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develop more fully, and arrange more systematically; but I found that I could not look forward with any reasonable confidence to a period of such unbroken leisure as would have been requisite for such a work. My only practical alternative therefore was, either to publish these Discourses nearly as they were delivered, or to suppress them altogether. The publication of several of them was requested by the persons to whom they were, respectively, addressed; and as it is seldom advisable to publish single sermons, except such as have some peculiar circumstances of local or temporary interest, I have thought it best to collect them into a volume. Three, however, of these have been already published separately; one, in the volume of "Family Sermons, edited by the Education-Committee of the Christian-Knowledge-Society; and two others, for the benefit of the Charities which they respectively advocate. These last are now republished, as well as

another of the same description, because they are not confined to the immediate objects which gave occasion to them, but treat of subjects which, it is hoped, may prove interesting to the Christian reader generally.

I ought, perhaps, to apologize for having retained the style which was adopted with a view rather to oral delivery than to the closet: but being prevented, for the reason above mentioned, from recasting the whole matter into the form of more regular treatises, instead of publishing Sermons, as such, I have thought it best to make little or no alteration in them ; leaving them to appear as that which they were originally designed for-addresses to a congregation.

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