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Par. 1. Annual reports of Departments to be
printed in limited numbers.
Expensive maps, &c., not to be printed
without order of Congress.

2. Destruction of national-bank and United
States notes, &c., may be by macera-
tion instead of burning.

3. Moneys appropriated for charitable pur-
poses, to whose credit to be placed; to
be paid only on checks, &c.

-payments from, under $20, how may
be made.

4. Property of Light-House Establishment
no longer required may be sold.

Be it enacted, &c.

[blocks in formation]

June 23, 1874.

18 Stat. L., 204.

Annual reports

[SECTION 1] [Par. 1.] Provided, That hereafter the Congressional of Departments to Printer shall print, upon the order of the heads of the Executive De partments, respectively, only such limited number of the annual reports of such Departments and necessary accompanying reports of subordinates as may be deemed necessary for the use of Congress:

ited numbers, &c. be printed in limR. S., 3798. 1876, July 31, ch. 246, par. 1, Aug. 15, ch.287, ý 1, par.3.

Provided, however, That no expensive maps or illustrations shall be Expensive maps, printed without the special order of Congress.

&c., not to be
printed, &c.
R. S., 3779,

Destruction of

[Par. 2.] For the maceration of national bank notes, United States notes, and other obligations of the United States authorized to be de- national-bank and * ; and that all such issues hereafter destroyed may be United States stroyed * destroyed by maceration instead of burning to ashes, as now provided by maceration innotes, &c., may be by law; and that so much of (1) sections twenty-four and forty-three of stead of burning. the national-currency act as requires national bank notes to be burned R. S., § 3581, to ashes is hereby repealed; that the pulp from such macerated issue 5184, 5225. shall be disposed of only under the direction of the Secretary of the Treasury.


Moneys appropriated for charitwhose credit to be able purposes, to placed; to be paid

[Par. 3.] All moneys hereafter appropriated for the aid, use, support, or benefit of any charitable, industrial, or other association, institution, or corporation, shall be placed to the credit of the proper fiscal officer of such association, institution, or corporation, by warrant of the Secretary of the Treasury, on the books of the Treasurer of the United States, or only on checks, &c. of an assistant treasurer or designated depositary of the United States R. S., §§ 3620, 3678. other than a national bank, and shall be paid out only on the checks of such fiscal officer, drawn payable to the order of the person to whom payment is to be made, for services, materials, or any other purpose, and stating in writing thereon the specific object or purpose to which the avails thereof are to be applied:

Provided, That when payments are to be made under twenty dollars, -payments from, such fiscal officer may check in his own name, but shall state in writing under $20, how on the check that the avails thereof are to be applied to the payment of may be made. small claims, and shall furnish, to the Treasurer, assistant treasurer, or designated depositary on whom the check is drawn, a certified list of such claims, which list shall set forth the amount and nature of each claim and the name of each claimant.


[Par. 4.] Provided, That the Secretary of the Treasury shall have Property of power to order the sale at auction, after due public notice, of any real Light-House estate or other property pertaining to the Light House Establishment, no tablishment no

NOTE. (1) The provisions of the act of 1864, ch. 106 (13 Stat. L., 106), here referred to, are incorporated into Revised Statutes in §§ 5184, 5225, noted in the margin.

longer required longer required for light-house purposes; the proceeds of such sales, may be sold. after the payment therefrom of the expenses of making the same, to be deposited and covered into the Treasury as miscellaneous receipts, as now provided by law in like cases.

R. S., § 4675.

house establish

In adjusting [Par. 5.] Provided, That whenever it may become necessary, in the boundary-lines of adjustment of boundary lines or in the opening or changing of necessary lands of light roadways affecting lands belonging to the United States and used for ments on Staten the purposes of the light-house establishments at Staten Island, New Island, Secretary York, and at the Highlands of Neversink, New Jersey, or any part thereof, of Treasury may the Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized to execute for such give deeds, &c. purposes touching the property above referred to, or any part thereof, the necessary conveyances and assurances, and to receive, in consideration thereof, such other conveyances or assurances of adjoining lands, or of lands in the immediate vicinity, or other consideration, as may be agreed upon.

