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Containing the RECORD in the SUPERIOR COURT

OF THE CITY OF New York, the Opinions in that

Court, the STATEMENT and POINTS for

each party in the COURT OF APPEALS

and the Judgment of the latter Court.

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Margaret E. Voorhees, being sworn, says, as follows: I am the wife of Benjamin Franklin Voorhees, now trading between San Francisco and Canton, and on a voyage to the latter place; I am twenty-eight years of age, and am a sister of Mrs. Forrest. She and I keep house together in Sixteenth street, in the city of New York. I first came to the United States in April, 1839, with my parents. On invitation by a letter from Mrs. Forrest, our family immediately took up our residence at Mr. Forrest's house, in Reade street, Mr. and Mrs. 2445 Forrest being then absent at New Orleans, on a professional tour. We resided in his house, Ard. Bedford having charge thereof, until August following, when my parents left for the South. Mr. Forrest came home first in July, 1539, and took me to Harrisburgh, in Pennsylvania, to see my sister, who was there confined with her second child. We soon returned, and I remained in Mr. Forrest's family thence until the month of January, 1847. We removed from Reade street to Twenty-second street, in November, 1839; and from that time until I left, in January, 1847, I was in charge of the house, under my sister when she was at home, and 2446 exclusively, when she was absent. During these seven years, Mrs. Bedford did not reside with Mr. Forrest, and he had no housekeeper except my sister and myself; and during this period, Mr. Forrest and my sister were at home about one-third of the time. At one period ending in September, 1846, they were absent on a visit

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