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Washington, D. C., September 30, 1892. SIR: I have the honor to present for your information the following report upon the duties and operations of the Engineer Department for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1892:


The number of officers holding commissions in the Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, at the end of the fiscal year was 117.

Since the last annual report the corps has lost one of its officers, Lieut. Col. William E. Merrill, who died on December 14, 1891.

There were added to the corps, by promotion of graduates of the Military Academy, five additional second lieutenants.

On the 30th of June, 1892, the officers were distributed as follows: Commanding the Corps of Engineers anıl the Engineer Department..

1 Office of the Chief of Engineers

3 Boaril of Engineers, fortifications, river and harbor works, and Division Engineer

1 Board of Engineers, Board of Ordnance and Fortification, and Division Engineer

1 Fortifications, river and harbor works, and Division Engineers.

2 Board of Engineers, Mississippi River Commission, Division Engineer, and Board of Visitors..

1 Board of Engineers, fortifications, river and harbor works, and Board of Visitors. 2 Washington Aqueduct and Liglit-House Board

1 River and harbor works.... Fortifications and river and harbor works..

30 Mississippi River Commission and Missouri River Commission

1 Fortifications, Post of Willets Point, C. S. Engineer School, and Battalion of Engineers

1 River and harbor works and Missouri River Commission.

1 Public buildings and grounds, Mississippi River Commission, Missouri River Commission, and Light-House Board

1 Battalion of Engineers and V. S. Engineer School.

14 Mississippi River Commission. Fortifications...

1 Missouri River Commission

1 Leave of absence.

1 Detached, at Military Academy, ou International Boundary Commission, with

Light-louse Establishment, as military attachés, with Board of Conmissioners of the District of Columbia, and at headquarters military department. 20




The officers detached were on duty as follows: Lient. Col. John M. Wilson, Superintendent Military Academy Lieut. Col. John W. Barlow and Lieut. David DuB. Gaillard, Members of Inter

national Boundary Commission Maj. David P. Heap, engineer third light-house district Maj. William R. Livermore, engineer first and second light-house districts Maj. James C. Post, military attaché to the United States legation at London.. Capt. Edward Maguire, engineer fourth light-house district... Capt. Frederick A. Mahan, engineer secretary of the Light-House Board. Capt. Eric Bergland, engineer fifth and sixth light-house districts ... Capt. William T. Rossell, Engineer Commissioner of the District of Columbia.. Capts. James L. Lusk and Gustav J. Fiebeger, assistants to the Engineer Com

missioner of the District of Columbia... Capt. George McC. Derby, and Lieuts. Mason M. Patrick and Charles H. McKin

stry, on duty with Company E, Battalion of Engineers, and at Military

Academy Capt. Theodore A. Bingham, military attaché to the United States legation at

Lieuts. Harry F. Hodges, Lansing H. Beach, and Joseph E. Kuhn, on duty at

Military Academy
Lieut. Cassius E. Gillette, engineer officer department of the Missouri.

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The construction of fortifications for the defense of the seacoast was resumed in consequence of $1,221,000 having been appropriated for that purpose by the act of August 18, 1890. For the previous fifteen years no appropriations for this object had been made. By the act approved February 24, 1891, $750,000 was appropriated for the same purpose.

These two appropriations have been allotted to the construction of emplacements for modern rifled guns and mortars for the defense of localities as follows: Boston: Three 10-inch guns.

$156, 194. 05 Sixteen 12-inch mortars.

121, 039.27 New York: Eastern entranceTwo 10-inch guns and one 8-inch gu:.

207, 849. 25 Sixteen 12-inch mortars...

130, 000.00 Southern entranceTwo 12-inch guns..

283, 000.00 Three 8-inch guns.

189,500.00 Sixteen 12-inch mortars,

201, 000.00 Washington: Two 10-inch guns.

117, 150.00 Hampton Roads: Two 10-inch guns

158, 848.00 San Francisco: Three 12-inch guns and three 10-inch gims

397, 332.00 Uuallotted...

9, 087.43

1,971, 000.00 It was at first contemplated to mount in these emplacements guns of different calibers from those now reported, the intention being to provide emplacements for guns as manufactured. But funds not having been appropriated to provide for emplacements being constructed as rapidly as guns, it will be possible to mout in the emplacements built the guns for which they were originally designed.

The projected fortifications and the progress made in their construction are as follows:

Boston Harbor, Massachusetts.-Officer in charge, Lieut. Col. S. M. Mansfield, Corps of Engineers, with Capt. S. S. Leach, Corps of Engineers, under his immediate orders.

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