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Rev. John Stephen, D.D. Nassau, New Providence.
Mr William Stevenson, Seaton, Old Aberdeen.
Mr Alexander Stewart, Keil.
Charles Stewart, Esq. of Ardshiel.
Dugald Stewart, Esq. of Invernahyle.
Dugald Stewart, Esq. of Ballachelish.
Capt. Duncan Stewart, Achorn.
Duncan Stewart, Esq. of Auchnacoan.
James Stewart, Esq. Glenurehouse.
Miss Robina Stewart, Auchnacoan.
Mrs Stirling of Kippendavie.
Colonel Alexander Sutherland of Braegrady.
Charles Manners Sutton, Esq. M. P. London.


Mr James Taylor, merchant, Keith.
Mr Alexander Thomson, Cuminestown.
Mr John Tidbald, Balliol College, Oxford.
Mr James Torry, silk-dyer, Aberdeen.
Right Reverend Patrick Torry, Peterhead.
The Hon. Alex. Fraser Tytler, Lord Woodhouselee-2 copies,


Mrs Urquhart of Craigston.
Mrs Urquhart of Meldrum.

Mr William Volum, Peterhead.

Rev. W

Rev. Alex, Walker, Monymusk.
Charles Walker, esq. merchant, Aberdeen,
Rev. James Walker, Huntly.
Rev. James Walker, Edinburgh.
Mr John Watt, Rora, Longside.
Mr James Watson, Aberdeen.
Mr William Watson, Aberdeen.
Mr James Webster, Turriff.
Mr William Wedderburn, builder, Aberdeen.
Mr William Wedderburn, Balliol College, Oxford.
Mr James Williamson, West Rora, Longside.
Colonel Williamson of Baniskirk.
Mr Alexander Wilson, bookseller, Glasgow-2 copies.
Charles Wilson, Esq. Glasgow..
Rev. Robert Wilson, Whorlton, Durham.


Archibald Young, Esq. Banff.
Mr John Young, bookseller, Inverness.
Mr Robert Youngson, Achleuchries, Cruden.

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Page cxv. 1. 13. for blandire read blandiri.

cxvi. 1. 3. before admodum insert me.
ibid. 1. 6. after necessariæ insert sint.
cxvii, 1.

3. from bottom, after in insert eo.
cxix. l. 13. for Charissime read Clarissime.
ibid. 1. 4 from bottom, for formossimam read formosissimam,
cxxi. 1. 17. for dabant read dabunt.
cxxii. 1. 24. for lanianam read lanienam,
cxxiii. 1. 12. for contrariam read contrarium.
cxxv. 1. 8. for ora read ore.
cxl. 1. 5. for first read fixt.
clxii. 1. 21. unncumbered read unencumbered.
cxcvii. at foot of the page, for 1800 read 1806.
14. 1. 10. for toy read

την. .
69. 1. 22. before work insert a.
102. 1. 6. dele the.
112. 1. 4. for διαλογα read δια λογα. .
192. 1. 1. at the end insert by.
196. 1. s. for Trinit read Trinity. .
248. I. 19, in some copies, instead of 7380 read 1738.
323. 1. 12. for Cerinthians read Corinthians,


.ישכן read ישנן Page 29. 1. 22. for


57. in four places, for p read .

.הכובים read כרובים for


21. .
126. in the Proæmium, 1. 6. for filio read filia.
177. 1.7. for brew read Hebrew.
215. 10. .
219. 1. 23. for yx read yr.

1. .
245. 1. 19. dele the semicolon after the word Evangelist.
265. 1. 25. for explain read explained.
287. for unto read into,

,צבא השמים read צבאה שמים II

for ,1



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