R. S., § 4675.


[Par. 6.] The jurisdiction of the Light-House Board, created by the Board's jurisdic- act (2) entitled "An act making appropriations for light-houses, lighttion extended over boats, buoys, and so forth, and providing for the erection and estabMississippi, Ohio, lishment of the same, and for other purposes" approved August thirtyand Missouri Riv- first, eighteen hundred and fifty-two, is hereby extended over the R. S., §§ 4653- Mississippi, Ohio, and Missouri Rivers, for the establishment of such



Tolls on Thun

beacon-lights, day-beacons, and buoys as may be necessary for the use of vessels navigating those streams; and for this purpose the said board is hereby required to divide the designated rivers into one or two additional light-house districts, to be in all respects similar to the already existing light-house districts; and is hereby authorized to lease the necessary ground for all such lights and beacons as are used to point out changeable channels, and which in consequence cannot be made permanent.


[Par. 7.] For the construction of a light-house at the mouth of Thunder Bay River to der Bay River, in the State of Michigan, (Sup.) [Provided, cease after light- That all tolls on vessels entering or leaving the river shall be abolished For substitute after the light-house is completed.]

house is built.

see 1875, Mar. 3, ch.

130, par. 9.

for vessels im

Certain sums [Par. 8.] Section second of an act entitled (3) "An act making appronecessary for set- priations for the support of the Army for the fiscal year ending June tlement of claims thirtieth, eighteen hundred and seventy-five, and for other purposes," pressed into mili- passed at the present session, shall be construed to direct the Third be Auditor of the Treasury to certify to the Secretary of the Treasury the certified to Secre- sum necessary in the settlement of accounts for steamboats and other tary of Treasury, vessels, pending in his office, under the joint resolution approved Deand not to be car- cember twenty-third, eighteen hundred and sixty-nine, and March third, ried to surplus fund. eighteen hundred and seventy-one, and said sum so certified shall be R. S., § 277, par. excepted from the operation of the said second section: But nothing herein contained shall be construed to effect the present jurisdiction of the Second Comptroller of the Treasury in this class of cases: [June 23, 1874]


1874, June 16, ch. 285, § 2. 1874, June 20, ch. 328, § 5.

NOTES. (2) The provisions of the act of 1852 ch. 112 (10 Stat. L., 118), bere referred to, are incorporated into Revised Statutes in the sections noted in the margin.

(3) The resolution to which this paragraph may apply are 1869, No. 5, and 1871, No. 50 (16 Stat. L., 368 600).



[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Distributing offices may be designated and
additional pay allowed to postmasters.

12. Proposals for carrying mail to be accompanied
by bond of bidder, &c.

-not to be considered unless accompanied by
bond and oath.

Oaths of sureties to be indorsed on bond.
Penalty for postmaster illegally approving
bond, &c.

When bidder fails to enter into contract, next
lowest bidder to be contracted with.
-or fails to perform contract entered into.
-and in case next lowest bidder is too high,
new proposals to be advertised for.
Temporary contracts may be made in certain


Contracts, when may be continued beyond
express terms.

Bids to be accompanied by certified checks,
&c., when annual compensation exceeds

Deposit to be forfeited on failure, or returned
on performance of proposal.

Proposals exceeding $5,000 not to be consid
ered unless accompanied by check and

Penalties incurred not affected.

13. Postage on public documents mailed by mem
bers of Congress and heads of departments.
-on Congressional Record.

June 23, 1874.

18 Stat. L., 231.

[Par. 1.] Provided, That hereafter letter-carriers shall not be employed Letter-carriers for the free delivery of mail-matter in towns and cities whose popula- not to be employed tion within their corporate limits, as shown by the last report of the less than 30,000 in places having national census or by any subsequent census taken in pursuance of population, exState statute or by order of the mayor and common council of such cept, &c. town or city, shall be less than thirty thousand; but this proviso shall R. S., § 3865. not affect the free delivery in towns and cities where it is now estab1879, Feb. 21, ch. 95, § 5. lished.

And for the more efficient management of the free-delivery system, the Postmaster General may designate a fourth class clerk to act as superintendent of free delivery in the Post-Office Department at an annual salary of two thousand five hundred dollars;


Superintendent of free delivery to be designated; his salary.

[Par. 2.] Provided, That hereafter no payment shall be made to any newspaper published in the District of Columbia for advertising any ginia only, to be other routes than those in Virginia and Maryland.

trict of Columbia.

