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This Volume is published in part fulfilment of the intention expressed as follows, in the Preface to the Discourses, entitled Christ and Christianity.'

'Should the present publication meet with sufficient attention to encourage him to proceed, it is the Author's intention that it should be speedily followed by another of about the same extent, on 'The Apostles and their Preaching;' and ultimately to complete his plan by a Series of Discourses on · The Holy Scriptures, their History, Theology, Morality, Poetry, and Philosophy.'

The reception of that publication was such as to afford abundant encouragement; but various circumstances have occasioned delay, and have also induced an alteration in the order of the projected works. The present volume is offered as a portion of the last-mentioned Series, which will require ampler limits than were originally allotted to it. Should the Author, by successive publications, arrive at its completion, a set of title-pages will be given with the last volume, showing the connexion of the whole; while, meantime, each separate publication may, it is hoped, possess some interest independently, and apart from its relation to the endeavor to illustrate the general scope of the Divine dispensations.

This Volume, like its predecessors, consists of Discourses not written or delivered in sequence but prepared for the pulpit in the ordinary course of the Author's ministrations, and now linked together by their common reforence to 'Christian Morality.' Page

The reader will not, therefore, expect a delineation of the Whole Duty of Man,' in all its details, but simply a statement of those principles from which, according to the Author's view of the subject, all virtues are derived, accompanied by the enforcement of such applications of them as are peculiarly required by the present condition of society.

Upper Clapton, July, 1833.

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