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fuffer in this, in Submiffion yn Aigney flaunyflagh echey. to his Will.

fyn, dy vod Jee, as dy jean eh, Lhiaffaghey fondagh y yannoo 'fy Vea ta ry heet, fon dty Egin, as dty Hurranse, ayns y Vea fhoh.

Laftly, Your Duty is to be thankful to God. The Way to be fo, is to look upon every Mercy you receive as the Gift of God;------Every Danger you escape, as owing to his Care and Providence ;Every good Thought, every good Purpofe, every Occafion of doing Good, as the Effect of his good Spirit.

Think, and act, and purpose thus:---And it will be as natural to thank God for all the Difpenfations of his Providence, as it is for you to beg any Bleffing from him, which you ftand moft in need of.

Stop a while until you have confidered these Things, and until you have expreffed your Senfe of them in the following Prayer.


HIS is indeed the firft and great Command, To love thee, O God, with all our Heart; for on this de.

Er-jerrey, Yn Currym ayd eh, dy ve booifal da Fee.---Ýn Aght dy ve myr fhen, ta dy yeeaghyn er dy chooilley Vyghin t'ou feddyn myr Gioot veih Jee ;---Dy chooilley Ghaue t'ou fhaghney, myr lhiaftyn da'n Arrey, as da'n Chiarail flaunyffagh echeyfyn ;--Dy chooilley Smooinaghtyn mie, dy chooilley Chiarail vie, dy chooilley Chaa fon jannoo mie, myr Obbyr y Spyrryd mie echeyfyn.

Smooinee, as jean, as kiare myr fhoh:As bee eh cha dooghyflagh dhyt dy chur Booife da Jee fon ooilley Oardaghyn e Ard-chiarail, as te dhyt dy yannoo Aghin huggey fon Bannaght erbee, smoo ymmyrchagh dhyt.

Nifh fuirree ort tammylt--derrey vees oo er fmooinaghtyn dy dowin er ny reddyn fhoh, as derrey vees oo er hoilfhaghey yn Ennaghtyn t'ayd jeu ayns y Phadjer fhoh.


SHOH dy jarroo yn chied as

yn ard Sarey, Dy Graih dhyts, O Yee, lefh ooilley nyn Gree; Son er fhoh ta'n pends


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pends our Salvation. But e- Saualtys ain lhie. Agh fhoh ven this must be the Gift of hene fhegin da vé Gioot jeh thy Grace:---For this Grace I dty Ghrayfys: Son y Grayse now apply to Thee, to make fhoh ta mish nifh jannoo Agh. my Love and Fear of thee the in hoods, dy yannoo my governing Principle of my Ghraih ort, as my Aggle royd, whole Life: That I may Ard-leeideilagh my Vea :---Dy always do what I believe will voddym kinjagh jannoo fhen pleafe Thee That I may ta mee credjal nee ufs y wooiys: carefully avoid what I know ---Dy voddym dy kiaralagh will offend Thee :-----And that chea veih shen ta fys aym ver I may live as having Thee Jymmoofe ort:-As dy vod the conftant Witness of my dym my Vea y leeideil myr dy Thoughts, Words and Ac- beagh uss aym fon Feanish kin jagh jeh my Smooinaghtyn, my Ghoan, as my Obbraghyn.


Give me a ftedfast Faith in thy Word and Promises; a firm Truft in thy Power.Let the Fear of thy Juftice keep me from Prefumption, and a Sense of thy Goodness from Defpair.Defend me from all thofe bewitching Snares which destroy our Love for Thee; from worldly Cares; from all fenfual and finful Pleasures; from Evil Company; from foolish Diverfions, and from every thing that may make me for

