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Ny fbch,

Oilley-niartal as Yee dy bragh bio, ta fhin dy feer chrecoil

cur Booife dhyt, fon dy gooidfave lhiat dy veaghey fhinyn, ta dy cooie er n'ghoaill ny Folliaghtyn cafherick fhoh, lefh y Beaghey spyrrydoil fhen jeh Corp as Fuill fmoo ooafle dty Vac nyn Saualtagh Yeefey Creeft; as liorifh fhen dy vel oo cur fhickyrys dooin jeh dty Dayr as dty Vieys hooin; as dy vel fhin Oltyn firrinagh goit ftiagh ayns Corp follit dty Vac, ta'n Chefhaght vannit jeufyn, ooilley ta Credjal; as dy vel fhin myrgeddin Eiraghyn trooid Treifhteil jeh dty Reeriaght dy bragh farraghtyn, liorish Toilchinys Baafe as Surranfe fmoo ooafle dty Vac deyr. As dy feer imlee ta fhin guee ort, O Ayr Flaunyffagh, myr fhen dy niartaghey thin lefh dty Ghrayfe, dy vod mayd tannaghtyn ayns y Chefhaght chafherick, fhen, as ooilley lheid ny Obbraghyn mie then y yannoo as t'ou ufs er hoiaghey roin dy immeeaght ayndoo, trooid Yeefey Creest nyn Jiarn; huggeyfyn, mayrt's as y Spyrryd Noo, dy row dy chooilley Coathley as Gloyr, Seihll gyn Jerrey. Amen.


Loyr row gys er yn

Lurg Sampleyr Fiarn bannit,

Gyrjid, as cry allee Shye, quoi, tra v'eh er harey diet baar.

er n'oardrail y Sacrament fhoh, ren Arrane fpyrrydoil y ghoaill; myr fhen ta fhinyn cur Moyliey da Jee yn Ayr, y Mac, as y Spyrryd Noo, fon nyn Livrey-ys veih Kerraghey Peccah, ayns yn Arrane spyrrydoil imoo ooasle


Eifht vees er ny ghra, ny er ny ghoaill,

Aigney-mje gys Deiney. Ta fhin dy dty Voylley, ta fhin dy dty Vannaghey, ta fhin cur Ooafhley dhyt, ta fhin dy dty Ghloyraghey, ta fhin cur Booife dhyt fon dty Ghloyr vooar, O Hiarn Yee, Ree Flaunyffagh, Jee yn Ayr Ooilley


O Hiarn, yn ynrycan Vac er-ny-gheddyn Yeefey Creeft; O Hiarn Yee, Eayn Yee, Mac yn Ayrey, ta goaill erfooyl Peccaghyn y Theihll, jean Myghin orrin. Ufs ta goaill erfooyl Peccaghyn y Theihll, jean Myghin orrin: Ufs ta goaill erfooy!



our Prayer. Thou that fitteft at the Right Hand of God the Father, have Mercy upon us,

For thou only art holy, Thou only art the Lord; Thou only, O Chrift, with the Holy Ghoft, art moft High in the Glory of God the Father. Amen.


Then the Priest (or Bifh op, if he be prefent) fhall let them depart with this Bieffing:


Receive this Bleffing as coming from God himfelf, with all imagiManner of receiving this Bleffing,

nable Devotion.The Reafon and

fee below. *


HE Peace of God, which paffeth all Understanding, keep your Hearts and Minds in the Knowledge and Love of God, and of his Son Jefus Christ our Lord: And the Bleffing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, be amongst you, and remain with you always. Amen.


Lord, in thefe our Supplica

tions and Prayers, and difpofe the Way of thy Ser. vants towards the Attainment of everlafting Salvation;

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* The folemn Bleffing with which the Prieft difmiffeth the People after the daily Sacrifice, by God's efpecial Order, (Numb. vi. 24.) was this:

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee; the LORD make his Face to shine upon thee and be gracious unto thee --The LORD lift up the Light of bis Countenance upon thee and give thee Peace.

And with what Devotion they received this Blefing, we are told Exclus. 1. 21. The Prieft lifted up his Hands over the Congregation, to give the Biefling of the LORD with his Lips; and they bowed themselves down, that they might receive a Blessing from the Moft High

And left any one should think too lightly of this Bleiling, becaufe pronounced by a poor Mortal like himself, it is added, (Numb. vi. 27.) I the Lord will hlefs bimShewing, that the Effect of the Bleffing does not depend upon Man, but upon the Ordinance of God, from the Mouth of his own Minifter, whom GOD hath chofer to bless in the Name of the LORD, Deut. xxi. 5.



Peccaghyn y Theihll, gow nyn Badjer. Ufs ta dty hoie er Laue Yesh Yee yn Ayr, jean Myghin orrin.

