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over me,

Lord, the Frailty of Man Hiarn, myr nagh vod Anwithout Thee cannot but nooinid Sheelnaue agh tuittym, fall : In all Temptations, fegooish dty Chooney : Ayns therefore, I beseech Thee, dy chooilley Violagh, er-y-fa to succour me, that no Sin then, ta mee guee ort dy my may ever get the Dominion niartaghey, nagh vod dy bragh

Peccah erbee yn Varriaght y

gheddyn orrym. Give me a falutary Dread Cur dou Aggle llayntoil jeh of the Corruption of my Neu-ghlennid my Chree hene: own Heart : Make me tru- Cur Enn aghtyn firrinagh do ly sensible of the End of Sin, jeh Jerrey Peccah, as freill and mindful of my own In mee ayns Cooinaghtyn jeh my firmities and Backslidings. Annooinidyn as my Skirragh

tyn hene.

ners a

Vouchsafe unto all Sin- Dy gooidfave lhiat coyrt

true Sense of their da dy chooilley Ghrogh-yanunhappy. State, a Fear of tagh Ennaghtyn firrinagh jeh thy Judgments, and Grace nyn Stayd vee-vaynrey, Aggle and Strength to break their roish dty Vriwnylsyn, as Grayse Bonds,

aš Niart dy vrijhey nyn Gheu.

laghyn, Enlighten my Soul with Soilshee my Annym "leih saving Truth ;

Correct dty Ghoo firrinagh.---Smaghin Mercy, and reduce tee mee ayns Myghin, me when I go astray. Make chyndaa mee gys y Raad cair, ever mindtul of

. my tra ta mee goller-fhaghryn, Jatter End, and fix in my Freill mee kinjagh ayns CooinHeart a lively Sense of the aghtyń jeh my Laa jerrinagh, Happiness and Misery of the as foie ayns my Chree EnWorld to come,

naghtyn breeoil jeh Maynrys as Treibys y Theihll ta ry. heet.




May the Thoughts of Dy der Smooinaghtyn y Death' mortify in meal! Vaaith naardey aynym dy Pride and Covetousness, and chooilley Voyrn as Saynt, as a. Love for this World ! Graih lon y Theihll fhoh! As





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And may my firm Belief of dy jean my Chredjue shickýyr a Judgment to come, make jeh Briwnys ry-heet, cur or

careful to please rymn dy bragh ve kiaralagh dy Thee, my Lord and Judge, wooiys Uls, my Harn as my

, that I may fnd Mercy ai | Vris, dy voddym Mghin ý.

I i that Day!

gheddyn ec y Láa fhen? Grant that I may

lie Giall dy voddym lhie sheese down to Sleep with the same dy chadley lein yn "Aigney charitable and forgiving Tem- ghialtyllagh cheddin as arrylper, in which I desire and tagli dy leiing ayni mee treihope to die.

teil dy gheddyn Vaaith.

And may the Almighty As dy jean y Jee OoilleyGod take me, and all all niartal mith, as ooilley ny ta that belongs to me, under bentyn dou, y ghoaill fo e his gracious and powerful Choadey ghrayfoii as pooaral! Protection ! May be give his Dy der en Currym da e AinleAngels Charge concerning my-nyn-gione, as dy vreill eh us, and keep us

us in perpetu- ihin ayns Shee as Sauchys son al Peace and Safety, through dy bragh, trooid Yeeley Creest Jesus Christ our Lord !

nyn siarn!

St. John xvi. 23. Verily, Noo Ean xvi. 23. Dy firI say unto you, Whatsoever ye rinagh, ta mee gra riu, Cré-erMail ask the Father in my bee hirrys shiu er yn Ayr ayns Name, he will give it you. yn Ennym aym', ver en diu en.

In thy Name, O Jesus, Ayns dty Ennym's, O Yeeand in the full Meaning of fey, as ayns flane Bree ny the Words which thou hast Goan t'ou er n'ynsaghey taught us, I pray God, for dooin, ta mee guee er Jee, er thy fake to hear me, and to dty Ghraih's dy iny chlaihtyn, give me what is most con- as dy chur dou then thare er venient for me.

my hon.

YR ain t'ayns Niau ; Cain Heaven ; Hallowed sherick dy row dty Enbe thy Name. Thy King- nym. Dy jig dty Reeriaght. dom come. Thy Will be Dty Aigney dy row jeant er y done in Earth, as it is in Thalloo, myr te ayns Nialla Heaven. Give us this Day Cur dooin nyn Arran jiu as our daily Bread. And for- gagh-laa. As leih dooin nyn

UR Father which art O


. give us our Trespaffes, aş Loghtyn, myr ta fhin leib we forgive them that tref- dauesyn ta jannoo Loghtyn nyn pass against us. And lead 'oi. As ny

As ny leeid fhin ayns us not into Temptation. But Miolagh; Agh livrey fhin veih deliver us from Evil : For Olk. Son lhiat's y Reeriaght, thine is the Kingdom, and as y Phooar, as y Ghloyr, fon the Power, and the Glory, dy bragh as dy bragh. Amen. for ever and ever. Amen.

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