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Reprelientations as Men can bear. 'This is true, you'll fay; but is there no Medium between the immediate Presence of God, and his appearing in the Form of a Servant, and dying, not as the Children of Men commonly die, but as the vilest and most profligate Criminal,P Many Degrees" there are, no doubt, of Vifible Glory, in any of which Christ might have appeared, but in none with greater Advantage to Religion than that in" which he came. Suppose he had come, as the jcws expected, in the Form of a mighty Prince, and in that Situation had propagated his Faith and Doctrine; what would the Unbelievers then have said? How often should we have been told before now, that our Religion was the Work of human Policy, and that our Prince's Doctrine and Dominions were extended by the same Sword? Was ever any Religion the better thought of for having been preached at-the _ Head of an Army? This is certain, That, to make Religion a rational Act of the -Mind, it cannot be conveyed to us in too easy and familiar a Manner: The less Awe we have of our Teacher, the more Freedom we shall exercise in weighing and examining his Doctrines. And upon this Account our Saviour's Appearance was in the most proper

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very Manifestations of divine Power and Authority which you require. Nor can it, - I believe, enter into the Heart of Man to contrive any greater Signs to ask ,of any Person. pretending to a divine Commiflion, than these which our Saviour daily and publickly' gave the World of his Authority. Had he appeared with all the vifible'Power and Glory which you can conceive, yet still you cannot imagine what greater Works than these he could poffibly perform : And there'fore the Evidence now, under all the Meanness of his Appearance, is the saime'- for his si divine Authority and Commiflion, as it would have been, had he come in the greatest Pomp of Glory and Power. '. As to us, Ithink, who are removed at.a Distance from the Scene of this Action, the - Evidence is much greater. Had he come in surprizing Glory, we might have suspected . the Relations of Men, who, we might well _

think, saw and heard every' thing under ' the greatest Astonishment, and, like St. Pan] when he was caught up to the third Heavens, could hardly tell whether they were in the Body, or out of the Body. But now we have the Evidence'- of Men who lived and conversed with him familiarly, who saw all his mighty WOrks, and saw them without - Surprize

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