provided to be set apart therefrom by the act of Congress of June fifth,

eighteen hundred and seventy-two, hereinbefore referred to, there shall be annually appropriated, out of any money in the Treasury of the United States, not otherwise appropriated, the sum of five thousand dollars, for the period of ten years, to be expended, under the direction of the Presi.




dent, in the manner deemed for the best good of the Indians who have been removed from Bitter Root Valley: And provided further, That no part of said sum shall be paid to any Indian of said tribe who shall not have settled upon the Jocko reservation.

SEC. 3. That for the purpose of inducing Indians to labor and become Indians required self-supporting, it is hereby provided that in distributing the supplies to perform service to the Indians for whom the same are appropriated, the agent distrib. on reservation for

themselves or uting the same shall require all able-bodied male Indians, between the

tribe. ages of eighteen and forty-five, to perform service upon the reserva

R. S., ♡ ♡ 2079– tion, for the benefit of themselves or of the tribe, at a reasonable rate, 2110. to be fixed by the agent in charge, and to an amount equal in value to the supplies to be delivered.

And the allowances provided for such Indians shall be distributed to – allowances for, them only upon condition of the performance of such labor, under such how distributed to. rules and regulations as the agent may prescribe:

Provided, That the Secretary of the Interior may, by written order, - may be excepted except any particular tribe from the operation of this provision where from requirement he deems it proper and expedient.

by Secretary of In

terior. Sec. 4.

Indian agents shall be required to state, Indian agents to under oath, upon rendering their quarterly accounts, that the number make oath as to of employees claimed for were actually and bona fide employed at the certain facts in

rondering acagency and at the salary claimed; and that such agent does not, directly counts. or indirectly, receive any part of the compensation claimed for any other R. S., $$ 2058, employee, or any pecuniary benefit therefrom:

2091. Provided. That where there is no officer in the vicinity of an agency – before whom who is authorized to administer oaths, the Secretary of the Interior may may take oath. direct such returns to be made under the certificate of the agent. SECTION 6. Provided, That hereafter all bidders un.

Bidders on acder any advertisement published by the Commissioner of Indian Affairs count of Indian for proposals for goods, supplies, transportation, and so forth, for and on service account of the Indian service, whenever the value of the goods, supplies, ing $5,000 to acand so forth, to be furnished, or the transportation to be performed, shall ing $5,000 to ae


company bids with exceed the sum of five thousand dollars, shall accompany their bids with certified checks. a certified check or draft payable to the order of the Commissioner of R. S., 0 3709. Indian Affairs, upon some United States depository or solvent national , 1875, March 3,

ch. 332, \ 9. bank, which check or draft shall be five per centum on the amount of the goods, supplies, transportation and so forth, as aforesaid ;

And in case any such bidder, on being awarded a contract, shall fail Disposition of to execute the same with good and sufficient sureties according to the such checks after terms on which such bid was made and accepted, such bidder shall for. contracts award

ed. feit the amount so deposited to the United States, and the same shall forthwith be paid into the Treasury of the United States; but if such contract shall be duly executed, as aforesaid, such draft or check so deposited shall be returned to the bidder.

SEC. 10. That no agent or employee of the United States Government, Employés, &c., or of any of the Departments thereof, while in the service of the Govern- of United States ment, shall have any interest, directly or indirectly, contingent or abso- not to be intorestlute, near or remote, in any contract made, or under negotiation, with ed in Indian con

, . the Government, or with the Indians, for the purchase or transportation R. S., 96 2079or delivery of goods or supplies for the Indians, or for the removal of 2110, 3739 the Indians; nor shall any such agent or employee collude with any person who may attempt to obtain any such contract for the purpose of enabling such person to obtain the same.

The violation of any of the provisions of this section shall be a mis- Penalty for viodemeanor, and shall be punished by a fine of not less than five hundred lation. dollars nor more than five thousand dollars, and by removal from office; and, in addition thereto, the court shall, in its discretion, have the power to punish by imprisonment of not more than six months. (June 22, 1874.)


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