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alfo freely give
give us all

myrgeddin dy arryltagh maribyn dy chooilley Nhee?

THIS HIS is indeed, O God, TA fhoh dy jarroo, O Yee, fure Pledge of thine Gioal fhickyr jeh dty infinite Love for thy poor Ghraih erfkyn Earroo da dty Creatures.---Upon this I de- Chretooryn boghtey.--Er shoh pend, when my Heart is in ta mee cur my Varrant, tra ta Heaviness.This is my Re- my Chree ayns Trimbey ----She fuge, when I remember my fhoh my Chemmyrk, tra ta mee Sins, and thy divine Juftice. cooinaghtyn er my PheccaghO make me truly fenfi-yn, as er dty Chairys flaunyfble of this thy great Love; fagh.---O cur dou Ennaghtyn And give me the Graces firrinagh jeh fhoh dty Ghrain's which that Love fees need- vooar ;-----As cur dou ny ful for me, for Jefus Chrift's Gray feyn ta'n Ghraih shen fafake, the Son of thy Love. kin femoil dou, er Graih YeeAmen. fey Creeft,. Mac dty Ghraih's. Amen.

St. Luke xxiv. 26. Ought not
Chrift to have fuffered thefe
Things, and to enter into
his Glory?

Noo Luke xxiv. 26. Nagh beign da Creeft y burranse ny Reddyn fhob, as goll Riagh ayns e Ghloyr?


reeft, dy hurranfe, fon

T was neceffary for Thee, o Chrift, to fuffer, because Thou tookeft upon Thee to dy ghow oo ort dy reggyrt fon answer for Sinners; and to Peccee; as dy hoilfhaghey fhew us what Treatment our dooinyn cre'n Dellal ta nyn Sins deferve. O make my Beccaghyn dy hoilchin.----O Sufferings in this Life, in cur er my Hurranse 'fy Vea Union with thine, acceptable | fhoh, marifh dty Hurranje to God; and enable me to hene, ve booifal da Jee; as bear them, as Thou didft, niartee mee dy ymmyrkey my with Patience and Refigna- Hurranfe, myr ren Us, lefh tion, this being the only Way Meenid as Biallys, fon dy nee to Glory. Amen. fhoh yn ynrycan Raad gys Gloyr. Amen.

2 Cor.

2 Cor, v. 15. Chrift died | 2
for all, that they which
live fhould not henceforth
live unto themselves, but un-
to Him which died for them.

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ROM this Moment, O Chrift, I confecrate that Life to Thee, which Thou haft redeemed from the Slavery of Sin and Satan, by thy moft precious Blood. Fortify my Soul, I befeech Thee, against all the Temptations of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, by the Remembrance of this thy Love; that I may live to Thee, and to the Glory of God. Amen.


EIH'N eer Oor fhoh, O Chreeft, ta mee cafherickey yn Vea fhen hood's, t'ou er livrey veih Bondiaght Peccab as Noid-ny Hanmey, liorish dty Uill fmoo gheyr. Niartee my Annym, ta mee guee ort, noi ooilley Miolaghyn y Theihll, yn Eill, as y Drogh - Spyrryd, liorish Cooinaghtyn jeh fhoh dty Ghraih; dy voddym ve bio hood's, as gys Gloyr Yee. Amen.

2 Cor. vi. 16. Ye are the Temple of the living God. As God hath faid I will dwell in them, and walk in them; and I will be their God, and they shall be my People.

Cor. v. 15. Hooar Creeft baafe fon ooilley, nagh beagh adfyn ta bio maghey bob bio daue hene, agh dafyn hooar Baafe er nyn fon.

MAKE me, O God, tru

ly fenfible of this great

2 Cor. vi. 16. Ta fhiuifh Chiamble y Jee bio. Myr ta Jee er ghra, Neem's beaghey ayndoo, as gimmeeaght maroo; as beem's y Fee ocfyn, as bee adfyn y Pobble aym's.

