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Ynfaghey ny da Nhee erbee dy vel Liorish y Leigh fhoh, t'eh soilleshyn.

shaghey dooin, dy vel Fys echey er ooilley nyn Smooinaghtyn, as dy bee

ad er nyn iriwnys liorih, ec y Laa Pobble.


Hiarn, jean Myghin orrin, as scrieu ad shoh ooilley dty Leighyn ayns ny Creeaghyn ain, ta fhin guee ort.

Quoi-erbee ghoys Tastey jeh ny Huilk trimshagh ta Mee-viallys Deiney gys y Leigh lhoh tayro mârish, ayns Drogh-vea Jallooderyn, Looderyn cadjin, Brilhey Laa yn Chiarn, Cloan vee-arrymagh, Theay mee-viallagh, Dunveryo jeh Biays as Goo-mie Deiney, Maarderee, Maarlee, Feanishyn oaiagh, as Persoonyn sayotvilagh, as ny Briwnyllyn tạ goll mâroo, bee Oyr ‘oc dy yaonaghey Jee, ta er chur dooin lheid ny Anpaghyn dy veaghey lioroo; as Dee ad guee dy feer jeean gys Jee dy scrieu as dy reayll ad ayns ny Creeaghyo oc hene, as Cree dy chooilley Ghooinney.


Infaghey veih'n Rubrick shoh.

Yn Rubrick.

as gra,

Eisht hed er lhaih unnane Wheesh fhen ta Bannaghtyo Reiljeh’n daa Phadjer shoh fon y tee chairal as fheeoil, dy vel shin fa

, Ree, yn Saggyrt fhasoo mýr roie sit, ayns Aghin er-lheh, dy ghoaill

Padjer son Reeaghyo, as son ooilley oy t'ayns Pooar; er nyn fon Ocfyn

hoshiaght, liorish cooipaghtyn dy vel ad ayos Yonyd Yee, dy vod ad gys Rere nyn Booar cur er y hoshiaght yn Ghloyr echeyfyn, fo t'ad gymmyrkey Reill, fendeil Persoonyn as Cairys Deiney, as Drogh-yantee y cherraghey cordail rilh Bree ny Leighyo shoh ; as ayns y nah Ynnyd, er Nyn son hene, dy vod mayd Biallys y choyrt da ng Reiltee ain, er graih Cooinsheanse, as ayns Biallys da Jee.

Lhig dooin Padjer y ghoaill. YEE EE Ooilley-niartal, yn Reeriaght aył's ta dy bragh far

raghtyn, as dty Phooar erskyn-earroo; Jean Myghin er y slane Agglish, as myr shen reill Cree dty Harvaant reiht GEORGE, nyn Ree as nyn Giannoort, dy vod eshyn (toiggal quoi fo t'eh ny Hirveilhagh) erskyn dy chooilley Nhee Thirrey

dty ing whose Authority he hath) inay faithfully ferve, honour, and humbly obey him, in Thee, and for Thee, according to thy blessed Word and Ordinance, through Jesus Christ our Lord ; who with Thee, and the Holy Ghost, liveth and reigneth ever one God, World without End. Amen.

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LMIGHTY and everlasting God, we are taught by

thy Holy Word, that the Hearts of Kings are in thy Rule and Governance, and that Thou dost dispose and turn them as it seemeth best to thy godly Wisdom; we humbly befeech Thee so to dispose and govern the Heart of GEORGE thy Servant, our King and Governor, that in all his Thoughts, Words, and Works, he may ever seek thy Honour and Glory, and study to preserve thy People committed to his Charge, in Wealth, Peace, and Godliness. Grant this, O merciful Father, for thy dear Son's fake, Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


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Then shall be said the Collect

We are all required to stand up of the Day And immediate- at the Reading of the Golpe to


thew that we have a very particuly after the Collect, the Priest lar Respect for, and with Reverence fall read the Epitle. Then attend to, every thing that Mall be read the Gospel; the laid, or done by, or recorded of, People all standing up.

And our most blessed Lord and Master. the Gospel ended, pall be fung or said,


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Believe in one God, the Father Almighty, Maker of

Heaven and Earth, and of all Things visible and in-, visible :

And in one Lord Jesus Christ, the only begotten Son of God, begotten of his Father before all Worlds, God of God, Light of Light, very God of very God, begotten, not made, being of one Substance with the Father, by whom all Things were made: Who for us Men, and


dty Onnor as dty Ghloyr, as dy vod shinyn as ooilley'n Theay ta fo (dy cooie smooinaghtyn quoi liorish t'eh er ny choyrt ayns Pooar) dy firrinagh eh y hirveish, Onnor, as Biallys imlee y chur da, aynyd's, as er dty Ghraih, cordail rish dty Ghoo bannit as dty Oardagh, trooid Yeesey Creest nyn jiarn, ta Mayrts, as y Spyrryd Noo, bio as reill, dy bragh un Jee, Seihil gyn jerrey. Amen.

Ny, Oileyniartal, mas Yee dy bragh

Oilley-niartal, as Yee dy bragh farraghtyn, ta fhin ynsit

liorish dty Ghoo casherick, dy vel Creeaghyn Reeaghyn fo dty Reill, as dy vel oo lecideil as chyndaa ad myr s'cooie te da dty Chreenaght flaunyfsagh; ta shin dy imlee guee ort myr shen dy leeideil as dy reill Cree dty Harvaant GEORGE, nyn Ree as nyn Giannoort, ayns ooilley e Smooinaghtyn, Raa, as Jannoo, dy vod eh dy bragh fhirrey dry Onnor as dty Ghloyr, as ve imneagh dy reayll dty Phobble t'er ny choyrt fo’n Chur: rym echey, ayns Maynrys, Shee, as Craueeaght. Giall shoh, 0 Ayr vyghinagh, er graih dty Vac deyr Yeesey Creest nyn Jiarn. Amen. Shirveifh.

