History of the Conquest of Peru: With a Preliminary View of the Civilization of the Incas, Volumen2


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Página 447 - Santísima Trinidad, Padre, Hijo y Espíritu Santo, tres personas distintas y un solo Dios verdadero...
Página 171 - Pizarro, instantly grappling with his opponent, ran him through with his sword. But at that moment he received a wound in the throat, and, reeling, he sank on the floor, while the swords of Rada and several of the conspirators were plunged into his body. "Jesu!
Página 169 - But it was left open, and the assailants, hurrying through to the inner court, still shouting their fearful battle-cry, were met by two domestics loitering in the yard. One of these they struck down. The other, flying in all haste towards the house, called out, "Help, help! the men of Chili are all coming to murder the marquess!
Página 449 - Almagro, sin que el uno lleve mas que el otro, asi de estado de señor, como de repartimiento de Indios perpetuos, como de tierras y solares y heredades, como de tesoros...
Página 451 - ... serán contenidas; sobre lo cual yo mandé tomar con vos el asiento y capitulación siguiente.
Página 406 - There are many among you," said he, " who have grown rich on my brother's bounty, and my own. Yet, of all my riches, nothing remains to me but the garments I have on ; and even these are not mine, but the property of the executioner. I am without means, therefore, to purchase a mass for the welfare of my soul ; and I implore you, by the remembrance of past benefits, to extend this charity to me when I am gone, that it may be well with you in the hour of death.
Página 185 - There is something oppressive to the imagination in this war against nature. In the struggle of man against man the spirits are raised by a contest conducted on equal terms ; but in a war with the elements we feel that, however bravely we may contend, we can have no power to control Nor are we cheered on by the prospect of glory in such a contest ; for, in the capricious estimate of human glory, the silent endurance of privations, however painful, is little, in comparison with the ostentatious trophies...
Página 184 - Perhaps the consciousness of this led him to adopt the custom of saying " No," at first, to applicants for favor ; and afterwards, at leisure, to revise his judgment, and grant what seemed to him expedient. He took the opposite course from his comrade, Almagro, 30 who, it was observed, generally said " Yes," but too often failed to keep his promise.
Página 57 - ... is said, they were indebted to some Spanish prisoners, from several of whom the Inca, having generously spared their lives, took occasional lessons in the art of war. The Peruvians had also learned to manage with some degree of skill the weapons of their conquerors ; and they were seen armed with bucklers, helmets, and swords of European workmanship, and, even in a few instances, mounted on the horses which they had taken from the white...
Página 462 - ... todo el llauto ya dicho. Cayale esta borla hasta encima de las cejas, de vn dedo de grosor, que le tomava toda la frente; y todos estos senores andavan tresquilados y los orejones como a sobre peine.

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