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Observations. of Work, thou, and thy Lord ; in order to preserve the Son, and thy Daughter, thy Knowledge of the true God, and Man-Servant, and thy Maid his glorious Perfections, and of our

Creation and Redemption ; that we Servant, thy Cattle and the may fear, and love, and adore him Stranger that is within thy as we ought to do :--The Negle& Gates. For in fix Days the of this Duty, commanded from the Lord made Heaven and Earth, Beginning, having in all Probabithe Sea, and all that in them plorable Estate of Ignorance and

. the Sea, and all that in them lity, been the Occafi un of that deis, and rested the seventh | idolatry in the Heathen World ; Day: Wherefore the Lord as it has been of very remark- . blessed the seventh Day, and able Judgments upon many of those hallowed it.

among Christians, that have profaned this Day.

And indeed to profane the Lord's People.

Day, is in a manner to deny the

God that made Us, and the World, Lord, have Mercy upon us, and incline our Hearts to keep this Law.


Honour thy Father and thy The infinite Mischiefs occasioned Mother, that thy Days may by Undutiful Children, by Rebel. be long in the Land, which lious Subjects, by Unfaithful Serthe Lord thy God giveth to those that watch for our Souls,

vants, and by the little Regard hadh thee.

shews the great. Goodness of God; People.

who, in order to prevent these Evils,

hath gives this Command, with a Lord, have Mercy upon us, Promise of an especial Blesäng to such and incline our Hearts to keep

as obey it, this Law, Minister.

Men must be abandoned to all Thou shalt do no Murder. Inhumanity, who do not acknow

ledge the great Mercy of God, in

forbidding us, upon Pain of his People.

Displeasure, to shorten our own or Lord, have Mercy upon us, temperance, or by such evil Usage,

other Men's Lives, by Violence, In. and incline our Hearts to keep as may make their Lives miserable, this Law.

and a Burden to th:m.



Infaghey. ney-veyl, dty Ollagh as y Joar- firrinagh, as e Vieys ghloyroil, as ree ta cheulthie jeh dty Ghiat- jeh nyn Groo as nyn Saualtys ; dy tyn. Son ayns they Laa chroo Graih y chur da, as coafhlaghey eh

vod mayd Aggle y ghoaill roish, yn

Chiarn Niau as Thalloo, yn myr te cooie:—Son ayns dy chooilley Faarkey as ooilley ny t'ayndoo, Challys, yn Vee-rioole va Jeant er ý as ren Eh scuirr yn chiagh- Churrym shoh, v'er oy harey veih'n too Laa : shen-y-fa vannee yn Toshiaght, ta er ve Oyr Stayd

y Chiarn y chiaghtoo Laa, as Jalloonys fud Alhoonyn y Theibll;

hrimshagh shen dy Vee-hushtey as ren eh eh y chalherickey. myr te er ve oyr Briwoyssyo feer at..

chimagh er ymmodee jeufyo mastey Pobble.

Creesteenyo, ta er an-chalberickey yn

Laa shoh. Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin, as Chiarn, te er Aghtyn dy obbal y Jee

As dy jarroo dy vrijhey Laa ya injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy ren shinyo as y feihll y chroo. . reayll yn Leigh shoh.


Saggyrt. Cur Arrym da dty Ayr, as Yn Olk erfkyn-earroo t'er ve jeant da dty Voir, dy vod dty Lagla- | liorish Cloan vee-arrymagh, liorith yn ve beayn er y Thalloo ta'n Theay mee-viallagh, liorish SharChiarn dty Yee dy chur dhyt. vaantyn neu-firrinagh, as liorish y

veggan Geill t'er ny choyrt dauelyn

ta freayll Arrey er pyn Anmeenyn, ta Pobble.

soilshaghey Mieys vooar Yee; quoi,

dy lhiettal ny Huilk shoh, t'er choyrt Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin,as dooin yn Anney shoh, lelh Gialdyn injillce ny Creeaghyn ain dy Bannaght shickyr dauefya ver Bialreayll yn Leigh loob.

lys da.

Cha jean oo Dunverys.

Shegin da Deiney v'er nyn goyrt seose gys dy chooilley Ghewillys,

nagh gow rish Myghin vooar Yee, Pobble.

ayns shin y lhiettal, fo Baggyrt e

y e

Yymmoose, dy yannoo yo Vioys ain Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin, as hene ny Bioys Gheiney elley giare, lioinjillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy Theid y Dregh ghellal then,

as oddys '

rish Dewillys, Neu-heeltys, ny lesh

y reayll yn Leigh job.

nyo Mioys y yannoo trimshagh, as ny Errey daue.




If the Sins of Wboredom, Impurity,

and Uncleanness, and that luxurious . Thou shalt not commit A. Drunkennefs. Sloth which leads

to tem, had not been forbidden by dultery.

God bimself, the World would

bave set light by them and, as People.

bad as it was, would have been

much more wicked. Lord, have Mercy upon us, and incline our Hearts to keep this La..