Cur dou Credjue firrinagh ayns dty Ghoo as dty Ghial dynyn; Treifhteil fhickyr ayns dty Phooar.---Lhig da Aggle roish dty Chairys mish y reayll veih Daanys, as Ennaghtyn jeh dty Vieys veih Mee-hreifhteil. ---Jean m'y endeil veih ooilley ny Ribbaghyn cleaynagh fhen ta ftroie nyn Ghraih ort ;---veih Kiarailyn feihltagh; veih dy chooilley Eunys foalley as peccoil; veih drogh Hefhaght; veih Gammanyn ommijagh, as veih dy chooilley Nhee oddys get, that Thou alone art wor-cur orrym jarrood, dy nee ufs dty lomarcan ta feeu Aggle ve goit royd as Graih er choyrt dhyt: Giall dooys ny Myghinyn fhoh er Graih dty Vac Yeefey Creeft;——————--yn Ghraih as y Baafe echey ta fhin goll dy reayll ayns Cooinaghtyn. Amen.

thy to be feared and loved:
Grant me these Mercies for
thy Son Jefus Chrift his fake;


-whofe Love and Death we are going to commemorate. Amen.



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CA B. V.

Your Duty to your NEIGH-Dty Churrym gys dty NABOO


HIS is the fecond great Command, and will require the most folemn Refolu

HOH yn nah Ard Sarey, as bee eh dty Churrym dy yannoo ny Gialdynyn tions you can make before s'trofhey oddys oo, roish my hed oo gys Shibber y Chiarn.


you go to the Lord's Supper.

Confider therefore whether you can fincerely refolve as follows:

Smooinee rhyt hene er-y-fa fhen vod oo dy fhickyr goaill ort dy yannoo, myr t'ayns fhoh currit royd:

I dare not, I will not, be indifferent how I lead my Life.

I know what God has commanded me, and I purpose fincerely to do it.

Cha lhoys dou, ny cha bee'm meerioofagh, kys nee'm my Vea y leeideil.-Ta fys aym cre ta Jee er harey dou, as ta mee kiarail dy firrinagh y chooilleeney eh.

I will, in the first Place, be obedient to the lawful Commands of my Superiors, and efpecially to those who watch for my Soul.I do fincerely purpofe in all my Dealings to remember the Command given me by my Saviour,-----Thou fhalt love thy Neighbour as thy felf.And therefore I will make a Confcience of doing the leaft Wrong to any Man;

Bee'm, ayns y chied Ynnyd, biallagh da ny Saraghyn lowal ocfyn t'er my skyn, as erfkyn ooilley dauefyn ta curmit lesh Kiarail my Annym.—Ta mee dy fhickyr kiarit ayns ooilley my Ghellal dy chooinaghtyn er y Sarey t'er ny choyrt dou liorish my Maualtagh,-Ver oo Graih da dty Naboo myr dhyt hene.--As then-y-fa cha thig my Chooinof ufing any Deceit, or fheanfe dou yn Aggair floo y Fraud, or Oppreffion; or of yannoo da Dooinney erbee ;taking Advantage of the Igno- dy yannoo Foalfaght ny Mol rance, Miftakes, or Neceffity of teyraght, ny Tranlaafe; ny my Neighbour; knowing af-goaill Vondeifh jeh Mee-bufhfuredly, that he who wrongs tey, Marranys, ny Ymmyrch, his Neighbour does the great-my Naboo; dy fhickyr toig


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if at any time I am convinced, that I have done him any Wrong, I will make him Satisfaction, as far as I am able, without being forced by Law, --To do unto others what would they should do to me.

eft Injury to himself.And gal, dy vel efhyn ta jannoo Ag. gair da e Naboo, jannoo yn Aggair fmoo da hene.-As my yioym ec Traa erbee Toiggal firrinagh, dy vel mee er n'yannoo veg yn Aggair_da, nee'm Lhiaffaghey da gys Rere my Phooar, fegooish ve eginit liorish y Leigh,-Dy yannoo rifh feallagh elley myr baillym ad dy yannoo rhym.



