A Treatise on the Coins of the Realm: In a Letter to the King

At the University Press, for Cadell and Davies, London, 1805 - 268 páginas

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Página 242 - And Abraham hearkened unto Ephron; and Abraham weighed to Ephron the silver, which he had named in the audience of the sons of Heth, four hundred shekels of silver, current money with the merchant.
Página 129 - That no tender in payment of money made in the silver coin of this realm, of any sum exceeding the sum of 251.
Página 159 - Such a proceeding is alfo contrary to law; for in etfcft it transfers the right of fetting a rate or value on the Coins, from the Sovereign to individuals : Coins ought always to pafs in tale according to the rate or value, which the Sovereign fets upon them in his Mint indentures. But Mr. Locke's idea of the manner of valuing Coins according to the relative prices of the metals, of which they are made, at the market, is, with refpeft to thofe of Silver and Copper, absolutely impracticable.
Página 114 - ... silver, cannot be the measure of commerce both together in any country; because the measure of commerce must be perpetually the same, invariable, and keeping the same proportion of value in all its parts. But so only one metal does, or can do to itself: so silver is to silver, and gold to gold.
Página 220 - It has been a common artifice, practised by those who have written on paper currency, to confound paper credit with paper currency; and even the higher sorts of paper currency with the inferior sorts, such as immediately interfere with the use of the coins of the realm. Paper credit is not only highly convenient and beneficial, but is even absolutely necessary in carrying on the trade of a great commercial kingdom.
Página 141 - Coins, great as it is, is not taken into considération, in paying the price of any commodity, to the extent in which they are legal tender. It is clear therefore, that the Gold Coins are now become, in the practice and opinion of the people, the principal measure of property.
Página 222 - ... are required to make up this deficiency ; and this corporate body is thereby rendered responsible, not only for the value of its own notes which it may issue, but, in a certain degree, for such as may be issued by every private banker in the kingdom, let the substance, credit, or discretion of such a banker be what it may ; and if the price of both the precious metals in bullion should then be above that at which they are rated at the Mint, the Bank of England have it not in their power to supply...
Página 194 - Coins to be employed in those " payments, for which these Dollars now *• pass. But not only your Majesty's " sailors and your own artificers are in " want of legal Silver Coins', the labourers " in every part of the country, and the '* manufacturers in the great and populous " towns of this kingdom, and all your good " people in every part of it, particularly " the inferior classes, suffer equally from
Página 8 - I had before occasionally written ; — to arrange other materials previously collected ; — and to reduce the whole to a form not unfit for perusal. A Treatise, written on so abstruse and complicated a subject, by one exposed to great infirmities, must contain some repetitions, slight inaccuracies, and other imperfections. Arrived as I now am on the verge of life, I hasten to present what I have thus written, though not exempt from errors, to Your Majesty, as my last service — if it shall deserve...
Página 222 - When the situation of the Bank of England was under the consideration of the two Houses of Parliament, in the year 1797, IT WAS MY OPINION, and that of many others, that THE EXTENT TO WHICH PAPER CURRENCY HAD THEN BEEN CARRIED, was the FIRST and PRINCIPAL, though not the sole cause of the many difficulties to which that corporate body was then, and had of late years, from time to time, been exposed, in supplying the cash...

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