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THESE extracts have been collected and arranged for the benefit and use of preachers, Sunday-school teachers, speakers, and general readers, and comprise a choice selection of Treasured Truths, Pithy Proverbs, Homely Similes, and Noble Thoughts, gathered from a large number of sources, some well known, some forgotten and yet deserving to be known. Variety has been aimed at, and the alphabetical method has been adopted so as to facilitate easy reference. The range of authors is large, and great care has been taken to include all subjects that are likely to prove interesting and useful. The thanks of the compiler are hereby tendered to those authors who have given permission for the republication of the extracts.

"Abstracts, abridgments, and summaries have the same use with burning glasses, to collect the diffused rays of wit and learning in authors, and make them point with warmth and quickness upon the reader's imagination."-DEAN SWIFT.

"Out of the old fieldes, as men saith,

Cometh all this new corn fro' year to year;
And out of old bookes, in good faith,

Cometh all this new matter that men lere."


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