Eilat bee'n Phadjer son y

Ta shin opilley sarit dy hajoo feofe Laa er ny ghra. As chelleeragh tra ta’n Sahtal er ny lhaih, dy hoil. lurg v Phadjer, nee yn Saggyrt da, as lesh Arrym geaishtagh rish dy

shaghey.dy vel Geill feer vooar ain Thaib yn Screewyn. Eisht bee'n chooilley Nhee v'er ny ghra, ny er Sulhtal er ny lhaih; yn Pobble ny yannoo liorish, ny ícruit mychione ooilley nyn hasoo. As lurg da'n nyn Jiarn as nyn 'Mainliter smoo Fustal bee er ny ghoaill ny er

bannit. ny ghra,

A mec credjal ayns un Jee, yn Ayr Ooilley-niartal, Chroo

Niau as Thalloo, as dy chooilley Nhee t'ayns fakin as

gyn fakin :

As ayns un Chiarn Yeesey Creest, yn ynrycan Mac er-nygheddyn dy Yee, Er-ny-gheddyn jeh é Ayr roish dy chooilley Heihll, Jee jeh Jee, Soilshey jeh Soilshey, Jee firrinagh jeh Jee firrinagh, Er-ny-gheddyn, cha nee er ny yannoo, Jeh'n un Vree marish yn Ayr, Liorishyn va dy chooilley Nhee er ny yannoo : N


for our Salvation, came down' from Heaven, and" was in. carnate by the Holy Ghost of the Virgin Mary, and i was made Man, and was crucified also for:'ús under: PONTIUS PILATE. He suffered and was buried, and the third Day he rose again according to the Scriptures, and afcended into Heaven, and fitteth on the Right Hand of the Father. And he shall come again with Glory to judge both the Quick and the Dead: whose Kingdom shall have no End.

And I believe in the Holy Ghost, the Lord and Giver of Life, who proceedeth from the Father and the Son, who with the Father and the Son together is worshipped and glorifised; who spake by the Prophets. And I believe one Catho:lick and Apostolick. Church. I acknowledge one. Baptism for the Remission of Sins, and I look for the Resurrection of the Dead, and the Life of the World to come. Amen.

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Now you will have Time to say secretly, -Lord, increase my Faith,-Grant that I may die in this Faith, and in the Communion of thy holy Church; and be united to Thee, and to all thy Members, by a Faith and Charity that shall never end.





Then the Curate shall de- The Church having taken Care clare unto the People what that her Clergy thalt do their Du

. Holy-days, or Falting-days, are ty, in giving Notice of fuch: Ho

ly-days, doc, as are to be oblerved ; in the Week following to be every good Christian will endeavour observed.

to observe them, not, as is the

manner of thoughtless People, in Idleness and Intemperance ; but in going to Church, and praising God for his Mercies vouchsafed us in Jelus Christ, and for his holy Aposties, by whose Labours we were brought from the Power of Satan unto God.


Er nyn son ainyn Deiney, as son y Taualtys ain, haink eh neose veih Niau, As ghow eh er Feill liorish y Spyrryd Noo jeh'n

y Voidyn MOIRREY, as v'eh er ny yannoo ny Ghooinney, as v'eh er ny chrossey myrgeddin er nyn sun fo Pontius Pilate. Ren eh furranse, as v'eh er ny oanluckey, as y trass Laa dirree eh reesht cordạil rifh ny Scriptyryn, as hie eh seose gys Niau, as t'eh ny hoie er laue Yeth yn Ayr. As hig eh reesht lefh

: Gloyr dy vriwnys chammah ny Bio as ny Merriu : er e Ree

e riaght cha,bee. Jerrey erbee.

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As ta mee credjal ayns-y Spyrryd Noo, yn Chiarn as Fertoyrt y. Vea, ta cheet magh veih'n Ayr as y Mac; ta marish yn Ayr as y Mac cooidjagh ammyslit as er ny ghloyraghey, eh ren loayrt liorish ny Phadeyryn. As ta mee credjal un Agglish Cadjin (Creestee) as Ostyllagh. Ta mee goaill-rish un Vaihtey son leih Peccaghyn, as ta mee jeeaghyn son Irree-seose-reelht ny, Merriu, as Bea yn Theihll ta ry heet. . Amen.

Nis bee Caa ayd dy ghra rhyt hene,--Hiarn, bishee my, Chredjue ---Giall dy voddyın Baafe y gheddyn ayns y Chredjue

y fhoh, as ayns Sheshaght dty Agglish catherick ; as ve sniemmit Hoods, as gys ooilley dty Oltyn, liorish Credjue as yn Ghialtyilys shen nagh jean dy bragh failleil. Shirveish.


Yn Rubrick.

Eisht nee yn Saggyrt fockley Myr ta’n Agglish er ghoaill Kiarail magh da'n Polble cre ny Lagh dy jeao ny Saggyrtyn eck nya Guri yn feailley, ny ny Laghyn trolh- rym, ayns Raaue y choyrt jen liseid tee ta dy ve freilt ayns y Freilt nee dy chooilley Chree tee

oy laghyn feailiey, &c as ta dy ve

; Chiagotin er-giyn.

mie e Phaart dy reayll ad, cha nee,

myr ayns Aght Sleih gya tort, ayos Litcheraght as Neu-heeltys ; agh ayns goll gys y Cheeill, as coyrt Moylley da Jee fon e Vyghinyo s'cooidlave lem y chur dooin ayns Yeeley Creeft, as fon e Oityllyn Noo, liorish ny Obbraghyn oc va shinyn er nyo goyrt lhien veih Pooar Noid-ny. Hanmey gys Jee.



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