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were admitted into the Congregation of Chrift's Flock,were restored to the Favour of God, and had the Holy Spirit communicated to you, for a Principle of a new and fpiritual Life; in order to awaken you, and to direct and affift that natural Reason, with which God has endued all Mankind.

But forafmuch as you have done many Things contrary to the Promife made in your Name, when you were baptized, and will ftand in need of greater Degrees of Grace and Affiftance, to enable you to refift the Temptations of the World, the Flesh, and the Devil, and to do your Duty in that State of Life, unto which the Providence of God fhall call you: -You are therefore now called upon to be Partaker of the other Sacrament, That of the LORD'S SUPPER; by which, upon your fincere Repentance, you may obtain the Pardon of all your paft Sins, and fuch other Graces as you ftand in need of, to bring

Agh fon wheesh as dy vel oo er n'yannoo ymmodee Reddyn noi yn Ghialdyn va jeant ayns dty Ennym ec dty Vashtey,-as dy bee oo feme towfe fmoo dy Ghrayfe as dy Chooney, dy niartaghey oo dy haffoo magh noi Miolaghyn y Theihll, yn Eill, as y Drogh-fpyrryd, as dy yannoo dty Churrym ayns y Stayd fhen dy Vea, huggey nee Ard-chiarail Yee geamagh ort:

T'ou nifh er-y-fa fhen er dty chuirrey dy ghoaill Ayrn jeh'n Sacrament elley, SACRAMENT SHIBBER Y CHIARN; liorifh fhen my nee oo Arrys firrinagh y ghoaill, foddee oo Leih y gheddyn fon ooilley ny Peccaghyn t'ou rieau er n'yannoo, as lheid ny Grayseyn

you to eternal Life and Hap-elley ta feme ayd orroo, dy piness. leeideil oo gys y Vea veayn as Maynrys dy bragh farraghtyn.

Shen-y fa gow Kiarail, dy hoiggal chammah as oddys oo [yn Oardaghey Cafherickjfhen huggey t'ou er dty eam, as ny moo cha vel Jee dy hirrey.--For

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dry ghoaill ftiagh ayns Shefhaght Shioltane Chreeft,--troggit reefht gys Foayr Yee,—-as Bree yn Spyrryd Noo er ny choyrt dhyt fon Undin as Tofhiaght dy Vea noa as fpyrrydoil; dy ghreinnaghey oo, as dy leeideil as dy niartaghey yn Refoon dooghyffagh then, lefh ta Jee er choamrey ooilley Sheel


Take care therefore, that you understand what you are called to as well as you are able, and God expects no


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And fo the Scripture in- As myr fhen ta Goo Yee forms us.In the third Chap-ginfh dooin.-Ayns y trafs ter of Genefis, we have this fol-Chabdil jeh Lioar Genefis, ta'n lowing Account of the State Coontey fhoh ain jeh Stayd of Man, Before, and After the Dooinney, Roifh, as Lurg da Fall: tuittym ayns Peccah :

Dy row Adam as Aue, jeu rug ooilley Sheelnaue, er nyn groo ayns Caflys Yee; ta fhen, cafherick as gyn - loght, lefh Tushtey firrinagh jeh nyn Gurrym, lefh Smaght harrish nyn Aigney as nyn Yeearreeyn, as Pooar trooid Grayse Yee, dy yannoo fhen heeagh ad cooie dy ve jeant.

That Adam and Eve, from whom fprang all Mankind, were created in the Image of God; that is, holy and innocent, having a perfect Knowledge of their Duty, a Command of their Will and Affections, and a Power, through the Grace of God, to do what they faw fit

to be done.

Ayns y Stayd fhoh v'ad soit ayns Pargeiys,er-chee dy phrowal ad,lefh Gialdyn jeh Bea veayn as Maynrys, my yinnagh ad tannaghtyn dy ghoaill Aggle roifh, dy chur Graib, Ooafhley as Biallys da nyn Ver-croo; lefh Raaue geyre myrgeddin jeh'n Jerrey atchimagh harragh er nyn Mee-viallys.