R. S., § 394. Mail routes in Maryland and Viradvertised in DisR. S., § 3827. Stamped envelprinting except request to return. R. S., § 3915. Revised Statutes

[Par. 3.] Provided, That hereafter no envelope, as furnished by the Government, shall contain any lithographing and engraving, nor any opes to contain no printing except a printed request to return the letter to the writer.


SEC. 4. That the Revised Statutes of the United States shall not be published by the United States in any newspaper, anything in existing laws to the contrary notwithstanding.

not to be published in newspapers. R. S., § 79. SEC. 5. That on and after the first day of January, eighteen hundred Rates of postage and seventy-five, all newspapers and periodical publications mailed from on newspapers and a known office of publication or news agency, and addressed to regular periodicals mailed from office of pubsubscribers or news agents, postage shall be charged at the following lication or agency, rates: On newspapers and periodical publications, issued weekly and more frequently than once a week, two cents for each pound or fraction thereof and on those issued less frequently than once a week three cents for each pound or fraction thereof:


R. S., § 3905.

15 Opin. Att'yGen., 345.

16 Opin. Att'yGen., 233.

Rates of postage in other cases not changed. R. S., § 3872. 1879, March 3,

ch. 180, § 11.


Provided That nothing in this act shall be held to change or amend section ninety nine (1) of the act entitled "An Act to revise consolidate and amend the statutes relating to the Post-Office Department," approved June eight, eighteen hundred and seventy-two:

SEC. 6. That on and after the first day of January, eighteen hundred -method of pay- and seventy-five, upon the receipt of such newspapers and periodical ing postage in such publications at the office of mailing, they shall be weighed in bulk, and postage paid thereon by a special adhesive stamp, to be devised and furnished by the Postmaster-General, which shall be affixed to such matter, or to the sack containing the same, or upon a memorandum of such mailing, or otherwise, as the Postmaster-General may, from time to time, provide by regulation.

Newspapers may be sent free to sub

SEC. 7. That newspapers, one copy to each actual subscriber residing within the county where the same are printed, in whole or in part, and scribers in county published, shall go free through the mails; but the same shall not be delivered at letter-carrier offices or distributed by carriers unless postage is paid thereon as by law provided.

where printed.



Rate of postage SEC. 8. That all mailable matter of the third class, referred to in secon matter of third tion one hundred and thirty-three (1) of the act entitled "An act to reR. S., §§ 3878, vise, consolidate, and amend the statutes relating to the Post Office De partment," approved June eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, 1875, March 3, may weigh not exceeding four pounds for each package thereof, and postage shall be charged thereon at the rate of one cent for each two ounces or fraction thereof; but nothing herein contained shall be held to change or amend section one hundred and thirty-four of said act.

ch. 130.

13 Blatch., 207.


agents, &c., to
make affidavit
when required.
R. S., § 3909.

Penalty for de

SEC. 9. That the Postmaster-General, when in his judgment it shall be necessary, may prescribe, by regulation, an affidavit in form, to be taken by each publisher of any newspaper or periodical publication sent through the mails under the provisions of this act, or news agent who distributes any of such newspapers or periodical publications under the provisions of this act, or employee of such publisher or news agent, stating that he will not send, or knowingly permit to be sent, through the mails any copy or copies of such newspaper or periodical publications except to regular subscribers thereto, or news agents, without prepayment of the postage thereon at the rate of one cent for each two ounces or fractional part thereof;

And if such publisher or news agent, or emyloyee of such publisher positing matter in or news agent, when required by the Postmaster-General or any special office without agent of the Post-Office Department to make such affidavit, shall refuse making affidavit. so to do, and shall thereafter, without having made such affidavit deposit any newspapers in the mail for transmission, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction, shall be fined not exceeding one thousand dollars for each refusal;

[blocks in formation]

And if any such person shall knowingly and willfully mail any such matter without the payment of postage as provided by this act, or procure the same to be done with the intent to avoid the prepayment of postage due thereon;

Or if any postmaster or post-office official shall knowingly permit any such matter to be mailed without the prepayment of postage as provided in this act, and in violation of the provisions of the same, he or they shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and, on conviction thereof, shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars, or imprisoned not exceeding one year, one or both, in the discretion of the court.

SEC. 10. That so much of this act as changes the rate of postage on newspapers and periodical publications shall not take effect until the first day of January next.

