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the same Virtue and Holiness, without any' Change, would be necessary to carry us thither; nor the Motives of Religion would have gained any new Strength, since the Evidence for the Reality of a future State is not affected by these Doubts; it is ridiculous to expect the Solution of them in the Gospel, when, if solved, they would not serve any one Point in which the Gospel is concerned, but would end in mere PhilO-a sophy and Speculation. , * But perhaps it may be said, That all this is true indeed, where the Existence of Things is out of doubt: In that Case no Difficulties can destroy the Evidence of their Existence, But, where the Existence of Things is doubtful, there the seeming 'Contradictions which arise in considering the Nature of the Things, do mightily shake the Presumption 'Of their Existencei This-is a fair State of . ' Let us then proceed, in the thirdPlace, t to shew, That the figspel- has given us the lgreatest Evidence of ourssown Immortality, land of a future State,-that can be thought which our Resurrection to Life depends, as we- learn from our Saviou-r's Answer. to the

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Sadducees: YE- do err, says he, not knowing tlye Scriptures, nor the Power of God : Which Answer is a- very clear one; for weican desire no more than to know that God cer-, tainly can raise us, and that he certainly will. The first is to be learnt from out -natural Notions of God; the second from the Scripture, which is the Declarationof , his Will to Mankind. As to the Power of' God, it cannot be brought into . question, withoutv throwing off all Pretence even to Natural Religion: "F or, if you allow God, that he made the World, and formed Man into a living Soul in'the Beginning; you ' cannot deny but that He, who made,Man .out of. nothing at first, can-as easily make ,him again, after Death has dissolved the vital Union. It remains then to inquireaster the Will of God, Whether He, who certainly can, certainly will raise us at the last Day? The Time will not permit. me to enter largely intothe Argument; and therefore I shall rest it upon one, but that a. very clear Point. It will not be denied but that we have our Saviour's Promiseand Word for our Resurrecttion often repeated in the Gospel: And consider, pray, did not he raise many deadþto Life agagrg l

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