UR Ennaghtyn firrinagh dou, O Yee, jeh'n Ooafb

Honour and Bieffing, of being ley as y Bannaght mooar fhoh, the Habitation of thy good dy ve Ynnyd-vaghee dty SpyrSpirit; of the Holiness re- rvd vie; jeh'n Chafherickys quired of me, and of the t'er ny yeearree orrym, as jeh'n great Danger of profaning a Gaue mooar dy vee-ooafhlagh

Temple confecrated to Thee-ey Chiamble t'er ny chafherickey Hood's.---Jean mifh feeu jeh dty Hannaghtyn kinjagh as dty Eanifh maryın. Gow my Chree as my Annym ayns dty Chum

Make me worthy of thy continual Abode and Prefence. Take Poffeffion of my Heart and Soul; and let me know



that thou dwelleft in me, by the Fruits of thy Spirit.


Heb. xii. 1, 2. Let us run with Patience the Race that is fet before us, looking unto Jefus, &c.

mal hene; as cur Toiggal dou dy vel oo baghey aynym, lio rish Meffyn dty Spyrryd. Amen.

St. Luke xxiii. 41. We receive the due Reward of our Deeds: but this Man hath done nothing amiss.

RANT, O God, that IG dym gymmyrkey ooilley GR


may bear all the Trou

bles of this Life with a meek Seaghyn y Vea fhoh lesh Spyr and patient Spirit, without ryd meen as furranfagh, fe repining at what thou shalt gooifh Plaiynt er ny t'ou uss appoint, for the Punishment goardrail fon Kerraghey Pecof Sin, and for the Salva-cah, as fon Saualtys y Phection of the Sinner. I will cagh. Jeeagh-ym Hood's, O look unto Thee, O Jefus, Yeefey, tra v'ou ayns Ynnyd when thou waft in the Place Peccee, lefh cre'n Meenid ren of Sinners, with what Pa- oo gymmyrkey yn Faghid, yn tience thou didft bear the Vee-ooafhley, yn Vriwnys neu Scorn, the Indignities, the un- chairal, Baafe treih ny Grofh righteous Judgment, the mi-ey: As fhoh, liorish dty ferable Death of the Crofs: Ghrayse, vees my Hampleyr. And this, by thy Grace, fhall be my Pattern. Amen.



Confefs, O God, with this Malefactor, That whatever I fuffer in this Life, I fuffer most juftly for my Sins: And therefore, with the fubmiflion of a penitent Criminal, under the righteous Sentence


Heb. xii. 1, 2. L.big dooin dy jeean roie yn Race ta fit kiongoyrt rooin, jeeaghyn gys Yeefey, &c.

Noo Luke xxiii. 41. Ta shina yn geddyn Toiichinys cooie yn Jannoo ain: agh cha vel * Dooinney bob er n'yanno Aggair erbee.

Tiny Kimmagh ihoh,
A mee goaill-rifh, O Yee,

Cre-erbee ta mee dy hurranfe
ayns y Vea fhoh, dy vel mee
dy feer chairagh furranse eh
fon my Pheccaghyn: As fhen-
y-fa lesh Biallys Kimmagh ar:

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of Death, I offer my Life aryagh fo Briwnys chairal y
Sacrifice of Obedience to thy Vaaish, ta mee
chebbal my
divine Juftice, in Union with Vioys ny Oural dy Viallys gys
that of my Saviour's, at dty Chairys flaunyffagh, ma-
what Time, and in what rifh Oural my Haualtagh, ec
Manner to Thee fhall feem cre-erbee yn Traa, as er cre-
meet; trufting in the Merits erbee yn Aght s'cooidfave
of my Redeemer at
lhiat, treifhteil ayns Toilchin-
Hour of Death, and in the ys my Er-kionnee ec Oor y
Day of Judgment. Amen. Vaaifh, as ayns Laa ny Briw-
nys. Amen.


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evil Spirit, may ever get the [dou, nagh vod Peccah erbee, Dominion over me. Amen. nagh vod Drogh-fpyrryd erbee, dy bragh yn Varriaght y ghed. dyn orrym. Amen.

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