SEC. 11. (2) (Rep.) [That the sixty-third, eightieth, eighty-first, eighty-second, eighty-third, eighty-fourth, and eighty-sixth sections of the said "Act to revise, consolidate, and amend the statutes relating to

NOTES.-(1) The several provisions of the act of 1872, ch. 335 (17 Stat. L.,283), referred to in this act, are incorporated into the Revised Statutes in the sections noted in the margin. (2) Section 11 of this act is repealed by act of 1876, July 12, ch. 179.

the Post Office Department," approved June eighth, eighteen hundred and seventy-two, (1) be amended to read as follows:] (2)

Postmasters' sal

(2) "SEC. 63. (Rep.) [That the postmasters, except the postmaster at New York City, whose annual salary is hereby fixed at six thousand aries; at New York. dollars, shall be divided into four classes, as follows:

The first class shall embrace all those whose annual salaries are not more than four thousand dollars nor less than three thousand dollars; The second class shall embrace all those whose annual salaries are less than three thousand dollars but not less than two thousand dollars; The third class shall embrace all those whose annual salaries are less than two thousand dollars but not less than one thousand dollars; The fourth class shall embrace all postmasters whose annual compensation, exclusive of their commissions on the money-order business of their offices, amounts to less than one thousand dollars."]

[ocr errors]

of class one.

of class two.

- of class three.

- of class four.

(2) "SEC. 80. (Rep.) [That the postmaster at New York City and post- Appointments masters of the first, second, and third classes shall be appointed and and removals of may be removed by the President, by and with the advice and consent postmasters. R. S., § 3830. of the Senate, and shall hold their offices for four years unless sooner removed or suspended according to law; and postmasters of the fourth class shall be appointed and may be removed by the Postmaster-General, by whom all appointments and removals shall be notified to the Auditor for the Post-Office Department."]

"SEC. 81. (Rep.) [That the compensation of the postmaster at New Salary of post


R. S., § 3852,

York City shall be six thousand dollars per annum, and the respective master at York, and compencompensations of postmasters of the first, second, and third classes shall sation of postmasbe annual salaries, assigned in even hundreds of dollars, and payable ters of first, secin quarterly payments, to be ascertained and fixed, by the Postmaster- ond, and third General, from their respective quarterly returns to the Auditor for the classes. Post-Office Department, or copies or duplicates thereof, for four quarters 3860. immediately preceding the adjustment or re-adjustment, by adding to the whole amount of box rents, not exceeding two thousand dollars per annum, commissions also not to exceed two thousand dollars per annum on the other postal revenues of the office, at the following rates, namely: On the first one hundred dollars per quarter, fifty per centum;

On all over one hundred dollars and not over four hundred dollars per quarter, forty per centum;

On all over four hundred dollars and not over two thousand four hundred dollars per quarter, thirty per centum;

And on all over two thousand four hundred dollars per quarter, ten per centum.

Postal receipts,

And in order to ascertain the amount of the postal receipts of each office, the Postmaster-General may require postmasters to furnish du- how ascertained. plicates of their quarterly returns to the Auditor at such times and for such periods as he may deem necessary in each case:

Provided, That whenever, by reason of the extension of free delivery

Additional al


of letters, the box-rents of any post office are decreased, the Postmaster- lowance in certain General may allow, out of the receipts of such office, a sum sufficient to maintain the salary thereof at the amount at which it had been fixed before the decrease in box rents."]

Compensation of

R. S., §§ 3852

(2) "SEC. 82. (Rep.) [That the compensation of postmasters of the fourth class shall be the box-rents collected at their offices and commis- Postmasters of fourth class. sions on other postal revenues of their offices at the rate of sixty per céntum on the first one hundred dollars or less per quarter; fifty per 3860. centum on the next three hundred dollars or less per quarter; forty per centum on the excess above four hundred dollars per quarter; the same to be ascertained and allowed by the Auditor in the settlement of the quarterly accounts of such postmasters:

Provided, That when the aggregate annual compensation, exclusive of commissions on money-order business, of any postinaster of this class shall amount to one thousand dollars, the Auditor shall report such fact NOTE. (2) Section 11 of this act, amending §§ 63, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 86 of the act of 1872, ch. 335 (17 Stat. L., 283), which were incorporated into the Revised Statutes noted in the margin, is repealed by act of 1876, July 12, ch. 179.

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