Son ufs dty lomarcan ta cafherick, Ufs dry lomarcan y Chiarn, Ufs dty lomarcan, O Chreeft, marifh y Spyrryd Noo, fmoo Ard ta ayns Gloyr Yee yn Ayr.




Eight nee yn Saggyrt (er-nonney yn Afpick, my t'eh kionfenish) lhiggey daue goll roue le y Bannaght Shob.

Gow yn Bannaght shoh myr cheet veih Jee hene, leth y Chraueeaght s'jeeaney.-Yo Oyr as yn Aght dy ghoaill y Bannaght fhoh, hee vo Kione heefe y Duillag. *

HEE Yee ta erfkyn

chooilley Hushtey, dy vreill eh Creeaghyn as ny Aignaghyn euifh ayns Fyflyree as Graih Yee, as jeh e Vac Yeefey Creeft nyn Jiarn: as Bannaght Yee Ooilley niartal, yn Ayr, y Mac, as y Spyrryd Noo, dy row ny maft' eu, as dy hannaghtyn meriu er fon dy bragh. Amen.


Iartee lhien dy myghinagh, O Hiarn, ayndoo fhoh nyn Aghinyn as nyn Badjeryn, as jean aarloo Raad dty Harvaantyn dy heet gys y Taualtys dy bragh farraghtyn; maftey

* Yn Bannaght arrymagh hug y Saggyrt da'n Pobble ec goll roue lurg ya Oural gagh Laa, liorish Oardaghey Yee hene, (Earroo vi. 24) va fhoh :Dy jean y CHIARN dty vannaghey as dty reayll; dy jean y CHIARN er e Eddin dy boilfhean ort, as dy bee eh grayfoil dhyt.-Dy drog y CHIARN feofe Soilfbey e Eddin ort, as dy der eh dhyt Shee.

As lefh cre'n Chraueeaght ghow ad y Bannaght fhoh, t'er ny infh dooin Ecclus. 1. 21.-Hrogy Saggyrt fefe e Lauryn harrish y Chefhaght, dy chur Bannaghty CHIARN lefhe Veillyn; as chroym ad fheefe ad hene, dy gheddyn yn Bannaght veih'n Er fmoo fyrjey.

As er-aggle dy jinnagh Perfoon erbee fmooinaghtyn ro eddrym jeh'n Bannaght fhoh, fon dy vel eh focklit magh liorish Dooinney boght baafoil gollrifh hene, te ny fodjey er ny ghra, (Earroo vi. 27.) Mish y Chiarn nee eb y vannaghey-Soilshaghey, nagh vel Bree yn Vannaght thie er Dooinney, agh er Oerdagh y Yee, veih Beeal e Hirveishagh hene, eh ta JEE er reih dy vannaghey ayns Ennym y CHIARN, Deut. xxi. 5.




Prayers and Supplications unto Thee; and grant that those Things which we have faithfully afked according to thy Will, may effectually be obtained, to the Relief of our Neceffity, and to the fetting forth of thy Glory, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Obfervations, &c.


forbid that any good Chriftian fhould oftener, if he has an opportunity! make this an Excufe for receiving no And Woe be to that Paftor, who will not give the well-difpofed Part of his of teftifying their Love to Jefus

Flock more frequent Opportunities

Chrift-Of increafing their Graces, and fecuring their Pardon and Salvation !


And note, that every Parishioner fhall communicate at the least three Times in the Year, of which Eafter to be one, &c.



Badjeryn as nyn Aghinyn hood: as giall dy vod ny Reddyn fhen, ta fhin liorish Credjue er yeearree cordail rish dty Aigney, ve dy breeoil er ny gheddyn, gys eddrymaghey nyn Ymmyrch, as gys foiaghey magh dty Ghloyr, trooid Yeefey Creeft nyn Jiarn. Amen.


As lhig Taftey ve goït, dy nhegin da dy chooilley unnane Jy Skeerey yn Chreeftiaght y ghoaill three Keayrtyn fy Vlein ec y Chooid floo, yn Chaifht dy ve unnane jeu, &c.

Ynfaghey, &c.

THREE KEAYRTYN 'SY VLEIN. Ny Inig eh Jee dy jinnagh Creef tee mie erbee Lefhtal y yannoo jeh hoh fon gyn goaill ny s'menkey yn

Chreeftiaght, my ta Caa echey! As
Smerg da'n Bochilley-anmey fhen, nagh


der da'n Vooiujer chrauee ayns e Hioltane Caa ny s menkey dy hoilfhaghey nyn Ghraih da Yeefey Creeft :-Dy vifhaghey ny Grayfeyn oc, as dy yannoo fhickyr jeh nyn Bardoon as nyn Saualtys!




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