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, other Life after this. 'These Things have

ever exercised the Wit and Learning of the considering Part of Mankind, and Philosophy has furnished Difficulties on every Side; and, were they well cleared up, 'tis thought

3 Religion would want no other Support. But

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higher, and strike at the Wisdom and Goodness of God in the Creation: For, if any Fault is to be found in this Matter, it is not with Christ for not teaching us more Wisdom than we are capable of, but- with 'God for not making us wiser than we are. And hence it will appear, That the Objection is both impious and fenseless. Secondly, That this Objection, allowing itssl its full Force, does no way affect the Belief_ or Practice of, Religion; because Religioffl depends entirely upon the Certainty of the Soul's Immortality, and of a future State 'of r Rewards and Punishments 3 which Certainty-*' no way,depends upon the Knowledge of the-l Nature of 'the Things-themselves, since we" ' are and may be certain of many Things, the Nature of w ich we neither do nor can -' know. And hence it will appear, That-the i Difficulties arising from the Consideration OF' ' the Nature of these. Things cannot affect out 5 p Belief of the Certainty of them, if it be; supported by proper'Evidence; and, con; sequen'tly, that Religion is no way conCerned to remove-these Difficulties. And, - - >_ Thirdly, That the Gospel has given Usi' the greatest Evidence for the Certainty and -Reality of these Things, that can be thought' ' on or desired. And hence it will appear, That

That the Doctrines of the Gospel are such as are adapted to the Service of Religion, and as might be expected from a Teacher divinely inspired. '

And First, Let it be considered, That this Objection does not lie against the Gospel of Christ; but, if there be any Force in it', it strikes immediately at the Wisdom and Goodness of God in the Creation.

As long as Men keep to the plain simple Points in which Religion is concerned, there is no Danger of their splitting upon these insuperable Difficulties. If they seek after God, the whole Creation will lead them' to him ; for the invzsihle Things of' him from the Crention of the Mrld. are dazer shen, being-understood hy the Things which are made, even his eternal Power and Godhead. If they ' search after the Immortality of the Soul, and the Certainty of 'a future State of Rewards and Punishments, these Truths will be suggested to them from their own natural Sense of Good and Evil, and thectNotions of God's Wisdom and Justice and Goodness, cornpared with the present unequal Distributions of Rewards and Punishments ; which can be accounted for upon no other Foot, nor recon

ciled to the natural Sense God has implanted I si in

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