Transactions, Volumen9

Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of New York., 1871
"Directory of the homœopathic practitioners of the State of New York" in v.25- .

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ARTICLE PAGE XVII Toxicological Effects of Arsenic C Judson Hills M D
Toxicological Effects of Morphine and Laudanum S Spooner M D
Iodoform B F Underwood M D
Bureau of Clinical Medicine
Laryngismus Stridulus W S Searle M D
Precision in Prescribing J H P Frost M D
Intermittent Fever H C Powell M D
Spermatorrhća H M Dayfoot M D
Case of Aphonia 8 C Knickerbocker M D
Spasms of the Larynx S C Knickerbocker M D
Case of Gastrosis S C Knickerbocker M D
Case of Biliary Calculi Morbid Deposit in the Urine Hans Powell M D Illustrated
Gonorrhćal Ophthalmia J C Harrington M D
Case of Cystitis T L Brown M D
Bureau of Obstetrics
The Place of Ćtiology in Therapeutics Illustrated by three Cases of Puerperal Convulsions B H Cheney M D
Case of Puerperal Convulsions S D Hand M D
Case of Threatened Puerperal Convulsions J C Harrington M D
Causes of Female Diseases H Minton M D
Coccyodynia W S Searle M D
Case of Dystocia S C Knickerbocker M D
Case of Ovarian Tumor cured by Calcarea Charles Sumner M D
Leucorrhća cured by Sepia Charles Sumner M D
Scirrhus of the Mammary Gland T Dwight Stow M D
Case of Chronic Metritis treated by Lilium Tigrinum A R Wright M D
Resection of the Kneejoint Wm Tod Helmuth M D Illus
Lupus Wm Tod Helmuth M D Illustrated
A very rare case of Extrophy of the Bladder one Kidney and one Ureter Wm Tod Helmuth M D Illustrated
Cases of Tumors of the Eye T F Allen M D Illustrated
Case of Anthrax of the Face F L Vincent M D Illustrated
Case of Fungoid Tumor of the Hand H G Preston M D Illus trated
Report of Surgical Cases treated at the Albany City Dispensary with remarks on Treatment of Ulcers H G Preston M D
Case of Cancer of the Rectum H M Paine M D Illustrated
Trephining the Tibia L Pratt M D
ARTICLE PAQE LI Dry Cupping of the Bowels for the removal of Strangulated Ingui nal Hernia Ralph Blakelock M D
Bureau of Statistics

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