In this Condition they were placed in Paradife, in a State of Trial, with a Promife of im mortal Life and Happinefs, if they should continue to Fear, to Love, to Honour and Obey their Creator; as alfo, with an exprefs Warning of the dreadful Confequence of their Difobedience. Notwithstanding which Warn- Agh fon ooilley yn Raaue ing, they, through the Temp- fhoh, ren ad, trooid Miolaghtation of the Devil, tranfgreff- ey yn Drogh-spyrryd, Saraghed the Commands of God; yn Yee y vrifhey; as liorish and by doing fo, they did not then y yannoo, cha ren ad ny only forfeit all Right to the lomarcan coayll dy chooilley Promise of eternal Life and Chairys gys y Gialdyn jeh Bea Happiness, but also contracted as Maynrys dy bragh farraghfuch a Blindness in the Under-tyn, agh ren ad myrgeddin tuitStanding, fuch a Disorder in tym fo lheid y Deillid ayns nyn their Will and Affections, as all Dufhtey, fo lheid y Vee-reiltys their Pofterity feel to their ayns nyn Aigney as nyn YeearSorrow; and became fubject reeyn, as ta ooilley nyn Sluight to Sin, and the Punishment of gennaghtyn gys nyn Drimfhey; Sin,

Sin, which is Mifery and, as haink ad dy ve fo Reill as
Kerraghey Peccah, quoid ta
Treihys as Baafe.

Mychione Dooghys as Mooadys y Pheccah fhoh, fhegin dooin briwnys, liorish Mooadys y Cherraghey hie er cur orroo hene as nyn Sheeloghe:---Son cha voddagh Jee, ta erfkyn earroo Cairal as Cafberick, Kerraghey s'trimmey y chur orroo na va nyn Beccah er boilchin.

Concerning the Nature and Greatness of this Sin, we are to judge of it by the Greatnefs of the Punishment inflicted upon them and their Pofterity:

-For God, being infinitely Juft and Holy, could not inflict a Punishment greater than their Sin deferved.

Now this was the Occafion of that univerfal Corruption and Wickedness, which you fee and hear of in the World, and which you cannot but, in fome Measure, feel in your own Nature:For, as the Scripture informs us, Gen. v. 3. Adam begat his Children in his own Likeness; that is, with fuch a depraved Nature as his was then become.

And now confider into what a fad Condition these unhappy Offenders had brought themfelves, and remember that this is your own Condition, and the Condition of all their Pofterity.

The Law of Nature and Reason was still in Force, and could not poffibly be difpenfed with.—At the fame Time they found by fad Experience, That, as St. Paul defcribes the fallen State of Man, there was

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a Law in their Members warring against the Law of their Mind; fo that the Good which they would, they did not; but the Evil that they would not, that they did, Rom. vii.

There could not fure be a Condition more deplorable than this-To live only to contract evil Habits; and by doing fo,-To increase their Guilt, To displease their Creator,-and, To leave an Offfpring as miferable as themfelves.

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This therefore gave Occafion to God to manifeft another of his most glorious Perfections, that is, his infinite Goodness and Mercy.

For God foreseeing this lamentable Condition into which they had fallen by departing from their Obedience, his Goodness had provided fuch a Remedy, as that neither they, nor any of their Pofterity, fhould, on account of their Fall, be eternally miferable, except through their own Fault.

He, therefore, in Confideration of a Redeemer, one of the Seed of the Woman, who fhould make full Satisfaction to the Divine Juftice for their Tranfgreffion, and who fhould bruife the Head, or break the Power, of that Serpent, (the

Stayd Dooinney ayns Peccah, Dy row Leigh ayns ny Oltyn ac caggey noi Leigh nyn Aigney; myr shen yn Vie bailliu, fhen cha ren ad; agh yn Olk nagh baitliu, fhen ren ad, Rom. vii.


Son fhickyrys cha voddagh Stayd s'trimfhee na fhoh y ve:

'Sy Vea fhoh ynrycan dy gheddyn drogh Qafhyn; as lioroo fhen,--Dy vifhaghey nyn Beccah,----Dy chur Jymmoofe er nyn Ver-croo,----as, Dy aagail fluight nyn yei cha treih roo hene.

Shoh er-y-fa fhen hug Oyr da Jee dy hoilhaghey [da'n Theihll] Ayrn elley jeh e Ghooghys fmoo gloyroil, ta fhen, e Vieys as e Vygbin erfkyn


Son myr honnick Jee ro-laue yn Stayd hreih fhoh, ayn v’ad er huittym liorish nyn Mee-viallys, va'n Vieys echey er chiarail lheid y Saafe fhen dy Haualtys, nagh blhiafs edyr daue hene, ny da veg jeh nyn Sheeloghe ve ayns Treibys dy bragh farraghtyn, kyndagh rish yn Peccah ofyn, agh trooid yn Foill oc hene.

Shen-y-fa er coontey Ferkionnee, Dooinney jeh fluight y Ven, yinnagh Lhiaffaghey flane da Cairys Yee fon nyn Beccah, as vrooagh Kione, ny vrifhagh Pooar, yn Ard-nieu then (yn Jouyl) ren ad y violaghey gys Peccah;-Er coontey'n Sluight Devil)

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