To this End, I will endea- As dy yannoo fhoh, nee'm vour to live peaceably and cha-my chooid fhare dy veaghey ritably with all People; -a-ayns Shee as Giaftyllys rifh dy voiding all Malice, and Re- chooilley Ghooinney;-fhaghvenge, and Evil-fpeaking, and ney wheefh as oddym dy Contention, as much as poffibly chooilley Ghoanlys, as Cooilleen I can. And I will fpeak the Olk fon Olk, as Cooyl-chaffid, as Truth at all times: and efpeci- Anvea.---As loayr-ym yn Irrinally when I am called to my ey ec dy chooilley Hraa: as Oath, whether it be for or erfkyn ooilley tra vee'm eit against my worldly Interest. gys my Loo, edyr eh ve len ny noi my Chofney feihltagh.


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TO MYSELF,-----I am con- MEE DY LIASTYN DOU vinced, that-----my first and great Concern ought to be, To take care of my Soul.

HENE,---Ta mee credjal ayns my Chree,-.-Dy lhisagh eh 've yn chied as y Chiarail vooar aym,--Dy ghoaill Kiarail jeh my Annym bene.

Shen-y-fa ta mee dy fhickyr kiarail dy leeideil Bea chrauee, myr lhifagh Fer fo Briw nys baaish,---Dy ve fheelt, fockyragh, as glen ayns cree; tra yioym Baafe, dy voddym ve goit ftiagh ayns Pargeiys Yee, raad nagh vel Nhee erbee neughlen goit ftiagh.

Er-yn-oyr fhoh, ta mee kia


I do therefore ftedfaftly purpofe to lead a forious Life, as one under the Sentence of Death ought to do,---To be Sober, Temperate, and Chafte; that, when I die, I may be admitted into the Paradife of God, where no unclean Thing must enter.

To this End, I refolve to
F 2

keep a Watch over myfelf, that I may avoid all fuch Company, fuch Pleasures and Diverfions, as may make me lofe the Remembrance of Death, and the Account I must give.

I will endeavour to be content with my Condition, not coveting what is another Man's, neither envying the Profperity, nor taking Pleasure in the Calamities, of my Neighbour.

Thefe Duties I will endeavour to perform, as a Proof of the Love and Reverence I bear to God, who is fo good as to accept of my Repentance, and a fincere, tho' imperfect O


rail dy reayll Arrey ōrrym pene, dy voddym fhaghney ooilley lheid y Chefhaght, lheid ny Eunyffyn, as ny Gammanyn fhen, as oddys cur orrym jarrood my Vaafe, as yn Coontey t'orrym dy choyrt.

And forafmuch as a Life of As fon wheesh as dy vel Bea Idleness and Luxury is hateful litcheragh, as Soaïlid, dwoaito God, I will strive to do my agh gys Jee, nee'm ftreeu dy Duty in the State of Life, in chooilleeney my Churrym, which his Providence has pla- ayns y Stayd Bea fhen, ayn ta ced me; not flattering myfelf, e Ard-chiarail er my hoiaghey; that I do no Evil, when I do no cha'nee dy volley mee hene lesh Good in my Generation,----- Smooinaghtyn, nagh vel mee left the Sentence upon the un-jannoo veg yn Olk, tra nagh vel fruitful Tree be paffed upon mee jannoo veg y Vie ayns my me,---Cut it down, why cum-Heeloghe, er-aggle dy bee bereth it the Ground? Briwnys y Villey neu - veffoil currit orrym,--Ġiare sheese eh, cre'n-fa te goaill feofe room Hallooin?

And if through Weakness, Temptation, or fudden Surprize, I fhall be fo unhappy as to forget any of thefe Refolutions,

Nee'm y chooid fhare dy ve booiagh lefh my Stayd hene, cha nee troo mysh Stayd Ghooinney elley, chamoo mooaraghey Maynrys, ny goaill Boggey ayns Seaghyn, my Na


Ny Curmyn fhoh neem's ftreeu dy chooilleeney, myr Prowal jeh'n Ghraih, as jeh'n Arrym ta mee cur da Jee, eh ta cha mie as dy yannoo Soiaghey jeh my Arrys, as jeh my Viallys giare agh ynrick.

As my haghyrys dou trooid Annooinid, trooid Miolaghey, ny Doal - taittym, ve cha meevaynrey as dy yarrood veg jeh


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