Minister. Thou shalt not steal.

Every one, whose Rights and Pro.

perties bave been invaded by VioPeople.

lence or Fraud, or Injustice or Thievery, do easi.y see tne Reafon, and

Goodness, and Necessity of this Law Lord, have Mercy upon us, i of God; and therefore ought to and incline our Hearts to keep pray most earnestly, that it may this Law.

be religiously observed by themielves

and others. Minister. Thou shalt not bear falfe Evil disposed People being capaWitness against thy Neigh- ble of doing the greatett Mischief bour.

to the Estates, Reputations, and Lives

of their Neighbours, by false Oaths, People.

and lving Stories, God hath most

mercifully consulted the Good of Lord, have Mercy upon us,

Mankind by a Law forbidding them,

at their Peril to ruin themselves and incline our Hearts to keep and others by fuch wicked Ways. this Law.

Minister. Thou shalt not covet thy The Wisdom of God, and his Good. Neighbour's House ; thou ness to us, appears in this Command. that not covet thy Neigh- - Laying a Restraint upon the very bour's Wife, nor his Servant, Desires of our Hearts, because this

is the Source and Spring of all madnor his Maid, nor his Ox, ner of Wickedgess.



Cha brish oo Poosey.

Mandagh beagh ny Peccaghyo dy
Vaarderys, dy Vroid, as dy Neu-ghlen-

nid, as yo Rouanys, Mehtallys, as y Pobble.

Litcheraght fhen, ta leeideil huc, er ny

ve Thiettit liorifh Jee hede, va's Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin, as Seihll er hoiaghey beg jeu, as, cha injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy olk as ve, veagh eh er ve foddey reayll y Leigh shob.


Saggyrt. Cha jean oo Geid.

Dy chooilley updade ta'n Chairys as y Chooid oc er ny ve goit voue, lio

rish Trantaase, ny Molteyrys, by NeuPobble.

chairys, ny Maarlys, t'ad dy aafnagh

fakin Oyr, as Foays, as Ymmyrch y Hiarn, jean Mygbin orrin, as Leigh ihoh dy Yee; as then-y fa injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy lhifagh ad Padjer feer jecan y ghoaill, reayll yn Leigh shoh.

dy vod eh ve dy crauee freilt lioroo

hene as liorish feallagh elley. Saggyrt.

Myr oddys Sleih, t'ayos DroghCha n'ymmyrk oo Feanish

aigney, Olk feer vooar y yannoo da foalsey noi dty Naboo.

Cooid, Ennym mie, as Bioys ny Naboo

nyn oc, lesh Loo oaiagh as Skecallyn Pobble.

breagagh, ta Jee dy feer vyghi: agh

er ghoaill Kiarail fon Foays Sheela Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin, as caue, liotish Leigh ta dy lhiettal ad

, injillee ny Creeaghyn ain dy | hene ny feallagh elley now liorish

fo Gaue Kerraghey, dy choyrt ad reayll yn Leigh noh.

lheid ny Aghtyo mee-chrauee.

Saggyrt. Cha der oo Saynt da Thie Ta Creenaght Yee, as e Vieys dty Naboo, cha der oo Saynt hooinyn, ry - akin ayns yn Anney da Ben dty Naboo, ny

fhoh ;-Raid t'eh coyrt Kiangley Harvaant, ny da e Inney-veyl,

er eer Veearreeyn nyn Greeaghyn, er

yn-oyr dy nee Moh Fraue as Bun dy ny da e Ghow, ny da e Affyl, 1 chooilley Vonney dy Vee-chrauçe


da e


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Whoever considers the sad Effects of Men's Disobedience to these Laws, in the Lives of Idolaters, common Swearers, Profaners of the Lord's Day, Undutiful Children, Rebellious Subjects, Murderers of Men's Lives and Reputations, Whoremongers, Thieves, perjured Witnesses, and covetous Persons, and the Judgments that attend them, will have Reason to bless God, who has given us Rules to live by; and will most earnestly beg him to write and keep them in their own, and all Men's Hearts.


Observations upon this Rubrick.


Then fall follow one of So great are the Blessings of a these two Collečts for the King, righteous and peaceable Governthe Priest standing as before an especial manner, to pray for

ment, that we are commanded, in and saying,

Kings, and for all that are in Au

thority; for Them first, that remembering they are in the Place of God, they may endeavour to promote his Glory whom they represent, defend the Perfons and Rights of Men, and punish Evil-doers according to the Tenor of these Laws; and fecondly, for Ourselves, that we may obey our Governors out of a' Principle of Conscience, and in Obedience to God.

Let us Pray. LMIGHTY God, whose Kingdom is everlasting, and A , and fo rule the Heart of thy chosen Servant GEORGE our King and Governor, that he (knowing whose Minifter he is) may above all Things leek 'thy Honour and Glory ;' and that we, and all his Subjects, (duly confider


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